Starsky's heart beat furiously in his chest as he helped Isabella up from the floor over to the bed.

He yanked at the bedspread that was hanging off the side of the bed and wrapped it around Isabella's near naked form.

He sat down on the bed and pulled her in close.

"Izzy honey…..what happened baby?" he asked her softly, fearing the worst.

"Oh David…he went crazy…I…I…." Isabella started to say before breaking down, crying in his arms.

"Sweetie….who went crazy….did someone break in?" Starsky asked refusing to believe what his gut was telling him.

Isabella shook her head back and forth.

"No David…it was Ken!" she exclaimed as her sobbing continued.

Starsky's biggest fear was confirmed.

"Why honey….why would Hutch attack you?" he asked her totally confused.

"I came here to wait for you…and he'd already been drinking heavily….he started telling me how much he still loved me…." She sobbed heavily.

"Then he started to come on to me David!" she lied through her tears.

"I tried to leave….then he started to get violent…he hit me and dragged me into the bedroom…." She continued on with the act.

"He tore my clothes off and held me down on the bed then he….he..he raped me David…he raped me!" she proclaimed falsely as she buried her face into Starsky's chest.

Starsky sat their stunned not knowing his next move.

"I'm gonna call an ambulance sweetie!" he informed her as he went for the phone.

"No David…please don't…..I don't want any trouble for Ken!" she exclaimed as the tears ran down her face.

"Izzy…Hutch just physically assaulted you and you're worried about him!" Starsky shouted as he pointed into the other room.

"Please David…no ambulance and no police!" she insisted.

The rage in Starsky was starting to boil over now that the initial shock had worn off.

"Okay Izzy…okay!" he assured her as he kissed the top of her head.

He then went storming into the living room.

"David…wait!" Isabella pleaded.

He ignored her plea.

Hutch was just starting to stir when Starsky entered the room.

"You bastard!" Starsky screamed as he yanked Hutch up off the sofa.

Dazed and confused Hutch looked at his partner then at his surroundings trying to focus on what was happening.

"SStarsk….what…." Hutch slurred.

"Why Hutch…why did you have to…." Starsky exclaimed as he shook his partner violently.

Isabella came out of the bedroom wrapped in Hutch's bedspread her bare shoulders exposed.

Hutch looked in her direction and froze.

"Oh God…not again!" Hutch cried out.

Starsky looked back at Isabella not certain what to make of his friend's comment.

"S-S-Starsk….I'm sorry Buddy….I…I.." Hutch started to stammer as he shook his head to clear the fog.

"You're sorry!" Starsky shouted as he continued to shake him.

"You rape Isabella and all you can say is you're sorry!" Starsky exclaimed his face red with anger.

Hutch looked back at Isabella with a stunned look on her face.

"Raped her?" he said his words barely a whisper.

"No…..Starsk…I swear….I…" Hutch started to say, convinced he did nothing wrong.

"Look at her….just look at her!" Starsky exclaimed as he shoved Hutch's face in Isabella's direction.

Hutch looked at Isabella wrapped in his bedspread.

He remembered the bruises on her face when she first came to his apartment that night.

"No!" the blond replied adamantly.

"Starsk…those bruises on her face…she had them when she came here tonight…" Hutch started to say just before Starsky reeled back his fist and struck the blond violently in the face.

Hutch sailed over the living room chair toppling it and landed soundly on the floor.

"No David…please!" Isabella screamed as she ran to Starsky, trying to hold him back from attacking Hutch any further.

Hutch still groggy from the drug in his system got up on his hands and knees, shaking his head to clear it.

He then pulled himself up off the floor swaying unsteadily on his feet.

He tried wiping the blood that was flowing from his broken nose but there was just too much.

The hurt in Starsky's eyes was equally matched by the hurt in the blond's.

As Hutch tried to catch his breath he looked at Isabella with loathing.

"What kind of game are you trying to play!" the blond spat out at her.

As he stood there the blood poured profusely down his chin onto his tee shirt below.

"David…please..I want to go now…please!" Isabella sobbed as she hid behind Starsky giving the appearance of being terrified.

Hutch shook his head back and forth unable to believe the nightmare she was creating.

He then focused his attention back to his partner.

"She's lying Starsk…you gotta' believe me Buddy!" Hutch pleaded with his friend.

Starsky could only look at his friend, his eyed filled with pain.

"David…I want to go now…I'm frightened!" she played the part to the fullest, tugging on his arm.

"You conniving little bitch!" Hutch spouted off, his words filled with disdain for the woman he once loved.

Starsky's anger had reached it's peak as he struck the blond once again sending him crashing to the floor.

Hutch was not as quick to recover the second time around.

He lay dazed on the floor as Starsky jerked him back up by the scruff of his neck.

"You stay away from her…do you hear me!" Starsky bellowed as he shook the blond then slammed him back down on the floor.

Starsky went back over to Isabella, wrapped his arms around her and proceeded to walk out the door.

Hutch turned over on his side as he watched them leave.

"Starsk…wait!" he pleaded with his friend but Starsky never looked back as he and Isabella walked out the door leaving the blond lying on the floor in his own anguish.

Hutch crawled over to the sofa and pulled himself up landing heavily on the cushioned seat.

The blood poured from his nose and busted lip but he didn't care, the only thing that he really cared about just walked out his front door.

Hutch leaned forward clutching his head in his hands.

"No Starsk!" the blond cried out shaking his head.

By now his blood had saturated the front of his shirt and was starting to drip onto the sofa.

Hutch slowly got up and staggered over to kitchen.

He turned on the kitchen faucet, bent over the sink and cupped the cool water in his hands as it flowed out of the tap.

He then proceeded to wash off the blood from his face.

He stood there for several minutes before the flow of blood finally subsided enough that he was able to get by with placing a damp cloth on his face.

As he stood upright the blond looked around the room, surveying the damage.

He then staggered across the apartment floor into the bedroom.

He noticed the bedroom lamp was smashed and the sheets had been torn off the bed.

He knew this was none of his doing, he was certain of that.

"Why would she do this?" he asked himself as he slumped down on the bed.

"Do you really hate me that much Bella?" he added, the realization of it all starting to sink in.

Hutch knew he had to get to the hospital to have his nose set so he called the only other person he could think of.

"Hug…this is Hutch….I need a favor!" the blond said into the receiver.

Starsky spent the night on the sofa at Isabella's letting her have the entire bed to herself.

Several times he had awakened during the night to her terrifying scream as nightmares plagued her sleep.

He would hold her and comfort her, the whole time cursing Hutch for the unthinkable torture she was going through.

In the morning Isabella had awoken ready to face the day and Starsky's mother.

She was dressed and ready to go as Starsky started to stir.

She kissed the top of his head as he laid stretched out on the sofa.

"Good morning!" she exclaimed with way too much exuberance for having gone through what she had gone through the night before.

"Sweetie…what are you doing up?" he asked her as he sat up from the sofa.

"We're going to meet your mother David…remember?" she exclaimed as she tweaked his nose.

"You can't be serious Izzy…after what you just went through…you should be resting in bed!" he told her with concern in his voice.

"Oh David…you're such a worry wart…now come on get dressed!" she playfully ordered him.

Starsky was speechless as he observed her upbeat attitude.

"Come on…let's not keep your mother waiting!" she insisted.

"How are we going to explain your bruises?" he asked her.

"Well as you can clearly see dear David…the turtleneck hides the marks on my neck and we'll just simply tell her I fell down a flight of steps when she asks about the bruises on my face!" she exclaimed in an almost cheery manner.

"I don't know Izzy….I don't like the idea of lying to Ma!" he stated at his uneasiness to go along with her plan to deceive his mother.

"Oh come on David…your mother flew all this way…are you really going to deny her the opportunity to see her future daughter in law?" she pouted.

"Okay…okay…you win!" he exclaimed as he headed off to take a shower.

The couple agreed to meet Starsky's mother in the hotel lobby before heading off to a local café for breakfast.

Starsky's mother was waiting at the front door when Isabella and Starsky walked in.

"Hi Ma!" Starsky exclaimed as he kissed her on the cheek.

"Good morning David!" she smiled with delight at her favorite son.

"Ma this is Isabella…Isabella my mother!" he introduced the two women.

Starsky's mother's smile quickly turned to a frown when she saw the younger woman's face.

"Oh dear…what happened to you child?" she asked Isabella with the voice of a concerned mother.

"Clumsy me…I fell down a flight of steps in my office building a few days ago…wasn't watching where I was going I guess!" the woman lied.

