Shinji's One Wish


Shinji makes a wish for a family upon a shooting star which gains him a better family made up of various people from other universes

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Note: I have permission from the great gunman to use elements from his story Shinji's Birthday Wish

Big thanks to Midnight Lost for Beta


Chapter one

Aunt and Uncle

Fourteen year old Ikari Shinji, was walking alone, along a shoreline of the lake outside the city of Tokyo-3. In the wake of the 11th Angel defeat, and Ever since he came to Tokyo-3 it had been one hardship after another. He looked towards the lake and gave a depressed sigh.

Why couldn't my life be as peaceful as this lake? Shinji thought sadly.

To Shinji it seemed like the days ahead of him would only get harder. He didn't know why Misato insisted on Asuka moving in. Especially when the German girls brash, aggressive and spoiled attitude. Within last few days it's been one raging demand after another. And Misato was of course absolutely no help.

"I might as well head for home... if I could really call it that." Shinji said somewhat bitterly as he started walking off as it quickly got dark. As he was walking Shinji passed by several buildings one of which happened to be a diner. Through the window he could see a man and woman and three kids sitting in a large booth; a family something Shinji doesn't have, one of the very things he's been denied.

'I wish I could be apart of that' thought Shinji as he looked from the window to the night sky. As he looked to his surprise a shooting star streaked across the sky. Shinji remembered some people said that if a person makes a wish upon a shooting star their wish was would come true.

What do I want? what do I wish for? easy: a family a close loving family that would care about me and I care could about too. A family that will be there for me when I need them people who take care of each other because they want, to and that's what love is. He thought. He stared at the sky and thought hard.

'I wish I had a better family'

A cold breeze blew his direction at felt something strange in the air. Shinji didn't notice one of the stars above were glowing brightly as if responding to his wish. Shinji just sighed and made his trek back home. Ten minutes he was about half way there until he tripped over a large piece of plywood and fell to the ground. Getting up and dusting himself off Shinji made his way home. Reaching the apartment complex he headed up the stairs and entered the elevator towards the top. Shinji reached the apartment in solemn silence Before he could open the door Shinji was grabbed from behind and dragged off.


(Ten Minutes later)

Shinji awoke to find himself bound and in a moving van. It was quite obvious that he was kidnapped probably due to his connection to Nerv.

"This kid I hear he's the strongest Got the highest kill-record and all. Must be strong." one man said

"I hear he's a wimp " another said

"Since he's the Commander's kid we should get some serious dough for him." the driver

"That's doubtful considering the commander left the kid at the age of four."

"Your probably right, Hey who's that standing in the middle the road?" questioned the driver.

In the middle of the road stood a shapely long dark haired woman in an oversized white Kimono holding a wooden sword in her right hand. The van stopped several feet away from the woman.

"Hey, Lady you trying to get run down or something? get out of the way!" shouted the driver

The woman said nothing as she took her wooden sword and swung it in the direction of the van. A sharp wind of air ripping apart the outer exterior and blowing out the tires.

"What's going on?" asked Shinji feeling the van break down bring himself back up to a vertical base after being rocked

"Keep quiet kid, come on lets get that crazy broad " said one the men as he cocked his gun and exited the van. However as soon as he opened the door he was quickly brought down in a flash

"What the?" men asked as another man emerged from the shadows. He had long red hair a cross shaped scar on his left cheek piercing blue eyes and was dressed in a red kimono top and white hakuma pants with a sword strapped to his side, the remaining men cocked their guns and jumped out the back of the van and took aim. Only for the man to move with incredible agility and bring them down as in a blue flash. The driver saw this and quickly jumped out and attempted to flee, only for the woman to bring him down instantly. The red haired man entered the back of the van, and saw the boy shy away from him in fear. Seeing this the man's expression softened

"Do not be afraid we're not here to hurt you " said the red haired man causing Shinji to look up before he could speak the man released Shinji from his bonds. The woman appeared outside and helped the boy out of the damaged van. Shinji got a closer look at the woman. She was quite beautiful with piercing brown eyes her long dark hair tied in a ponytail with a white headband around her forehead she was also wearing an oversized yellow white, kimono which hid her shapely body.

"You're not hurt are you Shinji?"asked the woman with concern in her voice.

Shaking his head no the boy then asked. "No, I'm not thank you for saving me but who are you?"

"I am Kenshin Himura your uncle." replied the man.

"And I'm his wife Suzuka Himura your Aunt." said the woman.

"My Aunt and Uncle?" gasped Shinji.


End Notes: Here's a story inspired from gunman's amazing stories Shinji's Birthday Wish. Shinji is going to have a family comprised of different people from different anime. I like to thank Midnight lost for being my beta I'm gonna need all the help I could get with this. It will be similar to gunman's story but with differences mind you. I'm not going the route of celestial guardian like gunman did. I respect him but I'm not going to copy him. And sorry if Shinji's kidnapping was a bit unoriginal or cliche whatever you want to call it. But there will be other attempts and not all of them will involve Shinji being taken for ransom and other members of Shinji's new family will be coming outta the woodwork to save him. So please R&R