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EXT: Battlefield, between two sides.

The brawl between the Tankors and the Autobots continues. Each punch they throw sends sparks flying, and loud clanks of metal smashing into metal are heard. Overall, even though the Autobots are avoiding most of the Tankors' attacks, the Tankors seem much better off.

The Allied soldiers' heavy gun blasts into the Tankor attacking Ironhide, stunning him, and allowing Ironhide to get in close. Ironhide hits the Tankor with a 3-hit combo – a punch, a shot from the arm-cannon on the same arm, and another punch that used the cannon's recoil as the drawback – to the head. Another shot from the soldiers' cannon finally sends the Tankor onto the ground, into stasis lock.

IRONHIDE: One down! (grabs Sideswipe's opponent, trying to aim for the head again)

The Tankor senses Ironhide's intentions, and turns its attention to defending its weak spot and fighting Ironhide...leaving Sideswipe without an opponent.

SIDESWIPE: Alright! Bro? You think?

SUNSTREAKER: (instantly realizes what his brother's implying) I think so! On 3!

SIDESWIPE, SUNSTREAKER: (together) 3, 2, 1, Combine!

Sideswipe flips backwards and on top of Sunstreaker. Initially it looks like Sideswipe's doing a handstand on Sunstreaker's shoulders...but then, the two of them transform into one larger robot, with Sideswipe the upper body and Sunstreaker the lower body. This new gestalt form attacks the Tankor Sunstreaker was fighting, and this time the fight is a lot more in the Autobots' favor.

In addition, Bumblebee's rushing around allowed him to come across the electromagnet Optimus used to disarm the Nazi soldiers. Clever maneuvering allows him to use it on his Tankor opponent, pinning it to Prowl's opponent. The two Tankors are joined by the arms, and as such find their ability to fight off both Bumblebee and Prowl severely limited.

This, plus even more shots from the Allied artillery, means the Tankors have suddenly lost a little of their advantage. To compensate, they change their tactics to include some defensive maneuvers, especially protecting their vulnerable heads...

EXT: Near the battlefield

On the sidelines, the other two Tankors who were trying to flank the Allies but were disabled by the Autobot brothers, get an assist from the metallic bird from the dogfight, BUZZSAW. The bird flies by their treads, its beak effortlessly tearing through the glue, allowing the Tankors to transform, and run off towards the fight.

TANKOR #2: Thanks, Buzzsaw!

BUZZSAW: (screeches, then flies off)

EXT: Battlefield, Allied side

Lt. Barnett has plugged a mike from his old radio set into Ratchet's arm, and is speaking into it.

LT. BARNETT: You heard me right, General! The Nazis have been using tanks that turn into giant robots, and a few of their planes too! That's how they've got the danger zone set up! And to top it off, they had a smaller robot replace our radio, cutting off communications!

GENERAL: (through radio) Well that would sound fantastic, except that a few Nazi spies we captured in the States have been ranting about a giant robot that betrayed them, and they got photographic evidence to back it up.

LT. BARNETT: So you believe me?

GENERAL: (through radio) I believe that the Nazis have got some superweapons that you and your troops are not equipped to handle. Retreat immediately.

RATCHET: No! You can't abandon the Autobots!

GENERAL: (Through radio) Who on Earth was that?

LT. BARNETT: I forgot to say, there's another group of robots here, at least six of 'em. They're friendly, and they're engaging the tanks as we speak. With our help they're holding their own, but they've still got four -

LOOKOUT: (interrupting) Sir, two more of those tank monsters coming in from the sides!

LT. BARNETT: Scratch that, six of those things to fight, and they're a lot stronger than the friendlies! They're outnumbered and overpowered, but they're our only shot! If we don't beat these monsters now, we'll never get another chance! So if you can send some help, send it now!

GENERAL: (through radio) Alright, you win Lieutenant. What are our effective weapons?

RATCHET: Nothing short of a large explosion will even register pain for a Tankor.

GENERAL:(through radio) Right. So, the super-planes you mentioned rule out air support, so it'll have to be some long-range artillery. Give us some precise coordinates for the strike.

