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In the end, he did end up having to fight. And to his surprise, Draco didn't feel the slightest remorse knowing he was betraying his family. And also to his surprise, he wasn't the only one. He ran into Blaise Zabini of all people, another Slytherin, who about popped his eyes out of his socket when he saw Draco dueling with two masked death eaters. Fortunately he had the sense to help Draco with the duel before he started the interrogation; although Draco's mother's wand responded to him well enough, he was unaccustomed to it.

"Has someone put the Imperius curse on you?" Blaise asked awestruck after the death eaters were taken care of.

"Shove it, Zabini," Draco snapped. "What are you fighting with the light for anyway?"

"What can I say? I'm scared of the dark." Draco was dubious, noting his look, Zabini continued, "Look, no one in my family is a death eater and the ones who are aren't family. And I for one most certainly do not want to be ruled by these bloody morons. Why have you switched sides, Malfoy? We all thought you were the death eater prodigy."

Draco thought about that long and hard. Why did he switch sides exactly? "Maybe I'm scared of the dark too."

He didn't find her. Not during the battle anyway. He decided to stay away from the fight in the Great Hall. Yes, he switched sides but there was no need to show it off. Especially since the other side didn't know he switched and wouldn't wait around for him to explain himself before attacking him.

He had felt an immense surge of relief when Potter had killed Voldemort. He announcing that Draco was once the master of the Elder Wand, the most powerful wand in the world, irritated Draco more than anything. So he could have bested Bellatrix all along? How did he not feel anything? And all it took for the power to transfer was that lousy git prying the wand out of his hand? Bloody tragic was what it was.

After the Battle of Hogwarts, Draco continued his frantic search. He wasn't sure why, maybe he just wanted to make sure she got out alive, that all he did was not done in vain. He wanted to know that she was still living, that even if nothing else in his life worked out again, there was something that once did. He wanted some proof, something to assure himself that he was not like them, the death eaters he loathed so much. He wanted to see for himself that he was better, that he was okay. Almost good.

He wasn't in love with her, not really. It was more that she changed something in him, something that he had wanted to change in himself for a long time but could never figure out how. She triggered this, she made him want to stand up for himself and for her and now Draco couldn't go back to what he was before.

Merlin, even his thoughts sounded pathetic now.

He was picking his way through the rubble. He had to admit he felt bad about this place being destroyed like that. The school held some horrible memories for him but it held some good ones too. He searched around looking for that spray of blond curls with no avail. Most of the people he passed look to him with suspicion and wariness like they wanted to attack him but didn't have the strength left in them. Probably for the best.

When he reached the Great Hall, he suddenly stopped in the middle of the doorway and stared. He thought living in a Death Eaters' den was tragic; the scene in there was downright heartbreaking. There were lines of bodies lying there on the cold floor, many of them Hogwarts students. Surviving family members cluttered around the bodies of the dead, crying and hugging and crying some more. Draco saw the Weasley family on one side, grouped around one of the twins. That was unfortunate; those twins were the only Weasleys Draco could stand to be around especially after the stunt they pulled with Umbridge.

As he made his way around the Great Hall, he sensed her before he saw her. He knew somehow that she would be there in the corner before he turned around. He turned out to be correct; she was right there sitting in one of the far corners with Neville Longbottom of all people. He stopped and stared. She looked completely worn out but her face glowed with a luminous light. She was smiling as she talked to Longbottom, neither one noticed him watching. He wasn't jealous. But Draco wanted himself to be there beside her, listening to her voice. Close enough to touch her if he wanted to. Close enough for her to lean against him. That wasn't jealousy. Was it? Draco hadn't realized he was walking towards the pair when Longbottom nearly shot up of his seat.

"What do you want, Malfoy?" he half-snarled. Draco would've normally laughed at the man for trying to threaten him but after that episode with Nagini, Draco almost started respecting him a little. Almost.

Luna stood up as well. "It's alright, Neville. Draco's a friend," she said looking directly at Draco. She gave him an encouraging smile that instantly warmed his heart. In love or not he definitely cared for her, there was no denying the fact now.

"Luna, have you lost your mind?" Longbottom asked looking at her, "Do you not remember who he is?"

"Oh, I remember quite well actually." She said vaguely but surely.

"I need to talk to you," Draco told her and she nodded.

Longbottom looked between the two of them seemingly speechless. "But Luna…" he started.

"It's alright, Neville. Oh look, it's your grandmother."

True to her word, Draco noted an elderly woman searching around for someone with an umbrella in one hand and large toad in the other.

Neville gave Draco one last suspicious glare muttering something about everyone going mad before leaving them alone.

Draco faced her. And had absolutely no clue on what he was supposed to say. She stood there as if the silence wasn't bothersome at all. After a long pause he uttered a hello.

"Hello, Draco," she replied nonchalantly like they were old friends who happened upon each other one day. "I thought you'd be here."

"You did?"

"Your mum was looking for you, she looked quite worried."

"My mum was here?" Draco was slightly disheartened; she wasn't fighting for their side, was she?

"Yes, I believe she went outside looking for you." Luna noticed Draco's discomfort, "She helped Harry, you know."

He didn't know but he was glad, guess he wasn't the only Malfoy family traitor today. Draco nodded; he'll go find his mother later.

He looked down at Luna, she was about two heads shorter than him and said, "Thank you."

She understood.

"So, would you like to go to dinner sometime?"

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