May was standing near a pond that was near her father's gym. She had her knees pulled to her chest and was just staring at the water.

She heard thundering foot steps coming up behind her and gave a small smile when she felt herself being lifted up.

"Hey Slaking." May said without looking around.

"King." Slaking said and held her against his chest.

"Are you still angry at dad?" she asked him.

"King." Slaking said and punched the ground which caused a small earthquake.

"Slaking don't be angry at my dad. He couldn't give me any slack just because I'm his daughter." May said.

"King." Slaking replied and didn't look as angry.

May then heard a screeching and stood up on Slaking's arm so she could see over his shoulder and saw Vigoroth running towards them.

"Vig Vigoroth Vig!" Vigoroth said looking sad.

"Hey Vigoroth." May said and rubbed the hyper active pokemons head.

"Vigoroth!" he said.

"Don't worry Vigoroth I'm not angry at you. The two of you are my best friends. You two have known me since I was a baby and I've known you two since you were Slakoth." May said.

"Vigoroth, who's the one who scared away the Beedrill after I disturbed there nest?" May asked.

"Vigoroth." the normal type said before pointing to himself.

"And who's the one who stayed with me all the time after one of them stung me?" May asked.

"Vig." Vigoroth said and pointed to himself again.

"That's right. And as for you Slaking, who's the one who always slept with me whenever I had a bad dream? Even after you became to big for my bed?" May asked.

"King." Slaking said and pointed to himself.

"That's right. So I could never be mad at you two." May said and hugged both normal types.

"Now you guys should be heading back to my dad. I'm sure he's worried about you two." May said.

Slaking and Vigoroth reluctantly nodded and started to walk away before Slaking heard something and fired a dark purple/black hyper beam into the bushes.

"Owww!" Brendan said and stumbled out of the bushes and fell to the ground.

"That's one strong hyper beam you've got there Slaking." Brendan said while face down on the ground.

"Slaking! What have I told you? Look before you start blasting bushes with a hyper beam!" May scolded her father's strongest pokemon.

Slaking sheepishly looked away and muttered "King."

"Vig Vig Vig Vig!" Vigoroth laughed at Slaking getting scolded and at Brendan getting blasted.

Slaking then swatted Vigoroth's head with his massive hand which caused Vigoroth to scratch Slaking.

"Hey! No fighting!" May said before th two could start an actual fight.

May walked over to Brendan and stood up and said "probably shouldn't yell at Slaking. It was my fault for sneaking around."

"Yeah why were you sneaking around anyway?" May asked.

"Well I was looking for you but then I saw that you were talking to your dad's Slaking and Vigoroth and didn't want to interrupt." Brendan said.

"You were worried about me?" May said and looked down at the ground so Brendan wouldn't see her blush.

Brendan ran a hand through his white hair and said "Yeah. I guess I was."

May then looked up at him and smiled at him"you want to sit down with me?" she asked.

Brendan smiled at her and sat down next to her near the pond.

"So you ran here after the battle with your dad." Brendan stated.

"Yeah. I just felt like being alone after my loss." May spat out the last word.

"Why is this loss affecting you so bad? You weren't acting like this after you lost to me. Either time it happened." Brendan said.

"Because all of the people I've lost to weren't related to me. I don't know but I just feel like I've failed." May said and pulled her knees to her chest again.

"Failed? May where's this coming from? If your father hadn't recalled his Vigoroth you would have taken down half his team." Brendan said.

"It doesn't matter if I took down 5 of his pokemon. In the end he still beat me." May said.

"You can't let one loss affect you like this. People win and people lose. That's just how it is." Brendan said.

"I probably sound like some little pouting child right now don't I?" May asked.

"Well you are little." Brendan teased.

May slammed into Brendan with her shoulder which didn't even move him.

May then shifted over and rested her head on his shoulder and suppressed a giggle when she felt him freeze up.

"What do you think I should do? Challenge him again?" she asked.

"No. If you challange your father again so soon after your first battle the result will probably be the same. You might take out one more pokemon if your lucky." Brendan said and rested his own head on top of May's bandana covered head.

"So what should I do? Just forget my father's gym all together?" she asked.

"No. But if you really want to fight your father and win, then you'll need a lot more experience and you'll have to do some intense training with your pokemon." Brendan said.

"You think if I do then I'll have a shot?" May asked.

"Yeah. There's no doubt in my mind." Brendan said.

"Brendan?" May said her voice suddenly very small and timid.

"Yeah May?" Brendan asked.

"Can we stay like this for a little while?" she asked.

Brendan smiled and felt his cheeks heat up and said "as long as you want."

While Brendan was off looking for May, Wally decided he'd stop at home and see his parents.

"Well look who we have here. If it isn't the green haired loser." a gruff voice said.

"Oh great." Wally said to himself and turned to find his old tormentor Butch.

"What's the matter nose bleed? Not happy to see me?" Butch asked and gave Wally a rough push.

