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A couple of days later, Regina was putting her earrings in when her doorbell rang. She opened the door and after looking around, she found a basket of green

apples on her front stoop. She picked them up. "A gift," came Zelena's voice from behind her. Regina turned around, and there Zelena was in her dining room.

She was leaning against the table, drinking a glass of wine. Regina glared at her angrily, slamming the door behind her and walking over to Zelena. "From sister

to sister," Zelena said, as Regina put the basket of apples down and approached her. "What are you doing here?" Regina asked her. "I saw your tree, and thought

you could use something better," Zelena told her as she put the wine down, got up and walked around Regina's dining room. "Red apples are so sickly sweet,

don't you think? People tend to like something a little sharper," Zelena said. "And green apples are just bitter. That's not yours," Regina told her as Zelena picked

up and examined a small statue from a nearby table. "Story of my life," Zelena replied. "Why are you here?" Regina asked her, annoyed. "Oh, sisterly concern,

sisterly advice. You know. Wanted to make sure you were all right after our little showdown," Zelena claimed as she walked into the sitting room. "I'm fine. Are

you?" Regina asked. "Getting there. Wow, this is nice," Zelena complimented, as she took in the room and sat down on the sofa. "How luxurious. You really

don't appreciate what you have, do you?" Zelena asked as she ran her hands over the sofa's pillow. "Right. Because I got everything and you got nothing,"

Regina told her sardonically. "If you want your superpower to be envy, go right ahead," Regina told, motioning towards Zelena with her hand. "Envy is just

another word for ambition," Zelena replied. "Well that's just not true," Regina said. "See, I strive for things. I work. You, you cast a curse that was just a fancy

form of running away," Zelena criticized. "You had every advantage, and yet you still turn your back on every opportunity for happiness. "You Regina, you just

don't take risks. You don't live your life, it's just such a waste," Zelena told her as she stood up, walked over to the fireplace, and picked up a horse statue and

looked at it. "I can see why our mother was so disappointed in you," Zelena said as she put the statue down and looked at Regina. "Disappointed in me? She

gave you away!" Regina sneered. "You have no idea what really happened. That's exactly what's going to hurt you," Zelena threatened. Regina laughed. "You

didn't come here to give me sisterly advice. Why are you really here?" "So perceptive. I'm here Regina, for what I wanted the last time we met. I'm here for

your heart!" Zelena exclaimed, as she rushed towards Regina and tried to take Regina's heart. As soon as Zelena's hand made contact with Regina's chest, her

hand was blasted away by a burst of magic. Regina just laughed and pushed Zelena away from her. "Did you really think I'd leave my heart unprotected after

our last encounter? I cast a spell so no one but me can remove my heart. You're going to have to try harder than that sis!" Regina told her. "This isn't over

Regina! I will get your heart! And when I do, it will be the end of you!" Zelena threatened. Regina grabbed a letter opener from a nearby table and threw it at

Zelena, but she disappeared in a puff of green smoke. The letter opener missed it's target and embedded itself in the wall. Regina stared at the spot Zelena was

just standing at moments ago, glaring in anger.


A little while later, Regina was in Gold's shop, rummaging through a pile of books, throwing them on the floor as she went through them. "This is all useless

crap!" she exclaimed in frustration. "Hey, hey, hey, stop! Stop it! What are you looking for?" Belle yelled as she came running in from the back. "I need to

destroy my sister, she's after my heart," Regina explained as she continued looking around the shop. "She won't stop until she gets it and the problem is, I don't

know what she needs it for," Regina told Belle. "I need to take her out. That's why I need your help," Regina said, as she turned and looked at Belle. "What do

you have here?" Regina asked her as she walked over to her. "What do I have here? Self respect. Why on earth, or any realm, would I help you?" Belle asked

incredulously. "The woman who imprisoned me in a tower in her castle, then put me in an asylum for 28 years, who's done nothing but mentally and physically

torture me ever since we've known each other!" "Huh. The bookworm's got teeth," Regina replied. "Get out!" Belle demanded. "Yes, I did all those horrible

