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Chapter 33


There was a Merc on her tail and a hit on her head. She should have been happy she was on her way to trying to get her freedom back. But she wasn't. It would take nearly three months to reach Aguerra Prime, and if they had to constantly stop for supplies it would take even longer. This meant that the only thing that she and Heath could do was check into Cryo, neither of them liked the idea, but the look on Carolyn's face swayed them. She would do anything to get Carolyn back to Jack as quickly as possible. Carolyn was already in a deep state of cryostasis oblivious to the world and Rehtaeh was still trying to gain the courage to strap in when the emotions got to be too much.

"Heath, we have to go back!" She started punching the coordinates for New Mecca back into the navigation system. There was no way that Imam was going to be able to control the girl. She couldn't do this, she couldn't go into cryo, she couldn't live without Riddick, Jack was going to run before they ever got back. She knew she was being irrational but there was no holding back the emotional tide that was overwhelming her.

She wasn't going to survive this. She felt lost and weak without Riddick. She could barely hold it together, and felt like an idiot constantly slapping a half smile on her face pretending she was fine. Before they left Jack apologized over and over again for what she did and the lie she told Imam. Rehtaeh forgave her and promised her that when she came back she would teach her some martial arts as long as she learned the meditation that went with it. Jack lit up enthusiastically. Rehtaeh also made her promise to stay with Imam and to stay out of trouble. Then they left Jack behind and she found that she missed the kid.

"No, Rehtaeh, we cannot. We need to get this Remner person off of your tail, for your sake and for Jack and Riddick's. Toombs is a stubborn ass, he is not going to give up on finding you or Riddick, not after hunting you down from the Kublai Khan. If he finds out your connection to Jack, you know as well as I do, he will use her against both of you. She is safe with Imam." Heath reminded her again, turning her in her chair, forcing her to face him.

"For now, until she decides that she is healed and wants more than Imam can provide for her. She is wild and adventurous, highly impulsive, she is going to need something to stimulate her or she is going to get stir crazy. If she does, I am afraid she is going to do something stupid." Rehtaeh told him as she tried to hit the enter button to change course.

"What makes you so sure that she is going to break her promise to Carolyn?" Heath asked her, stopping her hand and holding it in his own.

"Whatever happened in her childhood, it scarred her. I don't know if she even understands what a promise really means. The word holds no weight with her. She has a coldness inside her that reminds me-." Rehtaeh stopped looking at Heath, she felt a small twinge of fear.

"Reminds you of what?" Heath asked her looking at her suddenly, looking, really looking at her.

"Of me," she whispered clenching her nephews hand in hers. "Did Jacob ever tell you what happened when he found out about my A.D.S.? How he figured it out?"

"No, he just said that you had a really bad episode when you were thirteen." Heath looked at her, his eyes full of questions.

"I was thirteen, things were getting bad. I didn't feel-." Rehtaeh thought for a long moment. Stumbling and reaching for the words to the history that she tried to hide from. "I didn't feel like I was a part of anything, my brothers had each other, my dad and I barely agreed on anything, my mom was so busy trying to be the peacekeeper, and I just felt so lost. My A.D.S. was getting worse and worse, to the point that my friends had given up on me because I had been avoiding them for months, and I was ditching school so I could avoid the classroom. The only people I could stand being around were my immediate family. Everyone except my father, a man that I had admired since birth, I couldn't stand being in the same room as him, much less allowing him to give me a hug. Do you have any idea what it is like to be that uncomfortable around someone who is supposed to love you?"

She looked at him, trying to push the tears away as she remembered. "I kept trying to explain the pain that I was feeling, and no one seemed to be listening. I went on a date one night with a boy I had a crush on in school. We were both top of the class, he was sweet, really nice to me, when he dropped me off at home he gave me a peck on the cheek and the pain from his touch was excruciating. He tried to help but every time he reached out to touch me I was in agony. Jacob was the one to come out to see what was wrong, I was still crying so Garret had to tell Jacob what happened. When Mom and dad found out they got into a massive fight, I just couldn't take the yelling anymore. So I ran away from home."