LT. BARNETT: Ratchet, you think your boys can keep those tanks in one place for under a minute?

RATCHET: And then get out in time? No problem.

LT. BARNETT: (points to the fighting) We'll have the strike happen right there. (into radio) General, the coordinates are Three! Two! Five! By Five! One! Nine! (edit as necessary for technical accuracy)

GENERAL: (through radio) (after a pause) Alright, the strike will happen at those coordinates exactly five minutes from...Now!

RATCHET: (nods to Lt. Barnett, who nods back) (into communicator) Alright Autobots, listen up! We've got a – (static and white noise blasts into his 'ears') Ouch!

LT. BARNETT: What happened?

RATCHET: (furious) Static...my communicator's being jammed!

LT. BARNETT: Well how do we unjam it? Those Autobots will be pounded!

RATCHET: (realizes, in horror)….I think that's the point! (looks up, sees Buzzsaw flying overhead) There! That's Buzzsaw! Another one of Soundwave's Minicons!

LT. BARNETT: Somebody shoot that bird outta the sky!

The soldiers train their assault rifles on Buzzsaw, and the bullets do seem to have an impact on his flight pattern...

Then two more robots leap in – the tiny radio-robot that killed Gregory, and the saber-toothed tiger – Frenzy and Ravage, respectively. Frenzy is riding on top of Ravage, shooting at the soldiers with his arm-mounted gun. Ravage leaps on another soldier, who struggles to tear him off, while Frenzy draws the other soldiers' fire, shooting to kill...and sometimes succeeding.

RATCHET: Frenzy and Ravage too? Don't worry, I'll handle them!

Ratchet throws an electromagnet at Frenzy, immobilizing him. He is about ready to move on to Ravage when a large van runs into him, knocking him down. The van then transforms into Soundwave, and pins Ratchet to the ground.

SOUNDWAVE: Autobot: Inferior. Soundwave: Superior.

Soundwave starts punching the helpless Ratchet, who yelps in pain...pained screams which Bumblebee hears over the din of battle. He abandons the battle, leaving Ironhide, Prowl, and Sideswipe/Sunstreaker (who at several points throughout the battle switched being top and bottom, and back again) outnumbered practically two-to-one by (for all intents and purposes) superior opponents.

EXT: Bombed-out district of Berlin

Megatron turns a corner in his cybertronian-artillery mode, and finds Optimus nowhere near him. He transforms, and punches through a ruined building...finding nothing!

MEGATRON: If you're all about protecting these creatures, hiding from me is a bad idea, Optimus! I'll tear this city apart until I find you, exterminating who-knows-how-many fleshlings in my way!

OPTIMUS: I beg to differ, Megatron!

From the top of a nearby building, Optimus throws some debris at Megatron. He then jumps on top of the Decepticon leader, and after a brief tussle, manages to rip off Megatron's arm-cannon before getting thrown off.

OPTIMUS: (dropping the gun, and stomping on it till it breaks) This part of the city is deserted, so there's no humans to get caught in the crossfire. It's just you and me here, Megatron. (pulls a battleaxe with a glowing orange blade out from a compartment on his back)

MEGATRON: No, Prime...It's just me! (pulls the spiked half-wheels off his shoulder, combining them into a mace, and the spikes start glowing purple.)

Both combatants return to glowing blue, and charge at each other, swinging their massive weapons.

INT: German weapons factory

Spike and the POWs entered the factory expecting to fight some Nazis, and instead find the place completely deserted.

SPIKE: What's going on?

LT. WITWICKY: (looks at a machine, then touches it)Still warm. Everyone packed up and left just a short while ago.

LEWIS: Who cares? We've got enough weapons and armor in here to get us out of the city!

SPIKE: What about the Decepticons?

LT. WITWICKY: Good point, son. (to the other prisoners) Focus on the high explosive ordinance – grab as many bazookas and grenades as you can find!

P.O.W.: Who put you in charge?

LT. WITWICKY: Someone who prefers we'd keep the 'who leads this group' debates until after we're able to defend ourselves, how's that? The Nazis haven't noticed we're gone yet, so how about we gear up before they do?