Starsky averted his eyes away from his mother and instantly she could tell the woman was not speaking the truth.

"It's such a pleasure to finally meet you Mrs. Starsky…David's told me so much about you!" Isabella doted on the older woman.

"Yes…well David does like to carry on so!" Starsky's mother exclaimed as she looked at her beloved son.

"Shall we go Ma…the café is just down the street!" Starsky said as he offered his arm to his mother before heading out to the Torino parked out front.

Once inside the café the threesome passed the time away with idle chit chat until the topic of Hutch came up.

"How's my favorite blond police officer doing these days?" she asked her son about Hutch.

Starsky looked at Isabella who cast her eyes downward.

Starsky's mother noticed the awkwardness immediately.

"What is it dear?" she questioned her son.

"Ma …I'd rather not talk about it right now!" Starsky exclaimed.

"Let's just order okay!" he stated as he opened the menu.

"No…it isn't okay!" Starsky's mother said as she pulled the menu down from in front of her son so she could see his face.

"Hutch and I are sorta' having a difference of opinion right now…can we just leave it at that?" he pleaded with the older woman.

"I don't think so David…..and let me guess dear….you are somehow mixed up in this difference of opinion as well?" Starsky's mother asked Isabella directly.

Isabella sat in silence not knowing what to say.

"Ma please!" Starsky said loudly.

"What…I'm just asking the girl David!" Starsky's mother stated.

"Well…are you or aren't you dear?" the older woman asked again.

"Uhhhhh!" was all Isabella could force out of her mouth.

"It's a simple question sweetie….yes or no?" Starsky's mother was relentless.

"I-I-I-I guess so!" Isabella exclaimed.

"You guess so…what exactly does that mean dear?" Starsky's mother just wouldn't let up.

Isabella looked to Starsky for help.

"Ma please that's enough…drop it please…for now!" Starsky begged her.

"Alright darling…for now!" she simply said as she went about reading her menu.

After lunch Starsky dropped his mother off back at the hotel and then drove Isabella home before heading off to Metro.

Starsky entered Dobey's office without knocking, slapping a paper down on his superior's desk.

Dobey looked at his detective then the paper.

"What the hell is this?" Dobey bellowed.

"It's my transfer request Cap'n!" Starsky stated.

"I can see that but why?" his superior asked with a confused look on his face.

"Are you gonna' give it to me or do I have to go over your head? Starsky bellowed.

"I will not!" Dobey exclaimed as he tossed the paper back to him.

"Fine have it your way!" Starsky said with frustration as he picked up the paper and headed back out the door.

"Starsky!" his captain yelled out as Starsky slammed the door behind him.

Dobey rose up from behind his desk and hurried off after the dark haired detective.

Hutch was just entering the squad room as Starsky was heading out.

Their eyes connected briefly, both sets of blues reflecting the same pain.

Starsky was appalled at the condition of his partner's face, damage he himself inflicted and his stomach turned.

Hutch stood in the doorway refusing to let his friend pass, just yearning to be near him even though all he could see was the hatred on his partner's face.

Hutch started to reach out to his friend but was only shoved aside as Starsky left the room in a huff.

Dobey looked at the bruises on the blond's face and suddenly everything became clearer.

He walked over to Hutch and gently cupped his hand under the blond's chin, accessing the damage.

"What happened son?" Dobey asked seeing the overwhelming sadness in the detective's eyes.

Hutch was too choked up to answer.

Dobey sighed heavily as he sat down on the blond's desk.

"Starsky just put in for a transfer request" Dobey said somberly.

Hutch slumped over his desk holding his head in his hands.

When he took his hands away there were tears in his eyes.

"Tell me what's going on Hutch…maybe I can help!" Dobey pleaded with the blond.

"I'm afraid it's gone way beyond that Captain!" Hutch replied swallowing the huge lump in his throat.

Hutch had managed to get halfway through the day without his partner before Dobey finally sent him home.

The drive home was a long and lonely one.

Hutch climbed into the shower almost immediately upon arriving at Venice Place.

The hot water spraying across his body provided temporary relief.

He changed into a fresh tee shirt and jeans then crashed on the couch.

He started to doze off when he heard a light tap at his door.

Thinking it was Starsky Hutch leaped to his feet and was at the door in a heartbeat.

When he opened the door he was somewhat disappointed and a bit surprised to find Starsky's mother there.

She however was not surprised to see the bruises on the blond's handsome face.

"Evelyn!" the blond exclaimed.

"Expecting someone else sweetheart?" Starsky's mother asked.

"Uhhhh…no…of course not….come in please!" he smiled at the woman as she entered kissing him lovingly on the cheek mindful of the bruises.

"I stopped by the station….your captain said he sent you home early!" she said as she looked around the room.

Hutch had managed to pick up everything that had been thrown around the room the night before but he had yet to run the vacuum.

"Looks like I missed the party!" she said jokingly as she looked about.

Hutch forced a smile.

"Sit down Kenneth!" she ordered the blond and he quickly obeyed.

She placed her hand under his chin turning his head from side to side.

"There seems to be a lot of this going around!" she stated referring to his and Isabella's bruises.

"W-What do you mean?" Hutch stuttered.

"Oh come now my dear heart….I think you know exactly what I'm talking about!" she exclaimed as she released his chin and sat down on the coffee table directly in front of him.

"I met Isabella today!" she informed the blond.

"Yeah!" was all Hutch could say.

"Yeah…..and you know what else?" she asked Hutch.

Hutch shook his head no.

"I don't like her one bit!" she told the blond.

"Yeah!" Hutch repeated.

"There's just something about her Ken that rubs me the wrong way….I don't trust her!" Starsky mother spouted out.

"I think she's playing my son for a fool!" she added.

Hutch was silent.

"Now then dearest Hutch…I can go easy on you or I can be tough….but either way…you are going to tell me what happened between the three of you last night and I'm not leaving this room until you do…do I make myself clear?" Starsky's mother said adamantly, their noses almost touching as she leaned forward.

Hutch started to squirm.

"Have you ever thought about a going into a new line of work Evelyn…I know Metro is looking for someone in interrogation?" Hutch said feeling a bit uncomfortable.

She stared him down.

He then relayed the whole story, the parts he could remember at least.

After Hutch finished Starsky's mother sat there shaking her head.

"Have you tried speaking to him this morning?" she asked the blond.

"It's no use….he won't talk to me!" Hutch replied as he ran a hand through his blond hair.

"Then I shall speak to him!" she declared as she stood and walked to the door.

"Get some sleep dear….you really do look terrible!" she stated just before opening the door and walking out.

Starsky too had taken the rest of the day off as he awaited news of his transfer.

He was sitting on the sofa reading the daily newspaper when a knock came at his door.

Thinking it was maybe Hutch he didn't hurry to answer it.

"David are you in there?" a voice came from the other side of the door.

"Ma?" Starsky exclaimed, somewhat surprised.

He rose to answer the door.

"Ma what are you doing here…I thought we were having dinner later?" Starsky asked his mother.

"We need to talk dear!" the woman said as she gave him a peck on the cheek before entering the living room.

"Are you alone?" she asked her son.

"Yeah Izzy's at work" Starsky stated as he closed the door and walked over to his mother.

"Good!" she exclaimed as she took a seat.

"Good?" he asked her as if he didn't hear her correctly.

"I just came from Ken's place!" she informed him.

"Oh!" Starsky simply said as he leaned against the back of the sofa.

"So what were you and Ken talking about?" he asked sounding a bit irritated.

"He told me everything dear….everything he could remember that is!" she stated as she looked up at her son.

"Oh I bet he did….his version anyhow!" Starsky hissed.

"David….Ken did not attack that girl!" his mother exclaimed.

"Ma…you weren't there…you didn't see Isabella…she…" Starsky choked.

"Ken told me Isabella had those bruises on her face when she first came to his apartment!" she exclaimed as she stood up and went over to her son.

"That's bullshit Ma!" Starsky cursed.

"David Michael Starsky…don't you dare speak to your mother in that tone!" she reprimanded him.

"Did he also tell you that he was so drunk out of his mind he couldn't even stand up when I got there….or the fact that he's been drunk practically every night for the last month…did he tell you that?" Starsky asked angrily.

"As a matter of fact he did….and the reason for his drinking is between you and him and the man upstairs…that's all I'm going to say about subject!" she responded as she recalled the blond recanting to her about sleeping with Isabella and how overcome he was with guilt.