"We were living in Vancouver at the time; there were uprisings about the food shortages and the oil monopolies, and the alternative energy blockades. I was caught in the middle of one of the most violent of the uprisings. There were so many people and they were so close." Rehtaeh started choking on the words as she got caught up in the memory. She had been so cold that day, and there were so many people. "The riots were getting worse and worse, there were people fighting, killing each other, police shooting without discretion. It was hell. It happened so suddenly, I was in the middle of a crowd there were so many people that I could no longer differentiate between them. It was like a solid wall of ice had formed around me. That was when someone grabbed me. He was a large man, holding a knife and it was coming straight at me, so I fought back. I killed him."

"You killed him? With no weapon?" Heath asked her, his face was filled with shock, horror, surprise, and awe. She laughed despite her own horror at the memory.

"Yeah, I had been practicing martial arts since I was a child so I was lucky that I knew how to block the knife hand. Everything else was instinct and survival mode. I remember most of it in flashes, and bursts. I ended up getting control of the knife and slashing his throat. When his buddies saw that I had taken him down, they came after me. I was small, smaller than I am now, and hey, I didn't grow a whole hell of a lot since then." Rehtaeh told him softly. "When my Mother and Jacob found me, I was surrounded by dead bodies. Turns out I had taken out a small gang that had been causing trouble in the area. It was then, when the police tried to take me in that Jacob saw that their touch was causing me physical pain. It confirmed what Garret had told him. He told my mom and she insisted that I be placed into medical care. I did a short stint in Juvie for manslaughter, but someone had videotaped the entire attack, which showed them come after me. I had acted purely in self defense, so I was released. I was thirteen and had killed six people and didn't feel any remorse for doing so. I had turned off my emotions because of the A.D.S. The constant pain from trying to be around my father and my friends had basically made me cold and emotionless."

"So how did they change it, how did they pull you back?"Heath asked her, his brow creased in confusion.

"My mother took me to Paris for a while just her and I, she started to teach me some meditation techniques which helped me to manage the pain that I was feeling, to center myself in moments of distress. She partnered the meditation with my martial arts and combat training. I was able to separate my thoughts and feelings about the coldness. I was able to start using them during attacks, she taught me to use it as a weapon. She taught me to enjoy the coldness in each hit and each block." Rehtaeh told him. She looked at the coordinates that she had punched in for New Mecca, still certain that she had to go back for Jack. "When I went home it was easier to be around other people, I was able to reconnect on an emotional level, if not a physical level. Your dad was a key to that, while I was gone, he had explained to my friends about my illness. Garret helped them; he was my best friend throughout school. Your uncles made sure that I was always with someone compatible when in a room with others, or in some cases, made sure that I was in a room alone."

"And how would this help Jack? What can you teach her that she hasn't already learned? How is this more urgent than getting Remner off of your back?" Heath pressed on, he was insistent that they follow through with the original plan.

"I can teach her control of her attacks, I can teach her strategy and how to read people. I can teach her patience and help her separate her wants and her needs." Rehtaeh told him, trying to get him to understand. "I can get her to find her center and learn to reconnect with humanity. Meditation will help her do that. There is something special to be found inside your mind, something that can connect a soul to the universe, and through that I can help her find her heart."

"So what happens if you go back to New Mecca, and you find that she is fine, and you hurt her more by showing her that you didn't trust her word? Which is worse: her breaking her promise to Carolyn, or you not trusting that she will do the right thing on her own?" Heath pressed her. It was an admonition and he was right. If she went back for Jack now, it would be the same as her telling the girl that she was untrustworthy. "I know you care about the girl, but as a mentor, and as a friend, you need to trust her. You need to let her go. You need to trust that she is going to listen to your warning as well as Riddick's. You have both explained the consequences, and it is up to her to make the right choices."

"Ugh, I hope you are right, I can only hope that Suleiman can prove to be enough of a distraction for her to keep her busy until we get back." He was right. She tried to argue it out in her own head, but there was no going back. No matter what she could teach Jack, if she went back for her now, she would lose Jack's respect, not gain it. So she did the only thing that she could and erased the commands and resumed course to Aguerra Prime. "Riddick would feel awful if something happened to her after putting so much effort into keeping her safe."

They shared a long silence. She was afraid to say more, if she did she would start to cry. She didn't want to burden Heath with her pining for Riddick. He didn't need her emotional turmoil in his life. Riddick was always there in the back of her mind, haunting her, calling for her. She wished that she had something of his that she could have kept for herself, but there was nothing. Everything he owned, he wore on his body. All she wanted was him.

