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Final Side

Timeline: After all the stories up to date


*** Tokyo City ***

Momoyo had been practicing in the Kawakami Dojo when the call came in. The Kawakami Heir could not even fathom the news she had received over the phone from Yamato who had been in Nerima to visit /court the eldest Tendo girl.

Unable to believe what Yamato was saying, Momoyo stopped her training regime and stormed out of the dojo. Wanko, who had also been in the dojo at the time, followed her outside out of concern for her Onee-sama, and that was when Momoyo told Wanko what had transpired, causing the slim, pretty brunette's face to pale to an ashen color.

After a quick change of clothes, the two made their way to Tokyo General Hospital where they were surprised to have arrived at the same time as one Tsubame Matsunaga dressed in black and Kuki Ageha, who was also wearing her trademark white business pantsuit. The looks on the two girls' faces conveyed the same disbelief that Momoyo felt.

Ranma was dying.

Nodding somberly to her fellow Devas, Momoyo walked into the hospital flanked by the two Devas with Wanko trailing behind and looking miserable.

When they arrived at the hospital room, they were surprised to see the fourth and final Deva already inside the room, her face pale as she gazed at the prone form of Ranma Saotome.

The pigtailed boy, who was usually so full of energy and life, was in the hospital bed, EKG wires running out of his body with an intravenous bag hooked into his arm, as he lay still in the bed.

"Ranma!" Momoyo said in horror as she stopped at the door upon seeing the sight of her boyfriend in such a condition. Never had she seen him look so pale, so...frail. "No..." Behind her she could hear gasps from Wanko and the other Devas as they caught their first glimpse of the pigtailed boy.

Slowly, Momoyo tried to approach Ranma's bed, but found her legs unable to do so. She had never faced real tragedy on this scale before, with the last time she remembered feeling this sad being when her grandmother died. Even then she could barely recall her actions back then... However at the sight of the person she loved dearly being in this state, her great strength left her.

"Momoyo…" Ageha whispered softly as she gently placed a hand on her kohai's shoulder and led her over to Ranma's bed.


The sound of a stifled sniffle caught the newly-arrived girls' attention as they saw Ranma's former fiancées sitting at the foot of the bed. Akane had her head buried in her hands while her body trembled as she tried to prevent herself from crying.

Next to the youngest Tendo was Ukyou Kounji, the hazel-eyed brunette was looking at Ranma with tears freely sliding down her face. Her hands were on her knees, gripping the fabric of her pants softly.

And finally was Shampoo or Xian Pu, as Momoyo found out later, the purple haired Amazon. It was her that Momoyo had clashed with the most until her grandfather and the girl's grandmother sat down and had a long chat.

What was said and what transpired she did not know; only that when all was said and done, the old ghoul, as Ranma liked to call her, walked out looking very pleased. Why, she was even civil with Momoyo and told her that she and the Devas were doing warrior women proud everywhere.

When Momoyo had asked her what her grandfather had done, he simply smiled and said that it was not a problem she and Ranma would ever have to worry about, still with the Amazons out of their hair their relationship was able to progress smoothly.

Then after facing Momoyo in a fight, Shampoo simply had to give up when faced with the difference in their abilities.

The strong girl that she had previously faced off with looked ashen and pale as her purple eyes was glued upon Ranma's prone form. Her eyes were bloodshot but true to her warrior nature, there were no tears. Her sense of distress however, was clear for Momoyo to see.

"Ran-chan, Ran-chan," Ukyou choked out between stifling tears, "Ran-chan you can't die! You can't leave your cute best friend alone can you?" She cried as she gripped the railing at the foot of Ranma's bed.

Momoyo and the Devas were still unable to believe that it really was Ranma on the bed, so still and bereft of life. Where was his cocky smile? His proud, arrogant face when learning something new? She half expected this to be some joke by Ranma but even his ki signature was faint.

Not knowing how to deal with what was before her, Momoyo remained silent as she willed Ranma's form to wake up. The feeling of grief and loss was overpowering her, and it was taking every fiber of her being not to break down.

Through the silent sniffling and soft cries that could be heard from the girls, the slowing sound of Ranma's heartbeat could be heard.

While no medical expert, Momoyo knew a slowing heart rate could not be a good thing. Where was Ranma's doctor? Why wasn't he monitoring Ranma? Why were they letting him die?!

Suddenly the door burst open to reveal a doctor and several nurses rushing into the room.

"Move! His heart rate is dropping FAST!" The doctor, dressed in hospital scrubs said as he rushed into the room to check on Ranma.

The other nurses that accompanied him had taken out wicked looking needles and a defibrillator, as the girls realized the seriousness of the situations.

