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The Leech Imprint

Bella's POV

I was standing in the woods. Edward had just broken up with me. He said that I wasn't good enough for his world and that he and his family would be leaving. It felt like he'd stabbed me in the heart. No, more like he'd reached inside me and torn my heart out of my chest. I thought it was going to kill me.

Edward started to leave and I was going to go after him. I wanted to beg him not to go. But before I could, something weird started to happen. I began to shake wildly. It was almost like I was having a seizure or something but much worse. I couldn't explain it.

"Edward," I said in a loud, terrified voice.

Edward must have heard the absolute terror in my voice because he turned back to me. His eyes widened when he saw me and he was over by me in a second. "Bella? Bella, what's happening?"

I couldn't answer him. I didn't know what was happening. I was shacking more and more and I couldn't figure out why. The next thing I knew, I'd knocked Edward clear across the woods. He must have been thrown a good twenty feet, which was quite the feat seeing as he was so strong.

Edward pulled himself up slightly and looked at me like. He looked at me with this astonished look. It was like I was someone completely different.

At first I thought it was because I'd managed to throw him away from me, but then I looked down and I knew the real reason. My feet, they weren't feet anymore. They were paws, dark brown paws with white streaks in a couple of places. I wasn't human anymore. Whatever happened to me, it had changed me into some kind of animal.

Edward got up and started coming towards me. "B…Bella?"

I tried to talk to him, but all that came out was growling. It was starting to really freak me out. What the hell was happening to me? What had I become?

Suddenly, I heard a loud growl and out of nowhere, a large black wolf was standing between me and Edward. I took a step back. I was afraid. Was it there to hurt me?

The wolf snarled at Edward. 'Back off, Leech!'

I was shocked. This wolf had just spoken in his head and I heard him. I heard a male voice from this wolf as if he were human.

The wolf turned to me. 'I am human, so are you. I know you must be afraid, but this doesn't make you any less human.'

'You can hear me too,' I asked in my mind.

'Yes. It is a gift that comes with phasing. Don't worry, I will explain later. My name is Sam' he said.

"This can't be happening," Edward said in shock, making it seem like he had at least a good idea of what was going on.

I looked over at Edward and I looked him directly in the eyes. I had looked at him before now since transforming, but I hadn't looked at him directly in the eyes. Everything changed once I did. I couldn't explain it, but I felt as if the world disappeared. Sam was no longer there. No one and nothing was there but Edward. It was like he was the only thing in the world that mattered. It was just him. He was mine.

I had been staring at Edward for several moments, but I finally tore myself away and then I heard Sam's voice. 'Impossible! He's a leech! There can't be a leech imprint, can there?'

"What's an imprint?" Edward asked. He could obviously hear Sam too. That wasn't too surprising though. Edward had the ability to hear everyone's thoughts.

Sam obviously heard what I'd been thinking too. 'Wait, so this leech can hear everything we're saying?'

'He can hear you. I don't think he can hear me. At least he couldn't while I was human. But answer his question. What's an imprint?' That had been what Sam had called Edward. At least I'm pretty sure he was talking about Edward. Edward was the one he kept calling 'Leech'.

'I'll explain that later. I'll have to explain a lot later, as I'm sure you're very confused,' Sam told me.

That was putting it mildly. I had absolutely no idea what was going on. All I knew was that I was currently some kind of huge animal, oh, and that my connection to Edward was suddenly ten times stronger.

I heard Sam wince slightly at my last thought. I got the feeling that this hearing each other's thoughts thing was going to get annoying fast.

'Yes, it will. You're going to have to get used to it unfortunately. Now first, you need to phase,' Sam said.

'Phase?' I asked.

'Back into human form. Just think about your body. Don't think about anything else but becoming human again,' he said.

I did what he said. I pictured my body and on my desire to become human again. Within seconds, my paws became hands and feet again. I stood up on my feet. It was then that I realized I was completely naked. I immediately put my arms across my chest to try to regain some kind of dignity.

Edward took off his jacket and handed it to me. "Here, Love."

I took it from him and wrapped it around my body. "Thank you."

All of a sudden, Sam disappeared into the trees.

"Where's he going?" I asked no one in particular.

"To phase. He'll be right back," Edward told me.

Sure enough, a big, bulky guy with olive skin and short black hair came back wearing just a pair of shorts. I immediately recognized him as someone Jacob introduced me to at First Beach a while back. "You're Sam Uley. I met you with Jacob Black."

"And you're Bella Swan. I'm sorry, I should've realized when you imprinted on him," Sam said as he glanced at Edward.

"You still haven't explained imprinting or anything about this," I said. This was all still confusing and frightening, though it was a little less frightening now that I was human again.

"I'll explain, I promise, though I have to admit it's a little confusing to me too. You're not related to anyone on the reservation, are you?" Sam asked.

I shook my head. "Does that matter?"

"Yes, it does. This thing that happens to us shook only happen if you're one of us. You'll have to come to the reservation. We can figure it all out there," Sam said.

Edward growled slightly next to me. He didn't want me to go, though I wasn't sure why. Just a little while ago, he'd made it clear that he wanted nothing more to do with me. It didn't matter though because I couldn't leave him. I needed him near me. "Edward comes too."

"I'm not allowed on the reservation," Edward said.

"You are now. You're her imprint. That changes things. You can come," Sam said. His voice made it clear that he wasn't happy about it. "But stick close to me. You won't get a warm reception."

Edward nodded ant the two of us followed Sam through the woods.