Trauma Team

by ABSedarian

Fandoms: AU Crossover: OUaT/Warehouse 13

Pairings: Swan Queen, Bering & Wells (established), AU

Rating: M, to be safe (T for sure, for language reasons alone — can't help it, I'm a potty mouth and so are some of the characters).

Disclaimer: I don't own anything, except for my mistakes. If you find any of those, you're welcome to let me know about them. I don't own OUaT or Warehouse 13 (unfortunately), and I also don't own Miami Medical, which gave me the setting and the idea. All my knowledge of medicine comes from reading trauma procedures handbooks, skimming through my old copy of Gray's Anatomy, and from watching medical shows on TV, so things will probably not always make sense.

Summary: Based on a manip I made for Warehouse 13 AU Week in December 2012 called Trauma Team (see the story cover) — the four ladies make up a team of doctors at a Trauma Center in Miami. Pete is the team's charge nurse. Other characters from both shows (and others) might show up.

Author's note: This is a two-shot for now, but it could also be a first in a series of "episodes" (which is why the chapters are tentatively called Episodes). Consider this two shot the two-parter pilot, if you will, and if the mood strikes me, I might continue it. This story is also completely AU, which might also extend to the protagonists behaving in a somewhat OOC way sometimes. My story, my rules. :)

Episode 1, Part 1 – First Impressions


Emma Swan checked her watch again as she closed her apartment door behind her. "I can't believe I'm gonna be late on my first day," she muttered. "That's gonna make a great impression, Swan."

Not that her first impulsive act in who knew how long hadn't been worth it, she thought with a smile. The sex had been phe-no-me-nal, especially for a slightly drunk one-night stand, and the woman ... had been too beautiful for words. I should have gotten her number, damn it ... or at least her name. Unfortunately, that had been the last thing on her mind as she was sneaking out of the beautiful stranger's apartment in the early hours of the morning to find her way home through the still very unfamiliar city, take a shower and get dressed, just to drive to work for her first shift at Miami Trauma.

For which she was now late. Forget about HR and signing the paperwork, just make sure you get there in time for your shift. She checked her watch again.



"Hey, Pete," Myka Bering called out over the din of the trauma center.

"Dr. Bering, what can I do for you?" The tall nurse looked up from the stack of charts he had been studying. "How was your vacation?"

"Short," Myka replied, smiling widely. "Short, but sweet."

"Well, be glad that the chief let you go off at all," Pete said with a grin. "I haven't been on a vacation in two years."

"That's because she's still not over the chaos that ensued when you were off for that three-day admin training. Face it, you've made yourself indispensable. You should be grateful she doesn't just sell your apartment and chains you to a wall in here."

"Yeah, yeah. You ladies just need that little bit of testosterone I bring to the team. You need a man around here ... but nooo, our new transfer has to be a woman, too. Let's hope it's one that is open to what my half of the species has to offer ..." Pete chuckled. "So, what was it you wanted?"

"Have you seen my wife? Wait, we have a new transfer?"

"You didn't come in together? And yes."

Myka shook her head. "We split up in the parking lot. She had to go up to HR for some last-minute paperwork."

Pete shuddered. "She hasn't come through here yet, so she's probably still stuck in admin. But listen, I'm really glad she's finally back where she belongs."

"So am I, Pete," Myka said with a smile. "So, what do you know about the new one ... and why are we getting someone new anyway? Who transferred out? Can't leave the hospital for a week ..."

"Don't know much," Pete replied with a shrug. "It was all pretty sudden. All I know is that Dr. Hunter from Beta wanted to get out of Miami and found someone somewhere desperate enough to switch at a moment's notice. And then Holy Mary decided to take his spot on Beta to have more time with her boy toy, which is how we ended up with the new one."

"And all of that without breathing ... I'm impressed. Is the new doc here yet? I'm curious." Myka looked around with a huge grin.

Pete shrugged. "No idea. Nobody's even seen her yet, not even the chief. She could be standing behind you and we wouldn't know her. The transfer went through without HR letting the chief approve of the new doc and believe me, she's not too happy about it."

