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Masen Boys - EPOV

"Seth, come on. Hustle! We don't have all day!"

"He doesn't move it, move it. He slow as shit, shit," Emmett sings as Jasper and I laugh.

My apprentice isn't doing too badly but if we don't get him to understand the importance of working hard no one ever will. We ride him hard all day but make sure to thank him and tell him what he did right when it's quitting time. He'll get an evaluation from me so he'll know what we found to be his strong and weak points at the end of the term. He'll know what he needs to work on and have a solid reference.

"Ain't so easy, is it?"

"Fuck! Seriously, Dad. You need a bell or something so you can't sneak up on me." He shrugs and chuckles.

"Your wife just told me the same thing. The two of you are so focused it's easy." He says this like he's proud of us. I guess he has a point though, if we were paying attention to everything around us we'd see or at least hear him coming.

"What did you need from Bella?" I try to not sound overly interested, but his smirk tells me I failed miserably.

"To ask a favor. She'll fill you in." With that he winks and goes on to tell me about the next couple of jobs he lined up.

We tried to get him to retire but he refused. Now he bids out the jobs, schedules material deliveries, and leaves the supervising to me. Jas and Em were pissed that I got promoted but when they realized all the extra time I put in, they understood it was best and there haven't been many problems.

"Yo, Eddie Boy. How far we goin' today?" Emmett asks when he takes a break from laying to wipe the sweat from his brow before it reaches his eyes.

I count the rows, look at the time, and watch the guys for a minute. I know we should pull a long day and finish up but it's so damn hot. "We got about four solid hours left. If we bust this out now we can start vacation tonight, or cut out soon and finish in the morning." I take a swig of gatorade and toss one to Seth.

Jasper doesn't give anyone time to talk about it and starts picking up the pace. "My ass is sleeping in tomorrow. Get movin', boys." I nod and fall into rhythm with him.

"How the fuck do you get to sleep in? Seriously, I don't remember what that is." Outrage, shock, and disbelief fill Em's voice. He stands up, shoulders squared, demanding an explanation from Jasper. I bite my lip into my mouth so I can't laugh.

"Woah! Calm down, bro." Jasper drops his trowel and puts his hands up. "I only have three and Ali put up these curtains that keep their rooms dark so they don't wake up at sunrise anymore." He wipes his hands on his shorts and approaches Emmett, whose chest is heaving and eyes are tearing up.

"Talk to me. What's going on? Ya look ready to slug me over getting sleep."

Bowing his head as his shoulders start to shake, my brother starts to cry. "Dude, I'm so fucking tired. We both are. Rosie is losing her shit. Mom is so tired from watching them during the week so we never get a break on the weekends - unless it's from you and Bella." He points to me and lets out a deep laugh that lacks all humor.

"I fucking love my kids. I'd die for them without a second thought. But this is so damn hard." Jasper pats his back and I text Bella. I can't commit to giving him a break without her okay.

We all thought Rose and him were a little nuts to keep having one kid after another. Rose seemed to love being pregnant though and no one could deny what great parents they were. Hell, Em junior knew his letters and numbers before he was two. Having four kids in seven years, followed by twins can't be easy though.

A second later, my phone dings. Bella explains that my dad already talked to her about taking all the kids to the lake for the weekend. Him and Mom will be there to help.

Help my ass. It'll be the two of us and nine kids.




"Are yinz sure you're okay with this? I mean it's your anniversary weekend." Rose looks ready to cry as Bella reassures her, and hugs all the kids as they climb out of the minivan.

Bella hands one of the twins to me and holds onto Marie. Her little blond ringlets bounce as she grabs Bella's hair and pulls with all she has.

"Ouch! No making me bald. You're supposed to do that to your daddy, not your favorite aunt." Marie blows bubbles, mumbles in baby talk and pulls again.

Rose unloads bag after bag of kid gear in such a hurry I know there's no turning back. "I owe you guys. Seriously. Is there anyway I can repay you?"

"Yeah. Don't get knocked up this time," Bella says. I cough and turn to walk away but watch Rose stick her tongue out at Bella before hugging her. Their lives have become so different from one another but somehow they seem closer. She grabs me from behind to hug me and I make faces but hug her back and whisper for her to let Em get some sleep.

She kisses her kids and drives off, too fast as always, and leaves a cloud of dust in her wake.




"Who is teaching you how to build, kid? It damn well better not be your dad. Stagger those blocks the right way, like this." Dad gets off his chair and joins Marcus, Emmett's second oldest, on the floor to help him 'properly' build legos. He says there are too damn many to keep straight so he calls them all kid. We can laugh, being that he rarely called us by anything other than son, but Mom constantly corrects him.

In her most annoyingly pleasant voice we hear Mom tell him, "Emmett Junior, Marcus, Sophia, Leah, Marie and Anthony, are Emmett and Rose's. Zen, Destiny, and Skylar, belong to Jasper and Alice." The kids snicker, Dad sticks his tongue out at her when she turns around, and she never fails to catch him.