"He didn't want to leave you. Riddick would have taken you with him if he could have." Heath told her as they prepped for Cryo. Heath convinced her to try it, just once. He vowed to her that if she truly couldn't stand it or if it pulled her too far in, he would disengage her. She looked at Carolyn sleeping peacefully in her cryobed and wished she could rest like that. That was when she noticed a blinking light on the control panel, she narrowed her eyes to examine the panel. "You need to get Remner off your back and he needs to get the mercs off of his ass before you two even have a hope at being together. Your relationship with him is complicated Rehtaeh, but not impossible. You just gotta find the loopholes."

"Speaking of loopholes, Heath; you had better start closing yours with Carolyn, cause if that means what I think it does, you are going to be pretty busy when we get home to New Mecca." She looked at Heath and he looked down at the panel. The control panel had adjusted itself to Maternal Monitoring mode and was requesting a food supply for the life that was growing inside of the young pilot.

"Shit." Heath looked completely shell shocked. He had only known Carolyn for a month. Everything was happening too fast.

"Good thing we don't really sleep." Rehtaeh said as she went into the cryo supply cupboard and pulled out the essential nutrient bag that needed to be attached to her chemical supply. Rehtaeh read the instructions. "This should last a month, unless it is twins, I guess we will know in a few weeks if multiples were passed down through your father's line."

As it was Cryo wasn't so bad, the chemicals that they used these days were nowhere near as harsh as the ones that they used on her before. She was still able to move, she just didn't age or feel hungry, or need to use the facilities, and she was able to sleep. The only problem with sleep, were the dreams, her animal mind still allowed her to dream, and they were vivid and unrelenting. She kept waking Heath up with her screams. The worst part about Cryo was all the time to think, she didn't need that. Riddick was always predominant in her mind, she wanted him to be with her, but she knew that he was safer away from her and her from him.

She and Heath talked in length about her brothers, his uncles and father. He told her about Furya and what it was like there. It was a lot like earth according to his father. Mountains and rainforests and deserts and lakes, it was a spectacular landscape and would take centuries to fully explore all of it. Heath just knew it as home. A wondrous and beautiful planet, even if it was a harsher environment than the original researchers were used to. As much as it had started out as a Military Research Development program, the harsh environment had dictated that the people who had settled there to become stronger and more equipped to handle the beasts that inhabited the world. So they became warriors, stylizing their lives and their community after the native people of earth.

According to Heath, Jacob knew that Rehtaeh was alive. He just couldn't prove it, and while his brothers mourned her death along with their parent's deaths, he tried to find out the truth. His efforts were met with a lot of cold shoulders, cold stares, red tape and solid walls. When Heath came of age Jacob confided in his youngest son. Telling him of his fears that his sister was trapped somewhere unable to get to them or call for help. She and Jacob always had such a close connection, and all of his instincts told him that she was very much alive. Heath went after the Alliance, he worked his way up the ranks at first, it took him over ten years and finally he gained enough information to find out that she was indeed alive and where they were holding her. He sent a message to his father regarding what he intended to do before he infiltrated the Medical Research facility and killed hundreds of Alliance soldiers as he made his way to her. The closest he got was to the viewing room above her cryo cell before he was taken down. When he saw her, he knew that his father was right, and then he was dropped unceremoniously into his own cryo cell. They didn't even give him a trial.

Rehtaeh refused to let Heath get the medications for Carolyn and wouldn't let him see the Chronos either. When they finally reached Aguerra Prime Rehtaeh used over eight bags, the trip only lasted three months. They were either having large twins or triplets. Carolyn was already starting to show. The pilot was none too impressed when she woke and Rehtaeh broke the news. Easily as shocked as Heath had been, her emotions of course were all over the map. Rehtaeh told them to go up to the loft and work their shit out. They had a mission to complete. When they finally came down from upstairs, they startled Rehtaeh at the controls, since she had put on her music and was listening to it really loudly. They laughed at her when she teased them for being loud. "You think we are bad Rehtaeh, You and Riddick put us to shame any day."

They both hugged Rehtaeh and thanked her for changing the meds for her. She looked at them and said, "Yeah we will need to stock up on more before we head home, you nearly used up the entire supply. Congrats you are going to have a big family. My guess is either large twins or a set of triplets. This great aunt wants triplets."

Rehtaeh got the last laugh in that conversation.