The uppity POW nods, and everyone gets to work looting the factory, searching for anything useful. They strip the Nazi labels off of any uniforms and body armor they acquire, so when they return to their armies they can hopefully avoid getting shot.

Suddenly, the transformation sound is heard outside the factory, and everyone takes cover as Motormaster crawls through the large door of the factory.

MOTORMASTER: (threatening singsong) Oh, Fleshlings! I know you're in here! Come out, come out, wherever you are! Come out and play with lil ol' Motormaster!

Motormaster stalks around, in between the manufacturing machines and conveyor belts. Lt. Witwicky, Spike, and the rest stay just out of sight, carefully controlling their breathing so they don't hear. It's a tense moment.

MOTORMASTER: Megatron has just decreed that this planet belongs to the Decepticons! No one else is allowed to live here! Might as well just give yourselves over to us now, and be done with it!

Motormaster passes by Spike...who notices a gap in his feet. Thinking quickly, Spike grabs a stick grenade from his dad, and runs over to place it in the gap.

LT. WITWICKY: (suddenly shouting) Spike, no!

Lt. Witwicky's shouting draws Motormaster's attention...away from Spike, who places the grenade and pulls the pin, and even runs back to cover with his hands over his ears.

MOTORMASTER: There, see? I promise you, it won't be so – (grenade goes off, and he falls down) GAAAH! My foot!

Miraculously, only Motormaster was hurt by the explosion, which the POWs take as a cue to choose another hiding place. They run into another room, one of them shooting a bazooka at Motormaster before leaving. The rocket hits the Decepticon in the chest, knocking him back down.

MOTORMASTER: You'll pay for that!

Motormaster pulls himself up, and limps on his injured leg to where the humans escaped. He tears down the wall, to find that they had ascended to a higher level. Looking up, he spies them on a catwalk...and when they see he's seen them, they shoot at him with machine guns.

As the POWs run away, Motormaster grabs one of the big manufacturing machines, tears off a big chunk, and throws it at the catwalk. His throw breaks the catwalk in two, causing the sections held up by ceiling-attached wires to sway violently. Two soldiers fall to their deaths. Spike nearly falls off, only to be caught by Lt. Witwicky. As him and some other soldiers pull the teenager up, Motormaster tries to reach for them...only for another soldier to shoot his left eye out with a carefully-aimed series of machine gun blasts.


With this blinding, the POWs get the opportunity they needed to get back down (the way they came) and then leave the building...but not before Lt. Witwicky gives out one final order.

LT. WITWICKY: Blast this building! Bring it down on top of that monster!

Three well-aimed bazooka shots to critical areas of the building's support structure causes the whole structure to collapse, burying Motormaster under piles of debris...but not before everyone gets out, of course.

LEWIS: WOOHOO! Take that, Jackie!

LT. WITWICKY: Well done everyone! Now, let's -

Suddenly, Motormaster pulls himself out of the rubble. He's covered in dents and has multiple broken parts sticking out.

MOTORMASTER: (enraged) You're history, human scum!

Everyone runs as Motormaster stumbles towards them. Even with a limp, Motormaster easily corners Spike, Lt. Witwicky, and a few others, after kicking aside a straggler on the way.

MOTORMASTER: Nowhere to run now! I'm gonna tear you limb from limb! Just like Megatron's gonna do to Optimus Prime!

Everyone who has a gun starts shooting at him, but it has no effect...until someone hits an exposed wire on his leg, causing him to fall. Thinking quickly, those trapped run out of the corner, leaving stick grenades with pulled fuses right next to Motormaster. They explode in the Decepticon's face, finally sending him into stasis lock. The POWs, however, take their time to confirm he's down.

LT. WITWICKY: (after a minute) I think he's not faking it. Let's get out of the city while we still have some weapons.

SPIKE: (looking off into the distance) Wait, guys, what's that?

Looking where Spike is pointing, the POWs see a series of blue flashes coming from somewhere in the city, near their position. Spike walks around a corner, enabling him to see the bombed-out area of the city...where Optimus and Megatron are swinging their massive weapons at each other, each contact producing a burst of blue light.

