Fate Unleashed

DC and Fate/Stay night clash!

Super fanfic (pun intended)

"I can't stray from my path for those I've left behind."

"That's right! I admired his desire to save people because it was beautiful! But none of that feeling is my own! What else can you call it but hypocrisy?! I was driven by my obsessive need to help someone. I kept running, neither noticing the pain nor how wrong I was! But it's all a fake. Such hypocrisy can not save anything. No, first of all, I didn't even know what I wanted to save!"

"The only people a superhero can save are the people he sides with."

"Evening', Ma'am. Team Arrow is pleased to offer a new service to all of our Star City subscribers. For no additional costs, you're free to administer a few strategic kicks to your would-be assailant here. And when I say strategic, I mean his crotch"

"I don't have to prove anything. This has nothing to do with the law. It has to do with justice."

"Twenty-five years... my parents murdered in front of my eyes... the wet rattle of my father's dying breath... the heavy emptiness invading my mother's dilating eyes... so long ago. Too long ago... Too long to feel the loss... or the rage... or the fear... all those things that made me... I can't remember my mother"

This is a story that happened in the imagination... or not... in a place where realities and worlds meld, where impossibility is only what people dare not to do...

"So... heroes are real... it seems you where wrong... Archer" a voice of a young man said as he arrived at this new country he now was in.

6 years have passed since that gruesome macabre war... the ritual to bring the holy grail...

a young talentless magus was cast into a war, he was in way over his head, yet regardless of the foolishness of his decision to participate he marched on, working in his skill and in the end he ended up fighting himself, literally.

His own pseudo-ascended version of a hero he could become/that he became/ that he shouldn't become

the broken sword, the blade of justice, the wrought iron magus known only as the servant of the bow...

Archer... or EMIYA.

He was a hero who was disillusioned with his ideals and turned his back on them after seeing in horror what he has done...

He became a counter-guardian. A being dedicated to exterminate all that could pose a threat to existence, and most if not all of the time... was humans... anything related to the problem was eliminated without remorse, and so over and over for eternity over the reaches of time, he was called to destroy, to kill... to murder and butcher.

His ideals... to save people... broken... his spirit... broken as well... he could only act as a well oiled machine.

And past and future fought... ideals versus desire.

One to be a hero...

The other to end the suffering his past counterpart would suffer should he walk this path

The stubbornness of Shirou and his desire to not loose to himself propelled him to win in his death match against the servant EMIYA.

His separation from Saber... his training with Rin, his magus teacher and girlfriend.

His skills grew more and more, polished his swordsmanship skills with the training he had with his own servant of the sword... Saber.

Since then he had to flee from the Clock Tower, England's top place for any magus to study and research.

However due to someone leaking that he possessed a Reality Marble he was branded as a "Sealing designee" and thus hunted down to help the progress of the thaumaturgy progress.

And thus he had to escape London and flee towards America.

He was... disappointed on what he was seeing.





Police where trying... by gods they tried but most of the people committing the crimes where more than human.

Metahumans, humans with super abilities, not to mention those who could create and possessed higher technology, or people who where trained to posses skills higher that that of a regular human.

He knew what he needed to do... once he got settled in he decided to stop this all once and for all...

He arrived in Sterling City.

The archer in green would meet the archer of swords.

His package had arrive where he was now living in Starling City.

Rin had tough he was insane... but this was Shirou, so it was a given. She had to contact a certain person of the church, normally she would be killed for it, but her father had been a devout catholic back in japan as well as his ancestors... tough they had to hide it tough to persecution against their faith, so they contacted a 'friend' of Shirou's in the Vatican...

Friend was a loose term... her name was Ciel... she was one of the group called "Burial Agency" the worst of the worst, zealots of the faith whose abilities where no where NEAR human and abilities and weapons given to them due to their ability to survive and fight the enemies of the faith.

In a way, they where their superiors of the fake(now dead) priest Kotomine Kirei, who was an Executor of the church.

Rin asked Ciel to deliver the shroud... Shirou's battle garments and Ciel accepted, it was a breach of protocol but... when you are an immortal agent of the Burial Agency who was the previous incarnation of a Dead Apostle dead set on perfecting resurrection and the ability to use one of the 7 sacraments, as well as being friends with a True Ancestor AND the wielder of the Eyes of Death Perception... people tend to overlook things... and piss in fear... either or, she wasn't particularly picky.

Ciel liked Shirou a lot as a person... he was someone pure in a corrupt world, just like that other guy... but they where so fundamentally different.

He is a rather headstrong and relentless person in pursue of a flawed ideal.

To be a hero of justice.

The battle attire was a suit made with a holy shroud... it would protect him from the elements by confining his body in a pseudo reality that made him always in a constant temperature, regardless of external factors, other than that it provided no other attributes. For him, it was perfect... only a bit of reinforcement would be needed to increase it's strength, but it was self-repairing so it was no problem with it.

He waited till darkness...

It was around 9PM...