Wally stumbled forward but managed to catch himself before he fell and turned back to Butch and said "well Butch it's not that I'm not happy to see you it's just that... I'm not happy to see you."

Butch turned to his two friends and said "well it looks like nose bleed finally grew a spine eh guys?"

"Yeah. Let's bust it up a little." one of his friends said.

Butch walked towards Wally and pushed him again and, unlike before Wally couldn't catch himself and fell to the ground.

One of Wally's pokeballs opened and out came his Grovyle who helped Wally back to his feet.

His other three pokeballs opened as well and out cam his Trapinch, Vulpix, and Ralts.

"Thanks Grovyle." Wally said.

"Grovyle." the grass type said with a nod and a small smile.

Butch couldn't believe what he was seeing "Where did a green haired reject like you get an awesome pokemon like that?"

"I caught him." Wally said simply.

"Well I beat he's as weak as you are. Probably even more so and your others are probably even weaker. I mean just look at them. Two runts and one big mouthed freak."

Vulpix glared at the annoying human and looked ready to fry him with her flamethrower.

Ralts on the other hand was trying to comfort Trapinch who was near tears when he heard what Butch had said.

Grovyle however almost lost it when he heard Butch say that. He didn't care that he had been called weak because he knew otherwise. But he was upset that the human made one of his friends cry.

The leafs on the back of his arms turned into blades and he was ready to slash the annoying human but Wally said "Grovyle stop. He's not even worth the effort."

Grovyle reluctantly nodded and his leaf blades turned back into leafs. But Grovyle did wrap the vine on his head around Butch's leg and pull which caused him to fall to the ground.

Grovyle smirked while Ralts laughed and Trapinch stopped crying and joined in as well. Even Vulpix manage to give a smile as well.

"You stupid pokemon! You want to play like that? Maybe I'll take you out with my own pokemon!" Butch yelled and scrambled back to his feet.

Grovyle wasn't intimidated at all and just crossed his arms and gave a look that practically said "try it."

"Since when do you have pokemon?" Wally asked.

"My dad caught a pokemon just for me. And we're the strongest in the entire Town." Butch said proudly.

"Really? So does that mean you actually managed to beat the gym leader?" Wally asked with fake astonishment.

Butch then looked uncomfortable and said "I don't want to waste my time with collecting gym badges."

"So that means you haven't beaten the gym leader. Color me surprised." Wally said stoically.

"Well Butch as much fun as it was talking to you I'm going to go do... well anything that doesn't involve you." Wally said.

"Oh I don think so nose bleed. See I've beaten everyone in this town except for you so the way I see it. You owe me a battle." Butch said.

"I don't owe you anything." Wally said.

"So your refusing to battle? Can't say I'm surprised. You always were a scardy Meowth." Butch said.

Wally shook his head and said "fine Butch, if you really want to lose that badly then I'll fight you."

Butch started to laugh and said "dream on nose bleed. Now let me show you what a real pokemon look like. Now let's go Seviper!"

Out of the pokeball was a long poison type with a blade at the end of its tail "Seviper!" it hissed.

To both Seviper and Butch's surprise neither Wally nor his pokemon jumped in fear.

"A Seviper. You know Butch this isn't the first Seviper I've seen." Wally said.

"No but it'll be the best." Butch said.

"Gro." Grovyle said and stepped forward but Wally held out his hand and said "sorry Grovyle but not this time. You know you're not the best at poison types."

Grovyle didn't look happy but he nodded reluctantly.

"Ralts? Are you up for a battle?" Wally asked.

"Ralts." the small pokemon said and gave Trapinch one last head rub before teleporting in front of Wally.

Seviper hissed at Ralts but he didn't look the least bit afraid.

"OK Seviper this shouldn't be to hard." Butch said.

"Seviper!" the poison type hissed back.

"Tell you what nose bleed, you can go first." Butch said.

"Ralts use confusion!" Wally said.

Ralts eyes shone and Seviper was blasted back with a pained hiss.

"Don't take that from a weak thing like that! Use flamethrower!" Butch said.

"Dodge with shadow sneak!" Wally said.

Ralts sunk into the ground and only left his shadow. Ralts then shot at Seviper and leapt from the ground and slammed his small fist, which was now surrounded with electricity, into Seviper's face.

"Thunder punch?" Wally said looking confused.

"Seviper quick use dragon tail!" Butch said.

Seviper's tail turned light blue and swung it's tail at Ralts but the attack literally did nothing.

"What? Why didn't that work?" Butch asked in confusement.

"Really? Ralts is a psychic and fairy type. Dragon type moves don't do anything against him. I would have thought that the strongest trainer in the town would have known that." Wally said.

Seeing the annoying human do such a stupid move was enough to make Grovyle and Trapinch laugh and even caused Vulpix to giggle.

"Seviper use poison tail!" Butch said his face red from embarassment.