SPIKE: Optimus... (putting his hand over his eyes) And...is that...Megatron?!

LEWIS: Who cares if it is? We've seen enough giant robots to last a lifetime!

Everyone starts to leave, leaving Spike to linger a minute...

EXT: Berlin, bombed-out area

Megatron blocks one of Optimus' swings with his mace.

MEGATRON: (shouting through clenched 'teeth') You're slowing down, Prime! You aren't much longer for this world...and when you're gone, the universe will belong to Megatron!

OPTIMUS: (through the effort of maintaining the clash) Megatron, as long as living beings draw breath, there will be someone to oppose your ambitions!

MEGATRON: Let them try, I'll just kill them too! (pulls Optimus' axe out of his hands, and attacks)

EXT: Ruined Berlin weapons factory

Spike sees the carnage, and Optimus taking a beating, and is horrified.

SPIKE: (running after the soldiers) Guys! Optimus needs help!

LT. WITWICKY: I'd love to help him, son, but we've got our own problems. It's only a matter of time before some Nazis see us, and then we'll need help ourselves.

LEWIS: Besides, for all you know they could've been fighting over who gets to kill us!

SPIKE: You're wrong! Optimus would never want us dead! He loves all living things!

LT. WITWICKY: And you believe him?

SPIKE: Dad, he's my friend! Of course I -

LT. WITWICKY: Hold up there...did you say he was your...friend?

The other POWs look at Lt. Witwicky and Spike intently.

EXT: Battlefield, Allied side.

The soldiers by now have taken cover from Frenzy and Ravage, and the two are engaged in a gunfight. It's clear the two Minicons have the upper hand...until Bumblebee drives right over them, transforms, and bashes the two of them together, sending both into stasis lock.

Bumblebee then turns his hands back into mini-blasters, and turns them on Soundwave...who pauses in his abuse of Ratchet to fire a large shoulder-mounted missile at Bumblebee, who just barely dodges it. Even then, it scrapes a huge gash into Bumblebee's side with its fins.

Ratchet, however, is quick to take advantage of Soundwave's distraction, and produces a large syringe-shaped device. He jams it into Soundwave's shoulder, and activates it. A purple liquid is pumped into Soundwave at high speeds before the Decepticon notices it. Shocked, Soundwave jumps off Ratchet and removes the device, but this allows Ratchet to get back up as well.

The Decepticon communications officer and the Autobot medic exchange blows for a minute, with Bumblebee helping. Soundwave's sonic pulse cannon gives him an edge against the two Autobots...but after a while his reactions start to slow down. A pause in the battle lets him quickly realize what has happened.

SOUNDWAVE: Unknown interference detected in fuel systems.

RATCHET: (speaking through pain) Concentrated cyber-anesthetic, Soundwave. Small doses allow me to numb the pain sensors of my patients...high doses numb everything else.

Seconds after Ratchet explains his actions, Soundwave loses his balance and falls over. He feebly tries to pull himself back up, but his systems are shutting down one by one.

Buzzsaw notices what's happening, and rushes down to help his master...but Bumblebee leaps up and gives Buzzsaw a solid punch, sending the robot bird sprawling through a tree, and onto the ground...where the tree he went through falls on him.

GENERAL: (through radio) Strike in thirty seconds, copy?

RATCHET: (panicking) Loud and clear! (switches channels) Autobots! There's human artillery coming in at your location! Get out, and keep the Tankors there! You have ten nano-kliks!

SOUNDWAVE: (feebly) Soundwave to all Tankors...Operation Secondary Interference report...report...report...(voice turns to static as he slips into stasis lock)

EXT: Battlefield, between two sides.

A well-aimed punch from a Tankor knocks Sideswipe and Sunstreaker on their backs, disrupting their combination and forcing them back into their individual selves. All the Autobots are surrounded by the Tankor troopers.

TANKOR #1: (listening to communicator, pausing combat) Report what, Soundwave? Soundwave?

The Tankors are distracted, long enough for Ratchet's message to get through.

