A/N ok I'm going to try something. I'm going to try and do this story with only one main character, that main character being May.

May sat in the back of the truck with her legs pulled up to her chest. She had been sulking ever since they arrived.

"Its just not fair. Two days before I was suppose to get my own pokemon from Professor Elm we have to move." she mumbled to herself.

She was sitting in the moving truck because she was still mad at her mother for not holding off on the move for two sticking days.

The truck then pulled to a stop a little to fast and the stack of boxes she's been leaning against collapsed on her spilling out clothes "where'd this guy learn how to drive?" she asked as she threw the clothes away.

The back door opened up and there stood her mother "May. Come on out and see our new house!"

"Fine." May grumbled and leapt out of the truck.

May and her mother, Caroline inspected everything. Caroline looking at the house while May on the other hand looked around and her mood dropped even lower, there were only about ten houses in this small town.

Caroline however was watching the pokemon that belonged to the movers haul there furniture into the house, May recognized one of them, Vigoroth, the only reason she knew was because her father had one, he was her best friend while she was growing up. The other one she didn't know however, it had light blue skin, black speedos, and four arms.

"Look how quick and strong they are May! Aren't pokemon fantastic?" her mother asked.

"I wouldn't know now would I?" May grumbled.

May's mother sighed and said "May I know your upset about leaving Olivine City but this is a huge opportunity for your father." Caroline said.

"Yeah I know I know, gym leader, big opportunity I've heard it all from dad already." May said.

Her mother just sighed and said why don't you go and see your new room? I'm sure you'll love it."

"Fine." May said before she entered the house and saw the four armed pokemon place the TV and two Vigoroths placing the couch.

Her mother followed her and said "it's just up the stairs, second door on the left."

May walked up the stairs and saw three doors. She went to the second door and went in.

The room was pretty big and already had all of her stuff. Her dresser, her computer, her WII U and her TV, her bed (and her own small blankie that no one knows about except for her mother) and a clock.

"Well its bigger then my old room." she mumbled.

Seconds later her mom came in and said "isn't it great? Its so much bigger then our old home."

May just grumbled.

Her mom just sighed and said "May, sweetie, I know your not exactly thrilled about having to move here to the Hoenn region, and I'm sorry you weren't able to get the Cyndaquil you've been dreaming about."

"Its just. Why? Why couldn't we wait two stinking days?" May practically screamed.

Her mom just sighed again "I'm sorry May but it had to be done. Now why don't you go and meet our neighbors? I've heard that their son's pretty cute." her mother said with a small wink before she left.

"In other words he's as ugly as the back end of a Tauros." May said to herself.

After setting the correct time on the clock in her room went downstairs.

Her mother was watching TV and shouted "MAY!"

"What?!" May asked sounding annoyed.

"Come quick your father's on!"

May ran to the TV and watched.

"I'm afraid that's all we have time for. Please tune in tomorrow when we get the rare privilege of interviewing former Champion Steven Stone."

"Sorry sweetie, you just missed him."

"Aw man!" May pouted.

"Well since your down here why don't you introduce yourself to the neighbors?" she said as she almost pushed May out of the house.

"Thanks mom!" May yelled at the door to the house.

She considered staying outside the house before she said "mind as well introduce myself."

She walked over to the neighbors house and knocked on the door.

A woman opened the door and said "yes my dear? Can I help you?"

Deciding to be polite May said "hello I'm May, my mother and I just moved in next door."

"Wait are you the daughter of Norman?" she asked.

"Yes." May answered.

"Ahhh! Well then welcome to Littleroot Town." she said as she pulled May into a hug.

"Thank you." May said feeling kind of awkward hugging a stranger.

"Well my name I Naomi and your in luck, my son is here. You should go introduce yourself." Naomi said.

"That sounds nice." May said with a fake smile.

"He's just up the stairs second door on the right." Naomi said.

May went up the stairs and opened the door on the left without thinking and she'll never forget what she saw.

An incredibly cute boy with his shirt off.

When he heard the door open he turned and when he saw May he quickly dived for his shirt and quickly put it on.

"I am so sorry!" May apologized.

"Well you should be! And for that matter who are you?" he asked.

May looked at his face and gasped. He had three giant scars that ran from somewhere under his white hair all the way to just above his eye.

The boy cleared his throat and said "I'm sorry. I'm not usually this rude, you just surprised me."

"Sorry about that." May said while trying not to look at his scars and failed.

The boy noticed her staring and quickly put on a head band to cover up the scar.

"Sorry." May said again.

"Its fine." he said before walking over to her "look how about we start over?" he asked as he extended his hand.

She grasped it and said "May."

He gave her a smile and said "Brendan."

Brendan was pretty tall. May's head didn't even reach his chin. He had bright white hair and a black head band that covered the scars May had seen. He put on a black and orange vest and had black pants.

May realized she was staring and looked around his room and saw he had a pokeball on his desk.

"So I heard your from the Johto region so I bet you've got some awesome pokemon." Brendan said.

May narrowed her eyes which didn't go unnoticed by him "hey what's wrong?" Brendan asked.

"We moved two days before I was suppose to get my pokemon." May grumbled.

"Oh. Sorry for bringing it up." he said rubbing the back of his neck. Brendan then looked like he had an idea and said "hey how about I catch you a pokemon?"