"Ouch! On the other hand, she's probably not too unhappy to see Mary go," Myka mused.

"You got that right, girl."


Two naked bodies moved together on a rumpled bed. The woman beneath her pushing up against her, straining for maximum contact between their bodies, her face made even more beautiful by the arousal clearly visible on it. Her own hand touched muscular shoulders, slid over breasts, teased a hip and came to rest on the inside of a thigh. They kissed, passionately, hungrily, moving together with burning intensity. Hands were roaming her body freely, fleetingly, never stopping long enough in one place to satisfy her needs, but increasing her arousal immensely. A hand slipped between her thighs, fingers swirling in her wetness without putting pressure where she really wanted it. Then finally …

"I knew I'd find you up here."

The words, spoken from behind her, ripped Regina Mills from her daydream. She whirled around, taking a deep breath to shake off the lingering arousal, and engulfed the speaker in a warm embrace. "Helena!"

"Hello, boss," Helena Wells replied with a smile. "God, it's going to be fun saying that." She grinned.

"Please don't," Regina chided her with a slight slap to her arm. "I'm so glad I finally have you back on my team. I did miss bossing you around."

Helena nodded. "Your new trauma fellow, reporting for work, ma'am," she said with a mock salute.

"I really missed you," Regina said quietly. "And it's going to be good not to see Myka so damn sad all the time. Did you two have a nice week?"

"Like I told you last night, you're not getting any details," Helena said, wagging her finger. "But thank you again for making it possible. The cabin was perfect for us."

Regina just smiled.

"Speaking of last night," Helena continued, "how did things go with the lady from the bar?" She raised an eyebrow. "You looked like you were having a good time over your appletinis or whatever weird concoction you were having."

Regina turned to look out over the water again. "I was just thinking about her," she said after a moment.

"Oh?" Something in Regina's voice pulled Helena closer to her. "What happened?" she asked seriously.

Regina gave her friend a lopsided smile. "I'm not even sure, believe it or not," she said quietly. "I took her back to my place ..."

Helena studied Regina's face. Her friend never took people home with her. There was something going on behind those eyes that she hadn't seen in a very long time, but right now, five minutes before their shift started, was probably not the right time to delve into that. She decided to be flippant instead. "So ... good, bad, don't want to talk about it ever again?"

Regina's eyes lit up as they met Helena's. "Good doesn't even begin to describe it," she admitted to Helena's surprise. "You remember how alcohol-fueled one-night stands usually go, right? A little awkward, a lot of fumbling, and if you're really lucky it all somehow works out okay?"

"But not last night?" Helena guessed.

Regina shook her head. "Last night ... was great. Amazing, actually. It was as if we had this ..." Regina wrapped her arms around herself. "She knew just how to touch me ... and from her reaction I thought I had returned the favor well enough. Do you have any idea how rare that is?"

Helena nodded. "I can feel a but coming ..."

"She was gone when I woke up this morning." Regina's voice held a hint of sadness. "I went to sleep hoping I'd get to at least enjoy a nice breakfast ... but apparently, she didn't share that feeling." She didn't have to add or my feelings about the night.

Helena slung an arm across her friend's shoulders. "Maybe she's just not a morning person or she was just feeling a little awkward after all that amazing sex," she suggested. "If you really felt a connection, call her and ask her out."

Regina looked at H.G. "Maybe I would ... but she didn't leave her number when she sneaked out before I woke up, and we never even exchanged names," she replied, a little ashamed to admit that. She started pulling them towards the roof access door. "Let's get this day started, shall we? With our luck, we'll get some major trauma coming in just because it's your first day back … and on top of it all we have a new transfer."

Helena watched her old friend's profile as they were walking across the roof. If she didn't know better, she'd think that Regina had lost her heart to this stranger the night before, but those things didn't really happen, did they? People did not fall in love with strangers in the span of a few hours. Then she thought about Myka and couldn't deny that yes, those things could indeed happen, if you let them.

Just not to Regina Mills, their self-reliant, independent, workaholic trauma chief. The woman who had sworn off love years ago.

