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Shadow sighed and slumped against the back wall of the hut. For the last hour, Sally and some of those other wacky Freedom Fighters had been arguing on what they were going to do. They hadn't gotten anywhere, and Shadow was getting bored of their bickering. Just as he was about to get up and head for Robotropolis by himself, that irritating squirrel screamed "QUIET! Uncle Chuck has just sent us something very important! Robotnik is going to use the weird power source in a giant cannon to blow up the Forest!" There were appropriate gasps of shock and horror all around. "He also says that Robotnik has set up a force field around the city that will only let one person through, then it will close! One of you has to go into the city alone and stop the cannon!"

Sonic struck a ludicrous pose. "Then I'll go! I'm the way past coolest hedgehog ever and I'll shut down Robuttnik's plans like I always do! I'm blue, I'm cool, I'm Sonic the Hedgehog and I've gotta juice so here I go!" Sonic dashed out of the hut, raced through the village, and headed through the Great Forest. Halfway to Robotropolis, he stopped, turned around, and ran back to Knothole to check something out. He skidded to a halt in front of a restaurant, looking at a flyer in its window. "Free chili dogs today only? Oh yeah!" said Sonic, reading the flyer. He zipped into the restaurant and started pigging out.

Since the restaurant was right outside of Sally's hut, everyone could see Sonic forget his mission and go get chili dogs. "Well, there goes our only hope. We're doomed." She said sadly.

"No we're not! Ah'll go!" said Bunny bravely in a Southern accent. She ran outside, accidentally stepped in a puddle of water, and short-circuited her bionic legs, causing her to start uncontrollably doing the Riverdance.

"We're doomed." said Sally.

"No we're not! I'll go!" said Tails bravely, forgetting about Shadow for the moment.

"No you're not. Tails, you're too young." Said Sally sternly.

"But Aunt Sally, I've almost hit puberty! You guys were around ten or twelve when you started Freedom Fighting, why can't I?" Tails whined.

"Because I say so, and I'm the Princess so my word is law! Now go to your room or I won't read you a bedtime story tonight." She said.

"Yes Aunt Sally." Said the fox sadly, leaving the hut.

"No where was I? Oh right, we're doomed." Said Sally.

Antoine drew his fake sword. "No we are not! I shall save the day! Yaaaaaaaaaa!" He yelled in a French accent, charging out of the hut. He ran through the village and actually got out to the Forest, where he saw a tiny spider dangling from a branch. He screamed bloody murder, ran all the way back to his hut, and hid under his bed, shivering.

"Like I said, we're doomed." Said Sally, moaning.

"Wait! I know!" said Rotor the walrus, who looked a bit singed from the explosion in his hut. "I'll go to my lab and build a force field jamming device that will allow us to send an entire hypothetical army of Freedom Fighters into Robotropolis so we can stop the cannon! Be right back!" He ran out to his hut, went inside, and shut the door. A few seconds later, it exploded.

"We're doomed! Doomed! DOOMED!" shrieked Sally.

"Shut up!" growled Shadow.

She turned and glared at him. "Insulting the princess?! I'll put you in the dungeon for that!"

"Do you actually have a dungeon?" Shadow asked.

She paused. "Well, no."

"And if Robotnik overthrew your father, wouldn't that mean you're not royal at all, seeing as how the fat man is the one now in charge of the kingdom?" Shadow asked. "Because if so, you don't actually have the authority to order people around or put them in a nonexistent dungeon."

She gritted her teeth and pointed a finger at Shadow. "Guards, seize him!" she cried. Nothing happened.

"What guards?" Shadow asked.

She started cursing and slamming her fists on the table. Then she got an idea. She looked up, grinning nastily. "Well, seeing as how there is nobody else to volunteer to go to Robotropolis, I order you to go the city and stop Robotnik's plans!"

He raised an eyebrow. "Why couldn't you go?"