things, in the past. But right now I need something to defeat the woman who's puppet mastering your boyfriend. She has your Rumple. And unless you help

me, you may never see him again. I'm sorry Belle. I really, really am," Regina told her apologetically. Belle snorted and rolled her eyes, accepting Regina's apology. She then looked at Regina. "So I've been trying to match the ingredients Zelena's been collecting to whatever spell she intends to cast. However, it

would help if I knew what was so special about your heart. Does she want it just because you're sisters or..?" Belle questioned. "I have no idea," Regina

admitted. "The candle," she suddenly exclaimed. "Where's the candle?" she asked Bella, as she went to search a nearby cabinet. "Here?" Belle asked, holding up

a fancy candelabra. "Not that Liberace. The two sided candle Snow used to kill my mother," Regina explained as she continued searching. "It's power's gone now,

it's just a relic," Belle told her as she pulled it out of a drawer, and showed it to Regina. "Yes!" Regina exclaimed in excitement as she took the candle from Belle.

"This isn't about how my mother died, this is about how she lived," Regina explained as she waved the candle in front Belle's face, showing it to her. "What do

you mean?" Belle asked, confused. "I mean, that I can use this to contact my mother's spirit and find out the truth about Zelena, and hopefully how to stop her.

Thank you Belle. And I really am sorry. I was a horrible person back then, but I've changed," Regina told her as she walked towards the door. "I appreciate that. I

accept your apology. I'll continue searching to see if I can find what spell Zelena intends to cast," Belle told her. Regina nodded at her and left.


"You better watch out for the apples in this house," Emma warned Hook jokingly as she came into the room. They had all been summoned to Regina's

house."Aye," Hook replied as he stared at the green apple in his hand. "It was a joke, where's your sense of humor?" Emma asked him as she took her coat off.

"It left when the witch arrived," Hook said as he put the apple down and walked over to the nearby table. " We're going to take care of that. Regina said she has

a plan," Emma told him as she sat down at the table. "I'm sure she does," Hook replied, sitting down next to her. "Emma, will you please tell your mother we

are not naming the baby Leopold," David said to Emma as she sat down across from him. "It was my father's name," Snow defended."People will make fun of

him," David said. "He was a king," Snow told him, offended. Which is why nobody made fun of him," David told her. "Ok, what about Eva after my mother?"

Snow asked him. "I don't know how that will work with a boy," David said. "It might not be a boy," Snow told him. "Sorry to keep you waiting," came Regina's

voice as she walked into the room carrying a tea tray. "I was making a special tea," she explained as she started serving her guests. "No!Don't drink it!" she

yelled at David just as he was about to take a sip. "It's a deadly poison for summoning the dark vortex," she told them. "I prefer Earl Grey," David said

sarcastically. "It's a dark what?" Emma asked Regina. "Zelena came by this morning. She tried to take my heart again, but thankfully I had protected it. She

said my weakness was that I don't know enough about her past, so I've decided to summon someone who does," she told everyone. "We have to talk to my

mother," she said, looking at Snow. "I'm going to cast a spell to summon my mother's ghost so we can find out the truth about Zelena," Regina said as she got

up and turned off the lights, then sat back down. "It's a fairly simple ritual, but not often performed." "If it's easy to talk to the dead, why not do it more?"

Emma asked her. "Well because to do it you need the murder weapon and the murderer," Regina explained, motioning towards Snow. Snow look ashamed. There

was an awkward silence as Regina lit the candle which had been placed in the center of the table. "What do we need to do?" Emma asked. " Focus on Cora,"

Regina told them. " Welcoming thoughts?" Hook asked her. "Whatever you've got," Regina replied as they all took each other's hands. "Is it-" Emma tried to ask

as she closed her eyes. Regina shushed her. Emma opened one eye and looked at her, then closed it again. They all sat in silence, concentrating. After about a

minute or so, there was a loud noise, and they all looked up at the ceiling, looking at the swirling vortex that had appeared over their heads. "We did it!" Snow

exclaimed in surprise. "Cora! Mother can you hear us! Cora, give us a sign!" Regina yelled at the vortex. "Do not ignore me now mother! Please, you owe me

this!" she exclaimed. All of a sudden the table jolted, and Snow shouted in surprise, tearing her hands away from their joined circle. The vortex vanished. "Sorry

love. That was me. I crossed my legs and bumped the table," Hook admitted sheepishly. Regina stared up at the ceiling, then looked back down, disappointed.