"What's that supposed to mean? He asked her.

She side stepped his question.

"How well do you know your future bride to be David?" she asked him.

"Well enough Ma!" Starsky stated.

"Hmmmm….I wonder!" she replied.

"Ma…you got somethin' to say then just say it!" he spat out.

"Alright David….I don't like her!" she proclaimed.

"I think she's up to no good!" Starsky's mother added as she shook her finger in the air.

"Ma how can you say that…you've only met her one time!" he declared.

"That is precisely my point love of my life…you hardly know her either!" she argued back.

"But I do know Ken and I know he would never do any of those things you are accusing him of….and you know him too David…or sadly I thought you did!" she added with tears in her eyes.

Starsky started tearing up as well.

"Bottom line my dear child...I believe Ken…and if you decide to proceed with this farce of a wedding then I refuse to be a part of it!" she informed him trying to keep her composure.

Starsky looked at her in disbelief.

"Ma…what are you saying?" he asked her somberly.

"I love you David…you are my heart and soul…but I will not stand by while that woman destroys you…I will not be there when you walk down the aisle!" she said adamantly, the tears beginning to fall.

"Ma…I love her and I'm gonna' marry her!" he told her defiantly.

Starsky's mother placed both of her hand on her son's cheeks.

As she pulled his face towards her she kissed him lightly on the forehead.

"Goodbye dear…we won't be having dinner tonight…I'll be catching the next flight back to New York as soon as possible!" she informed him before turning and walking out the door.

Starsky knew he should have stopped her but he was too enraged.

He was not upset with his mother as much as he was with the blond for filling her head with his lies.

He grabbed his car keys and jacket and took off out the door slamming it behind him.

By the time Starsky reached Hutch's apartment his blood was boiling.

He pounded on the blond's door and waited for him to answer.

Hutch was making himself a cup of chamomile tea.

He was not totally shocked to see his friend when he opened the door.

"Starsk!" the blond said as he acknowledged his visitor.

"We need to talk!" Starsky exclaimed angrily.

"Sure Starsk…come in!" he said politely to the dark haired man as he let him inside.

"I was just making a cup of tea..would you like a cup..or maybe a beer?" he asked nervously.

"This ain't no social call Hutch!" Starsky bellowed.

"I kind of gathered that!" Hutch replied as he drew a deep breath.

"What kind of crap are you filling Ma's head with?" Starsky came straight to the point.

Hutch drew another heavy sigh before turning away from his partner and taking a seat on a chair by the sofa.

"I just told her the truth Starsk!" Hutch replied trying to stay calm.

"The truth…you're so caught up in your own web of lies you're starting to believe them yourself…and now you got my mother believing them too!" Starsky exclaimed.

Hutch did not say a word.

"How can you just sit there and deny what happened last night…dammit Hutch I saw it with my own two eyes...what you did to Isabella…" Starsky had to stop and compose himself before continuing.

"You're sick Hutch…you need help!" Starsky said solemnly.

Hutch stood up quickly.

"The only person that's sick around here Starsk is Isabella….why can't you see her for what she really is?" Hutch declared.

Starsky glared angrily at the blond as he balled up his fist.

Hutch responded instantly.

"Just try it Buddy…I'm not wasted tonight and I'd love to knock some sense into that thick skull of yours!" Hutch hissed.

Starsky slowly unclenched his fist.

"Just tell me why Hutch….are you so jealous of what Izzy and I have that you would sink so low?" he asked the blond.

"Starsky that's not what happened!" Hutch exclaimed.

"Jesus Hutch…just admit it…you owe me that much!" Starsky's voice started to crack.

Hutch rubbed his eyes with the palms of his hands while shaking his head.

"Well you should be real proud of yourself Buddy…My own mother is refusing to come to the wedding now all because of the lies you fed her!" Starsky informed him.

"Starsk you've got to see her for what she really is Buddy...she's pure evil Pal…you gotta see that!" Hutch pleaded with his friend.

Starsky shot him an angrily look and headed for the door.

Hutch grabbed his friend's arm but Starsky quickly jerked it away.

"Starsk…you can't marry her!" Hutch shouted.

Starsky continued out the door.

Hutch knew he had to tell his friend the truth there was no turning back now.

"Isabella and I slept together the night you were in the hospital!" Hutch blurted out.

Starsky froze where he stood then slowly turned back around.

"What did you say?" Starsky asked in disbelief.

"It was right after you asked her to marry you…she came here wanting to celebrate…we drank too much…the next morning we woke up in bed together!" the blond informed him.

Starsky stood there in shock.

"Starsk….It meant nothing I swear…It was just a huge mistake!" Hutch declared.

"A huge mistake…how could you…you know what she means to me!" Starsky snarled.

"This is just like Kira all over again…you swore you'd never…." Starsky had to catch his breath.

"Starsk…I'm sorry…I never meant to hurt you…you gotta' believe me Buddy!" Hutch pleaded with his friend as he placed a hand on his shoulder.

Starsky instantly swatted the comforting hand away.

The hurt in Starsky eyes was too much for the blond to bear.

The hurt quickly turned to anger as Starsky lashed out "Your dead to me Hutch…do you hear me… you're dead!"

With those angry words uttered Starsky stormed out of the apartment leaving Hutch stunned as if his friend had just struck him with another violent blow.

Starsky had to find out the truth for himself as he headed for Isabella's office.

As he entered her floor in the office building he was greeted by the secretary.

"Good afternoon David!" the woman smiled at the man.

"Hi Shelia…is Izzy in?" he asked the woman.

"Yes she is…I'll let her know you're here!" she said as she reached for the intercom.

"That's alright…don't bother!" he said as he walked to the door of Isabella's office and opened it up.

"David darling…what a pleasant surprise!" Isabella exclaimed when she saw her fiancé.

She got up from behind her desk and walked over to him.

As she tried to kiss his cheek he stopped her, holding her arms by her side.

"Did you sleep with Hutch?" he asked her in avery demanding tone.

Isabella was surprised.

"W-What?" she stuttered, totally unprepared for his question.

"Did you or did you not sleep with Hutch?" he asked her again.

"David…I-I can't believe you're asking me such a ridiculous question!" she replied nervously.

"Yes or no Izzy!" his voice became even more insistent.

"No…of course not!" she stated, trying to appear appalled.

"David why are you asking me this?" she sobbed.

"Hutch told me you two were doing a little celebrating and had a little too much to drink and wound up in bed together!" he relayed the story to her as told by the blond.

"And just when was this supposed to have happened?" she asked trying to sound miffed.

The night I was in the hospital!" he added.

"David how could possibly believe that I would do something like that to you…to us?" she started to faked her tears.

"There is just no limit to how low Ken will stoop is there?" she started to break down.

"Can't you see that he is jealous of what you and I have…that should be so obvious David…especially after last night and what he did to me!" she started sobbing uncontrollable.

"And you actually believe him!" she cried as she removed her engagement ring and handed it to him.

"I'm sorry David…I thought we really had something special…obviously I was wrong!" she added as her act continued.

Starsky took the ring and stood there staring at it confused.

She could see him faltering so she ceased the opportunity as she placed a kiss gently on his cheek.

"Thank you for sharing a small part of yourself with me…it was magical while it lasted!" she exclaimed before walking over to her office window and gazed out.

Starsky stood there watching her for several seconds before slowly walking over to her.

He placed his arm around her waist and pulled her close, her back pressed up against his chest.

He then placed the ring back on her finger.

"I'm sorry sweetie….I should have believed you" Starsky whispered softly into Isabella's ear as he buried his chin into the crook of her neck.

She smiled in victory before turning to face the man.

"I love you David you have to believe me!" she sobbed.

"I do Izzy…I do!" he declared as he held her tight.

"We can't let Ken tear us apart…ever!" she added.

Starsky nodded as he nuzzled her neck.

"You have to sever all ties with him David so he can't come between us anymore!" she exclaimed.

Starsky's body stiffened.

He knew it was coming to that he just didn't want to admit it.

He nodded again as the tears welled up in his eyes.

She placed her hand on both sides of his cheeks.

"I'll give you all the love you will ever need..just Me and Thee…forever and always!" she declared.

Her words brought to mind a similar conversation he had had with Hutch when he promised the blond that they would always be Me and Thee and he felt an overwhelming sadness.

I put in for a transfer this morning!" he informed her, his voice full of melancholy.

She gave him a surprised look.

"When will it happen?" she asked him.