The cover of darkness... masked the city over... it was the dark time... where delinquents and criminals thrived and any unsuspecting person, or dumb enough person who would be out at such time, would be mugged, killed and/or raped.

It was that night he would meet someone similar to him.

Their meeting was with a green arrow coming right at him.


2 blades one black as night and the other one was pristine white, deflected the arrow.

"Interesting trick you got there kid... but I am not letting you do what you want, this is my city" the man wearing green said as he jumped and shot more arrows at him.

Shirou instantly deflected all... as well as avoided some strange ones, with a single glance he analyzed them.

"Interesting... those send a shock of electricity to the body... like a tazzer, and those... those contain explosives to cause concussions and the like" he thought as he avoided another round of arrows.

Shirou got close at the green archer... he deflected his sword strike with his bow.. which in turn received a deep cut in it.

"Damn... those are some sharp swords... not even Slade's blade could cut into it" he said as he used an arrow to attack Shirou.

He dodged him as he used his sword to block an incoming projectile from the left side.

"Trace... on" now armed with a bow he begun to shoot at the second intruder, only to miss.

"GAH!" someone shouted.

He didn't he was aiming for the one who was about to highjack a truck, one of his real targets.

Just a few blocks down there was a FEMA truck trying to deliver medicine to the poor on the downtrodden sector of the city and people of the wrong side of the law decided to cash in this opportunity by hijacking it and using the medicine to make drugs or sell them in the black market... or both.

An arrow shot trough and throw one of the assailants... he laid dead where he stood.

Shirou shot again and again, never missing a beat as he exchanged blows from other projectiles from a second intruder who joined in the fray and the green archer.

Shirou dodged and blocked, another projectile came his way... it was a smoke bomb.

One arrow after the other impaled themselves on the robbers and assailants down on the streets.

"Trace... on" he said once more.

A sword that looked like it was made from solidified magma appeared on his hand, he cocked the sword on his bow.

"Is he REALLY gonna shot that from there?" the green bowman asked.

The other intruder merely analyzed the situation. He knew there was more to it than that.

By all means it should been impossible... but then...

The sword changed form into a slim projectile.

"Burn... Ragnarok!" he shouted as he let the arrow fly.

The projectile embedded itself on the roof... and red fire sprung forth... the black intruder threw some pellets that contained something to put out the fire, however the fire continued on raging, but only on that particular place, encasing them in the mystic fire.

Shirou then vanished

"Damn... who was that guy?" the green bowman asked.

"Dunno... but he put down 8 guys who where about to jack the FEMA truck" the dark one said

"What are you doing in my city anyways Bats?" the green bowman asked

"I need to find you to ask you something... besides... Wayne also has some business to do in Starling City... so I figured I could kill 2 birds with one stone" Batman said.

"Still tough... just who the hell was that guy?" the green bowman asked

"I don't know Green Arrow... but I intend to find out" Batman said.

With that said he vanished into the night.

"I hate it when he does that" Green Arrow said to himself.

Batman on the batmobile

"Batmobile... connect to the batcave computer and search for a person based on certain characteristics" Batman said.

"Certainly sir... and those are?" the AI asked

"Gender, male; Height approximately 6,13... weight approximately: 171 lbs, dark tanned skin, white shock hair and amber eyes" Batman said.

"Please hold a moment... searching... target found... is this the young man you are looking for?" the AI asked as he flashed a picture of the person in question.

"Yes... tell me about him" Batman said.

"Certainly... his name is Shirou Emiya" the AI said

Something nudged on the back of Batman's head, that name was... familiar.

"Can you trace his family history?" he asked again.

"Certainly...I encountered an error... there is an anomaly... would you like his adoptive family?" the AI said.

"Why... can't you trace his birth parents?" Batman said.

"Indeed... he was orphaned by the Fuyuki City fire... according to the census over 500 people died that day... tough it might be more, records where not digitized till a couple decades later" The AI said.

"So... his adoptive relatives then" Batman asked

"Found... foster parent Kiritsugu Emiya" the AI replied "Know also as the 'Magus Killer' due to his ability to locate and eliminate his target regardless of how heavily defended and fortified they are... it is said that he was in a fight with Ra's al Ghul... he buried him alive using well placed C4s, apparently he thought he was dead, he had no idea about the Lazarus Pits... he also been in international wanted after shooting down an airbus containing terrorists and some biological weapons in his early to late teens killing all aboard, as well as being seen around the world in areas of high conflict" the AI said.

Batman narrowed his eyes... if this kids was adopted by this man... what would he be able to do?

He needed to look for him and fast.

People shouldn't be killed, they all deserved trails and the ability to pay for their crimes.

He really liked how he did things, he would never say so out-loud... but killing someone... it's a line he would never cross.

He would be in for a surprise the next day.

Batman's civilian identity Bruce Wayne just went to a luxurious restaurant... he was shocked to see who the chef was.

"Welcome to our restaurant... I hope the service was to your level" Shirou asked.

Wayne for once was shocked.

