Sandy held the weeping infant Buttercup in her arms as the poor child did nothing more than cry her eyes out. Buttercup had her head buried in Sandy's chest but Sandy moved the child to her shoulder so Buttercup could hear what Sandy was about to say.

"Baby, listen carefully," said Sandy in a voice just low enough so that only Buttercup could hear, "if I cast the spell I'll remember all this. Being your mom, being your daddy's wife, everything."

Sandy felt some movement on her shoulder. It was Buttercup opening her eyes in surprise.

"If you don't want to go back because you don't want to lose me or your grandpa, then you won't have to worry. If you go back, you'll only have to wait a few months for the school year to end, then you won't be Pokey Oaks students and I can date Daddy again. I'll remember all the reasons I love him and we can get married again. Would you want that, Baby? To be five again and have me as your mommy soon after?"

Sandy pulled Buttercup away from her shoulder so she could see Buttercup's response. Buttercup gave a brief nod. And pushed her face into Sandy's shoulder again. She begins to cry again, but this time, due to the hope of what she'll be able to have soon.

As the tears begin to well up in Buttercup's eyes, she said one thing, one brief phrase that made Sandy determined to fulfill her promise to Buttercup at any cost.


Sandy was shocked. The one thing she'd wanted to hear from her babies and she finally heard it. Tears started forming in Sandy's eyes as well as she held her daughter tighter. She dried her tears long enough to turn to the others.

"Okay, Buttercup's in."

* * * * *

When they returned to the present and Sandy had woken up in her own apartment, she had been a bit surprised but the memories to tell her she was where she was supposed to be had calmed her. It was then that she realized that she, Utonium, her father, and even Mike, would end up forgetting the other world completely as their memories of this world came to them and new memories were formed.

Sandy was determined not to let that happen. Sandy was willing to bet that, having been the targets of the spell two times in a row, the Girls remembered both this world and the other clearly and would remember for a long time, if they ever forgot at all. And Sandy knew that Buttercup would be crushed if Sandy forgot her promise and she and her father never got together.

Before she left for school that morning, she had called Utonium on the phone and talked to him about the problem. He had had the same assumption and came to the same conclusion. They agreed to talk to each other once in a while and discuss things about the old world. Comparisons between the two, wonderful memories of that world they'd shared and might re-create. Hopefully, keeping their minds refreshed on the events of the other world would hopefully allow them to remember what they had too until they could once again be married.

Sandy had decided to let Mike forget that world, it wasn't necessary for him to remember it. Her father had been trickier subject. But he solved it for them by calling Sandy that same morning before she called Utonium and telling her he'd decided to simply let himself forget that world.

"No need to have memories that never really happened." he had said, "Just make sure you wind up with Bill. You'd be the perfect mom for those kids."

Sandy and Utonium were going to respect her father's wishes. Utonium, the Girls, and Sandy herself would be the only ones who would ever know that history had been changed. It would be an excruciating wait for the end of the school year, but it would be worth it in the end.

"Just a little longer." Sandy whispered, more to herself than anyone in particular, "Just a little longer."