Hey guys! Here's a little bit of a one shot that has been bumming around in my brain & just won't leave till I wrote it out.

I totally know I'm supposed to be working on my next chapter of Runaway Train but its soooooo hard to get into the mind set to write it after the Naruto chapter this week. The feels man! The feels! 3

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Shikamaru walked on the soft grass it was the first real grass of spring & the softest. He placed a bouquet of flowers down on the grave before pulling out his lighter to light an incense before sitting down.

Temari walked ignoring the blazing sun as she kneeled on the rough sand to put the plate of Leaf dumplings, her favorite dumplings, on the grave. Pulling out a match she lit a candle putting it next to plate.

"Hey dad."

"Hi mom."

"I'm sorry this is how we have to talk now."

"I'm sorry I haven't been to see you."

"I know the flowers are lame but I don't know what else to bring."

"I hope you like the dumplings they're from have the best."

" I just went to talk to Asuma"

"I stopped by dad. He's good."

"Moms still not doing too well. Been trying to get her out here."

"Gaara's been so busy with work & Kankuro locked himself up in his shop again. But I'm sure they will both stop by they always do."

"...listen I could really use some help right now. Theres this girl."

"So there is this boy."

"She's loud & bossy. Drives me crazy."

"He's a lazy slacker I can't stand him sometimes."

"But then she'll suddenly be nice & her smile...its just amazing. Just like you said."

"Then he'll turn around & put his life on the line for someone else. He saved so many people during the war it was amazing. Hell he's amazing."

"I just don't know what to do about her. She lives in another country, her brother is the Kazekage & the other brother is just crazy. Plus I'm pretty sure she would laugh in my face if I'd tell her anyway."

"He lives in the Leaf that's 3 days away. He has all these friends & family there. I'm jealous. Besides he's probably afraid of me."

"I tried to tell her on the way home from the war but of course I choked. "

"I almost thought he was going to tell me he liked me on our trip back from the war. Wishful thinking huh?"

"You were always telling me these weird cryptic things I couldn't understand but I get it now. I just wish you were here to tell me what I should do next."

"I really wish you were here. Every other girl runs to their mom for advice about this stuff. Who am I supposed to go to? Baki? Yeah right."

"Mom misses you a lot...I miss you."

"Its just not fair."

"I wish you were here."

"I wish you were here."

He sighed taking out some beads from his pocket as he prayed silently.

Temari bowed down from where she sat on her knees as she quietly recited a traditional prayer in an old dead Suna language used for ceremonial purposes.

"I love you dad." Shikamaru said as he stood up brushing off his pants

"I love you mom." Temari said blowing the candle out before standing up adjusting her skirt.

"Looks like I'm on my own with this." They both thought as they walked away from graves hundreds of miles apart.