"Dobey wouldn't accept it so I had to go over his head…I'm waiting for the Chief to get back to me…I figure a couple of days!" he informed her.

"David…I know how hard all of this is has been on you but it will get better….we'll make a fresh start…It will be wonderful I promise!" she exclaimed as she kissed him tenderly.

Starsky secretly wished he could be as enthused as she was.

"Are we still on for dinner with your mother this evening?" she asked him.

Starsky sighed heavily before replying.

"Ahhh yeah….Honey about that…." Regrettably he proceeded to tell her the bad news.

The next couple of weeks dragged on for the two detectives.

Starsky had received his transfer and was now working out of the Belmont Police Headquarters.

He was partnered up with a man by the name of Kyle Hatchfield, a seasoned veteran to the force.

Starsky thought the man's name was a cruel joke being played on him when he was first introduced to his new partner.

"The names Hatchfield but my friends call me Hatch!" the man said as he held out his hand.

"You're kidding right?" Starsky scowled as he sized up the tall lanky blond shaking his head.

"Come on Hatchfield….we got work to do!" Starsky said bitterly as he exited his new precinct.

The blond shook his head and rolled his eyes as he followed his new partner out the door.

Meanwhile back at Metro, Hutch had been paired up with a young rookie straight out of the academy still wet behind the ears.

His new partners name was Tedd Martin.

Tedd was in awe of his newly assigned partner and Hutch taking a liking to the kid almost immediately, took him under his wing so to speak.

One afternoon Starsky and his partner had to stop off at Metro for some official police business.

They ran into Hutch and Martin as they were leaving the station.

Starsky and Hutch's eyes connected but they didn't speak.

Starsky looked at the blond's newly assigned partner and frowned as he watched them get into Hutch's old heap of a car and drive off.

Starsky went fuming into the precinct leaving a confused partner to follow.

Hatchfield had to hasten his steps just to keep up with the dark haired man.

"You mind telling me where the fire is?" Hatchfield asked his partner.

Starsky did not respond as he headed directly for Dobey's office.

He entered his former superior's office without knocking.

Dobey was pleased to see the curly haired detective but somewhat peeved that he would just barge in unannounced.

"Starsky what in the Sam Hill?" Dobey shouted as he rose up from behind his desk pretending to be perturbed.

"Cap'n I just saw Hutch with his new partner!" Starsky exclaimed as he pointed out the door.

"Yeah…so what?" Dobey asked not sure what Starsky was getting at.

"So what….the kid doesn't even look old enough to tie his own shoelaces!" Starsky exclaimed.

"What are you trying to say Starsky?" Dobey asked the detective.

"What I'm trying to say is you partnered Hutch up with that kid whose bedtime curfew was probably up three hours ago!" Starsky said angrily.

"That's enough Starsky!" Dobey shouted.

"For your information…Officer Martin graduated top in his class at the academy!" Dobey informed his former detective.

"And besides who I choose to partner Hutch with is no longer a concern of yours!" Dobey added adamantly.

His ex-superior's words cut like a knife through his heart, only because he knew what Dobey said was true.

"Now calm down….Hutch and Martin are getting along just fine….I think Hutch can really teach him a lot!" Dobey said trying to console Starsky.

"That's just great Cap'n!" Starsky hissed before storming out the door.

"Come on….Hatch!" Starsky growled as he left the squad room, his partner trailing close behind.

When Starsky returned home at the end of the day Isabella was there waiting for him.

"Oh good David you're home!" she exclaimed.

She kissed him then held up two envelopes.

"Which style of invitation do you prefer?" she asked him for his opinion.

"I don't care sweetie…you pick it!" he said sounding agitated.

Isabella pouted.

He could see she was visibly upset by his words.

"I'm sorry Izzy….that one there!" he said as he pointed to one of the envelopes.

"Yes…I was hoping you'd pick that one!" she squealed with delight.

Starsky mustered up a smile and went to the refrigerator for a beer.

Although the woman preferred to stay focused on her wedding planning she could see that something was bothering the dark haired man.

With a sigh she put down the envelopes and walked over to him.

"What's wrong David?" she asked him.

He opened his bottle of beer then took a seat on the sofa.

He laid his head back and sighed heavily.

"I saw Hutch today!" he said as he took a swallow from the bottle.

Isabella stiffened.

"Can you believe Dobey saddled Hutch with a kid barely out of the academy?" Starsky informed her.

"So!" Isabella shrugged.

"So….he's a kid Izzy….how's he gonna' have Hutch's back when the time comes for them to…." Starsky started to exclaim before frustration set in.

"I'm sure Captain Dobey knows what he's doing David and besides that really shouldn't concern you!" she stated.

Starsky was a little surprised by her tone of voice, she sounded almost heartless and it irritated him slightly.

This was the first time in weeks that Hutch had entered their topic of conversation, the last time being the day after he had found her beaten and abused at Hutch's apartment.

Neither one of them talked much about the incident that had happened at Hutch's so many weeks ago.

Starsky knew Isabella was trying to forget about the whole dreadful ordeal.

Her demeanor was upbeat and she seemed genuinely happy, not the way someone would generally act after being severely beaten and rape only weeks before.

Starsky merely shrugged it off.

Trying to change the subject Isabella asked him "how are things with Hatch going?"

Starsky thought of his new partner and smiled.

He was slowly becoming accustomed to his new partner.

He could feel a bond forming with the blond and although he knew the bond could never be as strong as the bond he once shared with Hutch, it was at least a start in the right direction.

"Okay I guess!" he replied to Isabella.

"Well then good…why don't you concentrate on your new partner and let Ken worry about his!" she stated abruptly as she gathered up her wedding planning supplies and headed for the bedroom leaving Starsky alone with his thoughts.

As Isabella continued full speed ahead with the wedding Starsky's new partnership continued to grow with the blond.

Starsky was growing on Hatchfield as well.

They started hanging out together after work and occasionally him and his girl double dated with Starsky and Isabella.

One evening after work Hatchfield had surprised Starsky with a bachelor party for him at Huggy's.

All the guys from the Belmont precinct where in attendance as well as some from Metro.

Starsky was so touched by his partner's kindness.

As the guys were partying in Huggy's back room Hutch walked into the bar and sat down for a beer.

He heard the laughter and commotion coming from the back and heard a familiar voice.

Huggy tried to stop the blond from heading in that direction but he was too late.

Hutch was instantly drawn to the sound of Starsky's voice, a voice he hadn't heard in several weeks.

He peered into the room full of men, some he knew but most he didn't and knew right away what the occasion was.

He stood there transfixed as he watched his former partner with laughter and light in his eyes.

Starsky had his arm draped across Hatchfield's shoulder preparing to recite a speech.

Huggy walked up behind his blond friend.

"Come on Hutch…let me get you another beer!" Huggy said as he tried pulling the blond away from the doorway.

"Just a second Hug!" Hutch said softly as he refocused on his old friend.

Huggy sighed as he too listened in.

"Gentlemen…thank you all for coming here tonight…I can't tell you how much this means to me!" Starsky spoke out loudly so everyone could hear.

"I want to give a special thanks to this guy right here!" Starsky said to the man beside him as he mussed up the blond's hair.

Hutch continued to watch the interaction between the two men suddenly feeling like an outsider.

"This big blond lummox planned this whole thing without me knowing it!" Starsky exclaimed as he waved his hand across the room.

Hutch's heart muscles contracted when Starsky used the same words of endearment on his new partner that he had used on him so many times before in the past.

"I love this guy!" Starsky said with genuine affection, squeezing the blond's shoulder.

Hutch truly felt very much left out.

Huggy watched as a heavy sadness crept across Hutch face.

Starsky continued his speech.

"Hatch…on this occasion I would like to ask you…partner…if you would do me the honor of being my best man when I walk Izzy down the aisle next month!" Starsky exclaimed just as he noticed the blond standing outside the doorway.

Their eyes locked and Starsky's heart skipped more than one beat when he saw the hurt look in Hutch's eyes.

After several heart pounding seconds, with tears in his eyes Hutch simply raised his glass and saluted his former friend before walking away.

"Damn!" Starsky whispered under his breath as he watched the blond exit the doorway.

Hatchfield stood up and smiling tried to shake his partners hand to accept the honor.

He suddenly noticed that Starsky was preoccupied by something as he stared out the doorway.

Hatchfield followed his gaze only to see an empty space where the other blond once stood.

"Come on Hutch…how 'bout that other beer now!" Huggy said trying to coax the blond to the bar not wanting him to leave in the upset state he was in.

