Edit, 2015: This is a fairly old story, stylistically-wise and just... old. I wouldn't trust the SPaG and the OOCness is a bit (a lot) cringy, but I've decided to keep it up (for now). Keep these things in mind when reading.

Original notes:

'Harry, angry and hurt, is wandering the edge of the Forbidden Forest when he stumbles across some kind of Dark ceremony. Startled, the circle swerve their spell towards him and he is forcibly transformed into a creature thought to be myth. He is abandoned and sold without a hope and finds comfort in an unlikely source.'
Category: Romance/Hurt&Comfort
Warnings/tags: Slash/Preslash. Language. AU/AR – No Voldemort. OOC.
Pairings: Lucius/Harry.


Shouldn't be taken too seriously - just a fun little story I decided to continue from a oneshot c:

Original One-Shot

Harry yawned, tongue curling and claws digging into the settee as he stretched out his small, lean body. He purred happily to himself, kneading the worn leather before wiggling his tail and hopping onto the carpeted floor. It was getting dark and he didn't want Lucius to find him enjoying the furniture instead of shredding it – his view of the Malfoy patriarch may have softened somewhat, but that didn't mean he was about to roll over like a good kitty and ask for a tummy-rub!

…although that did sound good right about now…

He shook himself off, padding across the sitting room to peak into the hallway. He had chosen that part of the Manor for its silence, but he knew even if it wasn't used much House-Elves still did their rounds and made sure it sparkled like new. Tibby was friendly and happy to help, perhaps a little like Dobby, but he was loyal to Lucius first and wouldn't think anything wrong about dragging him back to the blonde's quarters, hissing and biting all the way.

"—Dipsy saws him go this way!"

Harry flinched, withdrawing back into the shadows of the cosy sitting room as Tibby and Dipsy passed the partially open doorway. They paused just outside, but continued after a moment, whispering to each-other. He cocked his head to the side, listening intently as they discussed all of his hiding places and how long they had before Lucius got impatient and punished them. He felt bad, ears drooping slightly and sighed to himself – could cats even sigh? He didn't think so.

He waited until their footsteps were inaudible before darting down the fire-lit passages, dodging droopy plants and pausing only to claw some expensive-looking tapestries. He liked pissing off the pompous arse.

The cat-like creature slowed as voices filtered through the hall, fixing his run into a haughty stride as he passed through the arched doorway of the main and completely pretentious sitting-room. A fire was lit in the centre of the expensively-decorated room, a shiny dark-wood coffee-table exactly a foot away from the flames and surrounded by couches and an over-stuffed arm-chair. Daunting portraits and land-scape paintings decorated the crimson walls where tapestries had been prohibited.

"Merlin! Is that a Werecat?!"

Harry preened smugly, jumping onto the cushion set aside just for him next to Lucius' favourite wing-backed chair. He settled down, blinking lazily at the family of three gaping openly at him.

Lucius smirked, looking every bit the conceited Lord he was rumoured to be. "Indeed, Mr Johnson. Tempest came into my possession not too long ago – originally a birthday present for my son, actually. Quite expensive, but certainly worth every Galleon."

The man, Mr Johnson, floundered uselessly for a moment before fixing his expression – quite badly – into one of disinterest. "Oh? Yes, I would think so. I-I saw quite a few during my stay in Egypt! Y-yes, expensive…"

Lucius' smirk only widened, eyes glittering with glee as he thought of all the ways he could catch the man out on his blatant lie. Had he even been to Egypt?

Harry purred, tail swishing lazily as he recognised the blonde's expression. He could stand being gawped at if only to get the satisfaction of Lucius turning his 'guests' into puddles of sobbing, jealous goo.

Tibby popped into the room then, bowing quickly to Lucius and the Johnsons'. "Dinner is served!"

Harry mewed happily, darting past the Johnsons' daughter and down the passage. He wasn't allowed to eat at the table when guests were over, which he could understand, although it annoyed him as he liked listening to Lucius' drawling voice talk about his day and the idiots in the Ministry. He had thought the man was insane at first, talking to him as if he would answer back and briefly entertained the thought that Lucius was just incredibly lonely, but soon got over the strangeness of it all and found himself looking forward to their 'conversations'.

And then he learned Lucius was taking the piss out of him.

Pompous arse.