-Day Two-

The next morning, Dean promptly sat down at the table where the redhead from the day before and her friends were sitting. He threw a sly smile over his shoulder at Jacob, who gave him a thumbs up in return.

"Hey." Dean smirked.

"Hi." The red-head replied, making more room for Dean. "You're...Dean, right?"

"Good memory." Dean purred.

"I'm Anna." She said sheepishly.

"I'm Lucy and that's Abigail." A skinny, blonde girl said.

Abigail, another blonde, waved and smiled silently at him. Dean flirtatiously waved back at her, causing her to giggle quietly.

"So where you girls from?" He asked.

"Memphis." Anna answered first.

Dean whistled. "Long drive."

"We just flew." She shrugged.

"Isn't that like super expensive?" Dean scoffed.

"As long as I'm not paying, I don't care." She smirked.

"I'm from Knoxville. Most of us here are." Lucy said.

"Same here." Dean smiled, taking a bite of his toast.

"Christina, Emma, Harrison, Chase, and I are from Nashville though." Abigail added. "There's probably others, but I haven't really socialized too much."

"I don't see why." Dean mused, flashing her his best smile. "You're very lovely."

"Thank you." She blushed, sheepishly biting her lip. "I don't exactly have too many friends."

"How could that be?" He laughed. "Everyone must be just wanting to eat you up."

Abigail giggled and turned her red face into her chest, still peeking up at Dean through the golden strands that hung in front of her faec.

Dean looked up when he heard his name being called angrily and loudly. "Winchester!"

Ellen stormed across the dining hall and grabbed his arm. "With me. Now."

"Who me?" Dean pointed to his chest as she yanked him up.

"Do you see anyone else causing trouble around here?" She retorted.

"You?" Dean smirked as Ellen hauled him out of the room and outside the wooden doors.

"Real cute, boy." She snapped. "Now you leave those poor girls alone, you hear me?"

"Hey, I wasn't doing anything." Dean said.

"Not doing anything? Not doing anything?! You had all of them swooning over you. And you know the rules. And don't think I haven't heard about you, Dean Winchester. Stop flirting with those young, impressionable girls and leave them alone. And don't go flirting with anyone at all. You're only 15. So leave 'em alone!" Ellen ordered.

"Yeah, whatever." Dean muttered.

"Don't make me sick Jo on you." She growled.

"Wouldn't have a problem with that." Dean smirked, walking cooly back into the room.

"What did she want?" Anna asked.

"Doesn't like me talking to you lovely ladies." Dean chuckled.

"Why not?" Lucy replied.

Dean shrugged. "Maybe she's just jealous."

The group of girls laughed and giggled at the notion as Ellen walked by the table, scowling and glaring at Dean. He gave her a smug grin in reply and she sighed heavily, carrying on to dismiss the group to their morning activities.


"So. Seems you're quite the charmer." Jacob hummed, jogging up to Dean.

"Appears so." Dean smirked.

"So which one you shootin' for first? Red head?" He asked.

"Yep." Dean grinned. "Anna."

"On my end, looked like you were talking up her friend. Not her." Jacob said.

"Exactly." Dean growled.

"Huh?" Jacob replied.

"You were right. She's into me. So if I act like I'm into her friend, she'll keep on trying to impress me and get my attention. She'll make herself up, make herself do all kinds of things for me and she'll get so used to it, she'll think that I'm actually worth all this work. And when I 'finally' fall for her, she'll do anything since she thinks I'm really worth it." Dean explained.

"You think you're not?" Jacob asked.

"Hell no!" Dean exclaimed. "I'm out to break her heart."

"True." Jacob laughed. "Dick."

"As are you." Dean smiled.

"True again." Jacob chuckled.

Jacob opened his mouth to say something, but was cut off by the loud sound of 'Rock You Like A Hurricane' blaring from Dean's pocket.

"I should get this." Dean said, retrieving his phone and answering it.


"Nice to see you survived your first day." Alistair sneered.

"You and me both." Dean snorted. "After today, it's just 107 more days."

"Jesus..." Alistair breathed. "That's a long time!"

"You're telling me?" Dean scoffed.

"So you pick your prey yet?" He asked.

"Mhm." Dean nodded. "Pretty little red-head named Anna."

"She hot? Got nice tits?" Alistair laughed.

"Compared to the other girls here, she's an 11 on the 1-10 scale." Dean retorted.

"And compared to the girls back in the land of the sane people?" He replied.

"A strong 6." Dean answered. "But I'm not complaining. I'm gonna need something fun to do up here, right?"

"Hella." Alistair grinned.

"Winchester!" Ellen yelled. "Get off the freaking phone!Jeez!"

"Bout to get your ass whooped?" Alistair rolled his eyes.

"I'll try not to cry." Dean replied smugly, hitting the end button and putting the phone in his pocket.

A/N: Kinda a shorter chapter, but there wasn't really too much content I wanted to put in. And also I may or may not be fucking exhausted. Like I wanted to go to bed at one, but I had to wait for my computer to finish converting my Supernatural Episodes, and then I decided that I'll let my computer run all night instead of taking it to bed with me. So I have my computer all set up two hours later ready to convert and split mkv's all night. Also, I got a photo of lightning! And it's really shitty, but it's one of the more recent posts on my blog if you wanna check it out. (WARNING. it's super lame)