"Some other time Hug!" Hutch exclaimed as he patted his friend on the shoulder and left the bar.

Huggy cursed under his breath.

Hutch never told him what really happened the night he went to his apartment to pick him up and take him to the hospital.

He saw the busted up state of Hutch's apartment, not to mention Hutch's busted up nose.

He knew it involved Starsky and Starky's lady Isabella, other than that, that was all he knew.

But one thing Huggy did know for sure, whenever it involved the two of them and you threw a woman into the mix it only spelled trouble for everyone involved.

Huggy was at the bar when Starsky came wandering out looking around the crowd.

"He's gone!" Huggy said as he stacked a pile of glasses under the bar.

"Who's gone?" Starsky asked his friend behind the counter.

Huggy only frowned.

"Nice speech!" Huggy added.

"Thanks!" Starsky replied suddenly feeling very uncomfortable.

"Too bad it was to the wrong guy!" Huggy said adamantly.

"Come on Hug…I told ya' Hutch and I...we're ancient history!" Starsky stated, squirming in his seat at the bar.

"Uh-Huh…are you sure about that?" Huggy asked him.

"Just give me a couple more beers will ya' and spare me the bartender psychoanalytic mumbo jumbo theories will ya!" Starsky said with bitterness in his voice.

"Those are pretty big words coming from someone who's not thinking to clearly!" Huggy exclaimed as he placed the two glasses of beer on the bar.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Starsky asked his friend angrily.

"I don't know what happened that night at Hutch's apartment but one thing is for sure….I do know Hutch….and so do you….think about that Starsk!" Huggy said.

Starsky scowled as he picked up the two glasses and retreated to the back room once again.

Isabella was working late at the office when there was a light tap on her office door.

She glanced over and was surprised to see her father standing there.

"Daddy!" she exclaimed as she got up from behind her desk and ran to greet the man kissing him on the cheek.

"Hello baby girl!" he said affectionately as he returned the kiss.

"What a wonderful surprise…what are you doing here?" she asked her father.

"What…can't a father come visit his little princess for no reason!" he toyed with her.

"Of course Daddy!" she exclaimed as she placed her arms around him.

"Isabella..what do you say about wrapping it up for the evening and let your Poppy treat you to a late dinner!" he suggested to his daughter.

"That sounds wonderful Daddy…just let me grab my jacket and the lights and we can go!" she stated smiling at him lovingly.

They drove to a small Italian restaurant across town that Isabella frequented often.

Once they were seated at the restaurant they began their conversation.

"So my Princess what's it like living in sunny California?" he asked his daughter as he held her hand.

"Oh's simply wonderful!" she gushed.

"I'll never understand why you left your practice in Duluth..and just when they were about to offer you a partnership with the firm!" her father exclaimed as he shook his head.

"Daddy please don't start!" Isabella pleaded with him.

"Oh right my darling…whatever you say!" he replied smiling at his one true joy in life.

"Daddy…I have something to tell you!" she said with apprehension.

"Oh…what is it darling?" he asked her suddenly very curious.

"Daddy..I've met someone…his name is David Starsky!" she said nervously.

"Starsky….that Jewish isn't it?" he asked the girl with disdain in his voice.

Isabella nodded then continued on.

"That's not all Daddy….David and I are getting married!" she informed her father.

Her father was taken aback.

"Married…that's preposterous!" he exclaimed adamantly.

"Daddy please…lower your voice…people are staring!" she said nervously as her face turned bright red.

"I don't care..let them stare!" he raised his voice angrily.

"Who is this Starsky character you speak of…where is he from…what does he do?" he spouted off question after question.

"He's a wonderful man Father…he's kind and loving…." she started to stay.

"I asked you what he did for a living Isabella!" he cut her off short.

"He's….he's a police officer Daddy!" she stated, waiting for the sudden outburst.

"A police officer!' he shouted.

"Please tell me you're not serious Isabella Russo!" he said loudly.

Every head in the restaurant turned their way showing their annoyance at his rudeness.

"Isabella…I could never understand why you always seem to be attracted to the wrong kind of men…ever since you got involved with that…." He started to say before she interrupted him.

"Don't Daddy…don't bring him into this conversation…please!" she pleaded with her father.

"I cannot help it….whenever I think of that poor excuse for a human being and how he deserted you for absolutely no reason my blood boils!" he lied.

"Daddy please…that is all in the past…I've moved on and Ken is long forgotten!" she replied with a lie as well.

"Does this policeman of yours know that you are very well off financially?" he prodded her.

"Money doesn't matter to him father!" she stated, enjoying how much this was upsetting her father.

"Oh please Isabella….how foolish can you be?" he asked her angrily.

"You willsign a prenuptial agreement or I will not allow this marriage to take place!" he hissed.

Isabella threw down her napkin on the table.

"I'm not a little girl anymore Daddy…I don't need your permission any longer…what's mine will be David's as well…we do not need a prenup!" she exclaimed as she rose up from the table and walked out.

Isabella's father balled up his fist and pounded the table knocking over his glass of wine in the process.

"We shall see about that Princess…yes we shall definitely see!" he snarled under his breath.

Isabella left the restaurant and her father in a huff and headed straight for Huggy's.

She greeted Huggy at the bar and asked about Starsky whereabouts.

Huggy informed her that Starsky had left over half an hour ago then with a disapproving look on his face he turned away.

Just then a scruffy looking man came staggering into the bar.

When he saw Isabella seated on a barstool at the bar he smiled and wiped his lips with the back of his hand.

He walked up behind the woman and whispered in her ear "Hello darlin' remember me!"

Isabella jumped and Huggy quickly turned back in her direction.

Isabella recognized the man right away as being the same man she had had the rough sex with in the alley across town.

"How's about you and I sneak out back and go another round like we did before!" he smiled lustfully at her as Huggy watched things unfold.

"I-I-I don't know what you're talking about…I've never seen you before in my life!" she exclaimed as she gathered up her purse and proceeded to walk out.

The man grabbed her arm.

"Oh now come on sugar….you sure as hell weren't playing hard to get the last time…remember…rough and hard you said!" he slurred in his drunken state.

"Get your hands off of me you filthy pig!" she shouted before hurrying out the door.

Huggy watched the man with a sudden interest as he poured a glass of beer from the tap and placed it in front of him.

"Tell me how you know that woman and this is on the house!" Huggy exclaimed as he waited for the man to bite.

The man took the beer in his shaking hand and gulped it down quickly.

He then studied the black man for several seconds before responding.

"Give me another and I'll tell ya' all about that crazy bitch!" he hissed.

Huggy smirked as he poured him another preparing to hear what the man had to say.

After the drunk recanted his story to Huggy Huggy gave him one more beer and sent him on his way.

He then quickly reached for the phone and dialed Hutch's number.

Hutch answered after two short rings.

"Hutch…this is Huggy…how soon can you get back down here…I've got some very interesting information for you involving the future Mrs. Starsky!" he informed the blond.

"Hutch…Hutch!" he spoke loudly into the phone when he heard a click on the other end.

"Guess that means he's on his way!" Huggy said to himself with a smirk.

Hutch arrived at Huggy's in less than ten minutes time.

He quickly walked over to the bar.

"Okay Hug…I'm here!" Hutch stated, anxious to hear his friend's information.

Huggy pulled his friend off to the side and relayed the drunk's story precisely as it was told to him.

When he was done Hutch sat there stunned as well as speechless.

After Huggy's story sank in Hutch became more and more angry.

"Dammit Huggy I knew it!" Hutch shouted as he pounded his fist against the wall.

"I don't know what you did to her Hutch but you obviously wronged her in a past life to hate you that much!" Huggy declared.

Hutch simply sighed heavily.

"How Hug….how was she able to pull this whole thing off without me remembering any of it?" Hutch pondered as he shook his head.

Huggy snapped his fingers.

Huggy remembered seeing the empty bottle of Bourbon on the coffee table when he arrived to take Hutch to the hospital.

"The Bourbon Hutch….maybe she put something in your drink when you weren't looking" Huggy exclaimed.

Hutch snapped his fingers back at Huggy.

"That's it Hug….you know you should be a detective!" Hutch said jokingly to his friend.

"Oh please…and I thought you were my friend!" Huggy joked back.

Hutch pinched his lower lip between his thumb and index finger.

"Only problem is Hug…how the hell do I prove it?' the blond said half-heartedly.

"Let me ask around Hutch….someone's gotta' know something about her scoring the drug on the street…a woman of her stature ain't gonna go around unnoticed!" Huggy exclaimed.