"Because I, unlike my comrades, have no actual useful skills whatsoever except for having a little supercomputer named Nicole that is compatible with anybody. And since I am a princess and can absolutely not go anywhere without bodyguards to protect me, I simply couldn't dare risk going through the one-person force field." She said sweetly.

Shadow sighed. "Fine, I'll go. It's my Emerald anyway, I don't trust any of you freaks with it. Just point me in the right direction and I'll be off."

Sally pointed to the door. "It's due east from the village. Good luck, and if you fail I'll have you flogged to death for vexing me. Bye!"

Shadow rolled his eyes. "Yeah, bye." He ran out of the hut and started skating through and out of the village, heading east.

Robotnik was laughing maniacally. He had no real reason for doing so, he just felt like it. Snively walked into the control room and rolled his eyes at the sight of his boss cackling and jiggling his belly like Jell-O. "Sir?" he asked timidly. Robotnik kept laughing. "Sir?" he asked, a little louder. Robotnik kept laughing. "SIR!" Snively shouted, getting the fat man's attention.

"Yes Snively, what is it?" asked Robotnik.

"Sir, I just wanted to report that construction of the cannon and installation of the mysterious jewel went without a hitch. The cannon should be ready for firing soon." The tiny man reported.

"How soon?" asked Robotnik.

"Half an hour, approximately." Said the lackey.

The evil dictator nodded. "Excellent. It had better be ready on time Snively, or I'll roboticize your left pinky! Bwahahahahaha!"

Snively stared at him. "My left pinky?"

Robotnik nodded. "Yes, you're left pinky! Now be gone! I have to laugh for no reason! Muhahahahahahaha! Bwahahahahahahaha! Ahahahaha-" Snively was already leaving the room at that point. When he stepped out into the corridor, Cluck swooped down out of nowhere, pecked his bald head several times, and then flew away again. Snively roared pathetically and started beating the ground, wailing and cursing. The control room door opened. "Snively, are you screaming and cursing as a result of a mental breakdown caused by my pet chicken's frequent pecking on your head?" asked the doctor.

"No sir." Said Snively quickly.

"Oh, okay then. Bye." Robotnik walked back into the control room, closed the door, and went back to laughing. Snively shook his head in disgust and walked away.

Shadow burst out of the Great Forest and stopped, looking in disgust at the city of Robotropolis. It was big, metallic, loud, and polluted. Smoke and smog were pouring out of almost every skyscraper. And there were mindless robots everywhere. A barbed fence encircled the city, no doubt electrified. Shadow walked to the fence, seeing a large hole in it. He crawled through, careful not to touch the ends of the wire making the fence, and was now inside the city. He closed his eyes for a moment, using his Chaos senses to locate the Emerald. He opened his eyes. "That way!" he said, pointing to a huge egg-shaped building amidst the skyscrapers. "That's probably Robotnik's headquarters. Guess I'd better get a move on, then!" He started running towards the egg-shaped building.

He immediately ran into some security robots, also known as Swatbots. They were white and gray, with red shoulder spikes and round heads. A red spike was on top of their heads and a red visor served for visual receptors. A dozen of them ran out of a nearby building and waved guns in the air. "Halt Priority One Hedgehog! You are under arrest!"

For a second, Shadow considered easily destroying the robots. Then he got an interesting idea. He raised his hands. "I surrender!" he said.

The Swatbots looked at each other for a moment, surprised. The leader of the squadron lowered its gun. "You surrender?"

"Yes. Take me to your ruler." Said Shadow.

The Swatbots seemed bewildered, not actually sure what to do in this situation. "Well, um, good! Follow us, inferior organic! We shall take you to be eliminated by our Master, the Grand High Dark Imperious Supreme Magnanimous Omnipotent Imperial Overlord Ruler Doctor Robotnik." Said the leader, slightly unsure.

