Bonus Chapter Two point three.

Once they reached the nurses office, Dib was cradling a bloodied nose and Zim had a split lip that hadn't stopped bleeding yet. But there was a note on the door that said the nurse had left early for the day and that no one should die while she was gone.

"Ugh, I hate this Skool," groaned Dib as he opened the door and walked inside, shutting it behind himself once Zim had followed.

The nurses office was large enough to have three beds, with curtains around them in case someone needed some privacy. Two large wardrobe sized cupboards held all the medical supplies and a small metal box on the wall held the slightly more dangerous medical supplies. It was locked but a quick glance at it with his precognition told Dib that it would take less that three minutes to pick the lock and get what they needed.

Five minuets after that, Dib was sat on one of the beds and having his face washed clean by Zim, using an antibacterial wipe and a gentle touch. Ruby eyes were focused on the task at hand, and Dib was glad that Zim had taken his contacts out so he could see better, he loved looking into his eyes. The blood had finally stopped gushing and it would be another day before his nose didn't feel like it was throbbing in time with his pulse, but since the blow should have broken his nose and fractured most of his skull, he wasn't about to complain.

Sitting in the silence, hearing the muffled noise of the students still in their classrooms, Dib looked up into Zim's eyes and with the memory of what had happened in the classroom, still far too fresh in his mind, he couldn't stop himself. Reaching up a hand, Dib gently caressed Zim's cheek, ghosting his fingers higher until he could touch the wig and find the antenna hidden within. Zim didn't stop him, he only watched silently and leaned into Dib's touch until he found his antenna, at which point the Irken gasped quietly and blushed.

"I want to thank you," murmured Dib in a low sultry voice, bringing there faces closer together as he spoke. "That silly bitch wouldn't have gone away. If you hadn't of stepped in, things might have gone bad. And now once the rumours have done the rounds, we should get some peace and quiet from everyone else."

Zim's eyes were half closed in pleasure but he was listening still, "you think so?" He smiled lazily as Dibs fingers continued to gently caress his sensitive antenna. "From observation of the hyuman species in general, its best not to make assumptions about any of there reactions, no matter what their gender or sexual orientation."

"Hmm, you've got a point," agreed Dib, his fingers moving down to the base of the antenna now. But seeing Zim nearly humming with pleasure was having an effect on him, especially after having such a satisfying fight; his blood was still up and he was keen for more interesting sport now.

A gentle tug was all it took to properly bring Zim into his arms, with their faces only inches apart anyway, it also brought Zim's lips to Dib's own. The kiss started off surprised but only for a moment before it moved on to passionate and needing.

After only a few minutes, Zim was pushing Dib back against the bed behind him and lifting one knee to rest on the mattress as he climbed up to join him. Smiling, Dib waited until Zim was straddling him and his claws were starting to work down the buttons on his chest, before Dib shifted his weight and in a blink, he was on the one straddling Zim. The Irken blinked in shock for only a moment before chuckling and continuing to unbutton Dib's shirt, leaning up to start placing kisses on his chest.

Dib shifted and captured his lips in another kiss, at the same time as gently gripping Zim's wrists, shifting his weight until the Irken was laid flush against the bed, pinned. Moving his attention to the pale green skin on Zim's neck, Dib had a flash of warning that Zim was about to start talking, so to stop him spoiling his fun, Dib ground his hips against Zim's.

The intake of breath that had been intended for a complaint instead turning into a gasp and then a pleasure filled moan as the resistance melted out of the alien. Dib thought he head a muttered comment of "damned human" as he tugged at the zip on the front of Zim's top, his lips following the zipper down and caressing each freshly exposed inch.

Reaching the waistband of the Irken's trousers, seeing the straining evidence that proved Zim was enjoying every minute of this, Dib nuzzled against the Irken's member and chuckled quietly as Zim groaned, before Zim pushed himself up on his elbow's slightly so he could look down and watch his human. Long fingers started to undo the button on his trousers, but Zim could hear the distant murmur from the classrooms around them.

"Are you sure this is a wise move?" Zim asked, while making no move to stop Dib as he tugged Zim's trousers open.

The human paused long enough to look up, amber meeting ruby for a moment, before Dib returned to the task at hand. "I do what I want, when I want." Replied the human, "and right now we have another half hour before class is over and I want you. I want you on this bed, in this office. And that's why I locked the door after we came in."

"Sneaky bastard," chuckled Zim, which was the last coherent thought he had for a while, as Dib turned his full attention to his member. Warm lips and a hot mouth, a tongue that seemed more dexterous than any human tongue should, and it was all Zim could do to now start whimpering aloud.

Dib tongue flicked its way up the underside of his shaft, reaching the top it swirled and flicked around the head, causing Zim to shiver faintly and make Dib laugh. The rumble of his laughter made Zim gasp again, giving the human an idea. So trying not to smirk too much, Dib began to moan around the member in his mouth, chuckling again as the Irken whimpered.

Lifting his head, up and away from Zim's member, Dib smirked as he raised himself up to kneel over his enemy, arms braced on other side of Zim's head while his knee's were still resting near the Irken's thighs. Seeing those ruby eyes glazed over with pleasure, Dib could think of nothing more perfect in his life. Leaning down to capture another kiss and feeling claws coming up to tug at his back, Dib was doing his best to hold onto his own self control.

They were still kissing, with a clothed Dib laying flush against a nearly naked Zim, when the door to the office rattled. Dib had only enough time to jump off Zim and cover him up with his shirt, before the lock clicked and Gaz opened the door.

The purple haired girl was wincing in pain with a hand pressed to her abdomen, so she was two steps into the room before she saw the long figure of her brother glaring darkly at her. Sighing in frustration, Gaz kicked the door shut behind herself. "Can't you guys just wait until your home?" She grunted out, wincing in pain against while heading to one of the large cupboards and opening it up, rummaging for something.

Dib was sitting -bare chested- on the edge of the bed and glaring at her, while Zim sat up silently and wiggled back into his tight black trouser, still buried under Dib's shirt. As disappointed and frustrated as he was, Zim was wise enough these days not to go shouting his mouth off at Gaz; especially when Gaz was grabbing her abdomen and wincing like that.

Gaz found whatever it was she was looking for and shoved it in a small box to take with her before she glared at her brother again, "you'll want to give up and head home," she advised in a snide tone. "Everyone's finishing class early today. You'd know if you'd been paying attention in home room this morning, instead of day dreaming about fucking in the nurses office."

Dib continued to say nothing, simply sitting there and glaring darkly at her. Gaz huffed and headed to the door, but as she grabbed the door handle she paused. "I head about what happened in Art class... Well done for holding it together and thanks for stopping him doing something stupid, Zim."

With those few words said, Gaz opened the door and left, slamming the door behind herself. Even as the pair heard her foot steps stamping off down the corridor, there was a small click from the lock in the door.

"Why does it never seem to work on her?" Grunted Dib, the first thing he'd said since his sister had appeared.

"What work?" Asked Zim, still sitting behind the human and pulling his shirt back on, quickly doing up the buttons.

"My precognition."

"Yeah... well, its not like she's told us all the tricks she can do anyway," sighed Zim, shifting on the bed to now sit besides Dib. The black haired teen looked down at his enemy, seeing the shirt being offered back. Shrugging, Dib took the top and slipped it back on, doing up the buttons even as he returned to glaring at the door. Fidgeting slightly, Zim looked back at the door, "come on, lets go home, Dib-thing."

Dib looked down at Zim wordlessly, still annoyed. Zim smiled wickedly as he had an idea, "we could try and do it in Gaz's room before she gets home?"

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