"Thanks Huggy…you come up with anything you let me know right away huh!" Hutch said as he slapped Huggy on the back.

"What are you gonna' tell Starsky?" Huggy asked his friend.

"Nothing yet….not until I have more proof…he'd never believe me otherwise!" Hutch said sadly.

"Hey Hutch…for what it's worth…I believed you from the get go!" Huggy exclaimed.

"Thanks Hug…there for a while I was beginning to doubt myself!" Hutch confessed.

"Don't worry my brother…we'll get to the bottom of this and Starsk will come around!" Huggy said with enthusiasm.

"I sure as hell hope so Hug…I sure miss that big lug head!" Hutch said with a smile as he thought of his best friend before walking out of the bar.

It didn't take long for Huggy to come up with a lead once he got the word out on the street.

In fact it only took a couple of hours before a strung out junkie, looking for a fix entered Huggy's asking for the black man.

Huggy had the man follow him out back.

Once outside the junkie started to speak.

"I here you're looking for some information on a certain swanky female lawyer!" the man whispered to Huggy as he cautiously surveyed the alley.

"Yeah man…whatda' ya got for me?" Huggy answered back.

"What's it worth to ya'?" the junkie asked his hands shaking uncontrollably.

"That depends on the information!" Huggy stated.

Huggy could see that the man needed a fix really bad.

"It seems the lady lawyer scored some "Z" from a friend of mine a few weeks back!" the man whispered low.

"Z?" Huggy questioned the addict.

"Yeah…you know roofies…rope… it what you want…a date rape drug!" the junkie went on.

"You're sure about this?" Huggy asked the man.

"Yeah Huggy…I'm sure..haven't I always been straight with you?" the addict replied.

Huggy nodded his head as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a fifty dollar bill and handed it to the junkie.

"Here man…go buy yourself a decent meal tonight!" Huggy said, knowing full well where the fifty was going.

"Thanks Huggy!" the man said with a toothless grin before grabbing the money and scurrying off.

Huggy wasted no time calling the blond.

Hutch was just getting ready to call it a night when the phone rang.

"Hello!" Hutch said into the phone.

"Hey Hug…hope this means you got something for me!" the blond added.

"You're kidding me….that little b…." Hutch started to hiss then stopped.

"He's pretty reliable then huh?" Hutch asked his friend on the other end.

"Thanks Hug…I owe ya' one Buddy!" Hutch said with a smile as he hung up the phone.

He then flung on his jacket, grabbed his keys and fled out the door.

His next stop was Isabella.

He was relieved not to see Starsky's Torino parked out front.

He intended to tell his friend about Isabella, how she drugged him and how she faked the whole rape incident but he wanted to talk to her first.

At the same time across town Starsky too was preparing for bed when a knock came at his door.

He looked at his watch and shook his head.

"Twelve thirty…who in the world…" he said as he opened the door to his apartment.

He was surprised to see an unfamiliar face at the door.

"Can I help you?" he asked the stranger.

"Are you David Starsky?" the man asked.

"Who wants to know?" Starsky answered back suspiciously.

"The name is Basilio…Basilio Russo!" the man informed Starsky.

"Russo….you're Izzy's father?" Starsky asked the man.

"Izzy…is that what you call her?" the man asked slighty annoyed.

"What can I do for you Sir?" Starsky asked, already not liking the man.

"May I come in?" Isabella's father asked Starsky.

Starsky hesitated before finally opening the door further for him to enter.

"I understand you and my daughter have recently become engaged!" the man stated.

"That's right!" Starsky replied curtly.

Isabella's father looked around Starsky's apartment then rolled his eyes.

"I'm afraid I cannot allow that to happen Mr. Starsky!" he exclaimed.

Starsky was taken aback.

"Excuse me?" he said trying to control his anger.

"I cannot allow my daughter to marry a lowly cop…no offence Officer!" Isabella's father said with a smirk.

"Well I am marrying your daughter…no offence Sir!" Starsky spat back.

Isabella's father took a deep breath then exhaled.

He reached into the inside pocket on his sports jacket and pulled out a thick manila envelope.

"There's two hundred and fifty thousand dollars there!" he said as he threw it down on the coffee table.

"There will be another two hundred and fifty thousand for you once you are out of my daughter's life….permanently" the man proclaimed.

Starsky was appalled.

"Just who in the hell do you think you are?" Starsky asked angrily.

"You think you can just buy me off?" Starsky fumed.

"Oh come now Offiicer Starsky…Five hundred thousand dollars could go far on a cops salary!" Isabella's father said snidely.

Starsky reached down and picked up the money as Isabella's father smiled but to his surprise Starsky flung the envelope back at him letting it fall to the floor.

"Get out!" Starsky shouted as he pointed towards the door.

Isabella's father stood firm.

"You take your damn money and get out...before I throw you out!" Starsky bellowed.

Isabella's father saw red as he slowly reached down and picked up the envelope from the floor.

"You have not seen the last of me Officer Starsky…I can assure you that!" the man snarled before turning and walking out the door.

Starsky slammed the door behind him.

Starsky started to pace back and forth across the living room floor.

He then went into the bedroom, changed back into his street clothes and took off out the door in a huff.

Hutch looked up at Isabella's darkened apartment before exiting his vehicle and climbing up the short set of stairs.

He rapped soundly on her apartment door and waited.

After several minutes the door slowly opened.

Isabella did not expect to see the blond standing there.

She was just about to ask him what he wanted when he pushed her aside and walked into the room.

"How dare you!" she hissed.

"Shut up Bella and sit down!" Hutch shouted out.

"I will do no such thing!" she spouted back angrily as she yanked her rope tightly around herself.

Hutch grabbed her right arm and practically dragged her to the nearest chair.

She tried to stand back up but he pushed her back down again.

"You try to get back up again and so help me god Bella!" Hutch seethed as he pointed his finger in her face.

Isabella backed down.

Meanwhile outside Isabella's apartment Starsky pulled up outraged to find Hutch's beat up Ford sitting there.

He quickly bounded the stairs.

Finding the door to Isabella's apartment opened he paused outside and listened.

"The games up Isabella…your little charade is over…finished!" he shouted in her face making her cringe.

"What are you talking about?" she spat back.

"Why…just tell me why?" Hutch asked her angrily.

"I don't know what…." Isabella started to say before Hutch grabbed hold of her and shook her violently.

"Do you hate me that much…it's been almost fifteen years Bella…how could you possibly hang on to all the hate for fifteen god damn years!" he cursed at her.

Isabella just sat there, the tears welling up in her eyes.

"You come back into my life and in just one fell swoop you managed to destroy the most important thing in my life…the one thing that matters more to me than anything else in this world!" he said adamantly.

"Did you set out from day one to tear Starsky and I apart?" he asked her.

"Running into him at the bank…that was all planned to wasn't it?" he exclaimed.

Starsky held his breath as he listened on.

"I know all about you drugging me too…the first time when Starsky was in the hospital…you waking up in my bed the next morning…making me think we had slept together!" he informed her.

Isabella raised her chin in defiance while Starsky shook his head in disbelief.

"The second time…boy that was a real class act lady….having sex with some creep you picked up in a bar…then making him slap you around a little so the bruises would show!" Hutch continued on as Isabella sat in silence.

Starsky had to lean against the wall in the hallway to keep himself upright, shocked by the words the blond was proclaiming.

"You make me sick…and to think I once loved you…worshipped the very ground you walked on!" Hutch spat in her face.

"You loved me?" Isabella finally spoke.

"You left me…you talk about me destroying your world…what did you think you did to mine? She cried.

"You deserved everything I did to you….you and that irritating little friend of yours!" she growled.

Starsky could not believe his ears as he stood outside the door.

"The torture I went through every time he laid his hands on me…every time we made love…I hated it!" she exclaimed.

"No…I'm sure it was much more enjoyable whoring around in some dirty back alley with some sleazeball you just met!" Hutch shot back.

Isabella struck him soundly across the face.

Hutch quickly latched onto her hand that struck the blow.

"That's enough!" Starsky shouted through the doorway.

Hutch and Isabella froze as they turned their attention to the man by the door.

Starsky slowly walked into the room glaring at them both.

"Starsk" Hutch whispered softly as he ran towards his friend.

Starsky held out his hand to stop the blond.

He continued walking over to Isabella, his body a mixture of emotions.

"Why Izzy….just how far were you gonna' go with this huh?" he asked the woman.

