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Shortly after they had been driving a little while, Emma noticed that Henry kept staring at Aria, and then at her, back and forth. It finally got on Emma's nerves

and she asked him "Is something wrong Henry?" "No, Ma, I'm just thinking," Henry replied. After a few more minutes of staring at Emma silently, Henry finally

revealed what was on his mind. "She's mom's, isn't she?" Henry asked about Aria. Emma let out a deep sigh. "Yes Henry, she is." Emma didn't feel comfortable

discussing Aria with Henry, but she didn't want to lie to him. "I thought so. You can tell. She looks like Mom. But how is that even possible? I mean, no offense

Ma, but you're both girls," Henry said uncomfortably. "Does this mean we can all be a family together?" Henry asked her hopefully. "I don't know Henry, but

once I figure it all out, I promise I'll tell you. Maybe your mom knows how this happened. But when we get to Storybrooke and you see your mom, please don't

tell her about your sister. I need to be the one to tell her. Okay?" Emma pleaded. "Okay. I won't say anything. I promise. But you need to tell her," Henry agreed.

"I know kid, and I will. I just need to find the right time," Emma replied. After that, they spent the rest of the drive in relative silence, only occasionally engaging

in small talk. Emma was freaked out over realizing that Aria was both her and Regina's baby. She didn't want to scare Henry though, so she kept her thoughts

to herself. How could two women have a baby together? Emma just hoped there was a damn good explanation when she got to Storybrooke.


Finally, after a long 8-hour drive, and a couple of bathroom and food breaks, they had reached Storybrooke. It was 11:30 at night, and both Henry and Aria were

sound asleep. Just as they were crossing the town line and Storybrooke came into view, Emma couldn't help but think of Regina. She had no idea what she was

going to tell her, but she knew Regina deserved to know that Aria was her daughter. Emma was both nervous and excited to see Regina again. Things had

happened so fast after returning from Neverland, that they never got the chance to discuss what had happened between them. If Emma was being honest with

herself, she had had feelings for Regina for a while, she had just been afraid to act on them, thinking that Regina would dismiss her. But then that night on

Hook's ship happened, which she didn't regret at all, because not only did she enjoy it, but it also gave Emma Aria, whom she loved with all her heart. She

couldn't imagine not having Aria, and for that Emma was grateful. She had no idea how Regina was going to react when she found out the truth though. Emma

hoped that Regina would be thrilled to be a mother again, and maybe, just maybe, they could all be one big happy family, Emma thought. She knew Henry

would like that, and she would too.


Emma drove through Storybrooke until she was outside Mary Margaret's apartment. She parked the car along the curb and got out. Emma stretched. Her legs

and back were sore from driving for so long. She decided to leave Henry and Aria in the car for now, since they both were fast asleep. Storybrooke was a safe

town, and they'd be fine for a little while. Plus, she didn't want to freak David and Mary Margaret out with the information that they were their grandkids if they

didn't remember them. Emma let out a big sigh. 'Well, I guess I better go and see if Mary Margaret and David even remember me,' Emma thought, as she

forced herself to walk to Mary Margaret's apartment.


When she finally reached the front door into the apartment, Emma took a deep, nervous breath, and knocked. The door opened and David appeared. "Hi,"

Emma said, happy to see her father again. David stared at her in surprise. "Don't close the door. My name is-," Emma began. "Emma," David cut her off.

"David?" Emma asked, relieved that he remembered her. They then moved toward each other and hugged. "You remember," David exclaimed, happy at seeing

his daughter again. "You remember," Emma replied. "Of course. When we got back here, Hook was the only one who hadn't come over with the curse. We don't

know how, but somehow he had travelled back here just before the curse hit. He had been given a note from us back in the Enchanted Forest, telling us that we

needed to find you and bring you back to Storybrooke. Regina was able to make a memory potion for you and Henry and we sent Hook to retrieve you both and

bring you back here" David explained to her. " When Hook found me and gave me the memory potion, he said you were cursed," Emma told David as they

walked into the apartment. "We're back, or we never left, or we don't know. We're trapped again," David told her. "But you remember who you are?" Emma

asked him. "This curse, we don't know who did it or why. All we know is that our last year here has been wiped away," David explained. "Wiped away?" Emma

asked David, confused. "All we remember is saying goodbye to you. It feels like yesterday," David told Emma. "But if you can't remember then how do you know

that it's been a-," Emma began, but she was interrupted by a woman calling her name. Emma looked at the stairs in surprise as her mother walked towards her.

