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Bella sighed as walked off the plane. Today she was going to see her family again for the first time in five years. When she was a senior in high school she had the option of completing her senior year of high school at college then starting her college right there. She loved those five years away under the eyes of her disapproving of family. Her family was…sigh…. how she could say this without sounding mean. They were all about appearance, and for the longest time Bella didn't fit her parent's ideal image. Now she knew they loved her, they gave her everything she ever wanted and needed but after years of seeing disappointment in their eyes because she didn't fit in their little world she decided it would be best to go away for a while.

With her, father Charlie the police chief of the ever growing ever bustling city of Port Angeles, and her mother Renee a popular socialite and the daughter a Seattle restaurateur her family has been in the limelight for a while.

She wasn't like her sister Rosalie, she wasn't tall, she wasn't beautiful, she didn't have perfect vision, she wasn't in shape with the perfect body. She was short, thirty pounds overweight with a flat chest, with horrible vision that cause her to wear the worst glasses known to man and even worst teeth that needed head gear to fix it and hair that could not be tamed. To put it mildly she was a wreck growing up and a huge embarrassment for her family. So finally when her senior year came about and she had the option of leaving early her parents jumped at the chance.

She actually felt sorry for her family that they couldn't accept themselves for who they were, they worked so hard to fit in that they probably didn't know who they were in the first place. Bella loved her life before and after she left and while she was away she grew two more inches bring her to a nice 5'5, she lost some weight bringing her out of shape form to a nice beautiful curvy body that most women pay good money for. Her flat chest grew in to a nice 38C, she had beautiful hips and a wonderful bitable ass that took thousands of squats to get. She was still a little over weight but she was healthy and that's all the mattered to her.

Her vision was a different story, she needed to get laser surgery to get them fix and her teeth took three years of braces before they were perfect, and with the help of her roommate Angela who was in the same program as her, she was able to finally tame her hair and it fell in to lushes waves to her mid back.

Her college life was perfect, there weren't people there that judge her… ok there were, but there were far more opened minded people and she loved them, she loved her new family that she made for herself, she loved her new life.

She walked through the terminal ignoring the looks she was getting from the men around her. After two years of looking like this she was over the attention, she walked with her head held high to the baggage claim to grab her luggage she brought with her the rest was in the mail. She pulled out her phone and checked for a message from her family. She wondered if they would even pick her up or send the driver for her.

She quickly found her luggage and with the help of a very cute guy she was able to get her suitcase off. She sent him a beautiful smile before walking off making sure to never look back. Always leave them wanting more. She walked out of the airport looking for her family or the family driver but found neither.

'They forgot me.' She thought anger slowly filling her body. 'You would think after five years you would think they would want to see their daughter.' She huffed. She sent her mother an email weeks ago informing her of her return and she even got a reply back saying they would be ready. She shook her head and did what needed to be done. She was above throwing a tantrum so instead she hailed a cab and headed to her parents home.

As she pulled up in front of the house she paid the cabbie got out grabbed her stuff and walked up to the door. She reached around her purse for the key she hadn't used for years and opened the door to her childhood residents.

She made a quick round though the house finding it completely empty before heading to her old room. 'I wonder if they changed it.' She thought as she opened the door to see her room completely unchanged, untouched. 'Wow, they never changed it.' She thought tossing her bag on the bed. She walked into her connecting bathroom.

"I need a shower." She stripped off her clothes and turning the water letting the steam fill the room. Just as she was about to step in she heard a noise from the house.

"I guess they must be back." She said turning the water off and quickly redressing to go face her family.

"Hey so I guess you all forgot I was coming home today did-" she froze mid sentence at the scene that greeted her. The men staring back at her through the ski mask where not her family.

"What the hell! I thought you said no one would be home?" The man closest to her screamed at the other.

"No one was supposed to be here, they're supposed to be at the ball tonight." The other one screamed back. "But it doesn't matter grab her."

Bella froze for a split second before turning and making a run for the front door with both men hot on her tail. She ran down the hall way nearly skidding in to the wall. She never put shoes on, her socked covered feet gave her no traction on the hardwood floor.

She reached out to grab the door handle when she was slammed hard into the door by one of the men. She screamed out as her head bounced against the hard oak door and her body slowly slid to the ground the room spinning.

She felt one guy grabbed her by the hair and started to drag her away from door.

"No." she moaned scratching at his hands trying to stop him. She felt the other man grab at her feet but she quickly pulled her leg back and kicked him hard in the face.

"SON OF A BITCH!" He screamed grabbing his face his nose gushing blood. Her head slammed against the ground as the first man dropped her.

"What the hell you can't hold on to her legs!" he screamed at his partner.

"I think she broke my nose." He howled in pain still holding his face.

"We don't have time for this, we are already behind. Man up." He screamed.

Bella took their distraction as her chance, she rolled over and started to crawl away.

"Where do you think you're going." The first man said sending a swift kick to her ribs sending her flying into the wall.

"Ahh!" She cried out at the impact curling herself into a ball.