Isabella averted her eyes from both of them.

"Did you send your father to pay me off too?" he asked her.

Hutch looked at Starsky then quickly looked at her.

"You leave my father out of this….he has nothing to do with any of this!" she cried out, defending her father.

"Your father has everything to do with this Bella!" Hutch stated.

"What's that supposed to mean?" she asked the blond angrily.

"Why don't you ask him yourself!" Hutch replied.

"Shut up….both of you just shut up!" Starsky wailed.

Starsky looked at the blond with pain filled eyes.

Hutch wanted desperately to console his friend but he knew this wasn't the time or the place.

"I bet you're gloating right about now aren't you?" Starsky said to the blond.

"W-What?" Hutch said stunned by his friend's words.

"Getting a good laugh over this whole thing?" Starsky added.

"You always said she was out of my league!" Starsky continued on, his words intending to hurt the blond.

"No Starsk…I…" Hutch started to exclaim as he reached for his friend.

Starsky pulled away.

"Go to hell…both of you!" Starsky shouted out as he shot both Hutch and Isabella an angry look before hurrying out of the apartment.

Hutch watched his friend storm out the door as Isabella started laughing hysterically.

"What's so funny?" Hutch hissed.

"Didn't go exactly as you had planned it did it Ken?" she mocked him with laughter.

"I suppose you thought he would come rushing back into your opened arms with everything forgiven!" she said coldly.

"This isn't over Isabella…not by a long shot!" Hutch said viciously before taking off after his friend.

Hutch drove by Starsky's apartment and not seeing his friend's car he continued on to Huggy's.

Huggy was just getting ready to lock up for the evening when the blond walked in.

"Hey Hutch….what are you doing here so late?" Huggy asked his friend.

"Hug did Starsky stop by?" Hutch asked Huggy.

"No man…I haven't seen him…why?" Huggy asked concerned.

"He knows about Isabella!" Hutch informed his friend.

Ahhhh…you told him then?" Huggy asked.

"Not on purpose Hug!" the blond replied.

"Hey listen…if you see him…you let me know will ya'?" Hutch said with worry.

"You got it brother!" Huggy stated as he watched the blond leave.

Hutch stopped off at a few other of their favorite places including the beach.

Not finding his friend anywhere he finally gave up and went home.

The next morning Hutch stopped off at the Belmont Headquarters hoping to find his friend there.

As he entered the squad room he was greeted by Starsky's new partner.

"Hey you're Starsky's old partner aren't you…Ken Hutchinson right?" the lanky blond asked as he pointed at Hutch before extending it in a handshake.

"Yeah that's right….ahhhh…Kyle Hatchfield isn't it?" Hutch asked as he shook the other blond's hand.

"Yeah but you can call me Hatch…everyone else does" Hatchfield replied.

Hutch smirked at the similar name resemblance.

"Listen…Hatch…where can I find Starsky at?" Hutch asked as he looked around the room.

"He's probably at home…he called off sick this morning…some stomach bug or something he said!" Hatchfield informed Hutch.

"Thanks a lot!" Hutch stated.

"Nice meeting you Ken!" Hatchfield added as he watched Hutch walk out the door.

Hutch swung by Starsky's apartment once more, not seeing the Torino he headed off for Metro and to his new partner who was probably wondering where he was.

Meanwhile Isabella was trying to pick up the pieces from the night before.

She called her father's hotel and one of his henchmen picked up the phone and answered.

"Danny…this is Isabella…would you please put my father on the phone!" she asked the man as she waited.

"Hello Daddy…I'm fine…Daddy I need to talk to you…yes I'll be here all afternoon…goodbye!" she said as she hung up the phone.

She walked around her apartment ringing her hands together in anticipation of her conversation with her father that was soon to come.

It was almost eleven when Isabella's father came to her apartment.

She watched him pull up outside and went to the door, opened it and waited.

"Hello Princess!" Mr. Russo said to his daughter as he greeted her with a kiss on the cheek.

"Hello Daddy!" she replied.

Her father could see that she had been crying.

"What is it my darling…what has you so upset?" he asked her with concern.

She came right to the point "Daddy what happened between you and Ken all those years ago?"

"Ken…Ken who?" he questioned her.

"Daddy please you know who I'm referring to…what happened…did you have something to do with his leaving me so suddenly that night…and please don't lie to me?" she sobbed.

Isabella's father sighed heavily.

"Very well my dearest one…yes…I did speak with him the night he left!" he informed her.

Isabella was surprised.

"What did you say to him that night?" she asked again.

Isabella's father paused before replying.

"He came to me to ask for your hand in marriage!" he informed her.

Isabella thought back to the ring she found in the box that had fallen from Hutch's bed.

"I told him he could not!" Isabella's father said adamantly.

"Daddy…how could you…you knew how much we loved each other!" she sobbed.

"It was for your own good my darling…that man could offer you nothing in life!" he hissed.

"He could have offered me happiness and a life filled with love!" she cried out.

"Happiness…love…what good are those things without a roof over your head or clothes on your back!" he exclaimed.

"I would have given all those things up for Ken…none of those things matter to me!" she spat back at her father.

"Well…there was no need…I made that decision for you!" he added.

Isabella glared at him.

"If he truly loved you Isabella he would have stood up to me but instead when I told him I would disown you he placed his tail between his legs and ran off like a coward!" her father said angrily.

Isabella was outraged.

"You would have disowned me…oh Daddy!" she collapsed into a chair and cried.

"Isabella I had no choice….it really was for your own good I swear!" he tried to console her.

Just then a knock came at the door.

Isabella's father walked over to the door and opened it.

He was surprised to see the blond standing there, not looking much different than he had all those years ago.

Hutch too was surprised.

"Well…Mr. Russo….what a pleasant surprise!" Hutch said with a smirk as he walked into the room followed by his new partner.

Isabella's father looked at the blond with contempt before eyeing his daughter curiously.

"Tedd…meet the world renowned financier and world's biggest scumbag Mr. Basilio Antonio Russo!" Hutch said as he introduced his partner to the man responsible for ruining his and Isabella's happiness.

"He don't look like too much me Hutch!" his partner replied as he sized up the man.

Hutch smiled a wicked smile at the man he loathed then walked over to Isabella and slapped a folded up document on the coffee table.

Isabella looked into the blue eyes of the man she loved so much all those years ago.

Where once she saw warmth love and kindness now all she saw was contempt.

"What is this?" she asked as she picked up the paper.

"It's a warrant for your arrest Bella!" Hutch responded with nothing but coldness.

"What are you talking about?" Her father said just as he was about to rush to her daughter's side when Tedd pulled out his firearm.

"Stay where you are Sir" Tedd exclaimed.

"I demand to know the meaning of this!" Isabella's father said angrily searching for an explanation in his daughter's face.

"Would you like to tell him Bella or shall I?" Hutch said with unsympathetic loathing.

Isabella remained silent as Hutch pulled her up from her chair and placed his cuffs on her.

"You have the right to remain silent…" Hutch began to recite her right as he led her out the door,

Her father looked on, his mouth gaping wide.

Isabella was only detained for a few hours before her father's money and power bought her a ticket out of jail.

Her father's henchman paid the two hundred and seventy five thousand dollar bail and she was soon free.

"I hope your stay was not too unpleasant Isabella!" her father's employee said to her as they were driving to her father's hotel.

"I survived Danny…..where is my father now?" she asked the man.

The henchman chuckled.

"Let's just say he's planning a special surprise for Officer Hutchinson!" he exclaimed.

Isabella shot him a look of disbelief.

"What are you saying Danny?" she asked the man nervously.

He looked at his watch.

"Don't worry Isabella….soon your former lover will be out of your life forever…without him around he cannot testify against you in court!" Danny replied with a smirk.

"No Danny…what has my father done!" she demanded.

"He going to make certain that Hutchinson and his partner answer a call to a warehouse burglary….only thing is there won't be any burglary!" he smiled as he informed her of her father's scheme.

"Are you saying my father is setting Ken up!" she asked the man.

"That's exactly what I'm saying….Hutchinson will be walking right into his trap…without a clue!" he laughed as he drove on.

"Danny you take me to that warehouse now do you hear me!" she ordered the man.

"Now come Isabella…why are you getting so upset…I would have thought you would have been happy to hear of your old lover's demise" he said somewhat surprised.

"You take me to that warehouse now!" she repeated her demand.

"I cannot do that!" he said adamantly.

Isabella opened the car door on her side.

