A five shot for MrsLeaMorgan

Caroline smiled as she leaned on Klaus's chest admiring the way his muscles felt beneath her smooth hand. She gently stroked the skin as she placed small kisses around the base of his neck. Klaus's arms tighten around her and she could practically feel the smile on his face causing her to let out a small giggle. A moment like this was all she needed. They had been together for three years, not that anyone knew. His parents were cruel. They always told him he wasn't good enough for anybody broken his mind, body and soul. Caroline didn't care about them. She loved Klaus, and even though he has never said it back, she knew he felt the same way. She knew he loved her because of the way he kissed her, the way he held her, the way he comfort her when she was sad, and the way he made love to her. Caroline loved it when he would whisper in her eye all the things he thought of when he saw her. Lust, beauty, passion, and desire, but never love. Caroline knew of his past so she never pressed. How could she? That would be selfish. His parents would never approve of them, they would never approve of anything Klaus did.

Klaus rested on his back running his hand through her shinning blonde her. Caroline Forbes would be the death of him. He really liked her he truly did, but he couldn't shake that feeling that she would never feel the same way. Sure she told him every day that she loved him, but he never thought she actually meant it. After growing up with Mikael and Esther he was certain that no one would ever love him. No matter how much he wanted to believe Caroline something in the back of his head always told him o to believe her. He had fallen. Hard. That last thing her wanted was for him to actually admit it out loud just to find out it was all a lie. To uncover that everything he felt for her was only one-sided and she would never share the same emotions like she claimed. "Hey," Klaus looked down to see her smiling face looking back at him. "my parents are going to start worrying. . . I have to go back home before the notice I'm sneaking out."

Klaus sat up leaning against the pillow as she sat between his legs with the cover covering her bare chest. Her golden main cascaded down her porcelain skin. "Wouldn't want to keep them waiting would we." He smiled as he stepped out the bed and began to get dress.

"Or we can tell them. Tell everyone that you are mine, and I am yours." Caroline said and in a pleading tone as she followed him out the bed.

"You know we can't do that." Klaus said, rolling his eyes. He quickly looked away picked up his shirt that laid on the chair from when Caroline threw it off him.

"And why not?"

"Because I'm not ready." Klaus said simply. He began to walk towards the door when a lamp flew by his head and hit the wall beside him. "What in the bloody hell was that for?" He screamed. Klaus looked back and notice the tears and anger mixed in her eyes.

"No! I'm tired of hiding, I'm tired of being your little secret. I want to go out with you I want you to hold my hand as we walk down the street. I want you to love me like I love you!" Caroline screamed as she cried her emotions out finally. "It has been three years, why can't we just be together. I love you and-

"That's the problem!" Klaus yelled back holding his hands out in the shape of a cross. "I don't love you." Caroline blinked a few times before shaking her head.

"You don't love me?"


"But I did everything right, we were happy, weren't you happy?"

"Caroline, I-

"No! You never call me by my name, you always say love." Klaus blinked away the tears and the pain in his heart. He was too emotionally involved and it would never work out for him or her. Mikael and Esther would make sure of it.

"Caroline," He started saying her name in a more forceful tone. "I never loved you. I never will, you're just a kid with the dream of love and thought that someone actually loved you back."

One moment Caroline was by the bed, clenching the cover to her body with tears falling down her face freely and the next, she was in front of Klaus hitting him with all her force. "You lied to me!" She yelled letting the cover fall as she continue to hit him. "You said you would never hurt me." Caroline cried banging on his chest. Klaus took the hits as she cried and tired herself out. She rested her head on his chest with her hands covering her face. All she wanted to do was be how they were 10 minutes ago. "You told me I was beautiful. . ." Caroline slowly looked up and clenched his shirt in her tiny fist. "I gave myself to you. I unpurified myself for you." Klaus roughly grabbed her hands and pushed her away. Doesn't she thing he knew that? Doesn't she know his heart is breaking at every word that he claimed as the truth? Didn't she know that he loved her?

"We can't be together. Not now. Not ever."

Caroline quickly went to him and grabbed his hands between hers and began to sob more than before. "Please, no. Please don't leave me, I need you. I will do what you want. We can keep it a secret and no one has to know."

Klaus finally felt a tear escape his eye. It fell down his cheek in a flaming path. His throat burn as if he had screamed for hours, and her heart would ready to be ripped out her chest. "You can't do anything, Caroline, I don't and will never love you. Get that through you head." Klaus saw as everything in her eyes to that made her bright and strong die. He witness as he became her undoing.

"I never want to see you again, Niklaus Mikaelson." His lip twitched hearing his name past her precious lips. He once told her he hated hearing his name pasted her lips. She did it out of spite. He watched as she quickly got dress and ran out the room. Every bone in his bone yelled at him to go after her. They yelled at him to not let her get away because after tonight he was never going to get her back. He ached to go after her, but if he did it would only cause more pain for her, and more importantly him. He was a monster, a bastard, and fucked up. He was everything Mikael told him. He was everything he hoped he would never be.

Caroline quietly climbed in her bed room window and threw herself face first in the bed. Sob began to escape her throat. She hugged her teddy bear with all her strength. He gave it to her. He called it her lucky bear, and as long as she had it nothing would ever happen to her. Caroline mentally hit herself. How could she be so naïve? She fell in love with him, and it was epic but as the sun set in and his true colors showed, she was just he fool that go played. After that night she prayed she would never have to see Niklaus Mikaelson ever again.