For few minutes Gail was not sure if Holly was joking or not. She was not sure how to react. If it was a joke, she had few comebacks ready, but if Holly was serious she was not sure what to say. She wanted more children, but she was not sure she would do it right away. Baby was still very small and she wanted more time to enjoy just being her mom.

''Are you serious?''



''You don't want more kids?''

''I do… But…''

''Too soon?''


''We could adopt?''

''Can we talk about this at home? My work is not the place for this…''


After lunch with Holly, Gail spent some time really thinking about what Holly said. They were not that young to wait for some time and she found on internet that she could get pregnant easier now that she gave birth. So, after work she went to her doctor for a consultation.

''Mrs. Stewart. Nice to see you… What can I do for you?''

''Me and my wife would like another baby. I came to ask you about your opinion…''

''I am always very supportive of ladies expending their families. So, I am up to it again if you are…''

''Lizzy is a bit over six months… Is it a good idea?''

''Gail, children are always good idea…if you want them. From what I see, you and your wife are really doing amazing job…''

She smiled…

''Holly is the one who is amazing…''

''And so are you… You gave birth…don't throw away your credit in it…''

''You are right… We did it together… I gave birth and she did everything else. You should see her. She should have at least four kids…''

''And you?''

''I never had a good role model when it comes to parenting. I am closer to my babysitter than my parents…''

''But Holly is a good mother and you have role model in her?''

Gail smiled…

''She is natural… She is amazing… When I see her with Lizzy… I am so angry at that son of a…for doing it to her. She would be amazing at being pregnant and doing things… Sometimes I wish I could trade places with her…Just so she could be pregnant and have a chance to experience that feeling of growing a small person inside…''

Gail realized her eyes were filled with tears. She wiped them and Dr. Kolby could give her an exam… Doctor checked what she needed, drew some blood from Gail and came back with results after twenty minutes.

''You are in excellent health and could get pregnant pretty much in next few days…''

Gail checked her calendar and saw when is her ovulation…

''I am ovulating in next few days…''

''Ok, want to use the same donor?''

''Yes… But I want IVF this time…''

''Ok… We can start on that and I will see you Wednesday morning…''

''Ok… I can't believe I am doing this…''

''Don't worry…''

''I want to keep it from Holly…''

''Oh, why?''

''Because, if it works I want it to be a birthday present…''

''That is hell of a present…''

''Present to her and hell for me… My hormones are not happy when I am pregnant…''

''I know…''

Gail was excited and a bit nervous in next few days. She wanted it to work, but she was scared of the negative outcome. She really wanted to do it for Holly. She knew how much her wife wanted it. When she got home she spent some time at the baby's room door just looking at Holly and Lizzy. Holly was natural. She held Lizzy in her lap and fed her and Lizzy was holding to Holly's pinky. When she got the bottle out she spoke to Lizzy that ''talked'' back to her. Gail's heart melted. She had to give Holly another baby. She had to make her wish come true. Holly didn't even look at the door when she spoke.

''Hey, mom… Will you join us or be just the creepy stalker from the door?''

''I will join you… Just let me change…''

Gail got out of her uniform and got to Lizzy's room. Baby and Holly were on the floor and baby was playing with some new toys she got from Steve. Gail sat by her wife and stole a kiss or two…

''Hello to you to… How was your day?''

''Very crazy…''

''Oh… I'm sorry…''

''Don't be… You left me with some insane ideas Stewart…''

''Oh, I did?''


''What ideas?''

''Another baby…''

''Oh, that… Gail, if you are not ready…''

''No, I am… We can talk about it Holly. If you want it…''

''Gail, I want you to do what you think is best for you. I promise I will be ok with any decision you make…''

''I know, and that's why I love you…''

They kissed one more and Gail deepened the kiss… Their make out session was interrupted by the baby who started ''arguing'' with one of the hanging elements…

''Sorry baby… Moms got distracted…''

Gail picked her up and held her. She and Holly talked to the baby and baby giggled at them and that was moment when Gail realized she would be happy just sitting at home with Holly and their children. She wanted another baby too. She wanted their family to expend…She told Holly that on Wednesday morning she has some meetings out of the office and that she will see her and the baby at home. Holly kissed her and wished her good bye and told her to kick their butts. Gail got to the doctor's office at nine, as planned and how she was waiting for the doctor to come. When she came Gail got up and followed her to the office.

''Are you ready?''


''Ok, you know the drill… But this will me a bit more complicated. You have to stay here until five. We have to monitor you…''

''Ok… I am ready…''

Gail changed and went with the nurse to the room where the procedure would take place. Some more people showed up and Gail got some anesthetic to sedate her. Her eggs were collected and doctor Kolby told her that she can come on Friday to have embryos implanted... She was in pain because of the procedure and she felt a bit down. She spent most of the day asleep at the clinic and when the time came to go home it took her all her strength to drive home. Holly and Lizzy were out and she went straight to bed. Holly put Lizzy to bed when she noticed that Gail was in bed…

''Hey, what's wrong?''

''Nothing… I am just a bit tired…''

''And you have pain meds by the bed?''

''It's nothing…''


She rolled Gail to face her…

''What happened?''


''You have strong pain meds… I will call someone and ask…''


''What is going on?''

''You will spoil the surprise?''

''You did a tattoo?''


''What is it?''

Gail lifted her shirt and lowered her pajama bottoms and Holly's eyes were full of tears…


''No, not yet… They just took my eggs today… On Friday I will get them back and hopefully be pregnant soon. It was supposed to be your birthday present if it works…''

Holly started kissing her silly and crying…

''Gail Peck, I love you so much… Thank you…''

''I wish nothing more than to have family with you and have a nice life together…''

''I love you too Holly… And this is all for you… I wouldn't have ever considered getting pregnant without you…''

''I can't wait for another family member…''

''Me too…''

On Friday morning, they all went to the clinic. Doctor Kolby greeted them at the door.

''Oh, I see you told Holly…''

''She sort of got it…''

''Are you ready?''

''Yes… Let's do this…''

Holly sat in the chair with a baby and held Gail's hand. Doctor Kolby injected the embryos and it was not matter of wait…Holly took Gail home and pampered her for the entire weekend… Gail would get anything she wanted. On Monday she was back to work and the wait started. She was very excited about the results and would she be able to give the news of pregnancy to her wife as a present. Two weeks later it was the moment of truth. She came home to find Holly with tests ready…

''Let's see if we are having a baby…''

She nodded and went to the restroom. She used three tests and they waited for the results. When the timer beeped, she looked at the tests. They were all positive…



''It's positive… They all are..''

''We are having a baby!''

''Yes! We are having a baby!''

She jumped into her wife's arms and they were kissing and crying for some time.

''Thank you Gail… I can't thank you enough for making all of my dreams come true…''

''I didn't do much…''

''You did it all… You gave me family… You stayed married to me…''

''I love you Holly… I would have given you this…and more…''

''I have all I need…''

They picked up their baby and took her to their bed… That nigh they slept with Lizzy between them and new family member inside of Gail…Family together…