Isabella's henchman slammed on the breaks and pulled off the side of the road.

"You take me to that warehouse or I swear I will go to the police and inform them of your involvement!" she informed him.

He looked at her in anger.

"Your father will have my job if I do that!" he exclaimed.

"Your job or hard time in prison…you make the choice" she said.

He thought of her words then with a sigh he pulled back onto the road and sped off.

Meanwhile Hutch and his new partner were out patrolling the streets when a call came across the police radio.

"Zebra Three…Zebra Three we have a two eleven at Simmon's Warehouse on the corner of Fourth and Bigelow….I repeat a two eleven at fourth and Bigelow!" the dispatcher relayed the call.

"Ten four Charlie…Zebra Three responding!" Hutch's partner said as he hung up the mike.

"Okay kid….time for your first rodeo!" Hutch exclaimed as he pressed his foot down on the pedal and sped off.

After being among the missing for a day and a half Starsky suddenly reappeared at Huggy's.

He staggered into the bar and climbed up onto a barstool.

He was unshaven and his clothes were all wrinkled.

"You look lousy!" Huggy exclaimed as he placed a beer in front of his friend.

"Thanks!" Starsky said as he reached for the beer a gulped it down.

"Where ya' been?" Huggy asked.

"Around!" Starsky replied.

"You wanna' talk about it?" Huggy asked the dark haired man.

"What about me being the world's biggest smuck?" Starsky said with a smirk as he downed his beer then asked for another.

Hutch and Tedd reached the warehouse in record time.

The two men cautiously walked up to the warehouse door and seeing it ajar Hutch entered first followed by Tedd.

The interior was dark and the two men struggled to see.

Hutch motioned silently for his partner to go around the other side of the room while he continued on.

Hutch slowly made his way further inside and paused behind a stack of wooden crates.

"This is the police…we have you surrounded!" Hutch shouted out.

He waited for a reply before going any further but none came.

Just then Isabella and her father's employee pulled up out front.

Isabella jumped out of the car and ran towards the warehouse.

"Isabella wait!" the man with her called out but she kept on running.

Hutch heard a switch being thrown and almost immediately the place was engulfed in a bright light.

Hutch squinted his eyes just in time to see Isabella's father and two other men standing atop a platform with weapons in their hands pointed at Hutch and his partner.

"Get down Tedd!" Hutch yelled as Hutch aimed his magnum at the men above them.

"No Daddy!" Isabella cried out as she dove in front of Hutch trying to shield him from the onslaught of bullets.

She was no match for the dozens of bullets that hailed down upon the blond and herself.

"Stop your firing!" Isabella's father shouted at his men as he looked down upon the bloodied body of his precious child.

"No!" he cried out as he ran down from the platform.

"Freeze!" Tedd shouted out a warning but the man refused to stop.

Hutch's partner fired at the man hitting him in the chest.

He then drew his weapon up towards the men atop the platform just as the place suddenly swarmed with other officers.

"Thrown down you weapons!" one of the other officers called out.

Seeing their boss's body lying lifeless on the floor they reluctantly obeyed.

Tedd quickly ran to the aid of his partner while the other officers apprehended Russo's men.

Other officers came inside and attended to Isabella and her father.

"Hutch….come on partner!" Tedd said softly as he cradled Hutch's head in his lap tearing off his own jacket and pressing it against the worst of the blond's injuries.

The amount of blood flowing from the blond wounds was of a measurable amount and quickly saturated Tedd's jeans and shirt.

"Ambulance is on the way!" a fellow officer informed Hutch's partner.

"You hear that Hutch…just hang on partner!" Tedd pleaded with the blond.

"B-Bella… she…" Hutch found it impossible to speak.

Tedd looked over at the woman and shook his head.

"She's dead Hutch!" he informed the blond.

With those words Hutch quickly passed out.

Starsky had just relayed the whole sordid episode of everything that went down with him and Hutch and Isabella to Huggy from start to finish when the phone on the wall rang out.

"Excuse me…hold that thought!" Huggy said to his friend before answering the call.

"Huggy Bears….Well hello Captain…yes he's here… god no!" Huggy exclaimed as Starsky suddenly sat up straight in his chair.

"Yeah…I'll tell him!" Huggy said as he hung up the phone quickly.

"What is it Hug?" Starsky asked suddenly having a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"It's Hutch…there was a shooting at Simmons Warehouse….somehow Hutch was involved!" Huggy informed the dark haired man.

Starsky leaped from the barstool and raced out the door.

Huggy followed close behind shouting for his hired help to watch the place while he was gone.

The two men jumped into the Torino and sped to the scene.

Starsky wasted no time when they reached the warehouse, jumping out of the car and running up to the building.

He spun around looking through the crowd.

Just then Tedd came staggering out of the warehouse covered in blood.

Starsky ran to him.

"Where are you hit Martin?" he asked the man.

Hutch's partner could only stand there in a daze.

"Somebody help this man!" Starsky shouted as he led the man off to the side.

"He's hit pretty bad by the looks of him Starsky said to the officer that came up to them.

The officer just stood there with a forlorn look on his face as he stared at Starsky.

"Don't just stand there help the man for cryin' out loud!" Starsky shouted.

"It's not my blood…..It's Hutch's!" Tedd exclaimed his voice trailing off.

Starsky just stood there stupefied.

He watched as they wheeled not one but two covered bodies from the warehouse.

"No….no dammit!" Starsky cursed under his breath as he watched them wheel the stretchers closer.

"Hutch?" he whispered as he stopped the ambulance crew.

He held his breath as he reached down and slowly pulled the bloody sheet away.

"Oh god!" he cried out as he fell to his knees.

He was so grateful the body under the sheet was not Hutch's.

He pulled himself up on shaky legs, allowing himself to breath.

He then noticed that the second body coming out was too small to be that of his friends and he pulled back that sheet as well.

He was not prepared for what he saw.

"Izzy!" he sobbed.

Huggy quickly came up behind his friend to offer support both physically and morally as he placed an arm around his friend's waist to steady him.

Just then Dobey pulled up with his siren blaring.

He rushed over to Starsky and Huggy.

"Where Hutch?" Starsky cried out as he looked around.

Starsky took hold of one of the officer's shirt collars.

"Where's Hutch Bill?" Starsky demanded.

"They took him to Memorial!" the officer answered as he looked at Starsky then Dobey.

Starsky released his hold on the officer and headed for the Torino.

"Huggy….you drive...he's in no condition!" Dobey ordered.

"You got it Captain!" Huggy stated as he got into the driver's seat while Starsky sat in the passenger's side.

He gunned the engine a tore off to the hospital.

The E.R. physician and two nurses met the ambulance at the door.

"What do we have here?" the doctor asked as they unloaded Hutch.

"Multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and abdomen…BP is sixty over thirty five and dropping!" the paramedic informed the doctor as they rushed Hutch inside.

A second ambulance pulled up directly after they wheeled Hutch inside.

The paramedics opened the back of the ambulance and pulled out a stretcher carrying the body of another tall blond male.

"Jesus what's going on here!" the doctor shouted as he surveyed the blond's injuries.

"Apparent suicide attempt Doc!" the ambulance attendee said as they rushed the man inside.

A young female nurse was just starting her shift when she walked by the blond noticing the gunshot wound to the chest.

As they wheeled the man inside he started to have a seisure.

"Cardiac arrest Doctor!" the nurse shouted.

They quickly rushed the man into O.R. while the young nurse watched through the window.

She watched as they tried several times to resuscitate the blond without success.

They pronounced him dead a few minutes later.

The nurse walked over to the desk to start her shift.

"What a way to start my day!" the girl said to the nurse she was replacing.

"Yeah…I hope your night goes a little better Penny…see you tomorrow!" the other girl said before gathering her things and clocking out.

"Goodnight Cheryl!" she said as she took a seat at the desk.

Just then Starsky and Huggy rushed through the doors and up to the desk.

"Hutchinson…Ken Hutchinson…where is he?" Starsky blurted out to the young nurse.

"I'm sorry Sir?" she asked him unsure of his question.

"Ken Hutchinson…tall…blond…they just brought him in…he was shot!" Starsky said out of breath.

She looked at Starsky then Huggy.

"He's a cop…..he's my partner!" Starsky choked on the last words.

"I'm terribly sorry Sir…..but your friend…h-he just passed away!" she said regrettably.

Starsky felt as if someone had just landed a powerful blow to his gut.

He staggered back and the room started to spin.

Huggy quickly caught him as he passed out in his arms.