Helena shook her head as she entered the elevator after her friend. She suddenly wished she had paid closer attention to the woman from the bar.


Myka was waiting for them when they made it to the break room, which was relatively large and also housed their lockers, a kitchenette, a table with a computer and a small bookshelf with research material.

Regina watched with a smile as Helena and Myka immediately drifted towards each other, both with small grins on their faces. She was happy for them, and so engrossed in watching them that she almost missed what they were talking about.

"Do you remember the woman from the bar last night, darling?" Helena was just asking Myka.

"Huh, what woman?" Pete asked as he came into the room, a stack of charts in his arms. "Don't tell me I missed something good last night?"

"Ignore them, Pete," Regina said. "Please." She shot Helena a warning look, and Pete busied himself with the charts.

Myka pulled H.G. into the far corner of the room, so Pete couldn't hear them quite so easily. Judging by Regina's stormy face, she would be less than pleased if he did. Regina followed Myka and H.G. to remind them that they were at work.

"What woman?" Myka asked.

"The one that stole Regina's full attention from us."

"What about her?" Myka sounded slightly confused. "She looked nice enough."

"And according to Regina, she was. More than nice," Helena continued as if Regina wasn't standing right there next to her. "They went home together, and I think our friend may have lost her heart last night," Helena teased with a wink. Myka looked from H.G. to Regina and back in shock. Regina never did things like that.

"Oh, that's ridiculous, Helena! I did not-"

Regina's hissed outburst was interrupted by a whirlwind bursting into the room and coming to a skidding halt just inside the door, right next to Pete. "So sorry I'm late," the blonde newcomer apologized without looking up, panting a little and trying to juggle a small satchel, a stack of dark blue scrubs, and her ID card. "I had a really rough morning and I-" She stopped suddenly and looked up, realizing that she'd made quite an entrance. She froze as her eyes met Regina's across the room.


"Uh-oh," H.G. whispered and Myka just nodded.

Oh no, Regina thought, trying desperately to keep a neutral mask on her face. This isn't happening. She stared at the woman, her brain insisting on mixing the actual sight before her with memories of last night's encounter. This couldn't be happening. She had not spent the morning thinking about ... She had to snap out of this, and fast. Her mind replayed the blonde's first words. Wait what? A rough morning? I'm going to show you a rough morning …

Dr. Emma Swan only had one thought running through her head. "It's you ... you're here ..." she stammered, unable to tear her eyes from Regina's shocked face. Holy shit, I can't believe I have a second chance at this. Her heart skipped a beat and her face erupted into a hesitant, yet brilliant smile.

Helena and Myka let out the breath they were holding and relaxed.

Regina didn't.

Instead she tensed and straightened her shoulders. "You're the new transfer, I assume?" She managed to make it sound like Emma was a carcass dragged in from Alligator Alley.

Emma's smile slid from her face. Seems like her memories of last night aren't nearly as good as mine, she thought with an internal sigh. Well, that just sucks. She put on a professional half-smile and promised herself she would talk to the other woman later, to explain herself. Time to be an adult now. "Yes, I am," she said genially, addressing everyone. "Emma Swan, fourth year resident. Just transferred from Seattle."

"Welcome," Regina replied curtly, her professional mask firmly in place now. "I'm Dr. Mills, chief of the Alpha Team trauma unit and these are Helena Wells and Myka Bering. Dr. Wells is our trauma fellow and Dr. Bering is a fifth year resident."

Emma's brain only grasped the essential information: She's my boss. Fuck, that can't be good.

Helena and Myka both gave her reassuring smiles. "It's good to have you on board," Myka said.

"Welcome to Alpha trauma," Helena added.

"We'll see," Regina cut in coolly and then pointed to the only man in the room. "And this is our charge nurse, Pete Lattimer. Without him we'd all be lost, so please don't treat him like he's just another nurse."

Emma resisted the urge to roll her eyes, barely, and turned to Pete. "I'm looking forward to working with you." She freed her hand from under her load and smiled as he shook her hand awkwardly while balancing his charts.