"No, you don't get off that easy," the other man's voice was closer. She opened her eyes and could see his dark grey eyes staring back at her. He stood up and kicked her in the chest once more.

She gasped trying to suck in a breath.

"Just kill her already." The first man said. "No witness, I'll get what we came for and then we'll leave."

She felt the man dropped to his knees and grab both sides of her head.

"No" she begged clawing at his covered face, his arms, wrist, trying to get whatever DNA she could under her fingers.

"Stupid little girl." He said slamming her head hard on the ground.

"St-op." She pleaded again, trying to get his hands off her. She barely felt his hand slide down her face and take hold of her neck.

"Pl-e—ase" she cried, tears flowing freely. She didn't want to die. Not today, she didn't want to die. She fought to stay awake, to stay conscience as the man continued to take her precious air away from her. 'Please' she cried out in her head, 'Stop!' but her body wouldn't allow her to speak. She felt the warm embrace of the unconscious world and decided to let it take her away from the pain.

Across town Charlie stood with his wife Renee and his beautiful daughter Rosalie, tonight was the Police Men's Ball and he was there with two of the most beautiful women in the world. The only thing missing was his little Bella. But next week his little angel would be home and his family complete. It's been a rough couple years and he missed his little girl. He watched Renee and Rosalie mingle with their close friends, the Cullen's and McCarthy's they were two new families that moved to the area in the last five years. To the Swan's they were a breath of fresh air in the fakeness that was Port Angeles.

He did what was required of him; he made small talk with the other big wigs of the city but couldn't help but keep checking his watch. He was ready for this night to be over so he could go back home and relax with his family and prepare for Bella's return like they had planned. Once she got back they were going to surprise her with a vacation to Italy for two weeks. They all knew they needed this time to once again to become a family. Something the let fall by the way side in fear of wanting to further their image.

He made his way over to his wife and swept her up into a dance pulling her away from Esme's Cullen latest story.

"What's this all about? I was having a conversation." Renee laughed as she allowed her husband to lead them in a dance.

" Can't I dance with my wife?" he asked pulling her closer.

"Yes, I am just wondering why you couldn't wait until I was finished with my conversation?"

"I wanted you in my arms and didn't want to wait." He whispered in her ear.

"Oh Charlie" Renee laughed.

He moved them along the dance floor just enjoying his time with his wife.

"Sir…." A scared voice interrupted.

Charlie pulled way from his wife and turned to see one of his lieutenants standing well more like shaking in front of him.

"What is so important that you have to interrupt my dance with my wife." He nearly growled.

"Oh Charlie stop" Renee swatted his chest. "I'll let you two talk." She smiled starting to walk away.

"Actually ma'am," the lieutenant called out. "This involves you as well. I f I can talk to you both privately it's very important." The man was nearly shaking in his boots, whatever he was about to tell them, it was not news he wanted to share.

"If we must." Charlie said leading this wife off the dance floor and out to the balcony where they would have a little more privacy with the lieutenant following behind them..

"Sir" he started but quickly stopped.

"Out with it, I have a party to get back to." Charlie said.

"Charlie be nice." Renee scolded causing Charlie to roll his eyes.

"Sir." He started again. "Your neighbor called 911 earlier in the evening stating that he heard some noises coming from your house when he was walking his dog. He said he knew you both were out tonight and went over to check it out and saw two men in your house."

"Oh no." Renee gasped at the news. "Someone broke in to our house."

"Renee it's ok, no one was home." Charlie said trying calm his wife down. "But who would be stupid enough to break into the Chief of Police's house."

"Sir, that's not completely true." The lieutenant said speaking up. "Your daughter was home."

"No." Renee shook her head. "Rose is here with us and Bella won't be back until next week."

"Ma'am I don't know how to tell you think but your youngest Isabella was home." He said.

"NO." Charlie yelled, grabbing the attention of some of the guest inside. "She's supposed to be away at college; she's not be home for another week." He explained like this was some type of mistake.

"You're neighbor I.D. her sir." The lieutenant said as he watched one of the strongest men he knew face crumble into pure agony. "She was umm… badly beaten near critical but we have taken her to Port Angeles City Hospital."

"NO!" Renee screamed. "YOU'RE LYING." Renee beat on the lieutenant chest.

"Renee!" Charlie grabbed his wife's shoulder pulling her into his chest as she cried whispering "You're wrong, you're wrong."

"Mom?" Rosalie questioned walking out to the balcony, by now most guest were watching the exchange all wondering what was going on. "Is everything ok out here?"

"Rose…honey... we need to go to the hospital, your sister's been attacked." Charlie said in a rush grabbing his daughters hand leading them all out of the ball all eyes on them but at this moment he didn't care, his daughter needed him now. These people's curiosity could wait.

"What!' Rose breathed out. "What happened?" she tried to keep up with her father in her heal.

"I'll tell you on the way, we just need to get to PAC now." He said getting into the waiting car for his family. "Hold on Bella we're on our way."

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