They planned out their entrance to Aguerra Prime, figured out locations, docking stations, and even used satellite imaging to verify Remner's exact whereabouts. There were three pin point entry points on the planet that they could get in and back out without detection. The last thing they needed were witnesses, and with such an overpopulated planet there would be plenty of opportunity to be seen. Aguerra Prime was a resort planet. Being covered in mostly water with tons of tiny islands a tourist would have their pick of destinations. It was over populated for the amount of actual land mass available, most of the buildings were multi-occupancy types of homes. Mainly apartments, condos, hotels, resorts. There was very little manufacturing, only enough to sustain the local population. The wildlife consisted mostly of sea life, which had to be carefully fished out of the poison waters, by expert fishermen. The creatures had to be carefully detoxified and cleaned, and properly cooked before it could be consumed. Every catch was considered a delicacy. Because of the poison waters the planet attracted mostly adults wanting to escape their busy lives, there was no place for children to play at the beach in the waters.

The plan was to grab Remner and go back and secure the evidence in each of the warehouses that Rehtaeh located on the satellite maps. Before they even dropped into atmosphere they dressed in the military gear that Tiller had provided to them. If anyone looked at them, they would assume that they were military personnel doing a midnight op, official Alliance business. Carolyn was at the controls and Heath and Rehtaeh would be going to the ground. Rehtaeh looked at Carolyn and told her that under no circumstances was she to engage in any fighting. They would be going in at night, both she and Heath were trained in silent entry, so as long as everything went well it would be an easy hit.

As luck would have it, they didn't have any. The only thing they nailed was entry without detection. Remner was away on a fishing trip, taking a massive boat out into the middle of the poison waters. There was no place to land, and they couldn't take him without alerting dozens of the Doctors friends and acquaintances. They couldn't hover over the water for weeks on end either, which meant they needed to check into a port. All names were checked and verified in the Alliance computer system, which meant that Remner would immediately know that she was there. There were two possible options to salvage the operation. The first was to leave planet and wait on the outer system until the damn man went back to his resort. The second was to drop Rehtaeh and Heath at Remner's apartment so they could scope out his warehouses and gather the evidence they needed while they waited for Remner to return.

Choosing option number two Rehtaeh and Heath dropped into the small island village where the first of three warehouses were situated. They stayed on their com units and Carolyn took the ship back out of atmosphere to await their signal. The first warehouse was a bust. From what they could see everything had been moved recently. They checked with local records and they found that the building recently sold for three million UD to a massive development company.

"He has to pay for your hit somehow Rehtaeh, my bet is he has sold at least one of the other warehouses to pay for the rest." Heath said as they put away the records book for the sale on the warehouse.

"Well why don't we check the listings to see if there's been any movement on the properties and go from there? I don't want Carolyn to waste her time playing taxi for us." Rehtaeh said looking around the massive city records library. "We are in the right place. They would have similar listings here, for their neighboring islands."

Heath was right the second largest of the three warehouses was also in the possession of new owners. They had bought the building and the surrounding land for six point four million UD. It was slated to be turned into a premium sunshine resort and spa.

"What about the bodies, won't they know something was up when bodies start being dug out of the ground?" Heath asked when she read the zoning report.

"No Remner uses the ocean to dispose of the bodies. It is a natural poison, so only the most extreme divers even venture in there, and usually it is for work of some sort." Rehtaeh told him. Remner explained all of this to her long ago, while he was using her as his sick fantasy puppet. "The ocean predators destroy the evidence of the body within a few days. That's why there have never been any bodies show up and how Remner has gotten away with it for so long."

"So if we are not looking for bodies, what are we looking for?" They rented a sea faring ship to take them three islands over so they could check out the final warehouse. It was the one Remner bragged about the most, it was also the one that was farthest from his house. This bothered Rehtaeh, if he caught even the slightest scent that she was on the planet he would run and she would have to chase him down. Even though Carolyn was watching satellite feeds for Remner's return, she was still afraid that the man would slip away. What she really needed was a change in luck.

"He will have his experiments housed in there, living girls, in various stages of their "transformations" as he calls it. He also keeps trophies of his girls. He keeps their um, lady bits, in um, jars so he can fantasize about them later." Rehtaeh looked away as she stood at the prow of the ship, behind the protective glass, so she wouldn't get motion sick. Since learning to pilot she found that the sickness had eased. It was not completely better, but at least she didn't feel the urge to spew her lunch every time they hit a wave.

"Oh My Dear! You have got to be kidding me! That is one sick fuck." Heath nearly lost his lunch as he thought about what Remner's fetish was.