May looked at him with wide eyes and clapped her hands together and said "Really?!"

"Sure everyone should know the joy of having a pokemon just let me get my pokeball and." he said before he looked at his clock and said "oh crap!"

"What's wrong?" May asked.

"I just remembered I'm suppose to meet my dad!" Brandan said before running to his desk and grabbing his pokeball and then running to his bed post and grabbing his bag.

He ran to the door and said "I mean what I said though May. I promise I'll get you a pokemon." he said before leaving.

May, not wanting to stay in the house of someone she'd just met, Especially when they're not here. She turned and left the house.

May wandered around the small town for a couple minutes before a small child ran to her and grasped her arm and said "I heard screaming coming from outside town. I wanted to go take a look but I'm too scared. Can you go?" he asked.

May was worried. Back in Olivine City May's mother always told her to never go outside the city because she might get attacked by a wild pokemon.

But on the other hand someone might be hurt so May said "take me there."

The boy pulled her to a road and now May could hear the screaming.

"Sit! Down!" the screaming voice said before something snarled.

"Ok you stay here." May said to the boy before running towards the shouts.

When she found the source of the screaming she almost laughed.

A man with brown hair and a beard along his jaw. He had a white lab coat on, light brown shorts, a dark blue shirt and he was currently hanging on a tree branch while a cute black pokemon was barking at him angrily.

"You there!" he said when he looked at May "in my bag there are three pokeballs grab one!"

May nodded and ran to the discarded bag and opened it to find three pokeballs.

"Which one to I grab?" May asked.

"Anyone! Just grab anyone!" he said.

May didn't know which one to grab so she just closed her eyes and held out her hand and randomly picked one.

She hit the center button, enlarging it and threw it releasing.

"Torchic?" the pokemon said.

Torchic was a cute little pokemon. Its feathers were mostly orange but where it's arms would be were two yellow patches of feathers. It also had three feathers on top of its head.

"Ok now what?" May asked.

"Tell him to use an attack on Poochyena! He knows Ember and Peck!" the man said.

"Ok. Torchic use ember!" May said.

Torchic opened its beak and launched several small orange fire balls that hit the Poochyena.

"Poochy!" it growled as it turned and set it's eyes on Torchic.

"Pooch!" it snarled before charging Torchic and hitting him.

"Chic!" Torchic cried out as he hit the ground.

"Come on Torchic get back up and use peck!" May said.

Torchic quickly got back to his feet and quickly ran at Poochyena and started to rapidly peck it with his beak.

Poochyena leapt out of range and turned around and kicked sand at Torchic.

Torchic couldn't see and was an easy target for Poochyena to hit again.

"Jump up!" May said.

Torchic leapt up and over Poochyena's tackle.

"Now turn around and fire an ember!" May said.

Torchic turned around and launched another wave of small fire balls that pelted Poochyena again.

Poochyena was panting and had a painful looking burn on its face "Poochy! Ena Pooch!" it barked before turning and running into the shrubs.

May kept her guard up just in case Poochyena was trying to trick them but after a full minuet she let her guard down and said to the man in the tree "you can come down now."

The man hopped down from the tree branch and said "thank you so much."

"Your welcome." May said.

May felt something brush against her leg and looked down and saw the Torchic she'd just used nuzzling her leg "Torchic!" he said.

"Well child I must say you handled Torchic here like a pro. You must be a very skilled pokemon trainer."

"Actually this is the first time I've ever been in a battle." she said.

"Really? Oh where are my manners. My name is Professor Birch. I'm the pokemon professor of the Hoenn Region." he said.

"Nice to meet you I'm May. I just moved here." she said.

"Just moved here? Wait a second are you Norman's daughter?" he asked.

"Yes. How do you know my dad?" she asked.

Professor Birch and May both turned around when they heard leafs rustling and he said "this isn't the place to talk. Follow me to my lab then we can talk in peace." he said as he picked up his bag and returned Torchic.

They quickly arrived at Professor Birch's lab and he offered her a seat and said "now I've heard a lot about you from your father. He informed me that you were forced to leave Olivine City before you could receive a pokemon from Professor Elm."

May grumbled at that and nodded.

"Well your father came to me a couple of weeks ago and we reached an understanding. I'm prepared to give you a pokemon if you'd help me out with something." he said.

May stopped listening after he said "give her a pokemon." she leapt out of her chair and hugged the Professor "thank you thank you thank you." she squealed.

He chuckled and patted her back and then said "yes I knew that would get your attention."

"I already know which one I want. The Torchic I used against that Poochyena." she said.

"Really? You don't even want to look at the others?" he asked.

"Nope. I've wanted a fire type since I was five years old." May said.

"So much like my son. Speaking of which why don't you go see him? Brendan's out on Route 103." he said.

"Brendan's your son?" May asked.

"Yes why? Have you two already met?" he asked.

"Yes I went over to his house a little while ago and introduced myself." May said.

"Excellent! In that case I'm sure he'll teach you some things." Professor Rowan said as he handed her Torchic's pokeball.

"Ok. I'll go see him right now." May said.

A/N fairy types exist but I'm not sure if Mega evolution will. There will also be pokemon from other generations in this and if you don't like it.

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