"It will be my pleasure. Whatever you need, come find me." His first instinct was to flirt, although he could sense that there was something going on here that he wasn't privy to. He leaned closer to Myka. "You will tell me later what the weird tension was all about, right? My spidey sense is tingling like crazy," he whispered, which earned him a light smack to his arm.

No way in hell, Myka thought. I like my life, thank you very much.

"Anyway," Pete continued loudly. "Here are some charts for you to look at in case it gets boring in here today. We had a good month, let's keep it that way." He looked at the four women and didn't need his vibes to tell him that with the atmosphere as charged as it was, boring would be the last thing on anybody's mind. As were charts, probably.

"No tempting fate, Pete," Regina said with a groan. All she wanted was to get back on the roof to get over the fact that the woman she had spent one of the best nights of her life with was now working under her and was consequently firmly out of her reach. She put on her professional mask and decided to deal with the situation as best she could. Like a boss.

"Okay, people," she said, "you heard the man. Grab a chart and -"

She was interrupted by their pagers going off.

"Incoming. Two auto vs. ped in ten." Pete's voice was clear and precise.

Regina straightened. This was what she lived for and this was what she was good at. She looked at her team. As chief, she should team up with Dr. Swan today to see what she was capable of, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. "Helena," she called out, "you and Dr. Swan: Trauma 2, Myka, you're with me in Trauma 1."

H.G. and Myka both gave her a surprised look, but stayed quiet, for which Regina was grateful. She knew she'd have to answer their questions about this blatantly unprofessional decision later, whether she wanted to or not, but for now she needed to avoid Emma Swan's presence, which was making her heart thud and her fingers tingle.

Still ... "Any questions?" she addressed the new team member.

Emma met her eyes straight on, trying to inject as much warmth into the gaze as she could to ward off the chill coming from her new boss. "No questions," she replied confidently. "I'll just get ready and then I'm sure Dr. Wells will fill me in as we go along today."

"Call me Helena or H.G." She pointed Emma to a free locker while Regina pretended to look at a chart Pete had handed her.

Emma changed quickly, glad to be in her hospital uniform. The blue cloth felt like a piece of armor to her, a sign that she now belonged to this little army of helpers. She never even noticed that Regina's eyes watched her every move.

Helena did, however, and she smiled at Emma once they were out the door and walking towards incoming. "You'll be okay," she added quietly. Maybe.

Emma nodded absently. She knew she should focus on her first trauma case here at one of the best trauma centers in the country, but the only thought running through her head was, Fucking hell, did she have to be my boss?


The paramedics were just rushing in with the patient when Helena and Emma made it to incoming.

"Patient is intermittently responsive, BP 90 over 60 and falling. Pulse 57. Compound fracture of the right femur, deep lac left arm, possible skull fracture, possible pelvic injury," the EMT rattled off to Helena. "Oh, and she said she's pregnant and she's been asking about her husband."

Emma looked up at him. "Was he with her?"

The EMT nodded. "Yeah, he's on the other bus."

"Okay, thanks." The EMT nodded, and Emma focused on their patient. "Hi, my name is Dr. Swan, this is Dr. Wells, and we're going to take good care of you, okay?"

The patient nodded once, then slipped into unconsciousness again. Emma turned to Helena who was checking the woman's stats. "Ultrasound first." They pushed the gurney into the trauma suite.

Helena handed her the ultrasound wand. "Start with the abdomen."

"I can't see enough," Emma said after only a few minutes. "There's a lot of damage."

"Tell CT we'll be there in two minutes," Helena told a nurse. "We need to know what's going on." She turned to Pete. "We're going to need an OR as soon as she's stabilized. Page ortho and vascular and have an OB and neuro on stand-by."

Pete nodded and ran off.

"CT is too dangerous if she's pregnant," Emma said urgently.

H.G. shook her head. "Not with our new machine. Just got it a couple of months ago," she explained. "We can adjust the radiation levels to the bare minimum. It's safer than cutting her open blind and digging around."