I look at Bella next to me on the couch trying to get Anthony to take his bottle. Both twins have been pissed off all day from not eating enough. Rosalie said they still don't like taking a bottle and might put up a fight. Just what we need, two hungry kids who won't eat. It seems like it should be much simpler than it is. If I'm hungry and you put food in my mouth, I'm eating it. Not these two, they're holding out for something better.

"Let me try, hon." I reach out and take him from her. "The little shit is named after me, maybe he'll cooperate."

She smacks my arm and says, "Language!"

I roll my eyes and focus on feeding him. The sooner he eats and goes to bed, the sooner I get my wife all to myself. I place him on my lap facing me, hold his head with one hand, and get the nipple of the bottle in his mouth with the other.

He tries to turn his head but can't, so he starts wiggling all over. I tickle his cheek and he clamps his lips shut harder in return. All the fighting must too much because he gives in and starts to drink. With heavy eyelids he keeps drinking slowly, like he doesn't want to but can't resist. He finishes up and I hand him off to Bella to burp him. Marie fights even longer and I joke that clearly she got her name from Bella because they are both so stubborn.

"Please tell me you had the same talk with Em as I did with Rose?"

I look at her, completely confused while trying to get Thing Two to take her bottle.

Bella takes a deep breath and looks at me with wide eyes as she nudges her head toward the baby. "You know - to not get knocked up again. It was sweet of them to name these two after us but still weird as hell. We don't need an Edward and Bella being born in nine months."

"Oh! Yeah. I told him we'd never babysit again if every time it ended with them pregnant." We both cringe, not wanting to think about it.

"Zen! How many times must I tell you? Do not wipe your mouth with your arm, use a napkin. Please." Mom wipes the milk off his arm and mouth while shaking her head.

"Uncle Eddie does it," he whines.

"Your uncle being a pig does not make it okay for you to be one!"

Bella tries to not laugh out loud and leans over to kiss my cheek. "I think it's cute."

"Thanks." I lean my head on her shoulder as we finish getting the twins fed and burped. Once they're settled in the crib, we get the rest of the gang washed up and in bed.

"Good night, Mom and Dad. Call my cell if you need us." Bella and I hug my parents and head outside.

We hold hands as we walk down towards the lake. "Do you ever regret not having kids?" she asks.


"That was quick!" She giggles and stops walking once our toes are in the water, then turns to face me.

"I mean it's pretty simple for me." I shrug and hug her tight. "We wouldn't be able to help all the kids we have through our apprentice program if we were worrying about our own. And there are more than enough of them around to spoil and pass my bad habits onto." I kiss her hair before ducking to see her face.

"Why, what's up?"

She kisses my chest and slips her hands under my shirt to scratch her short nails down my back.

"I was thinking the same thing. I'm glad we made the decisions we have."

"Good." I kiss her softly at first, so used to being surrounded by impressionable kids. She wastes no time pulling me closer and pushing her tits forward against me. I grab her ass to help keep our lips joined as she tries to stay on her tip toes.

"I want you. Now." Moving her hands from my back to my stomach, she unbuttons my shorts and bites my lip.

We undress each other in a frenzy and drop our clothes in a pile at the water's edge. She lays down on them with her legs spread wide and smiles up at me.

Her hair's a mess, dark circles frame her eyes, but my love smiles at me like I'm her world. "How did I get so lucky?"

"So lucky to have a wife that may or may not smell like formula, and needs to shave?" She smiles wider and laughs. "Come here."

I kneel between her legs and lean over her, my hands on either side of her head. She runs her fingers through my beard and lifts her hips to meet mine.

"Please. What are you waiting for?"

"Just soaking up the moment." A small nod from her and she slowly kisses my neck, shoulders, chest, and finally my lips.

"Done yet?" she whispers and pulls my hips down to hers.

"Never." I run my dick against her folds until she's ready and tilts her hips, taking all of me in one long stroke.

Slow and steady, we stay joined until her legs stiffen and she bites my shoulder to stay quiet as she comes. She wears my ring and my name, but I still feel the need to mark her as mine. I move my head to her chest and nip and suck the outside of her breast. I rub the spot I left and push her knees to her shoulders. "Touch yourself for me."

Mesmerized by her fingers circling her clit, I give into the urge to move harder and faster. We come together, stifling our cries and watching each other.

"I was afraid when you had that look in your eyes that I'd have to explain a hicky to the kids."

"Don't tempt me. There's always tomorrow morning." I wink and help her stand.

We grab our clothes and I pick her up, like I did seven years ago on our wedding night, to carry her to our cabin. I'm struck with the knowledge that not much has changed. I love her more than I knew was possible and she loves me. We put each other first and could never be happier.

"Where are you tonight?" She pushes the hair out of my face and studies me.

"I'm here, love. I'm right here."

The End

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