"My thoughts exactly." Rehtaeh said dropping into thought.

The trip to the island took four and a half hours by boat. Once they got to the island village where the warehouse was located, Heath used his UD card to get them a couple of rooms and they headed in to have a nap before they went back out for the night. The hotel room was just that; a standard hotel room with a small bathroom, a queen sized bed with bedside tables and lamps on each side. There was an entertainment panel across from the bed. And a desk console for those people who came for business. It was nothing really special, but it was hers for the night. She hit the tech pad by the door and switched the windows to black out tint. She removed her diamond crusted glasses, stripped off the com unit and placed them on the bedside table. She stripped out of her clothes and had a quick shower, cleaning off the grime of sweat and warehouse dust, and the taint of thinking about Remner.

Once she was done she stepped out of the shower wrapped herself in her towel and let her exhaustion pull her towards the bed. Dripping wet she curled up on the hard mattress and closed her eyes. Trying to will away the images of Riddick that were constantly plaguing her mind. She would see a cat in the darkness and its eyes would remind her of his, she would see a buff bald man in cargos blocks ahead of her on the streets of Little Versaille and her heart would stop. Everything reminded her of him. Jack picked up so many of his nuances in such a short time that being around her was both a joy and heart wrenching at the same time, Heath's deep baritone laugh reminded her of Riddick's low rumbling chuckle. The way that Carolyn would look at her, it was like the other woman knew that a piece of Rehtaeh was missing. Something vital and integral. Three months of cryo should have been plenty of time to get him out of her system and yet she still silently cried herself to sleep.

He was there! He came back for her, wait no, this was another dream. She knew this. Riddick was in too much danger to come back for her. It had to be a dream. He beckoned to her, signaling for her to come to him. It was a dream, but he was here and that was all that mattered to her. She ran to him, and put her arms around him, holding him close. He did the same, pulling her into a tight embrace. He was cold. So cold. It was as though he had distanced himself from her. She looked up into his beautiful silver eyes and screamed. He was dead. There was a blue tinge to his skin, ice crystals were forming in his eyes and his body was like frozen meat. There was a massive two headed axe embedded in his back. 'No Riddick, No.'

The man in the black leather and the menacing crown pulled her away from her dead lover. 'I told you, you are nothing. You cannot save him.' She screamed in rage and lashed out at the man in leather, throwing herself at him, directing all of her pain at him, but he just laughed. He laughed knowing that nothing she could ever do would hurt him. She was powerless. 'You are nothing without him. He doesn't need you and you mean nothing to him. You are no one.'

'I am the sister time forgot, the heart of seven! I am red on black!' She screamed at him willing herself to fight harder, 'I am the shadow mage, I am the source!'

'You are dead!' She saw a thousand blades come out of the darkness of her dream and she was sliced into tiny slivers of pieces. Her bloody remains rained darkly on the white snow beneath her feet. She cried silently as a blanket of hot white light swirled around her and swept her up. She thought for sure that she was finally going to beat the man, but no. This was his power. This was his special gift. He was tearing her apart, cell by cell, molecule by molecule, atom by atom. Until she was nothing but a single seed of light in the darkness.

"No!" She screamed into wakefulness, sitting straight up on the bed. She looked around the dark hotel room. The darkness called to her and she eased herself back onto the bed and allowed herself to drift among the cold shadows as she waited for the chronos to strike midnight. It was all she had now, the cold indifference of the dark shadows that beckoned her to join them. She held out her hand and willed it to disappear. She willed her fingers to turn into shadows and they did. Certain that she was having a waking dream, she continued on, willing her entire hand to join the shadows. It disappeared into the darkness as well. She raised her other hand and did the same. Lying there on the bed she marveled at how pale her handless arms were among the shadows and how easily she could make them disappear as well.

"Rehtaeh are you ready?" Heath's voice pulled her out of her thoughts and she looked at her hands in the darkness and shook her head. They were just hands, pale five fingered hands similar to those of every other human she had ever met.

"Almost!" She jumped out of bed and pulled her discarded clothing back on to her body. Reattached her com unit and put her glasses back on, reminding herself once again to look into transitional lenses.

She flung open the door to see Heath standing there with a concerned look on his face. "You okay Aunt Rehtaeh? You look a little paler than usual."