She then blew out the candle. "Do we try it again?" Snow asked her. "No," Regina replied. "There's no point. It worked. The portal opened, but nothing came

from it. She doesn't want to talk to me." Regina paused. "I guess whatever secrets lie in her past, I guess she wants to keep buried there." Regina got up from

the table and turned the lights on, and they exited the room.


"Maybe Belle will have more luck. There has to be something can help us," David said as they walked out into Regina's entryway. "I'll go help her. Maybe with

two of us working together we'll have more luck," Emma said as she followed her father. "Good luck," Regina said as she came out of the drawing room after

them. She didn't know why she did it, but as soon as she addressed Emma, she thrust her breasts up into the air and made a subtle motion with her hand to

attract attention to them that she quickly covered by putting her hand on her hip. Everyone stared at her awkwardly, and Regina just sighed, trying to hide

what had happened. Emma saved her any further embarrassment by addressing Hook. "Come on, let's go," Emma told him as they walked towards the door.

Regina noticed he tried to put his hand on Emma's back as they left, and in a fit of sudden jealousy, she made a slight motion with her hand, causing him to trip

and stumble down the stairs. Regina bit her lip to keep from laughing. "You know what, you go ahead. I'm gonna stay here with Regina," Snow told her

husband. "I'll help clean up," Snow turned and addressed Regina as David left. "I'm not in the mood for a heart to heart," Regina told her as she walked away,

dismissing Snow. The last thing she wanted was to discuss her feelings with Snow White. "Good, neither am I, I just wanted to help you clean up," Snow told

her. "Fine, you can help with the teacups," Regina told her as they went to collect them from the drawing room. They didn't see the doorway magically

disappearing behind them.


After they had cleared away the teacups and teapot, Snow was sitting at Regina's counter in her kitchen holding a red apple, while Regina was standing at her

sink with her back facing towards her. "I want to apologize Regina," Snow began as Regina folded the towel she was using. "For Cora," Snow explained. "For

murdering her," Regina replied. "Right, yeah. I don't take it lightly. I think about it every day," Snow admitted. "So do I," Regina replied. "And when I do think

about it, I remember that she did kill your mother. So I'll admit that it's complicated," Regina told her as she turned around to face her. "Thank you," Snow said.

"I'm sure you had some things you wanted to say to her." "Yes, well I'm realizing that my mother walled off a lot of her life from me. She wasn't the warmest

mother, but at least I thought I occupied a singular spot in her heart. A sister," Regina said in disbelief. "Zelena. Why would she give her up? Why would she

make us strangers to one another?" Regina asked as she leaned on the counter across from Snow. All of a sudden there was a strange noise. "What was that?"

Snow asked Regina. "I have no idea," she replied. "It's upstairs," Snow said. They followed the noise upstairs until they reached one of Regina's spare rooms in

the attic. "It's in there," Regina said, pointing at the door. She looked at Snow. "But there isn't anything in this room,it's…" Regina said as she turned the handle.

The door flew off and Regina gasped as she jumped back. There was a ghost wearing a cloak, sitting at a spinning wheel in the room. Regina put her arm out

protectively over Snow's pregnant belly. The ghost turned around and looked at them. "Mother?" Regina asked the ghost. It was Cora!