SIDESWIPE: Copy that, Ratchet! (twitches his shoulder, causing a launcher to come out from behind his head.)

Taking their cue, the other Autobots look away, as Sideswipe launches a small projectile up, which then explodes in a brilliant flash of light. This temporarily blinds the Tankors, allowing the Autobots to slip from their clutches. The Autobots use the remainder of the time it takes the Tankors to recover to shoot at them with their weapons, to keep them in one place.

Before the Tankors have time to react, a series of ten human projectiles hit them all at once from the sky.

EXT: Allied artillery lineup

The soldiers reload the extra-long guns, some of which are mounted on nearby railroad tracks, as quickly as they can.

ARTILLERY COMMANDER: Second round, fire!

Smoke and loud noise come from the cannons, and their projectiles soar through the air again.

EXT: Battlefield, between the two sides.

The second round pounds into the stunned Tankors. Each shot feels like a punch to them, and they are all getting 'punched' in multiple places at once. The Autobots continue shooting at them, as do the Allied soldiers and their artillery gun.

After two more rounds of artillery strikes, some Tankors start to go dowm. Well-aimed shots from the Autobots later, and they're in stasis lock.

EXT: Battlefield, Allied side.

All the soldiers cheer as the last Tankor goes into stasis lock.

RATCHET: (into radio) General, cease your attacks. The Tankors are down, repeat, the Tankors are down.

GENERAL (through radio) First good news I heard in a long time. Lieutenant Barnett?


GENERAL: (through radio) If you even need those reinforcements anymore, you can expect them within the hour.

LT. BARNETT: Thank you sir! (to Ratchet, looking at Soundwave) So, what do we do with this creep now?

RATCHET: That was a pretty high dose...if I leave him like this, pretty soon his life-systems will shut off, and his spark will be extinguished. He'll die. (pulls a blue device out of a backpack-like machine on his back, and plugs it into Soundwave) And even though he's a Decepticon, I'm still a healer, and I cannot allow someone to die like that. (turns the device on) Now, he'll just be in stasis lock for a long time.

LT. BARNETT: And then what? Just leave him here?

The other Autobots, covered in dents and scrapes and burn marks, return to the Allies' side of the battlefield.

PROWL: We'll leave that for Optimus to decide, once we find him. And now that we have no Decepticons to worry about right now, I say we get on that. (turns on communicator) Come in Optimus Prime. Seven Tankors and Soundwave neutralized, but we took damage in the process. What's your status?

OPTIMUS: (through radio, addressing Megatron) You hear that, Megatron? You're the last Decepticon standing. Once you're taken down, - -

Megatron is heard roaring through the radio, which suddenly stops transmitting.

LOOKOUT: (looking through binoculars) Sir! White flag, white flag! The Nazis are surrendering!

The Autobots, with great effort, transform into their vehicle forms.

LT. BARNETT: Heh, no guns, no Decepticons, at least they have some common – (notices Autobots transforming) Hey hey, hang on there! Where are you going?

PROWL: To help Optimus. We must preserve him against Megatron!

LT. BARNETT: Not before you guys get fixed up! You look like you're about to fall apart!

RATCHET: I'm sorry, but this takes precedence over our welfare.

LT. BARNETT: (frustrated) Ohhh...(turns to his men, and points to some of them) You guys, round up the Nazis. The rest of you, take what weapons you can and pile into the Autobots. We'll distract the Decepticons if nothing else.


Lt. Barnett's orders are carried out, and soldiers pack into the Autobots, as many as can fit. Others rush across the battlefield, guns drawn, to find a squadron of Nazi soldiers with arms raised. They are quickly rounded up.

SIDESWIPE: We never asked you to do this.

LT. BARNETT: (climbing into Ratchet) We never asked you to save our lives. It's time we returned the favor. (grabs Ratchet's radio) General, if you can hear this, the Autobots are pushing into Berlin, despite heavy damage.

GENERAL: (through the radio) I would advise against doing what I think you're about to do, but you seem attached to those creatures...very well. I'll send those reinforcements straight into Berlin.

LT. BARNETT: Thanks again, General. Over and out.