They pushed the gurney into the CT room, just as the patient came to with a small groan and started moving around. "Calm down," Emma said quietly. "Can you tell me your name?"

"Ka-Kate," the woman got out with difficulty. She weakly grabbed Emma's hand. "Pl- please ... my husband ..."

"I think your husband was brought here as well," Helena said soothingly. "As soon as we know something, we'll let you know."

"Any medical conditions we need to know about?" Emma asked as they got ready to transfer the patient to the CT table.

"No ... pregnant," Kate groaned.

"How far along, Kate?"

"About ... about twelve we-weeks."

Emma gripped Kate's hand tighter. "It's going to be okay, Kate, you listen to me," she calmed the other woman. "I'm going to leave you for a second now, but I'll be just over there behind the window with Dr. Wells."

"Don't leave me," Kate implored. "I'm ... scared."

Emma and Helena shared a look, then Helena nodded. "Get a gown for Dr. Swan," she told a nurse as she left.

"Thank you," Kate whispered.

"No problem."

Regina shook her head with a grimace. "Time of death: 10:02am." She ripped off her bloody gloves and threw them in the bin.

"There is only so much we can do, Regina," Myka said quietly, though no less sad at the loss of a patient. "Even you can't bring back the dead."

"I know," Regina sighed. "Let's check on our other patient." And our newest addition to the team.

"Sooo," Myka leaned in closer as they walked down the hallway, "bit of a shock this morning, huh?"

Regina shot her a warning glance. "Not now, Myka."

"You looked like you couldn't decide between running away and ripping her clothes off." Myka knew she was playing with fire, but she couldn't help herself. "She looked like she just wanted to kiss you."

"Dr. Bering." It came out as a growl, a strong reminder that they were at work.

"What?" Myka asked innocently. "Oh, come on, just admit it. If what Helena said was true you would date her in a heartbeat if she worked anywhere but here." She paused. "And I think that shouldn't stop you. I mean, nobody has a problem with me and Helena."

"Admin look the other way, Dr. Bering," Regina ground out, "because I told them to mind their own business, which they accepted since you're married and neither of you are in a position of real authority over the other." She didn't mention that she'd threatened to quit if someone had a problem with her two friends. She stopped and turned to face Myka. "The situation is quite different for me ... even if I wanted to date her. Which I certainly don't." She paused. "Or if she wanted to date me."

"Which she totally does!" Myka blurted. "I can tell!"

"Right," Regina snorted. "That's why she disappeared without leaving her name or number this morning or why she showed up here claiming she had a really rough morning."


"Enough, Myka." With that, Regina turned and walked into Trauma 2.


The CT confirmed the preliminary diagnoses and also showed a comminuted rib fracture, which had caused a liver laceration.

"First things first," Helena said when they were back in their assigned trauma suite. "Swan, you need to go in and repair the liver while I close the abdominal lacs and clean out the debris from around the compound fracture and try and stop the bleeding. Okay?"

Emma simply nodded and started to prep the side of the abdomen. "General surgery was my specialty before I decided to move to trauma, you know," she said conversationally as she made a precise cut under the watchful gaze of Helena.

"Good, I don't have to be worried then," Helena replied dryly.

"So, how long have you been here?"

"That's a long story," Helena said evasively.


"I was here for my residency," Helena explained as she bent over the broken leg and began to clear the site of the break and trying to stop the bleeding. "Then I went back to England for a while ... I had a duty to fulfill ... spent a few months in Afghanistan. It's my first day back actually." She looked up and winked, but her voice told Emma not to ask further for now.

"I was surprised the chief decided not to look over my shoulder today," Emma mentioned as casually as she could. "I expected to be under a microscope for the first month or so ..."

Helena was glad her mask covered her grin. "Well, circumstances being what they are ..."

"Yeah, you were there last night, right ... sorry, I didn't see much except for ..." Emma blushed and cleared her throat. "I have no idea what I did to have this happening to me," she mumbled.

"What do you mean?" Helena wondered if she had read Emma wrong in the locker room. "Earlier you looked like you wanted to ..." She looked at the nurses around them and trailed off, expressing the rest of her sentence with her eyebrows. Or at least she hoped she was.