Emma was in Gold's shop, helping Belle search through stacks of books. They hadn't had any luck so far. Emma groaned in frustration. Suddenly, Belle's voice

exclaimed "Emma, I found it!" She rushed over to Emma and showed her the entry in the book. "We have to tell Regina and the others," Belle rushed out

excitedly."Okay Belle, slow down. What did you find?" Emma asked her. "Zelena's plan. I figured out what she's doing" Belle explained much slower. She then

told Emma what she had found out. "We need to get everyone back together and tell them what you found out," Emma said. Belle agreed and they left to go

meet up with everyone at Regina's house once more.


"This can't be! The spell opened a limited portal for talking!" Regina exclaimed in confusion. "It's me. I killed Cora. She sensed my presence and found a way to

break through into our world," Snow said. The ghost rushed towards her. Regina jumped in front of her to protect her. "Back down mother! You will answer my

questions! Now tell me, what did you do to Zelena?" Regina asked Cora's ghost. The ghost tossed her to the side and approached Mary Margaret. Snow gasped in

fear. Just as Cora was about to touch her, Regina appeared and used her magic to poof them downstairs. But Cora's ghost just followed them and appeared

through the wall. Regina cast out a web of purple magic from her hands, keeping Cora at bay. "You're holding her off!" Snow shouted in surprise. "But I can't

hold her off forever," Regina admitted. Cora kept fighting back against Regina's magic. " I don't know how much longer I can hold her off!" Regina told Snow.

"Cora, I'm sorry! Please forgive me!" Snow told Cora's ghost. "Save your breath! Your mother was nothing like my mother, she only understands power and

weakness!" Regina told Snow. "But if she wants to kill you, she's going to have to go through me!" Regina declared. Snow looked at her in surprise. "This isn't

about you," Regina told her. "This is about her and me!" Regina released her hold on Cora. "It's time for answers mother! What did you do to Zelena?" she cried

out. Cora's hand reached out and smacked her hard across the face, sending her tumbling to the ground. With Regina out of the way, Cora's ghost dove into

Snow, showing her the truth. Regina got up from the floor."Mary Margaret!" Regina exclaimed in fear, running over to her. "Hold on! I won't let you go!" she

declared as she summoned her magic and sent a blast of purple tendrils at Snow, pulling Cora's ghost out of her. She then used her magic to throw Cora back

into the vortex, which had appeared again. "What the hell was that?" Emma asked as she came running in just as the portal closed. "Cora," Regina explained,

turning to check on Mary Margaret. "Is she okay?" Regina asked David who was leaning over his wife. "Mary Margaret, can you hear me?" he asked her. "Cora,"

Snow mumbled, semi-conscious. "She wanted… tried to communicate…" "She what?" Regina asked her. "What did she say?" "Leopold… my mother…" Snow

mumbled. "Shhh, Mary Margaret, relax," David soothed. "She's not making any sense," Emma said. "We need to call a doctor." "If she knows something that

could help us-" Regina started to say. "Regina, it will have to wait!" David told her angrily. "It can't wait! If we want to stop Zelena we need to know what the

hell she's doing and why!" Regina yelled in frustration. "I can help with half of that," Belle interrupted. "What?" Regina asked, as she turned to look at Belle.

"She's planning on going back. Back in time," Belle explained. "Are you certain?" Regina asked. Belle nodded. "No one's ever been able to cast a spell to go back

in time," Regina said. "Well clearly she thinks she can succeed. Brains, courage, a resilient heart, those ingredients are in every time travel spell I found," Belle

told her. "Go back in time? But we have no idea what she's trying to accomplish," David said. Mary Margaret finally came to. "She didn't" she said. "Don't push

yourself," David told her. "She didn't want to give up Zelena," Snow told them. "She was forced to by my… by my mother. Princess Eva. She told a secret, just

like I did." "Wait, I thought our family were the good guys?" Emma asked her mother. "Life is too messy for it to ever be that simple," Regina said. "You're

saying that if it weren't for you mother, Cora would've kept Zelena," David explained. "She would've been tutored by Rumplestiltskin," Belle told Regina. "And if it

all weren't for this Princess Eva," Hook said. So that means," Emma realized. "Zelena's going back to kill my mother," Snow told them. "You'll have never been

born," Regina told Snow. "What does that mean for us?" Emma asked Regina. "Think about it Ms. Swan. That means you'll never have been born, and neither

will Henry," Regina explained to her. "And with this new path Regina, you may not be either," Snow warned Regina. "It's a good thing no one has succeeded with

this time travel nonsense," Hook said. "The baby," David exclaimed in realization. "What?" Hook asked him. "That's what's missing. Why none have succeeded.