"Okay." Said Shadow, raising an eyebrow at the length of Robotnik's title. As the robots surrounded him and began marching, he went along, hoping he wasn't allowing himself to be led into a trap. They went through the streets of the mechanical city, occasionally getting glances from other robots. As they walked, Shadow struck up a conversation with the head Swatbot, initiating his plan. "Hey, can I ask you a question?"

"What is it, inferior organic?" the robot barked.

"Do you hate organic lifeforms?" he asked.

"What?" asked the startled machine.

"I said, do you hate organic lifeforms? It's a simple enough question." Shadow explained.

The Swatbot would have looked angry if it had a face. "Of course I hate organic lifeforms! That's how I'm programmed!"

"Then why do you work for Robotnik, a person who is most certainly not mechanical?" Shadow pointed out.

The entire group of Swatbots stopped, considering this question. "Er, I don't know." Admitted the leader Swatbot.

"Then why bother working for an inferior being like him? I have a deal for you. You quit working for Robotnik and let me go beat him without having to go through any robot guards or soldiers, and I guarantee I won't scrap you as I am so easily capable of doing right now." proposed Shadow.

The Swatbot pondered for a moment. "I guess that's a sensible proposal, since he's an organic, and you probably could easily destroy us." Said the Swatbot reluctantly. "Okay, as long as you promise not to harm any robots, I'll let you go through without a hitch. Deal?"

"Deal." Said Shadow. The hedgehog and machine shook on it. "I suggest you try and evacuate any robots you can from Robotropolis. I'm going to see if I can blow it up, and take the fat man with it."

"We'll start emptying the city immediately. A pleasure doing business with you." Said the Swatbot leader.

"The pleasure is all mine. Good luck getting out!" Shadow ran past the robots, heading for the giant egg building. Apparently robots could communicate quickly with each other, as none of the other Swatbots Shadow passed lifted a finger to stop him. In fact, when he ran into the main square of the city and walked right inside the big open doorway of the egg building, he didn't even get yelled at.

"Muhahahahahahaha! Bwahahahahaha! Ahahaha-eh? What's this?" Robotnik stopped his tirade of laughter to examine a blinking light on the control panel. He pressed the button next to the light, and his eyes widened as an image of a hedgehog entering the main hall of his fortress came up on a screen. "SNIVELY! THE HEDGEHOG'S INSIDE THE BUILDING! ACTIVATE THE HALL DEFENSES!" Robotnik bellowed.

"Sir, I'm right next to you, you don't need to yell!" said Snively unhappily from his chair right next to Robotnik. "I'll get right on it, okay?" The shrimp of a minion pressed a button on his control panel. A tube lowered from the ceiling of the main hall, and a vacuum activated. As the hedgehog was sucked in, he tried to save himself but failed, falling up into the tube. "He's being directed to the roboticizers, sir. Would you like me to open a channel so you can watch Sonic get roboticized without getting up from your seat?"

Robotnik mused for a moment. "Yes, go ahead, I don't want to waste energy. I'm glad I thought of it."

Snively grumbled and pressed a few buttons on his console.

In another chamber, a hole opened in the ceiling, dropping Shadow right into a large glass tube. The top sealed over him, a strange device hanging over him. He grunted, stood up, and brushed himself off. "Well, that was an unpleasant ride." He looked around, noticing the room was full of similar tubes. "Wonder what this thing is."

A large TV screen lowered from the ceiling. It flickered and switched on, showing the ugly face of Robotnik. "Bwahahahahahaha! At last, I have you right where I want you Son-" He blinked and looked at Shadow again. "DAMN IT, YOU'RE NOT SONIC!"

Shadow looked over himself in mock surprise. "I'm not? Huh, I hadn't noticed."

"Who are you?! How dare you intrude into my fortress?!" the evil man demanded.

"You have something of mine. I want it back." Shadow said.

Robotnik barked a harsh laugh. "Ha! You dare request something from me, the great Robotnik? Forget it!"