Emma met her eyes. "Oh, yeah," she replied fervently, "but it looks like I'm alone in that."

Helena knew better, she just wasn't sure if she should say something about it. Regina was stubborn and wholly out of practice in matters of the heart. "Things are a little more complicated than that," she finally said, "but I think you should talk to her, not me. "

The nurses were beginning to look at each other questioningly at the strange conversation going on over the woman on the trauma table. Emma ignored their stares. "You don't know me yet," she said after a moment, "but this was completely out of character for me. I don't do this kind of thing ever because usually it just isn't worth it."

Helena remembered Regina's words from earlier. "And was it worth it this time?"

"So much," Emma said. "I just wish it had been under different circumstances." Suddenly the monitor went off. "Pressure's bottoming out," she said. "Oh, shit, we just got another bleeder in here somewhere. I need more suction!"

Helena was by her side in an instant. "Looks like a piece of the rib moved through there like a projectile."

Emma worked diligently for a few moments, feeling for the source of the bleeding and the piece of rib that was causing the damage. She found a hole in one of the blood vessels and the piece of bone. "Clamp, now!" she barked. As soon as she got the clamp in place the blood flow stopped.

"Pressure going up," Helena said. "Stable. Nice work, Swan."

"Thanks, but there's lots more to do here." She motioned towards the monitor. "ICP is rising, neuro needs to get on that sooner rather than later."

"Agreed," said a smooth voice as Regina and Myka approached the table, already gloving up. "So let's get her stable and to the OR."

"Almost done fixing the liver lac," Emma said, "but I gotta fix this tear first."

Helena filled Regina in on what was going on with the patient.

"Okay," Regina said, "we're going to have to ignore the pelvic fracture for now. She's not going to have a great pregnancy, I'm afraid."

"If we can save her and the baby," Emma said.

"Yes, if," Regina conceded, "but I definitely intend to." She turned to one of the nurses. "We need the OR in ten minutes."

"What about your patient?" Helena asked.

Regina just shook her head.

"Damn," Helena cursed quietly. "That was her husband."

Regina closed her eyes for a moment. "Damn indeed," she echoed. "What a crappy day this is turning out to be. And it's not even noon."

Emma gave her a startled look, but Regina was focused on the monitor. Five minutes later Emma was done.

"Okay, pack her and move her to the OR," Regina ordered.


The roof was empty, just as it always was. It had always been their refuge, especially Regina's, and nobody else bothered to come up here any more. Not after the time some first years had tried to throw a party up here and the Wrath of Mills had come down on them. Hard.

Regina came up here to release the stress from their job under the vast sky. She enjoyed the view over the water and the way being outside soothed her soul when things went badly. And given their specialty, things often didn't go as well as she wanted them to, no matter how hard and fast they worked.

She sat down against the wall around the corner from the access door, sheltered from the burning afternoon sun. They had lost the husband and last she heard a whole team of surgeons was still working on saving the wife and her baby. For one dark second Regina wondered if the woman wouldn't be better off if she followed her husband, but then she shook it off. The baby would help make survival less painful, she knew, but the woman's life would never be the same.

She pulled out her phone and flicked to the photo app. The picture of a small boy greeted her, his brown hair shaggy and his eyes as bright as his smile.

"How is Henry doing?"

Regina jumped at Helena's question.

"Sorry, I didn't want to startle you." Helena slid down next to her friend and reached for the phone. "Any new photos of my favorite godson?"

Regina snorted. "As far as I know he's your only godson, H.G." She handed over the phone. "There are a few from his grandfather's birthday last week."

"How is your dad?"

"Oh, he's fine. Getting older, but I think Henry's keeping him young." She grinned at a photo that showed the two Henrys wrestling in her father's backyard.

"And mommy dearest?"

Regina's face hardened. "Still out there somewhere." Helena put an arm around Regina's shoulders and pulled her close. "Thank you."

Helena pressed a kiss to Regina's temple. "Always." Then she cleared her throat.

"Uh-oh," Regina mumbled.