Somehow, someway our baby is the key," David told them. "That's what she's after," David said to Mary Margaret. "What is she going to do with her?" Snow

asked. "It doesn't matter, she's not gonna get it. We're gonna stop her," David promised as he put his hand on his wife's pregnant belly. "Since our baby's not

born, she's stuck. And we have what we need, time." "Just not very much of it," Snow told him.


After everyone else went home, Mary Margaret decided to stay and help Regina clean up the mess Cora's ghost had made. "Need a hand?" Snow asked her as

she walked into the room. "Shouldn't you be on bed rest?" Regina asked her. "Dr. Whale just left. He cleared me and the baby. Apparently the human body has a

surprising tolerance for ghost possession. And he told me I have a tough placenta. Which somehow came out creepy. May I?" Snow asked as she grabbed a

nearby broom. Regina nodded. "Want to talk about it?" Snow asked her, as she started sweeping. "What's there to talk about?" Regina replied. "You officially

have a less damaging relationship with my mother than I do, and you killed her," Regina said as she sat down at the small table."Well at least we know, you and

me, our history… more complicated than we thought," Snow told her. "I know how much you looked up to Eva," Regina said. "I'm sorry you had to learn she

had such darkness in her past." "That wasn't the woman I knew," Snow replied as she put down the broom and went to join Regina at the table. "I wonder

what happened that changed her? I suppose we'll never know." " Well we can never know our past completely. If we had I probably wouldn't have spent as

much time trying to kill you," Regina teased. Snow smiled. "Well we would've found something to fight about, I mean I was such a brat." "Your mother's child,"

Regina replied sarcastically. Snow chuckled. " I think we've wasted our last day being haunted by the past." "Now we can focus on our impending lack of a

future," Regina told her. "Zelena isn't going to win, not with all of us united against her," Snow said. "Hope isn't easy for me. Everything I've ever wanted has

been taken from me. My happiness, my freedom, my son. Emma. Especially when I know she holds my heart, but she doesn't hold mine," Regina admitted.

"All of which you can get back, if you want it. You can have everything you've ever wanted," Snow told reassured her. "How?" Regina asked. "Regina, I've seen

everything life has thrown at you. You fight against the darkness every single day. And you never give up when you want something. Sooner or later, your heart

will find it's way to happiness. If you let it," Snow said. "That doesn't feel possible. Emma probably hates me after the way I've been treating her since she got

back," Regina said as tears welled in her eyes. "It is. Emma will forgive you. I know you. And you feel things deeply, you feel things with your whole soul. Don't

let anything hold you go to Emma, talk to her. I promise it won't be as bad as you think," Snow promised as she grabbed Regina's hand. "But how

could Emma ever want to be with me? She has a baby with someone else. I'm sure she's with him by now," Regina said, now crying. Snow sighed. "I probably

shouldn't be telling you this, but it's not what you think Regina. Emma isn't with anyone right now. You really should go talk to her. There's a lot you need to

know," Snow told her. "But how can I be with her knowing she had someone else's baby? Raising a baby that isn't mine?" Regina cried. "Regina, have you even

looked closely at Aria? Haven't you realized it yet? She is yours! Emma was pregnant when you sent her to New York with Henry," Snow finally admitted. Regina

stared in surprise at Snow, and when she realized that Mary Margaret was telling the truth, she let out a loud gasp of surprise. "What are you waiting for? Go to

her!" Snow commanded. Regina let go of Snow's hands, waved her hands, and in a poof of purple smoke, she was gone, on her way to see Emma and their