"Dodge with shadow sneak then hit Seviper with another confusion." Wally said.

Ralts sunk back into the ground and avoided getting slashed with Seviper's purple tail and then shot out of the poison types range.

Ralts then rose from his shadow and blasted Seviper back with another confusion.

"Seviper!" the poison type hissed angrily.

"Now use shadow sneak to get close and use thunder punch. Then finish it off with one last confusion.

Ralts sunk back into his shadow and shot at Seviper before leaping from the shadow and punched Seviper with an electrifying punch then blasted the poison type with one last psychic blast which sent it flying to Butch's feet.

"Seviper get up!" Butch said but it was no use. Seviper had been knocked out and Ralts was still standing.

"Looks like I win. Great job as usual Ralts." Wally said with a smile and held out his hand.

"Ralts!" the small psychic/fairy type said and slammed his small hand down on Wally's.

"Ralts?" the small pokemon said in surprise when he started to feel something and started glowing white.

"Ralts?" Wally said with a smile after he realized what was going on.

"His Ralts is evolving!" one of Butch's friends said.

Like with May's Ralts, he grew bigger and his white "dress" rose up and became a tutu, his green hair grew longer on the sides and reached his shoulders while it parted in the middle which showed his eyes, and his red horn spit into two different horns that stuck out of either side of his head.

"Kirlia!" the newly evolved pokemon said when the transformation was done.

"Great job little guy!" Wally said with a smile.

Kirlia looked over his newly evolved body and frowned "I still look like a girl."

"A very pretty girl." Grovyle teased.

Kirlia looked ready to punch Grovyle with his new thunder punch move but Wally picked him up before he could.

"Great job little buddy. You beat that Seviper and you evolved." Wally said.

"It wasn't a fair battle." Butch said.

"Wow. And I use to actually be afraid of you?" Wally said.

"Use to? You still should be." Butch said and looked ready to attack Wally but Grovyle got in the way and held his leaf blade up.

"If you want to try and hurt me, you'll have to go through my friends." Wally said and walked away with his Kirlia in his arms.

Trapinch and Vulpix were behind him and Grovyle roughly shoved past Butch.

"Oh it's not over nose bleed. Just wait til we get you alone." Butch said angrily.

Wally kept walking until he was outside his parents house and walked in "Mom! Dad!"

Wally's father was sitting at the table reading the newspaper when he saw his son he walked over and pulled his only child into a hug "son. How are you?" he asked.

Wally smiled and returned the hug and said "I'm great."

His father released him but held him by the shoulders and said "let me take a look at you."

"I look the same as I did before I left." Wally said.

"No. You look much healthier. There's color in your cheeks and your not coughing like usual." he replied.

Wally smiled and said "is mom around?"

"She's upstairs. You sit down I'll go get her." he said.

Wally sat down and all four of his pokemon came out on their own and looked around the house.

"Guys, this is my parents house." Wally said.

Vulpix leapt onto the couch beside Wally and curled into a small red ball while Kirlia sat on the other side of Wally. Trapinch explored the house while Grovyle just stood there with his twig in his mouth.

"Wally!" his mother said happily and ran over to her son and hugged him.

"Hey mom." Wally said and hugged his mother.

"Oh just look at you. You look so much healthier then the last time I saw you." she said.

"That's exactly what dad said." Wally said with a chuckle.

"Well your father's right." She said and looked down at Trapinch who was looking up at her curiously.

"And who's this?" she asked.

"That's Trapinch. He's one of the pokemon I've managed to catch. These are my other three. Grovyle, Kirlia, and Vulpix." Wally introduced his pokemon.

"Grovyle." the grass type said with a nod.

"Kirlia!" the newly evolved pokemon said with a wave.

Vulpix however simply looked at the two new humans and rested her head back down on her tails.

"Sorry about Vulpix, she's a little spoiled." Wally apologized.

"No need to be sorry. I'm sure you'll grown on her in time." his mother said.

"Now Wally, not that we're not happy so see you but what exactly are you doing back in Petalburg?" his father inquired.

"I'm traveling with around Hoenn with May Maple and Brendan Birch. May's trying to collect eight badges so she can enter the Hoenn League." Wally said.

"May? May? Where have I heard that name before?" Wally's father asked.

"She's the one who helped me catch Treeko before I left for Verdanturf Town." Wally said.

"Yes that's it. Well be sure to bring her over so we can thank her in person." Wally's mother said.

Wally talked with his parents for half an hour before he said "well it's nice seeing you two again but I should probably head out. I've still got to find May and Brendan."

"OK Wally take care of yourself." his mother said.

"And have fun on your journey."

Wally returned all four of his pokemon and left his home with a smile on his face.

A/N I hope you guys like Wally finally curb stomping someone in a battle and that his Ralts has evolved.

I also hope you guys like the scenes I did with May and her dad's Vigoroth and Slaking and her little alone time with Brendan.

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