"Uh-oh what?"

"You want to talk about Dr. Swan." Regina sighed.

"She's good at her job, you know," Helena replied. "And she was great with the patient ... that's a nice combination."

"Good to know." Regina sat up and leaned her head against the wall behind her. "Seriously, you know I trust your judgment," she continued when she heard her friend's snort. "If you say she's good, I'll believe it. I promise not to make those HR people's lives a living hell for the next year for hiring her without letting me meet with her at least. Just for six months or so."

"But that's not really the issue you're having with her presence on the team."

"Well, meeting her in an interview before she was hired would have solved this little problem we're having ..."

"Would it really?"

"What do you mean?"

"Regina, the electricity between you two could power the trauma center for a year," Helena remarked dryly. "I don't think that would have changed much."

Regina rolled her eyes. "That's only because we slept together, and if I had known who she was that would never have happened."

Helena gave her a look. "You forget I was at the bar last night and you two were giving off sparks long before you decided to be spontaneous for once and act on that feeling." She chuckled. "And judging by the bags under your eyes and the looks you gave each other this morning, there wasn't much sleep involved at all." Helena put a hand on Regina's. "Look, I think you should give her a chance. At least talk to her, get to know her. Maybe there's something there."

"Did she say something to you?" Regina sounded vaguely suspicious.

Helena shook her head. "Not much. We did try not to feed the nurses more gossip than strictly necessary for their continued survival."

"Did you say something to her about me?"

"Regina, this isn't high school," Helena groaned. "I did not tell her that you like her, and she didn't ask me to tell you she likes you. Seriously, talk to her ... you're both adults, you should be able to handle a conversation."

Regina actually looked a little doubtful at that.

"Oh, please," Helena said with a laugh. "Really?" She laughed again. "So make sure there aren't any horizontal surfaces in the vicinity when you talk." She stopped laughing when Regina hit her shoulder, hard. "Ouch," she cried.

"That's not what I meant," Regina muttered.

"Damn, Regina, that hurt." Helena rubbed her shoulder with an exaggerated grimace.

Regina was instantly concerned and apologetic. "Oh God, I forgot about your shoulder. I'm so sorry. Do you need me to take a look at it?"

"Don't worry, it's okay. Really." She smirked. "Gives me a nice excuse to ask Myka for a massage tonight." She grinned devilishly.

Her boss laughed. "She's going to be happy to oblige." She paused and looked out over the water. "I can't date her, Helena."

"Myka? Of course you can't, I got there first."

"Dr. Swan."

"She has a first name, you know, and given that you've seen each other naked, maybe you should get used to, you know, actually using it," Helena reminded her gently. "Why can't you date her? If she's the one, what's to stand in your way?"

"The one?" Regina echoed. "What on earth are you talking about? She was a one-night stand that I picked up in a bar when I was too drunk to know any better."

"If you say so ... although that's not what it looked like last night. Or sounded like this morning." Helena was trying hard not to get annoyed at Regina's obstinacy. "Regina, I haven't seen you look at someone like that since ... in a long time. Far too long, my friend. What's wrong with trying to find happiness?"

Regina knew Helena was right, she had felt an insane attraction towards the blonde ... before she knew who she was, and after as well. But the way Helena was talking now made it sound like she believed Regina was feeling something as ridiculous as love at first sight. Everyone knew that didn't exist. Still ...

"I wasn't really all that drunk," she admitted. That was as close as Helena was going to get to an apology and to Regina admitting that there was indeed something between her and Emma. H.G. softened immediately, but before she could say anything, Regina continued. "I still can't date her."

Helena sighed and raised her hands in surrender. "Okay, if you think that's what's going to make you happy," she said, sounding disappointed. "At least be a little nicer to her. She doesn't deserve the cold shoulder ... not for simply being in the right place at the right time and having the audacity to make you feel something. Give her a chance." With that, she got up. "I'm going to go find Myka and try to find out how our patient is doing."

Regina nodded. As soon as Helena was gone, she let out a long breath. "It's not going to make me happy," she muttered miserably.