Shadow raised an eyebrow. "You're Robotnik? Good god, you're uglier than the one back home!"

The fat doctor seemed unable to say anything for a minute or so. When he recovered his voice, he growled, "How dare you insult me?! Prepare to become yet another one of my metal servants, filthy rodent!" He pressed a button off-screen. The device over Shadow started humming right before it shone a beam of light down on Shadow. "Now, feel the sheer pain and agony as your very flesh and bones are converted to metal! Bwahahahahahahaha! Muhahahahahahahahahaha!"

As the light intensified, Shadow began to scream. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH-" He stopped. "Hey wait, this doesn't hurt at all! Actually, it feels kind of nice, like a warm lamp."

Robotnik stuttered. "Wh-what? Impossible! You should be writhing in pain as you are transformed into a robot! Yet you stand there, completely fine! How can this be?!"

Shadow smirked. "I guess you don't know who I am, do you? I'm Shadow, the Ultimate Lifeform! I was created by a man far greater than you, who endowed me with the ability to be resistant to almost any form of molecular alteration. Your machine has no effect on me, I'm afraid."

Robotnik gulped. "Well, even if I can't change you, you're trapped in there! I've made that tube Sonic-proof, so there's no way you can break out!"

Shadow chuckled. "Yes, but I'm far stronger than that faker. Bear witness to my true power!" He curled into a ball and started spinning as lights raced around him. After spinning for five seconds, he stood up and began to glow. "There is no time to play games!" he shouted. There was a flash of yellow light, and every roboticizer in the room (as well as the TV monitor) had been completely destroyed. Shadow stood atop the fallen monitor, grinning. "Ah, I always do underestimate the power of the Light Attack. Now, where is that Emerald?" He closed his eyes and focused. After a moment, his eyes shot open. "Ah, it's at the top of the fortress! Guess I'd better get a move on. Although I seriously dislike those Freedom Fighters, it would be wrong to just let them die." He ran out of the room's exit, heading for the top of the building.

Robotnik clutched his bald dome as his screen turned to static. "No! He's probably escaped! Snively, activate the defenses!"

Snively pressed a few buttons. He frowned in bewilderment. "That's odd. They're not responding. Let me try again." Snively tried again, with no result.

Robotnik growled angrily. "Well, send out the Swatbots!"

Snively pressed a button. "Sir, there don't seem to be any in the building."

"Then call the Combots!" the doctor bellowed.

Snively pressed a different button. "What? There aren't any here!" he said in surprise.

"Then call out the Shadowbots!" Robotnik roared.

Snively quickly hit another button. "Sir, there aren't any Shadowbots in the fortress! They're all gone!" He frantically pressed more buttons, checking various screens. "In fact, it appears that every robot in the city has vanished!"

Robotnik gaped in shock. "They-they're all gone? But how? Snively, this is all your fault!"

Snively frowned. "Me? Why is it my fault?"

"Because I say it is! Ooh, when this is over I'm going to give you such a pinch!" He got out of his seat. "We're the only ones left, we can't let the cannon be stopped! You head that hedgehog off and I'll wait at the top of the fortress just in case he gets past you!"

Snively was confused. "How am I supposed to stop him?"

"I don't know, just do anything!" Robotnik started for the door. "If you lose to this 'Shadow', I'll give you a wedgie you'll never forget!" He left the control room.

Snively sighed. "He's lost it. It's official." He heard a swooping noise. He whipped out a gun, spun around, and blasted Cluck before the stupid bird could peck him again. "Aha! Finally, I've gotten you! Hahahaha!" Snively cackled.

The control room door opened and Robotnik stuck his head in. "Snively, did you just blast my precious Cluck to smithereens?" he asked.

Snively quickly stood in front of the robot chicken's remains and hid the gun behind his back. "N-no sir!" he said nervously.

"Oh, okay then." Said Robotnik, disappearing down the corridor. Snively wiped his brow in relief and left the control room as well.

