The Doctor was working the console when he spotted Donna walking towards him.

"Hey Donna, what's up?" He smiled.

She grinned. "Hey spaceman, nothing really."

He noticed something in her hand. "What are you holding?"

Donna shrugged. "I don't know, I found it in the attic."

She handed him a smooth powder blue and gold stone with strange writing on it.

The Doctor gave a sad smile. "This is from Galifrey; the Master gave me this when we were little kids."

Donna gawked. "The Master, the same Master that just recently aged you over a hundred years, tortures your companions and has generally made your life a living Hell?"

The Doctor shot her a look. "You enjoy making your point, don't you?"

"Well it's true." Donna said folding her arms.

He smirked. "Yeah, but he wasn't always like that." Shaking his head regrettably.

She walked over and nudged his shoulder. "So Martian, how did you receive such a beautiful present from such a daft Time Lord?"

Leaning against the console the Doctor sighed and began his story.

Galifrey: A Long Time Ago

"Ha, I win!" A young Master exclaimed panting after reaching the top of the grassy hill.

A young Doctor soon followed. "No, no, no I let you win." He replied steadying himself against the tree.

The Master smirked. "Yeah right."

The Doctor playfully rolled his eyes. "Okay I'm not a good runner but one day I will be the best."

The two boys then relaxed on the soft grass and gazed up at the orange sky.

He noticed the Doctor frowning. "Something wrong, you look distracted."

"I can't help it, the teacher didn't like my essay, today." He replied picking at the blades of grass.

Master scoffed. "Yeah that was unfair, I think traveling the stars is an awesome thing to do when you grow up but are you going to leave Galifrey?"

The Doctor shook his head. "I'm not leaving Galifrey. I'll just travel as a hobby but my home will always be here."

"Good because I'd really miss my best pal." He admitted.

The Doctor looked at him. "Master I wouldn't leave you behind, you'll come with me."

"Really, what would we do?" He asked eagerly.

"Uh, mess up history and eat candy!" The Doctor answered.

They laughed and high-fived each other.

Then Master reached into his back pocket. "By the way, before I forget Happy Birthday Doctor!"

He handed him a tiny white box.

The Doctor grinned. "You remembered!"

"Duh, I wouldn't forget my buddy's eighth birthday." He replied nudging his shoulder.

The Doctor smiled. "Thanks man!"

He quickly opened the box and his eyes widen. "Cool, a Galifreyan friendship stone!"

"Do you like it?" The Master asked.

He nodded. "It's fantastic!"

"Read the inscription on the back." He said.

The Doctor turned over the stone and in carved in small Galifreyan letters it said "Master & Doctor, friends forever."

He smiled at his friend. "Master I don't know what to say."

Master grinned. "I do."

He tapped him on shoulder and exclaimed. "Last one down the hill is a rotten Time Lord!"

"You're on!" The Doctor shouted.

The echoes of laughter could be heard as they raced back down the hill.

TARDIS: Present Day

"Yeah, this stone was my last present from him." He said.

Donna shook her in disbelief. "Wow and all this time you kept his present?"

The Doctor nodded. "Yep." He said popping his "P."

"But if he's hurt you so much why keep the stone?" She asked.

He sighed. "Because it's all I have left of my old friend."

Donna smiled. "Well you're stronger than I am."

He shook his head and smirked. "I only wish."

Glancing at the stone the Doctor shuddered at what he and his friend had become now.

"If only we knew." He thought sadly.

He sighed and placed it in his pocket before returning to the controls.