The Autobots, with their cargo of soldiers, drive off towards Berlin.

EXT: Berlin, bombed-out area.

Optimus' truck-covering-cape is torn to shreds, as is Megatron's tank-tread bandolier. Optimus' chest windows are cracked, parts of Megatron's leg are missing. They both look heavily damaged, but both are still fighting.

Megatron leaps up, to bring his mace down on Optimus...who counters with a fist to his face before that can happen. Optimus rushes to attack the downed and disarmed Megatron, jumping to avoid a leg sweep...but Megatron re-adjusts his tactics, performing a double-kick just as Optimus lands. Stunned, Optimus staggers back as Megatron grapples him, reaching for his face.

MEGATRON: (through effort) I'll rip out your optics!

Optimus barely avoids that fate by throwing Megatron over and behind him. He then reaches for his axe, which had been lying down on the ground...when all of a sudden, his knee buckles and he falls down. Megatron pulls himself up, and Optimus tries to crawl towards him, but finds he can't.

MEGATRON: (exhausted and limping) We...were evenly matched...back on Cybertron. But here, you wasted your energy on Thundercracker and Motormaster...defending those humans. Now you see...why I advised...against it. (drops on top of Optimus, pinning him to the ground) Now, you pay the price...

Meanwhile, the POWs set up a position near him. Lewis loads the bazooka.

LEWIS: (whisper) This here's our last shot!

LT. WITWICKY: (whisper) Then make it count!

MEGATRON: I shall at last reclaim what you took, and with it destroy everything you care about, and all because of your misguided devotion to the lesser species!

Megatron grasps Optimus' chestplate, and tries to rip it off, intending to claim the Matrix. Even as the Matrix attempts to empower Optimus, it winds up empowering Megatron as well. With more strength remaining in him already, and the power of the Matrix, Megatron readies himself to claim ultimate victory over Optimus Prime...

...when Lewis' bazooka shot knocks him off of Prime.

LT. WITWICKY: (shouting at Megatron) Greetings from the lesser species!

SPIKE: Optimus, get up and run for it!

OPTIMUS: (speaking through a world of pain) Spike...? Gh...get out of here! (coughs)

LT. WITWICKY: We're not leaving without you! Open fire!

The POWs assault Megatron with machine gun fire, which actually hurts him in his damaged state...but not enough to stop him from stalking after the offending shooters. Everything looks bad when the POWs run out of ammo...

Just then, the Autobots arrive with Lt. Barnett's soldiers, who get off and unload their arsenal on Megatron. The Autobots transform, and do the same. Being shot at from all sides quickly brings Megatron down, right next to Optimus Prime, who gets in one last punch.

PROWL: Cease fire!

Everyone stops shooting, realizing that Megatron had fallen into stasis lock already. Ratchet immediately rushes to Prime's side, to begin healing him.

RATCHET: Optimus, please tell me you still function!

OPTIMUS: (speaking through a world of pain) We...have won. (falls into stasis lock)

RATCHET: Yes. Yes we have. (sets to work at once)

As the Autobots gather around Optimus, the soldiers and POWs reintroduce themselves. Lt. Witwicky approaches Lt. Barnett.

LT. BARNETT: (surprised) Phillip! I thought you were a goner!

LT. WITWICKY: So was I, a few times! (pulls Spike next to him) But thanks to my son, and you guys' timely arrival, we're safe and sound. But...how'd you get past the Decepticon tanks?

LT. BARNETT: Thanks to those guys! (points to the Autobots)

LT. WITWICKY: (to Spike) More of your friends, I suppose?

SPIKE: Yep! (to Autobots) Hey guys! Come over here and meet my dad!

The Autobots turn around, and finally notice Spike's presence.


Bumblebee picks Spike and Lt. Witwicky up, and puts them on his shoulders. As the group chat about their adventures, Ironhide makes a call:

IRONHIDE: Hello? Mrs. Witwicky? Yes?...We found him. Alive...and unharmed. Dirty, but unharmed.

NANCY: (through radio) Oh thank you, thank you!

SOLDIER: Sir, look! (points to a nearby Nazi flag)

Sure enough, the red-and-black swastika is coming down, and a white flag is replacing it.