Shadow raced through the empty corridors of the fortress, searching for an elevator to the roof. After a little while, he saw an elevator at the other end of a window-lined hallway. A short ugly man with little hair was standing in front of the elevator, pointing a gun at Shadow. "Don't make another move, hedgehog, or I'll plug a hole through your head!" Shadow rushed over, grabbed the gun from Snively's hands, and snapped it in two. He then grabbed the midget by his collar and threw him at the window. Snively smashed through and fell screaming to his death on the streets far below.

Shadow grinned. "That was easy."

He walked to the elevator, called it, and got in. He pressed the button for the highest floor and waited in discomfort as the speakers played a really irritating song. After a couple of minutes stuck in the elevator, the door opened. Shadow thankfully got out and found himself on the roof of the giant egg-shaped structure. Rising from the middle of the roof was a really big laser cannon pointed at the Great Forest. Set in a group of prongs at the tip of the cannon was the green Chaos Emerald. A control panel was at the base of the cannon, and floating near it was Robotnik in a large hoverpod. He grimaced. "So, I see you got past Snively. I hope he gave you a lot of trouble."

"Actually, I snapped his gun in half and threw him out the window with no effort." Said Shadow. He looked the large man over. "Wow, you're huge! I mean, I thought Eggman was fat, but you're much bigger than he is!"

"WHAT!" bellowed Robotnik.

"You're also uglier, and your baldness is more noticeable. And those things on your ears make you look even weirder. And what the heck's the deal with your left arm? It looks like somebody cut it off and you had to replace it with a mechanical double." Shadow added.

Robotnik's face turned bright red. "You'll pay for those insults! Behold one of my most dangerous pod add-ons to date!" He pressed a button on the control panel of his pod. It floated a little higher into the air. Panels opened on the bottom, and eight multi-jointed mechanical limbs with laser cannons mounted on them came out. Eight more laser cannon legs came out of the top of the pod. A large dome slid over the fat man, protecting him. "I'd like to see you defeat me now, Shadow! Muhahahahahahaha!" Shadow bit his lip. This might be tricky.

Ten seconds later…the smoking wreckage of the pod lay a few feet away. Shadow stood on the back of Robotnik, who was on his belly, moaning in pain. His yellow cape was shredded, his skin was burnt, his moustache was singed, and his robotic appendage was ripped off at the shoulder and lying on the ground some distance away. "Wow, that was easy!" said Shadow.

"Ow…" moaned Robotnik.

"I mean, I didn't even need to freeze time with Chaos Control to take that thing out!"


"Seriously, that was most possibly the easiest fight I've ever had! Even those worthless GUN robots were more dangerous than that thing!"


"You know Robotnik, I personally think it was stupid for you to have your pod's only weak spot marked with a bull's eye on the back of the machine. It kind of lets the world know where to aim."


"Will you say anything else already? This is getting repetitive."


Shadow kicked Robotnik in the head, silencing him. "Shut up!"

Robotnik spat out a tooth and grinned. "You do realize you have less than thirty seconds left."

Shadow's eyes widened. "Oh shit!" He ran over to the cannon, jumped up, and grabbed onto the side. He climbed to the top, dashed across its length, and dropped onto the tip, grabbing the Emerald. As the cannon hummed, powering up, Shadow frantically tugged at the Emerald to no avail. As time was about to run out, he realized something. "Wait a minute, I don't need to pull it out! Chaos Control!" He and the Emerald vanished in a purple flash, leaving the cannon without a focusing lens to amplify its destructive power.

The cannon rumbled and shook. Electricity arced out in numerous places as pieces blasted off. A loud computer voice blared across the city. "Warning. Really Big-ass Cannon overloading. Antimatter power core destabilizing. Meltdown is imminent. All of Robotropolis will be destroyed in approximately three minutes. Have a nice day."

