Shinimegami: Yay! My first shounen-ai ficcie! Hope you like!

Yugi: What's the pairing?

Shinimegami: *whispers into Yugi's ear*

Yugi: Me and my Dark Magician?!?!

Shinimegami: Why not?

Yugi: *blushes* Uh...

Shinimegami: Okay, now before we begin, I have something to say to all the people who have written Yugi/Dark Magician fics. I got this idea ON MY OWN. Therefore, I DID NOT, I repeat, DID NOT steal the idea from your stories! So don't flame me saying I copied your story. Thank you.

Bakura: Are we going to start the fic now?

Shinimegami: Yep! It's!

Disclaimers: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh, but if I did, Bakura would be mine! ^.^


"Yugi, when did you say your friends were coming over?" asked Yugi's grandpa.

"They should be arriving soon," replied Yugi. "It's almost 5:00."

Yugi walked into his living room and sat down on the couch. His friends were coming over to do a little homework. And knowing how bad Joey was at a few subjects, they "study party" idea was a good one.

//Joey isn't that bad, is he?// Yami asked through their mental link.

/You'd be surprised,/ said Yugi. Just then, he heard the bell ring in the front of the Game Shop.

"It's probably them, Grandpa!" called Yugi, walking towards the shop. He found Joey, Tristan, Téa, and Bakura at the counter.

"Hey, Yuge!" greeted Joey.

"Hey, you guys," Yugi said. "Ready to get started?"

"Sure," said Tristan. "Joey's gonna need all the help he can get!"

"I do not!" shot back Joey. Everyone stared at him. "Okay, maybe a little..." The rest of the gang laughed and made their way up to Yugi's room.

"Let's see what you've got so far, Joey," said Yugi when they all settled down.

"Uh, okay," said Joey, taking out his papers. "Well, I haven't started these two.... Oh, and I only put my name on dis one..." Everyone groaned.

"We've got a long way to go..." sighed Yugi.


"Wow, I can't believe all that took three hours to do," said Téa when they had finished.

"Yeah, I thought we'd get it finished in a shorter time," Bakura said.

"We probably would have if a certain someone hadn't kept getting confused on the homework questions," teased Tristan.

"I got it done, didn't I?" Joey said. They gathered up their notebooks and textbooks and headed downstairs.

"I'll see you guys tomorrow," Yugi said as his friends left out the shop door.

"Sure, Yugi," said Joey. "So we'll all meet at the mall tomorrow?" They always tried to make plans for Saturdays.

"Yeah," agreed Yugi. His friends waved good-bye as they left and Yugi shut the door.

"You seem tired, Yugi," noted his grandpa as Yugi walked through the living room.

"That's because I am," said Yugi. He noticed a piece of paper near the stairs, picked it up, and looked at it.

'Joey's science homework,' thought Yugi. 'I guess I'll give it to him tomorrow at the mall.' He put the homework on the coffee table so he would remember to take it the next morning. After all, Joey had worked a whole hour on it, and would be crushed if he failed science. Yugi yawned and walked upstairs.

"I'm going to bed now, Grandpa," said Yugi. "Good night!"

"Sleep well, Yugi," his grandpa called back. Yugi closed his bedroom door halfway and walked over to his bed. He placed the Millennium Puzzle on his bedside table and plopped down on the bed fully dressed.

//Good night, Aibou,// said Yami.

/G'night,/ said Yugi. Worn out from all the homework, Yugi turned off his lamp and quickly fell into a deep sleep.


About ten minutes after Yugi had fallen asleep, a cold feeling seemed to sweep through his room. Had Yugi not been in such a deep sleep, he would have noticed the card on top of his Duel Monsters deck start to glow brightly. It slid onto the floor and glowed even brighter. Suddenly, the duel monster it contained emerged. It was the Dark Magician.

But there was something completely different about him. He looked only two or three years of age. His eyes quickly adjusted to the darkness and looked around. He spotted the half-open door and wandered out to the upstairs hallway. The toddler nearly fell when he came to the stairs, but managed to make his way down them to the living room.

The first thing the little Dark Magician noticed was Joey's science homework sitting on the coffee table. Curious, he picked up the paper and accidentally ripped it a bit. He stared at the rip and made another one. Finding it fun, the magician began to rip up the homework until it was nothing but little shreds of paper.

The chibi duel monster then made his way into the kitchen. He was amazed at how huge everything was and wanted to explore it more. After opening a few cabinets near the floor, he soon discovered the pots and pans. He got curious once more, like all chibis do when they see pots and pans, and tried to pull one out from the middle of the stack. He pulled harder and all the pots and pans fell out with a loud clang.

Upstairs in his own bedroom, Yugi's grandpa looked up instantly from his book after hearing the noise. Thinking it was a burglar, he left his bedroom and picked up a baseball bat leaning against the wall outside Yugi's room. He wouldn't allow any harm to come to himself and his grandson.

"Who's there?" he called, making his way downstairs. The chibi magician seemed to panic and got up off the kitchen floor. He attempted to run past Yugi's grandpa, but the man heard him. Yugi's grandpa swung the bat low, aiming to hit the crook's legs and knock him over. The little magician was knocked across the floor and into the foot of the stairs. He whimpered and then started to cry.

Back upstairs, Yami awoke in his soul room and emerged from the Millennium Puzzle.

"Yugi," he whispered, gently shaking the boy. "Yugi, wake up." His aibou slowly woke up.

"What is it, Yami?" Yugi asked sleepily.

"Something's happening downstairs," Yami replied. "I think Grandpa's down there, too."

"Is something happening to him?" asked Yugi, worried for his grandpa's safety. He jumped out of bed and ran out of his room with Yami behind him. Both of them were unaware of the empty duel monster card on the floor.


Shinimegami: *is seen banging her head against the wall repeatedly*

Téa: What's with her?

Yami: She doesn't think people will like her fic.

Yami Bakura: What's the big deal? It's just a fic.

Yami: Yes, but it IS her first shounen-ai...

Bakura: *tries to get Shinimegami to stop hurting herself*

Shinimegami: *groans* Oh man, I got a headache...

Tristan: I'm not surprised.

Bakura: People will like this story, Shinimegami, don't worry.

Shinimegami: I guess you're right. After all, this is only the first chappie...

Bakura: That's the spirit! ^__^

Shinimegami: Thanks, Bakura. *huggles Bakura* ^.^

Yugi: How could you do that to my Dark Magician?!

Shinimegami: What? Turn him into a chibi?

Yugi: Well, yah, that and you hurt him!

Dark Magician: I didn't like that part.

Shinimegami: Aren't you supposed to be a chibi right now?

Dark Magician: Oh yah. *suddenly turns into a chibi*


Chibi Dark Magician (C.DM): *immediately jumps into Yugi's lap and tries to hide under his shirt*

Yugi: *blushes a deep red*

Shinimegami: Well, I REALLY hope all you readers enjoyed it so far. I PROMISE they'll get better. My first chapters are usually always a little, well, bad. If I get enough reviews, I'll post the next chappie! See ya then! ^.~