A/N: This story takes place during Deathly Hallows and starts with how Luna ended up in the Malfoy Manor. I will try to keep it as close to canon as possible.

Disclaimer- I don't own the characters, I'm borrowing

Draco stood in the middle of the Great Hall a few feet besides Amycus Carrow. He knew what was coming though he tried not to think about it; his wand arm was shaking slightly, not enough for others to notice, but enough for him to get agitated.

He saw Filch before he saw the girl. He was dragging her by the hair, pulling her like she was a piece of luggage and nothing more. Carrow had his wand pointed towards him, using the Imperius Curse no doubt. "Leave now," Carrow commanded. Filch obliged, not that he had much of a choice. Draco almost pitied him. Almost.

He glanced back at the girl to get a better glimpse and he almost froze. Again almost. He knew her, or at-least he knew of her. She was always hanging out with that git Potter and his cronies. It was Loony freakin' Lovegood. The girl was infamous for making up imaginary creatures and wearing odd jewelry. She was the laughingstock for many of the Slytherin girls Draco often overheard. Her hair was a mess from being dragged around the castle by a deranged squib. Her cloak was ripped showing her bare arms that were bruised purple. What did she do anyway? Tell Carrow his head was infested with nargles?

"Draco," Carrow acknowledged him, "Are you ready?" he asked.

Draco took a breath. And then another one. She looked up at him, daring, even in that defeated position. Just his luck getting stuck with one of Potter's holier-than-thou sidekicks. He gave a slight askance to Carrow on his left and slowly lifted his wand. She didn't flinch. She was on her knees, her hand rested on the cold floor. He knew Carrow was staring at him, to look for a moment of weakness. Draco was being tested. They wanted to make sure he was still loyal to them, especially after the incident with Dumbldore. He pointed his wand at her; his hand was steady unlike his mind. Why was he even here? Why did it have to be him?

Carrow cleared his throat, seemingly irritated. Draco took another deep breath before muttering, Crucio. Red light bounced from his wand to her. She fell back, her eyes closed and her head lolled forward as she clutched her stomach with one arm. But she didn't scream.

"You have to mean it," Carrow said from beside him, "It's a curse meant to torture not maim." It seemed like he had walked closer to Draco while talking, which unnerved him more than he cared to admit. Lovegood's eyes opened slowly and she turned her head a little to glance at them both. Her eyes were more bold than fearful, it irritated him. Didn't she know it wouldn't stop until Carrow saw her sob and whimper? He cast the spell again, she didn't move.

"Again!" Carrow said in that low voice of his. Draco might as well be under the Imperius because he complied yet again.

"Crucio," he said for the third time. She fell back, this time she let out a soft moan. Nothing else. The same reaction as before. He cursed her in his mind for being so bloody stupid. He felt like going up to her and shaking her himself. He almost did. Almost. Why didn't she cry already?! Why didn't she relieve him of doing this so he could go back to his dorm and pretend for a few bloody hours that this wasn't happening. That his world did not become even more demented than it already was.

"You've still got a lot to learn," Carrow said. Draco hated him. He hated them all. Another red light fell towards the girl, but not from him. Carrow cast a silent Cruciatus curse. He watched as her body flew up and slammed down with a thud. She gave a soft cry; she was shaking now. "You see how it's done?"

Draco felt a deep revulsion towards the man standing beside him. He said nothing. He kept watching as the body of the girl lying in front of him shook violently. Another red light sparked from Carrow's wand and this time she screamed. Her scream was so loud he almost covered his ears, almost. She was sobbing now, sobbing and shaking and whimpering. The girl brought her head down to the ground and started muttering something undecipherable under her breath. Draco almost felt relieved, almost. It was over, this part at-least.

"I must go now," Carrow told him, "Watch the witch." He started off. He's just going to leave her? What did he mean, watch the witch? He had no intention of staying with her. He had no intention of ever seeing her again.

"What am I supposed to do with her?" he asked.

Carrow looked surprised, "Why, didn't your father tell you? You're taking her home."