"Alpha and Omega; And Kith, Never By Blood"

A story I will warn that will only make sense to those who have watched Babylon 5 and read Psi-Corps Trilogy.


"And so," he whispered quietly. "That is the end."

"The end?" She asked curiously, with a disdainful expression. "No, that is only the beginning. It is always only the beginning, no matter where you stand or fall. Just a different beginning to a different story. Just like we are right now."

"And this place?" He asked after a moment, resettling his body, after all it had been quiet a long time since he had sat on the floor. The entire area for as far as he could see was just white. White going on and on with no walls, divisions, or anything of substance that he could see. The only things of substance he could make out were the ground, or solidness on which he presently sat, and Lyta across from him.

"Is neither here nor there," she said, as an impish smile tugged at one side of her lips, but she said no more. Her hair was loose cascading around her, piling softly on the ground where she sat, knees to her chest. She was wearing a plain white gown that clung and moved around her like air and she seemed to be in a more relaxed state than he could remember.

He felt younger, fresher, more awake than he had in years since the moment she'd touched him, brought him here, but that still didn't ease the question of where here was. The last thing he remembered was taking her hand in the hospital bed and being sure that then was as good a time to die as any.

"She was right, you do realize," Lyta said after a moment, quizzically, leaning her cheek against her knee.

"Who was?"


He started to speak, and couldn't even sound a letter feeling flummoxed. The name of the one person in the entire world he felt he had actually and truly failed. The one person who had loved him regardless of who he had been and who he would be become and he had betrayed her to the world he had been raised. To the world which had patted him on his shoulder for his actions and punched him in the gut for the same ones.

"We never loose family, we simply misplace it now and then," she said and for a moment he couldn't tell what emotion touched her face. It seemed like a council of them had taken up residence and we're per say warring for being the one on top but were having a hard time figuring out what it was she felt too.

"Is that what you've convinced yourself to call it, Ms.- Lyta?" He said uncertainly. The name felt foreign and he had spent so little time saying it. Even during the first time he'd met her in the Psi-Corps. "That you have simply misplaced your family?"

"That we can't count on them, either, and we need to realize our independence," Lyta said in a soft whisper, having not yet moved perhaps not even heard his questions. "For to have a large family, few ever do." She tilted her head after a moment so she could meet his eyes. "A rare few. Just like us."

"I hate to put a dampener-"

{No you don't} she 'cast with a smirk

"-and you have enlightened me a great deal about some things I have never been able to place true answers to, but you still haven't told me why you are here. Why come here and tell me all of this? I am old, infallible, and dying. Why come to me now? When I am this?"

"When you are what?" She asked with a light laugh and closed her eyes.

He looked at his hands and realized what he had not. There were no wrinkles and no pale skin. He was clothed in white as she, something he had taken in, but also under all the cloth nothing hurt and ached like normal. He had chalked it up to that fact she was some cross breed of something, something he desperately wanted to know about and would die before finding out, but surely even she couldn't-

He opened his mouth to speak, but was trampled before he started.

{Kith is mother, Kith is father.}

"You don't believe that with as much conviction," he said after a moment. "That is not the only reason is it?"

She tilted her head the opposite way and opened her eyes to look at him again. "I have been walking down the pathways of your soul since I met you, since the moment I knew you, and every moment since. I have a great possibility to offer you. The future."

"But how-"

"I will show you.and you will show me," Lyta said softly, and if he wasn't mistaken there was sadness and steel in that voice, same as what had taken over her eyes. "And then, then you will decided."


He had been sitting idle for some time. It didn't so much bother nor bore him as one would expect. After his entire job was much to do with just this. Sitting, waiting and watching. He wasn't sure he liked what was happening at all. He wasn't sure it should be done. He knew what to do if it went wrong. He had half a million ways to handle it in the eventually of that.

He shifted in the black cloak and crossed his legs. His wide, livid eyes took in the area and glanced to a clock with minor annoyance. It had been over twenty-four hours now since the mysterious woman had gone missing and the patient she had visited had died so very suddenly of 'unexplained causes'. Where they were he wasn't completely sure, though he did have his theories, millions of those, too.

Creature of the Vorlon, though she were, he waited. None of his kind partook of life the way he did or had since the moment of his initiation, but non would dare align themselves with telepath and no less one so changed by the Vorlon's. It was not code, it was not spoken, it simply was. He, though unrevealed to anyone, had grown rather fond of these escapades. Time and space folded in on it's near him and he only raised his line of site to watch it, to watch the people who stepped out.

A young woman in the prime of her life, with fire touched hair, and shining copper eyes, stepped out first. She had no wrinkles at the edges of her eyes, nor silver in her hair, and she walked in a manor that expressed she felt no fear, at all, for anything. She wore a long white dress he had seen times and times before this that had soft but slightly wide shoulder straps and came down across her body to her feet where she was bare foot. Her expression though usually hard to discern seemed a slight bit amused and underneath that hidden; tired.

The man who appeared seemed only about ten years older than she with dark black hair and tired black eyes. He has signs of old age either and also bore an outfit of entire white, pants and a short sleeve shirt. His expression was different from hers though and very akin to those who usually came from the unfolding fabric. His was astonishment and fear of truth and of shock, not of himself or where he was, but of everything he knew, everything he'd seen.

"How is my baby?"

"The ship is neither her nor there. It has not moved since it was parked, for it is not a free thinking, and moving entity," he said with feign annoyance. The man in the black cloak said suddenly raking his eyes over the man walking next to Lyta, "You do look dreadfully familiar."

"Do I?" He asked sounding more unsure of himself than he had in ages, probably even so far back as playing Cops and Blips with Brett. Further before there was ego and id and simply the fear. The unnamed and unknown. For the first time in his life he wasn't sure he looked at all familiar to himself.

"Oh, yes," the mage replied, with the dark twinkle in his eyes. His face remained passively and arrogantly straight as he stared at him but his voice though strongly intoned to purpose and presence had mirth under it, a very dark mirth. "Dreadfully. And what shall we call you?"

"Stephen," he said before he could stop the name from leaving his mouth. Oddly though it was an amused feeling that touched him after he realized he'd said and he nodded. "Stephen Dexter."

"I see," he said, nodding just slightly and the man he watched seemed slightly to pale as if he feared the mage might honestly be looking straight through him. Right up until the moment he spun on his feet, completely dismissing a man the world now claimed dead, and headed to the controls after Lyta, saying with impertinence, "And now?"

"Home, Galen." She said, a small smile gracing her, just to vanish as she sat down. "Now we go home."

She had no fear that the men behind her would bicker and brawl and argue and slowly across years and reasons find a mutual respect that neither would claim to want or realize was happening..after all, they were stunningly alike in the many unseen ways..that only your other Kith could see.