"Fine, Heath. I just had a nightmare, that's all." Rehtaeh told him as she walked away. The warehouse they were going to was only a few blocks away. She could still feel the horrible pain at seeing Riddick cold and lifeless, it sent a chill into her very soul. If something happened to him, she wasn't sure if she would be able to carry on.

"It was about them again wasn't it? Riddick and the masked man?" He always seemed to know when she was getting too close to the edge, and he always seemed to be there to pull her back.

"Yeah, only this time Riddick was dead." Rehtaeh told him, she knew that Carolyn was listening too. The three of them had no more secrets. She was fully aware that Heath shared everything with Carolyn, including her secrets. "And then so was I."

"Well you are still alive right now, Rehtaeh. You die in every dream, so it must mean that you are going to continue to live." Carolyn's voice came over the ear piece. Rehtaeh thought about that for a moment. By using that logic, that meant that Riddick still lived as well. She would happily accept that.

"Stop disappearing into your head Rehtaeh." Heath told her under his breath, "I need you on the top of your game tonight. So many things could go wrong."

"I know Heath, I am well aware of the risks." Rehtaeh checked her gear and her weapons. "You ready to do some old fashioned B- n-E's?"

"Bee-en-Ee's?" Carolyn asked, her voice was confused.

"Break and Entry, Carolyn." Heath informed her. Carolyn was the only person other than Riddick that they told the real story about their past to. She didn't believe a word they said until Rehtaeh showed her the files. They walked slowly down the street, like they were a couple out for a stroll in the neighborhood staying in the lighted areas as they moved towards their target.

"You old timers really need to brush up on your slang. You are a little out dated." Came the snarky reply from the pilot.

"Well this old fogey can kick your ass around the bend twice, so be careful young grasshopper." Rehtaeh returned with a little more spring to her step. She loved that Heath and Carolyn included her in their banter.

"You better be willing to back that up, little white haired lady." Carolyn snapped back then roared at her own joke.

"I am thinking I should dye my hair. This whole old lady stuff is bruising my ego." Rehtaeh chuckled darkly. They passed the warehouse scoping out if there were any lights on, or which type of security the building had. Rehtaeh knew most of the codes. Remner had a big mouth; he had told her so much about his little hobby.

"You will do no such thing. If you do, Riddick will kill all of us when he gets back." Heath growled at her, there was a deep edge to his voice now that had not been there before. They had both taken to talking as though Riddick were away on a business trip. Rehtaeh knew it was because none of them wanted to even consider that this could be a long term thing. Mostly it was for her sake, for the sake of her sanity. She appreciated their thoughtfulness, but she didn't need to be coddled. "Rehtaeh, you are drifting again."

"What do you mean when you say stuff like that, Heath?" Rehtaeh asked suddenly, giving him a hard look. She pulled her hair back into a nautilus bun at the back of her head and pulled out the thin hood that was tucked into the collar of her thin military sweater, pulling it over her silver blonde hair.

"I mean you, disappear into your head and you just seem to fade." Heath told her honestly. He pulled his own hood up, and both of them made their way down a dark alley, moving from shadow to shadow.

"I've seen that too, Rehtaeh." Carolyn said over the com unit, her voice was thoughtful. "You were standing in the airlock prepping to drop. I remember you standing in the shadows and you were deep in thought. It was like you started wearing the shadow. I don't know if I am explaining it right, but it was like you were fading away."

"What are you thinking about when that happens?" Heath asked suddenly.

"In the airlock I was trying not to fall apart. I am usually thinking about Riddick or that I would like to be part of the darkness. It would be so easy to walk among the shadows undetected, like I did on T2 when I killed those two bio-raptors and moved the stone to the cave entrance." Rehtaeh told them.

"Fuck! I had a feeling that was a set up!" Carolyn snapped. "You had us all so well played."

"I had to; he was going to leave everyone behind." Rehtaeh said in defense. Heath waved her into silence, and she waited for him to get on with business.

"This is Alpha, Voodoo Triumph is at ready, com systems check, code names only. Roll Call!" Heath said into his com device. They were just across the street from Remner's warehouse. "Gamma, do you have Top Brass on board?"

"Gamma in position, Top Brass is connected. Top Brass, confirm?" Carolyn called back. Their radio communications from this point forward would be recorded for evidence. The Alliance did not want any names to be used.

"Top Brass confirms," Tiller's voice carried over the line. She was in New Mecca using a deep space satellite com unit that carried signal in real time. The wonders of this new technology never ceased to amaze Rehtaeh.