MONTAGE: Various locations, w/ voiceover narration from Secretary of War Henry Stimson

A) Nazi Party Headquarters – Allied soldiers direct the Nazi leaders out of the building with their hands over their heads, while a few others carry Adolf Hitler the same way on a stretcher.

HENRY: (voice) The Nazis surrendered as soon as they learned their plans to use the Decepticons had failed. Their war crime trials are well known by the U.S. Public.

B) Nazi concentration camp, somewhere in Germany – Autobots and Allied soldiers deliver aid to starving masses, as Nazi guards are lined up and processed. A repaired Optimus looks on at the display of helpfulness, and the application of basic decency, and his eyes emit the robotic equivalent of 'tears of happiness'.

HENRY: (voice) Our intelligence teams located the remainder of the Nazi concentration camps, and rescue teams were dispatched. Some were even accompanied and aided by the Autobots.

C) Spike Witwicky's house, Furmantown, Maryland – Spike rushes into the waiting arms of his mother, who embraces him lovingly. Spike then points out that Phillip has arrived as well, and the two kiss in short order.

HENRY: (voice) Spike Witwicky and his father returned to Furmantown, where from what we can tell, he and his family are living a happy life.

D) Secret underground bunker, U.S.A. - Stasis-locked Decepticons are packed into large stasis pods, and left alone in a dark room.

HENRY: (voice) The Decepticons and their technology have been salvaged, and locked away in a top secret government facility, using stasis pods from the Ark. Though Optimus advised against killing them, steps have been taken to ensure they never wake up. Not even Megatron.

E) The Ark, Appalachian mountains – tanker trucks carry gallons of fuel into the Ark, where the Autobots use it to awaken and refuel those still in cold storage.

HENRY: (voice) We got to use those pods, because the Autobots no longer need them. They're being emptied of their Autobot occupants as we speak, each being restored to full operating condition with human aid.


EXT: Capitol Hill, Stimson's press conference.

Reporters are listening intently to Stimson's account of the Transformers' actions, from their arrival to their victory at Berlin.

HENRY: Our help isn't free, however. The Autobots and the United States are in a mutually beneficial partnership, with each helping the other. We're working out a means by which our scientists and engineers can work together, but we're getting there. In addition, we-(interrupted by the appearance of Bumblebee)

BUMBLEBEE: (from off-stage, in vehicle mode) Um, Mr. Stimson? Is now a bad time to mention that Prowl and Ironhide have assembled their teams, and are ready to go to Japanese territory?

HENRY: No, but I'd prefer you save the details until after this conference, OK?

BUMBLEBEE: OK! (drives off)

Cameras flash all over, taking pictures of the yellow car that spoke to the Secretary.

HENRY: (laughing to himself) Give a guy his voice back and he shows it off every chance he gets...Anyway, yes, our alliance is also military in nature. We minimize casualties where possible, and they in turn fight alongside us. Yes, war is a nasty business, but sometimes it's necessary. If we fight the enemies of life and liberty, then its worth it. And if everyone who can contribute to freedom's defense does so, then freedom will triumph. That is why we have allowed these aliens to live among us, and why our lives are better because of it. So if you should find yourself before one of these Autobots, do not greet them with suspicion and fear, but with the same friendliness you show to your fellow Americans. Because they have, like you do every day, made this world safer for everything we hold dear. Thank you for your time, and God bless America.

Raucous applause accompanies the Secretary of War as his speech ends. As he opens the floor up for questions, the scene focuses on an American flag flying above the Capitol...and zooms out to reveal Optimus gazing at it with hope that this alliance, and the good that has (and could) come of it, will last.


Thus ends my summer project combining Transformers and War Propaganda! Inspired a few years ago by Captain America: The First Avenger, my exploration into that part of our history is finally complete (with the biggest word count of all my stories thus far!)

Leave a review if elements of this story need improvement...because I want to make the next one better! That's right, this is going to be a series! A fic for each subsequent decade in American History! Up next is the era of McCarthyism, the Red Scare of the 1950s!