"Where is he dad?" asked a boy with black hair and green eyes. Harry James Potter was looking for his uncle Gabriel. He always had the best presents and stories, even outdoing uncle Sirius.

Uncle Snape was fun too, when he was in a good mood.

"Where's who runt?" asked an amused voice.

Harry spun to find his Uncle Gabriel behind him.

"Uncle Gabe! Uncle Snape! You came!"

"Like we would miss your first trip to Hogwarts. Speaking of which, your three cousins will be attending this year too."

Harry practically vibrated where he stood. His cousins Taiyo, Romulus, and Adhara would be attending with him? Harry was very glad he had such a large extended family, especially when it came to Uncle Gabriel's kids. He and his two wives were awesome!

"Speaking of cousins, guess who else is attending this year?" said Snape smirking.

Harry stared past him and nearly jumped in the air. It was Ace and Luffy, his adopted cousins (through Uncle Shanks, who was currently out exploring the world again).

"They're coming too?"

"Well, Ace is. Luffy will be joining you next year along with Luna and Ginny," said Gabriel.

"But before you left we agreed to give your present," said Snape.

Harry's smile as he opened it up to reveal throwing stars practically lit up the station. Lily would murder them once she found out what they gave her son, but the fact of the matter was that Yue and Gabriel's "mistress" according to British laws had trained her children in martial arts. No nephew of theirs was going to be a fat, lazy oaf like most of the English.

"Now, you better get on the train. It's about to leave after all. And watch out for Adhara... your Aunt Narcissa has been giving her tips on how to rule Slytherin," warned Snape.

"Okay Uncle Snape!" said Harry excitedly. He quickly found a seat with his cousins who were all just as excited to leave.

As the train started to leave, Ace and Harry both waved goodbye to the older wizards.

"Bye Uncle Gabriel, Uncle Snape/Mihawk!"

Snape snorted. Ever since Shanks learned one of his animal forms was a hawk, he had given him the nickname 'Dracule Mihawk'. Partially because of his animagus form, but also because when he wore black robes he resembled a large bat...or according to the first gens, Dracula.

Hence the nickname "Dracule Mihawk". At this point Snape had given up trying to get Shanks to call him something else, so he used that name whenever he got caught doing something he shouldn't in the mundane side of the world.

Dracule Mihawk was considered a famous swordsman/thief. And best of all the exploits couldn't be connected to 'Severus Snape', one of the world's premiere potionmasters and adventurer.

"So...how long do you think it will take Lily to find out what we gave her son?"

"You mean how long do we have before she tries to castrate us for giving her son blades?"

Gabriel snorted.

"I'd say...about 18, maybe twenty hours, if we're lucky. Let's hope he falls straight asleep once he reaches the school," said Snape mock thinking.

It had been over ten years since Gabriel finally told his father and mother who he actually was. A lot of things had changed since his abrupt appearance in the past, chief among them was that the prophecy was now null and void. His 'younger' self could live a full and happy life without having to grow up an orphan.

But he would never regret one moment of it.

"Should we run?"

"You know Yue, Narcissa and Xian will drag us all back," said Snape flatly.

Yue and Xian Li (now Black) were Gabriel's two wives. Snape had married Narcissa shortly after she graduated, and the two had four children.

Romulus, Adhara, Cassiopeia and Perseus. The twins, Romulus and Adhara, had shown clear signs of being metamorphamagi like Andromeda's daughter Nymphadora.

Which was only stronger proof that breeding with your own cousin (no matter how distant) was only weakening the blood, not strengthening it. A fact Walburga took to heart and began warning the other pure blood families about. Soon marrying outside of Europe became the norm, leading to a steady rise in birth rates.

Gabriel's six children (three from each wife) were all eagerly awaiting the day they would attend Hogwarts...well except Taiyo who just barely made the cut off age for school. He had been born in Japan, so Gabriel had named him 'sun' because of the country. The other five, Estrella, Luna (they were twins born in Spain), Horus, Samantha and Charles, were due to arrive during Taiyo's second, fourth, and fifth year respectively. Poor Charles would be the last one to attend, but at least Perseus would be going with him.

"Hard to believe it's only been six years since that idiot Riddle ended up being killed by that Romanian bloke who just happened to be born on the same day I was," said Gabriel with a chuckle. They were off to get a pint of the local brews before heading home to the kids.

Voldemort, in a spectacular show of idiocy, decided to try his luck in Romania to recruit minions.

Most people showed enough sense to ignore his proposals, and the few stupid (or drunk enough) to take him up on his offer usually left within the first month after they found out his bad habit of torturing anyone who failed him. Five minutes of that and they went home.

At some point he came across a wizard, tried to use intimidation and made the foolish mistake of insulting the man's sister and making declarations of doing things to her that weren't fit for polite company.

After the first punch, the man proceeded to ruin Riddle to the point where even his soul pieces couldn't survive the curse the man left on his soul.

In short, Gabriel never had to lift a finger outside of outing Riddle to the pure bloods and giving them a much needed wake-up call.