Still he was not one to loose footing so easily and thus re-engaged him in conversation.

"So how long have you been here for?" Bruce asked.

"A couple of weeks really, they hired me first as a sous-chef but they liked my recipes so they promoted me really quick, never seen this place so lively before" Shirou said with a smile.

"I see... well you certainly do a good job, this is rather delicious... I wish Alfred could make this sometime" Bruce said.

"I am not supposed to do this... but... if you'd like here is the recipe..." Shirou said as he handed him Bruce a paper with the exact way to prepare this meal.

"I see... well thank you for your troubles" Bruce said.

"Not at all... I am just happy to help" Shirou said.

With that he went back to the kitchen.

It was shocking that the person who killed 8 criminals was a rather easy going fellow, not only that but he was a chef... not only that but even after analyzing him, he could not find any fake-ness in him... he was as honest as he showed himself to be... so... why that? Why kill them?

He needed to contact the league... this was rather troubling.

Once he had his meal and pocked the recipe and left, outside his faithful butler was waiting for him.

"Had a good lunch master Bruce?" he said as he opened the limousine door for him.

"You could say that... also I found out some interesting things" Bruce said.

"Oh?" Alfred said "what would that be?"

"first... the person me and green arrow confronted last night works here, he doesn't even hide his identity" Bruce said.

"That is troubling... and the second?" he asked.

"He is a damn good chef... here if possible can you make this if we have guests?" Bruce said with a smirk.

"Certainly master Bruce... where to?" Alfred asked.

"to the nearest Zeta tube... this must be told to the League" Bruce said as he put on his costume inside the vehicle.

"Have a good trip master Bruce" Alfred said.

Batman nodded and grunted as he stepped into a old tool-shed.

"Identifying... member 001 Batman... confirmed" a voice said as it scanned Batman.

A flash of light... then he was no more.

Thousands of miles over the Earth's orbit.

"Transporting... Batman... welcome back to the Watchtower"the AI said.

The first to meet Batman was a green man... The Martian Manhunter..

"Greetings Batman... are you well" John Johns asked.

"I am doing fine... however a new player has showed up... he has an enhanced skill-set of that of Green Arrow... and he is not above killing criminals" Batman said.

"I see... would you mind if I see how it happened?" John Johns asked.

Batman didn't like telepathy, but he trusted him to only view what is necessary.

"I see... this person is very dangerous, he was able to fight both you and Green Arrow while killing the assailants... he is highly skilled, not to mention that last attack... I can tell you that was no technology... I think you should ask one of the heroes who deal with the mysitc for the answers you may no doubt looking for" he said.

"thanks Jhon Jhons" Batman said as he left the teleporter room.

First one to look would be one that was a descendant from the gods... he hoped she would still be around.

While not a magician, she knew a lot about stuff like that... if not there where only 2 more persons he knew he could ask.

To his displeasure, Diana (Wonder Woman) was not here so he looked for Dr. Fate, who was not here as well.

"Zatanna it is then" Batman muttered as he went to her room in the watchtower.

*Knock knock knock*

"Come in" a female's voice called.

Inside was a woman dressed in a magicians garb, thigh-high stockings, a top hat and a tuxedo vest...

"Oh? Batman... what do I owe this visit?" she said with a smirk as she landed down from her levitation practice.

"I need some help with a new key player that appeared... maybe you can shed some light on that" Batman asked.

"I see... mind if I prove a bit to see what was about?" Zatanna asked.

"Suit yourself" Batman said as he once more was subjected to mind reading powers.

Once she saw the actual fight... and how it ended she gasped.

"Batman... do NOT get near that person... like... ever" Zatanna said in shock, she was visibly pale.

Batman raised an eyebrow... "who is him Zatanna? You know him?" Batman asked.

"Know him... no... but of him... he is a magus... he earned the title of 'Wrought Iron Magus', and also the 'Ally of Justice'... he also has a Sealing Designation by a the Clock Tower" Zatanna said.

"What is a sealing designation and the Clock tower?" Batman asked.

"Oh... right... you are not really on the know how in that part... Magus... are a secretive bunch... they have their own organizations... one of them, the largest one that is, is the Clock Tower... at is core there are researchers and are looking for a way to access the root of the world to bring back the magic that has been lost trough the ages... they are rather... amoral as long as they can get results the rest of the world can burn down for all they care... that person... is dangerous" Zatanna warned.

"I see... I'll just have to see how to counter his way of fighting" Batman said.

"Don't say I didn't warn you... if you get in his way he will kill you... he doesn't let anyone who protects criminals and the like stop him, there is a reason his attire is red ya know?" Zatanna said.

"Oh? Why?" Batman said.

"His attire was originally white... it became red because it was soaked in the blood of the people he killed" Zatanna said.

He needed something to stop him... he would kill any and all serious offenders, tough ideal, it would make a serious escalation war.

"Batman... I heard you where looking for someone for something mystical... maybe I can be of help?" a female's voice said.

"Hello... Hawkgirl" Batman said

Chapter end