"Ladies, we need room, so please move back!" the doctor demanded as he saw all the girls closing in on the boy's bed. At his authoritative tone, the girls jumped a bit and backed away until their backs touched the walls.

"Give me that cortisone. 50 CC stat!" the doctor yelled as a two inch needle was stabbed directly into Ranma's heart.

The girls watched in horror as the medical attendant stabbed Ranma's heart and injected the medicine even as Ranma's heartbeat continued to drop.

After a ten minute struggle that had the girls on edge, Ranma's heartbeat had finally stabilized. The girls watch the doctor's shoulders hunch over in defeat as he let out a long sigh.

"God damn it…always so young..." the doctor sighed softly before standing up. With a movement from his head the nurses quietly departed. Turning around he looked at the assembled girls and schooled his expression. "I have no idea what your relationship is to him but he doesn't have long...it'd be best if you said your goodbyes now while you still can."

With that, the doctor walked out of the room, leaving the stunned girls behind.

It was Wanko who reacted to the news first, surprising both her sister and the other girls..

"WAAAAHHHHHH!" Kazuko cried in heartbreaking distress, her pretty brown eyes now shut, tears freely pouring down her face. "Ranma-nii sama! You can't die! I love you!" she blurted out without any regard to her audience.

Kazuko's declaration stunned everyone, dropping every jaw in the room.

Tsubame Matsunaga did not know what came over her, but even in this situation, her competitive nature showed. Facing Ranma, she declared. "Ranma! I also love you! Please come back to me!"

Immediately Kazuko's crying stopped as she and the three other Devas looked at the Rank 3 Deva in surprise.

"I-I..." Mayuzumi Yukie started, surprising everyone with her boldness. "I…too hold great affection for you, Ranma!"

Kuki Ageha stepped forward closer to Ranma's bed and declared loudly. "Ranma! I need an heir from you so you can't die!"

Momoyo's face went from shocked, to surprised, then even more surprised, and was now angry as her friends all declared their love for her boyfriend, despite the situation.

Pushing Ageha roughly aside Momoyo sat down in the chair next to Ranma's bed. "Ranma, don't you dare die on me!" she ordered the boy. "You beat me damn it, so you'll have to take responsibility. You can't leave me!"

The girls in attendance were surprised by the usually carefree girl's emotional outburst as she held Ranma's hand.

"We're supposed to be an unbeatable team, equal partners, how dare you die on me!" Momoyo berated the still form of Ranma. "I'll kick your ass if you don't wake up right now Ranma!"

No sooner had Momoyo finished her threat, Ranma's heartbeat began to drop as the monitor showed the number quickly decreasing until before anyone could react, Ranma flat-lined.

There were a few seconds of silence as the girls all stared disbelievingly at Ranma's now dead body.

"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAANMMMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Momoyo scream in agony as the boy she loved departed from the mortal world. Burying her head on Ranma's arm, Momoyo's tears started to pour out.

All around the warrior goddess, the Fiancee Brigade and the Kawakami girls all had various grief-stricken poses as the boy they all loved left the Earth.

It was then just as Momoyo was about to break down completely that she heard the sound of the heart monitoring machine beeping. Not believing the sound she raised her head up and looked as the EKG showed that Ranma's heartbeat was starting to rise.

All other girls in attendance also took their eyes away from Ranma and watched his heart monitor, slowly letting joy grip their hearts as the numbers started to rise.

Ageha however noticed something was wrong right away as his heart rate was rising too fast to be normal. Suddenly it spiked, causing Ranma's body to convulse.

"Ranma?!" Momoyo was concern as Ranma's body continued to convulse wildly, she turned to Kazuko and gave the girl an order. "Wanko, get a doctor in here!"

Kazuko nodded and was about to leave when Ranma opened his eyes and sat upright on the bed, ripped his breathing mask off, and spat out something black and squirming much to the girls' disgust.

"What on earth?!" Tsubame stared in horror as she looked at the wiggling, multiple-eyed, tentacled Cthulhu-like creature that Ranma had upchucked.

Even Momoyo had quickly scooted away from the bed upon seeing the abomination that Ranma had spit out.

Yukie had scrambled away quickly as Momoyo backed toward her while Ageha was wondering how such a creature got into Ranma.

"You little fucker," Ranma growled as he eyed the creature who turned to him and hissed, HISSED, wiggling its tentacles aggressively. "Oh yeah? Well take this fucker!"

"Hisss!" the creature growled as it leapt toward the now awake pigtailed boy.

Cupping his hands together Ranma channeled his ki and fired it at the creature. "Moko Takabisha!" He screamed viciously as his attack disintegrated the... thing.