Hagrid was still thanking Gabriel for introducing him to his wife.


Lily Potter ne Evans was furious. She had told them repeatedly no weapons! She barely tolerated the fact her children learned martial arts!

James winced, and wisely avoided his irate wife. It was a good thing Gabriel was actually her son from a future that would never happen now, or she might have castrated him.

She still had trouble processing the fact she was a grandmother before her son had even started Hogwarts. She just chose not to think about it.

James debated on whether to warn Snape and Gabriel...then decided that they likely knew their 'friend' well enough that they were long out of England by the time Lily found out they gave Harry blade. Chances were they had opted to join Shanks for a few months at sea collecting obscure and rare potion ingredients in exchange for avoiding Lily's wrath.

They had a standing invitation to join the Red Force, as did their wives.

Narcissa liked the tan she always got, Yue and Xian enjoyed the adventure, and their husbands liked the fact they could tweak the noses of Lily (among others) without having to stick around for the repercussions.

He did always feel somewhat sorry for McGonagall though. Having to deal with their antics even after graduation couldn't be easy...and now she would have to deal with multiple children of the terrors...plus Chaos and Anarchy's younger selves.

With the sound of dual cracks, James looked outside and winced...before a slow evil grin came onto his face.

"Oh Lils...guess who just showed up shit-faced on our lawn without realizing where they were?" he called out.

Just because he had forgiven them for the crap they put him through when Gabriel first showed up didn't mean he forgot.

James was half Black, and a Black might forgive but they most certainly never forgot.

Lily took one look outside, and her grin mirrored her husbands. Time to show those two idiots what she thought about them giving her son blades.

Rose tugged her father's rob.

"Mommy's going to beat up Uncle Gabe and Uncle Snape again isn't she?" asked the nine-year-old.

"They were warned not to give him any weapons until Christmas," said James. Looking at his second child proudly.

Rose, Daisy and Derrick were all watching their mother hex the living daylights out of their uncles. They would feel sorry for them, but their Aunts Narcissa, Yue, Xian, Tomoyo (Sirius' wife) and Aunt Hitomi (Remus' wife) all said that they had probably done something at some point to deserve it.

James always found it odd that while his son from an alternate future had married to rather beautiful and magically powerful Chinese women, he had managed to get his two 'Uncles' Remus and Sirius married off to a pair of Japanese pure bloods. Regulus was currently in the Amazon rain forest hoping to meet up with a rare pure blood faction that could turn into leopards.

To be fair, Regulus had learned through the animagi potion that he was a leopard animagus. So long as it wasn't a lion, he could live with that. It would certainly ease the way with the various leopard tribes.

Minerva McGonagall, former Transfiguration teacher and current Headmistress of Hogwarts, sighed.

Five years ago Albus Dumbledore had run afoul of Gabriel Black when he learned who the man actually was. And as the former Headmaster learned, you should never mess with a man trained by Amazons, guarded by two very powerful and territorial Chinese pure bloods who wouldn't hesitate to commit violence on their husband's behalf.

He really shouldn't have tried to get Gabriel to fulfill the prophecy Sybil spouted the night she took the Divination position. A position which McGonagall was quick to delegate her as an advisory role once she realized the woman was entirely unqualified to teach the full subject.

Shortly after her appointment as Headmistress, Gabriel stopped by to have a chat with her...and for once she paid full attention to what he was saying. Soon after Hogwarts' academic standing shot through the roof, and it finally earned it's spot back at the top.

She had been horrified to learn how under Albus' leadership the school had been dropping among the other magical academia until it was considered a complete laughingstock.

So many things had changed since Gabriel appeared...and she could honestly say that most of them had been for the better.

As the train pulled up, she took several fortifying shots of the strongest whiskey she could get her hands on. Morgana knew she would need every bit of liquid courage just to deal with the children of the Avengers and the Marauders!

She shuddered...it was time to face the music.


I hope you liked the ending.

Here's what happened after graduating:

Gabriel (Harry) married Yue and later the girl from the Li clan once he worked out an arrangement that satisfied both parties. Snape was his best man, and later Gabriel was his when Narcissa graduated and he married her.

Voldemort eventually ran into a Romanian wizard, and strangely enough the man was born at the end of July...he was also born of a squib and a muggle. When Voldemort challenged him, he was killed off by an obscure and mostly forgotten spell that targeted the magical core rather than the body...his horcruxes were destroyed the second he tried to use them.

Dumbledore, when he learned who Gabriel actually was after Trelawny made the prophecy, attempted to force him to fulfill it, despite the fact Voldemort as big a threat like the first time around. Gabriel's wives took offense to the fact he tried to curse him from behind and killed him.

Peter Pettigrew was killed in an Auror raid shortly after graduating.

As for Snape and Gabriel, they chose to become on again, off again members of Shanks pirate crew, and eventually Snape ended up becoming the magical equivalent of Dracule Mihawk. The two boys, Ace and Luffy, were adopted by Shanks when their parents were killed and because he felt partially responsible.

Gabriel is currently trying to reshape the magical communities, one change at a time.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I have writing it!