"Beta, are you in position?" Heath asked Rehtaeh even though she was standing right beside him. It was all protocol.

"Beta confirms, ready for go ahead." Rehtaeh looked him in the eye.

"Go ahead, Beta. Make your move." Heath said to her over the com. There would be no need to push buttons everything was going to be live streamed.

She looked both ways waiting for any witnesses to clear the scene, the street was quiet not a soul saw them run across to the entrance of the dark warehouse. There was a light above the door, and the only thing standing between them and entrance was a keypad. She looked at it for a long moment before she punched in a five digit code, it flashed green but didn't unlock. 'This was the sequence lock, remember? Remner had a thing for patterns and sequences,' she thought as she recalled Remner's words to her. 'I am a multi-layered man, Little Voodoo Doll, I like my locks to be layered too. Everything comes in sequence.'

She punched in the next sequence, again the light blinked green but the lock didn't open. "What's wrong with it Beta? Why isn't it opening?"

"It's a Remner thing." She dismissed the question and punched in the final sequence. There was a quiet blip noise and the light flashed green and she heard the lock disengage. "Wait until I call you in Alpha. He has another sequence on the panel inside, the floor is touch sensitive and I have to disengage the lock or the place will blow. He has it all rigged."

"This man is worse than you thought, Alpha." Carolyn whispered over the com. She was the only person who was not in the vicinity to be heard by bystanders and yet she was being as quiet as she possibly could. Heath just growled in response and Rehtaeh shivered. Damn these alpha males, they were too damn much alike.

She went inside, she could feel the floor reading her footsteps as she walked to the panel. She looked at it for a long second, recalling the information Remner told her and punched in the code. The door swept open, but Rehtaeh could see the red beams from the lasers that spanned the door. A fool who didn't know would walk right through and be sliced to pieces. She punched in the final code and the little red lights disappeared.

She stepped into the next room motioning Heath forward with her hand and took off her sunglasses. There were hundreds if not a thousand large jars lining the shelves that spanned the left wall. The right wall was bare and it was a long stretch of hallway down to the end of the building. True to his word, each jar contained a pair of breasts and the reproductive organs of the female they belonged to. Some were small and prepubescent and others were from fully grown woman with the evidence of childbirth and everything in between. Rehtaeh held back the bile that rose in her throat.

"You getting this Gamma?" She had a camera attached to the hood that covered her hair. It would be feeding the information back to Tiller and the Commandant.

"Unfortunately, yes. Top Brass, are you receiving on your end?" Carolyn said, her voice sounded choked, lucky for her, she only had to see it on screen. She didn't have to deal with the smell of decaying flesh and preservatives.

"Yes, we are recording the footage on this end. Carry on." The Commandant's voice carried over the lines, clear as though he were in the room with them. Rehtaeh could even hear Tiller gagging in the background.

"August 4, 2578. We have taken entry of the warehouse located at Island New Pappa on Aguerra Prime, the suspected hide out and lair of Doctor Charles Remner. We have located his cache of souvenirs from the victims of his suspected crimes. As you can see each jar is painstakingly labeled with date, time of death, name of victim, and the docket number of their experiment log."

She held out her arm and punched a command into the wrist pad computer that she was wearing. It flashed a green red and then blue light before completing a scan of each jar as she passed them. She was walking at a slow pace but with each step she took the computer logged any finger prints found on the bottles, and recorded the data from the labels. It automatically cataloged location of the jar along with everything else and compiled it into a data base.

She reached the end of the wall of jars and turned to the right to look down the next hallway. This one had nothing at all on the left and the right consisted of glass walled jail cells. Each cubicle measured six by six meters, eight meters in height. There were twenty cells in total. There was a girl strapped to a bed in the center of each cell, her arms and legs splayed out wide. Of the twenty women eight were already dead, six were so near death that their heart rate monitors seemed to be on the cusp of flat lining. The remaining six were in various stages of illness and obvious disease. They were all hooked up to monitors, from brain wave to heartbeat monitors. There were lines fed through their flesh that sent food into their bellies, and lines that took effluent from their bowels and bladder, leaving all of their other openings available for Remner's choice of depravity. From the blood on the steel table beneath them, each woman or girl had been raped to the point of bleeding. There was one horrifying detail about every woman, each one of them had long hair dyed platinum blonde and every one of them had purple contacts in their wide open eyes.