"Year," Emma finished in surprise. Mary Margaret ran over to her and gave her a hug. "As you can see, a lot's happened," David told Emma. For Mary Margaret

was several months pregnant. "We just don't know what. The whole year is gone," Mary Margaret told Emma. "But who could have done this?" Emma asked

her parents. "I wish we knew," David replied. "I'm glad to see you Emma," Mary Margaret told her daughter. " We sent Hook to get you, but we weren't sure if

he was going to be able to do it," she told Emma. "But wait a minute," Emma said,confused. "David, you said Regina made the memory potion that Hook gave

to Henry and I. If Regina has a memory potion, then why don't you guys remember the last year?" Emma asked her parents. "Because she only had enough for

the two of you. Someone, probably whoever cursed us here in the first place, broke into Regina's office and destroyed what was left of the potion and it's

ingredients so Regina couldn't make more, and they took the recipe for the potion from her spell book. So Regina can't make anymore of the potion. Thankfully,

she had taken the batch she had made earlier home with her, but there was only enough for two people. We weren't even sure it was going to work, because

Regina hadn't been able to test it once the potion in her office was destroyed, but we know we had to get you back here, so we took a leap of faith and sent

Hook after you anyway," David explained. "We missed you so much Emma!" Mary Margaret cried, hugging Emma. "I missed you guys too," Emma told her

parents. After Mary Margaret released her from the hug, Emma looked at David. "Speaking of Henry, he's out cold in the car. Think you could help me bring him

inside? I don't want to leave him in the car all night," Emma asked him. "Sure," David replied, putting his jacket on and following Emma out to her car. As David

picked up Henry and carried him inside, Emma took Aria out of the car and followed after David. When they got back to the apartment, David placed Henry on

the bed in the corner, and tucked him in. Emma put Aria's carrier down on the kitchen counter. Mary Margaret immediately started fussing over Aria, excited to

meet her new granddaughter, but was careful not to wake her. After a few minutes, once Mary Margaret had calmed down, Emma's parents looked at each other

and then at Aria and Emma. "Hook had told us that you had had a baby. We kept in touch with him with a cell phone while he was in New York. He kept us

updated on his progress concerning you and Henry," Mary Margaret explained. "What's her name? Who's her father?" she asked Emma, curious about her new

granddaughter. "Her name is Aria. As for her other parent, well that's a bit complicated," Emma admitted. "I need some things from the car, and to put Aria to

bed. After that, we can talk," Emma told her parents. They nodded at her, and David followed Emma back out to her car to get their belongings. After unloading

Emma's bug, and unpacking Aria's foldable crib, Emma changed Aria into her pajamas and laid her down in the crib. Emma kissed Henry and Aria goodnight, and

walked back into the kitchen to talk to her parents.


"I don't even know where to begin," Emma told them nervously. "It's okay, we love you no matter what and we won't judge you," Mary Margaret encouraged

her daughter. "Thanks," Emma smiled. "But if I tell you, you have to promise not to get mad. Just hear me out okay?" Emma requested. "We will honey, we

promise," Mary Margaret pledged as David nodded his head in agreement. "Okay," Emma said. She let out a deep breath, nervous about what she was about to

tell them. "I don't know how to say this, so I'm just going to go ahead and say it. See, here's the thing. Aria is Regina's baby. Well, mine and Regina's. We kind of

hooked up on Hook's ship on the night we flew back from Neverland," Emma explained to her parents, scared of their reaction. " I don't know how it's possible,

but I know she's Regina's. She was the only one I slept with around the time I got pregnant. Plus, you can tell just by looking at her. She looks like Regina. I

know this might seem weird, given your history with Regina, but it kind of just happened. And I've sort of had feelings for Regina for a while now," Emma

admitted, embarrassed. "Please don't hate me," Emma begged, scared her parents would disown her now that she had confessed everything to them. Mary

Margaret and David sat there in silence, with equal looks of surprise and shock on their faces, processing what they had just heard. After what felt like an

eternity, but really was only a few minutes, Mary Margaret finally spoke. "We don't hate you Emma. We could never hate you. You're our daughter and we love

you no matter what. But we are surprised. And you're right it is strange, given our history with Regina, like you said. But all we want is for you to be happy, and

if that happiness involves Regina, then we'll learn to accept it. Plus, Regina's changed a lot these last few years. She's not the Evil Queen anymore. And Aria is

our granddaughter, we'll love her no matter what, regardless of who her other parent is," Mary Margaret reassured Emma. " What your mother just said. We

love you and Aria no matter what and we just want you to be happy," David told Emma. "Thanks," Emma choked out, eyes full of tears. She was relieved they

didn't hate her. Mary Margaret and David then gave her a big hug. Emma cried into their shoulders, feeling like a weight had been lifted off her chest. "I love you

guys too," Emma told them after she had stopped crying. She then pulled out of her parents embrace and looked them in the eyes. "I don't know what's going

to happen between Regina and me, but please don't say anything to Regina about Aria. She needs to hear about her from me. Promise you won't say anything?"

Emma requested. " We promise Emma," David swore. "Thank you," Emma told them. "For everything. I'll tell Regina about Aria as soon as I see her tomorrow,"

Emma promised. "Good. She deserves to know," Mary Margaret replied. "Now why don't we all go to bed, it's late, and I'm sure we're all tired." "Ok. I am pretty

tired," Emma agreed. Mary Margaret and David gave her a hug and a kiss. "Goodnight Emma," they said, walking towards the stairs. "We love you." "Good night

Mom and Dad, I love you guys too," Emma replied. "See you in the morning," Mary Margaret replied, smiling at Emma calling them Mom and Dad. "See you in

the morning," Emma replied. Her parents then went upstairs and went to bed. Emma turned off the light in the kitchen, got undressed, and slid into bed next to

Henry and fell asleep.