In the ensuring silence only Ranma's huffing could be heard before he looked around and noticed all the girls who had gathered. "Oh... hey… what're you girls all doing here?" He asked, looking clueless, before taking a good look at his surroundings.

"WH-WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!" Momoyo shouted as she closed the distance between herself and Ranma who was very much alive. As relieved as she was to see him up and about she wanted to know what was going on.

"What was what?" Ranma asked, still looking clueless, causing the Kawakami girls to face fault.

"That thing you just destroyed, what the hell else do you think?!" Momoyo pointed to the ash remnants of the dead creature.

"Oh that?" Ranma said, finally understanding what Momoyo was going at before shaking his head. "That was just Akane's Shrimp Scampi Pasta." he replied nonchalantly.

For a second Momoyo was stunned as she wondered why she was on the floor until she realized that she had face faulted. Picking up herself and her dignity, she looked at Ranma, trying to see if he was joking with her.

"That is not funny Ranma, Akane-san was quite distraught, it is not nice to insult her cooking," Ageha chided, as she too had picked herself up off the floor. She was apparently picking up bad habits from the Nerimans.

"Of course she'd be crying!" Ranma explained as if it was obvious. "She was confident it turned out well this time! But the result was same ole same ole." he looked pointedly at the girl who continued to bury her face in her face and tremble. "Hey it was better than the last time, why it didn't even try to reproduce this time!" he stated in an effort to cheer up his ex-fiancée.

"I...I t...thought...if just a bit more salt it would've...been...-sniffle- fine," Akane sobbed into her hands.

Now it was the Kuki Heiress's turn to be stunned as she was rendered speechless. Surely…SURELY Nerima could not be that crazy.

"Akane's cooking did that?" Momoyo asked as she looked at the ashen remains of the creature, Ranma was a horrible liar so when he said that with his usually devil-may-care attitude, he was telling the truth. 'What in the nine hells...?'

"That?" Ranma scoffed as he slowly took the IV needles from out of his arm. "That was nothing, should have seen when Akane baked lasagna, right Ucchan, Shampoo?" he laughed and looked over at the two other girls.

Momoyo and the Devas turned to look at the other two Nerima girls whose faces seemed to pale, with their gazes turning distant as if remembering a war from another time.

"Hey, you wanted half, right?" Ranma grinned at Momoyo before cupping her cheek lightly and then to everyone's surprise leaned in and pecked her on the cheek. "You got it, next time she makes baked lasagna I'll call you, it'll be pretty fun. Just don't wear… umm, loose clothing... heh. Don't want the bastard to get too frisky."

Ignoring the Kawakami girls' jaws dropping, Ranma hopped out of the bed and frowned at his hospital gown. "Ugh, drafty," he complained as he reached behind his back and held onto it as he opened the hospital window and jumped out, leaving behind his still speechless, albeit lightly blushing, girlfriend and official fiancee.

"Well…" Tsubame started as she looked at Akane. "That was... informative, see ya!" she finished before jumping out the window after Ranma. Ranma was in a hospital gown, which meant he was half-naked!

Momoyo looked after Tsubame and had recovered from her blush when she saw the Rank 3 Deva jump out the window. Her eyes lit up and a mischievous smile adorned her face as she grinned again. Ranma never ceased to surprise her. "Wait up, I want to see his cute ass too!" she called after the girl, as she too jumped out the window.

"Oh no Ranma-san!" Mayuzumi exclaimed softly in shock. "We- we must prevent-"

"Let's go take a look at that sweet ass Mayuchi!" Matsukaze shouted from the palm of Yukie's hand enthusiastically.

Turning beet red, the Sword Saint's daughter jumped out the window a second later.

Kazuko, realizing what the girls were up to, cupped her hands to her face and ran out of the room while blushing beet red.

Seconds later Ukyou and Shampoo left, leaving only Ageha and Akane in the room.

"Tendo-san," Ageha said softly, causing the other girl to break out of her funk and look at her questioningly. "How would you like to join the Kuki Corporation Biowarf- I mean Bio-Organic Culinary Division?"

Akane's eyes looked suspiciously at the silver haired girl who was after Ranma. A Culinary Division? She knew the Kuki Corporation had a lot of ties. After all, the Tendo Dojo increase in business was thanks to the Kuki Corp. "Me? Culinary?"

"Why yes," Ageha replied with a smile. "We only hire the best...'Chefs' from around the world. You're… cooking skills would be invaluable. How does a starting salary of 10 million yen a month sound?"

Akane had to smile at that, finally someone who could appreciate her cooking!



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