Oct 2002
Disclaimer: I don't own it, it all belongs to Lucasfilm *sighs* I only wish I did!

AN: CAUTION: Spoilers Warning! This is a Jacen/Tenel Ka short story about missing moments from Destiny's Way! There was no reunion scene between the two, so I've decided to take a little creative license and go ahead with my own version.

You Did What?!
Chapter 1

Jacen Solo reclined on the couch in the main room of the Skywalker residence on Calamari, sliding his hands behind his head. The apartment was quiet, empty, for a change. His Uncle Luke was off discussing politics with the New Republic's new Chief of State. His Aunt Mara was involved in some covert operation and he'd begged out of the swimming excursion with Danni Quee. Danni was great company, and a good friend, but she wasn't the person he was looking forward to seeing the most. His parents had been persuaded to leave him some time to himself and were out somewhere together. Probably on the Falcon if he knew his father.

Jaina had arrived, but she was reserved, for all her excitement at seeing him alive and well. He had to wonder if so much had happened in the time he'd been gone, if he'd never be able to have an easy relationship with her again. He frowned, banishing the thought. She wasn't the only one who'd been through a difficult time. He wasn't going to second guess her, or try and imagine what she'd been though, but he knew what it was to get beyond it. To use it to make you stronger. Jaina didn't seem to be doing that, but that was her decision to make.

Jacen pushed himself off the couch and paced the room, his mind running a mile a minute. Jaina hadn't known he was back until her superior officer had told her. Could it be possible Tenel Ka didn't know he was alive? He swallowed a couple of times, trying to get some fluids into his suddenly dry throat. She was the Queen Mother of Hapes now, surely she had better things to do than watch holo-broadcasts. Tenel Ka. Her image formed in his mind. Flowing copper colored hair that fell to her waist, a lithe wiry form that was deceiving in its strength, her gray eyes hooded and shadowed. He frowned. Shadowed? He hoped not. He wanted her to be happy to see him.

A moment of doubt assailed him. Would she want to see him? He'd been gone so long, what if she didn't want anything more to do with him? He wouldn't blame her if that was the case. All he seemed to do was bring misery into her life. He'd made alot of mistakes where she was concerned, would she forgive him one more? Suddenly decisive, he moved to the comm. unit and keyed in the commands for the main relay station.

"This is relay station Alpha One, how may I help you?"

"This is Jacen Solo, I'm looking for a link to the-"

"Jacen Solo?" the woman on the other end of the holo-link's eyes widened as she looked at him carefully. "The Jacen Solo?"

He fought a grimace and instead smiled pleasantly. "Yes, Miss. I was wondering if-"

"Oh, call me Peg! Marge isn't going to believe you called here on her day off!"

"Miss, Peg, I was looking for-"

"Did you really survive imprisonment? I mean, with those horrible creatures and every-"

He hit the button to hang up and the tech's animated face disappeared. So much for trying the conventional means. Glancing at the door, he turned back to the comm. and checked the logs. He isolated the calls Jaina had been making and quickly checked their destinations. Starfighter command. Perfect. He keyed the number quickly, before he could change his mind.

The screen flickered a couple of times before coming to life. "Admiral's office, State your business?"

"I'm looking for information on the ships still in orbit?"

The man who'd answered frowned. "Do you have the clearance?"

"My name is Jacen Solo, my sister is-"

"Jaina Solo. I know the Major. Please hold."

Jacen blinked. The man hadn't been too thrilled about having to deal with one of Jaina's relatives. Still, it seemed as if he was getting somewhere. The screen flickered again. "Traffic controller, this had better be important."

Or maybe not. "I'm sorry, my name is Jacen Solo and I was looking for information on the ships in orbit."

"Jacen Solo! Why, you're that son of the Princess's who come back from the dead!"

"Yes sir."

"Well, what can I do for you, son?"

He allowed a small smile to cross his lips. "I appreciate your help, sir. I was wondering if the Hapans had any ships in orbit."

The man turned from the display to another computer and clicked a few buttons before shaking his head. "Most of the fleet hasn't been around here much, but the Queen Mother's diplomatic envoy has just arrived. The official business says she needs to talk to Master Skywalker. Something about the Jedi Council. Unfortunately he's not available so I have to keep her waiting."

Jacen had to suppress a smile. She was here. She'd really come. At least, if he knew Tenel Ka, she wouldn't have sent an envoy, simply traveled under the assumption of being one. "My Uncle Luke will be gone for most of the afternoon, but I'll be here to greet her if you want to give her landing clearance."

"You're a lifesaver son, I hate to keep her waiting. Anything more I can do for you?"

"One thing, yes."


"Could you not mention my name?"

The controller looked at him a little funny, but nodded. "Alright, son, I'll see what I can do."

"Thank you."

The comm. clicked off and Jacen ran a hand over his head. She would be coming here. He swallowed hard. She'd be expecting to see Master Luke and instead find him. Would she be happy about that? He hoped so. His insides humming with excitement, repressed emotions, long buried, surfaced as he stepped into the refresher. If Tenel Ka was coming, he wanted to look his best.

The Queen Mother of the Hapes cluster stepped off her ship into the fading light of the Calamari sun. Her rich brass colored cape swirled about her feet as she stopped, her cool gaze surveying the area around her. Tenel Ka inhaled deeply. It was good to be off the ship and back on a planet again. Perhaps when this meeting was over she'd take the time to stretch her legs some. Double-checking the lightsabre on her belt, she turned to the aids she was traveling with. She struggled to hide her contempt for them. They weren't warriors, but they did have their uses and were a necessary evil of her position. That didn't mean she had to like it. She reached up with her one hand and pulled her hood over her hair and face. "This is a personal meeting. Stay with the ship."

Her tone brokered no arguments, but the aids were quick to protest. A cool look from her gray eyes silenced them. "No one is to know we are here. Understood?"

They nodded and returned into the ship as she carefully checked her appearance. Her cloak had the potential to be unique, but she hadn't had time to bring her preferred clothing of choice. Her traveling robe had also been left behind. She'd heard that Master Skywalker was intending on rebuilding the Jedi Council, something the new Chief of State agreed with, and she had questioned to ask. Some very pointed questions.

Her stride was sure and strong as she left the landing bay, heading towards the quarters of both Master Skywalker's. Her boot heels clicked on the sidewalk as she passed several speeders, ignoring the curious looks she was getting. Her aids had the same problem; none of them liked to walk. The Skywalker apartment wasn't that far from her landing bay, maybe an hour at most on foot, and by the time she'd gotten there she would have her thoughts in order. Master Skywalker would be expecting her visit and her comments. She didn't want to disappoint him.