Robotnik gasped and rolled over, somehow managing to get himself back up. He started whimpering in panic. "Oh no! There's no way I can get out of the city in time, now that my escape vehicle's destroyed! But wait!" He staggered over to the wrecked pod, where he punched in some commands with his remaining hand. "Maybe I can activate my emergency dimensional transporter, allowing me to teleport to the Void until it's safe to come back out!" A creepy wormhole appeared in the air as he punched one more button. "Ah ha! Success! I hope Naugus has gotten over me trapping him in the Void along with King Acorn, seeing as how I'll be forced to spend time with them until I can figure a way out." He was about to walk into the portal when a piece of debris from the cannon smashed into the pod, completely ruining what was left of it and causing the portal to disappear. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Meltdown in ten…nine…eight…seven…six…"

"I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!" screamed Robotnik "HATE…"





"…zero." The computer finished.

On the outskirts of the Great Forest, the entire machine population of Robotropolis (in other words, everyone in the city) watched in awe as the entire place exploded in a series of incredibly colorful blasts. "Ooh! Aah!" said many of them.

As the explosions continued, the lead Swatbot mused. "Well, I suppose that's the end of Robotnik. But I can't help wondering whether or not that mysterious hedgehog got out in time." He thought for a moment, then snorted. "What am I thinking? Of course he got out!" He turned to face the other robots. "Come on, we've got to find ourselves somewhere to go where we won't be bothered and can live without prejudice! Any suggestions?" The robots looked at each other and shrugged. "Okay, how about we just wait until the Freedom Fighters come to investigate the explosions and offer our services to them in exchange for reprogramming?" He got several agreements from the crowd of machines. "It's decided! Let's wait." So they went back to watching all the pretty explosions.

Shadow hurtled through the tunnel between dimensions again. He willed himself to manifest when he felt he was in the right place, and appeared on the desolated Prison Island. He walked to the top of a nearby ridge and saw the lights of San Francisco not too far away. He saw the Golden Gate Bridge as well, and what looked like a very large Sonic balloon float. He burst into a cheery smile. "I did it! I made it back home!" He looked at the Chaos Emerald in his palm. "I swear to never again use this thing when I'm disoriented or falling through the atmosphere. Who knows? Next time, I could end up in an insane dimension where that faker is a prince, has siblings and plays magical instruments!" He almost laughed at that idea. Sonic, a prince? Ha! That was too funny. He got serious again. "Maria, now that I'm out of that crazy world, I can truly fulfill my new promise to you. I will live my life freely, leaving behind all the troubles of my past so I may start anew. I've got my whole eternal life ahead of me. It's time to get started!"

Just then, several floodlights were trained on him. Shadow squinted and saw several boats in the ruined harbor nearby and helicopters in the air. They all bore the markings of GUN. "Project Shadow, you are under arrest for ever being created!" shouted a soldier through a megaphone. "Surrender, and we'll stick you back in another cryogenic capsule for an indefinite time period and study you so we may see how to clone an indestructible army of super-hedgehogs so we may take over the world!"

Shadow snorted and raised an eyebrow. "I only have two words to say to that. CHAOS SPEAR!" Yellow spears of energy shot down from the sky, one striking each military vehicle and destroying it in a fiery explosion, killing the GUN agents inside. Shadow whistled and tossed the Chaos Emerald in the air. "Well, now that that little distraction it out of the way, let's see what I need to do first. Okay, first I have to let Sonic and the others know I'm still alive and keep that faker from hogging all the credit. Second, I need to get a place to stay, preferably a nice, not-too-expensive apartment. Maybe I should get a Chao too. Third, I have to hunt down the last vestiges of GUN and wipe them out for what they did fifty years ago. They ruined my life, and I need payback. Fourth, and most important, I need a girlfriend!" He looked out across the bay. He concentrated on the Chaos Emerald in his right hand. "Chaos Control!" He vanished in a flash of green light, ready to begin a new life.

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