Rehtaeh was prepared to see this; none of it came as a surprise to her since she heard about it in great gory detail for six years. It didn't make it any less horrifying. A person would need to be a soulless beast to remain unmoved by the sights in that warehouse. Everyone else had no idea what to expect, even though Rehtaeh had told them how bad it would be. They all thought she was exaggerating. "We have now come to the torture chambers of the "prepared" victims. Remner likes to keep the girls on the brink of death while he rapes and humiliates them until they die."

Heath growled in anger upon seeing Remner's continued work. She agreed silently, it took everything within her not to run back the way she came and empty her stomach. She was feeling shaky and sick. This man told her he based this sick fantasy on her. He wanted to make these girls into her.

"Beta, your feeds are flickering, check your unit for malfunction." Tiller's voice rang in her ear.

"My fault. I uh- bumped a line." Rehtaeh looked at Heath in desperation. She could barely hold herself together. He looked at her in frustration and just shook his head. She turned away and pushed her emotions deeper into her belly, feeding the beast the lived within her, fueling her rage towards Remner. He would pay for this. He would pay for each and every life he took.

"Hold it together Beta. There is no time for this." Heath barked at her she looked at her reflection in the glass and saw that her legs had completely disappeared, 'What the Fuck?' She took a deep breath and steadied herself and pulled her emotions back in. This was no time to allow emotions to take over. She could deal with this later.

Rehtaeh allowed the camera and the computer on her arm to collect the evidence behind the glass walls, as she walked along. The computer was running through the missing persons database trying to find out who the women were and where they belonged. She knew that Remner kept countless logs that compiled everything on each woman he brought to one of his warehouses. She reached the end of the hallway and moved down the next one. There was nothing of interest in this hall, it was simply white lab walls that led into the massive experimentation bay that Remner liked to brag about.

Sure enough when she reached the end of the hallway and turned she stepped into the main laboratory of the warehouse. There was a massive library of journals lining the left wall, as well as a long desk that held a multitude of lab equipment. Along the right wall was storage for anything from chemicals to lab animals, to a massive arrangement of sex toys. On the far wall were the doors that led to the cells where the "prepared" women were kept. In the center were three massive medical bays, two of which were occupied, while the third looked to be lying in wait for the next victim. Both of the victims on the beds were in a state of cryo. She stifled a sob as she realized that both of them were quite young, one was around Jack's age, the other was no more than sixteen. Neither of them seemed to have any awareness of what had happened to them. There were needles everywhere and had a multitude of chemicals being pumped into their systems. Both of them had massive plugs embedded in their 'holes' to better prepare them for their later torture.

Rehtaeh couldn't do a report, it was too horrifying. This man had done unspeakable things to these women. Just gathering the evidence was overwhelming. She felt the rage building inside of her as she recalled Remner talking to her, and confiding in her about all of the experiments he was doing. Then he told her that she was his inspiration. During med school he came across her file in an old library, there were pictures and records of the oldest experiments they performed on her. He was fascinated by her ability to survive the tests they were doing since most people wouldn't have been able to. His version of dirty magazines, were her medical pictures. She let the camera and the computer finish the work before she spoke. Her voice was low and raspy; she was overcome with pain and heartbreak for these women. "Can you send people in now? I think you have all you need for a conviction."

"Beta, we have people already in the building, and more waiting outside, they are gathering the evidence as we speak so the remains can be properly and respectfully cremated. Please move on to phase two. Remner has been found guilty of no less than one thousand three hundred and seventy five counts of Rape, Torture, Murder, and Desecration of a Body, Twenty two counts of Rape and torture and attempted murder which may be escalated to murder if any of the victims do not survive." Tiller said over the com unit, her voice sounded weak, she had said all of that for the sake of protocol and for the sake of reports and court databases. "You are dismissed, please disengage. We have stopped recording you may go ahead Commandant."

"Rehtaeh," The Commandant's voice came over the line. "Your service and unfortunate knowledge to this case has been quite helpful. If you would like to share phase two with me, I would be more than happy to watch the sentencing. I want to see the sick fuck pay for what he did."

"Oh he will sir, I will make sure he pays for each and every woman." Rehtaeh responded with a hard edge of venom in her voice. "Carolyn, come pick us up. We will prep for phase two."

It angered Rehtaeh that fucking Mercs were out there chasing Riddick around the universe, and people like Remner stayed safe at the edge of society. That would change soon.