Shinji's One Wish


Shinji makes a wish for a family upon a shooting star which gains him a better family made up of various people from other universes

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Note: I have permission from the great gunman to use elements from his story Shinji's Birthday Wish

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Chapter two

Sisters and Brother

Shinji stared at the pair with some confusion, a man and woman come from outta thin air and save him from a kidnapping. Then say they're his aunt and uncle.

"We best be on our way." Kenshin said taking the lead as Suzuka nodded and followed

"Hurry? But to where And why?" asked Shinji as he followed closely behind him.

"To meet with the others at the rally point."

"But I still don't understand this. You both said you're... my aunt and uncle?"

Kenshin paused for a second.

"Yes, Shinji that we did."

"I know it's confusing now. I promise that all will be explained soon. But for we're asking you to trust us." said Suzuka

"No, offense but trust complete strangers that say they're my relatives "

"None taken we gain nothing from deceiving you, Shinji. I promise we only your safety and well being in mind "

"Wait we?"

"Your entire family has been looking for you the instant we found out that you were kidnapped."

"My... family?" asked Shinji very confused

"Yes. The family you wanted." said Suzuka

'Did that shooting star actually grant my wish?'thought Shinji

"We'll meet them later and all will be explained I promise but now we need to head to the rally point." said Kenshin taking the lead with both his wife and Shinji following


The trio continued to duck in between the shadows of the buildings. Shinji's thoughts have been consumed. He couldn't comprehend how just one little wish came to be, If Kenshin was right could it have really brought these two to him. And he wondered just what surprises where in store tonight.

"They're over here, I found them!" a voice called out shining a bright light on them.

"They've found us." said Suzuka getting into a defensive stance.

"Indeed, they have." said Kenshin stepping in front of Shinji in a protective manner.

"Who are they?"

"Death Claw an elite mercenary group one of the most dangerous groups in the world." said Suzuka.

"It's obvious you know who we are and you know what we want. So hand over the kid and we'll let you walk away." said the apparent leader whose face cover by skull style helmet and was armed and armored.

Before anything else could be said Kenshin reached into kimono and took out a small blue ball and tossed it into the ground creating a large cloud of smoke. The smoke cleared and the trio were gone, the apparent leader took out his radio.

"This is Fang the target is on the move deploy the E series robots. We'll hold position until the target accomplices are eliminated."


Kenshin, Suzuka and Shinji continued to run through the darker larger alleyways of the city

"Dear, remind me to thank Misao for teaching me that smoke escape technique." said Kenshin slowing his pace so Shinji can keep up.

"We live through this I'll do more than thank the little weasel girl." replied Suzuka. Then from the sky a group of robots landed in front of the trio. They were red white and round almost chicken like robots due to its chicken walker like legs with blasters guns for arms. Two more groups of robots followed suit.

"Are those robots?" asked Shinji.

"Yes they are, there the old E series robots I'm surprised they're still around." said Suzuka.

"Surrender the boy or be destroyed." said the first robot.

"That's not going to happen. You're not taking my nephew that you're not machine." said Kenshin unsheathing his sword.

"Then you will be destroyed." said another robot as it aimed their weapons. Suzuka lept, gracefully into the air and into the center of the first group of E-series robots. The robots turned their weapons to her, but with a quick spin horizontal of her wooden sword Suzuka tore through the robots like tissue paper in less then sixty seconds. Kenshin with incredible speed swung his sword side to side tearing through the enemy robots with ease and emerged on the other side as they fell to pieces.

'Relatives or not I'm glad they're on my side.' thought Shinji seeing their display of skill in decimating the robots as they fired upon them only to get cut down. More robots came in groups of robots landed near Shinji and aimed the weapons at him.

"Target sighted setting for stun." said the mech only for Kenshin to pull Shinji out of the line of fire while Suzuka impaled it from behind and quickly decimated the other attacking robots.

While Suzuka was busy with the robots, Kenshin and Shinji were surrounded by the Death Claw group again. Kenshin stood his ground determined to protect his nephew.

"Hand over the kid now samurai guy." said the leader.

"I think not!" said Kenshin prepared to fight.

"Not wise, Get him!" ordered the leader as the rest of squad rushed at the pair.

Shinji didn't blink as Kenshin effortlessly slashed through them in mere seconds and began to battle with the leader who had large knife in hand.

"Whoa!" whispered Shinji in awe as the men went down. Then more robots landed in front Shinji weapons aimed at him. Then a flash of yellow light went through the robot bringing it down.

"What was that?!" gasped Shinji as he saw something moving fast ripping through the E series robots. Few of the Death Claw mercs got up surprising Shinji as he thought they were dead but they were quickly brought down by arrows to their shoulders. But the strangest thing of all happened when the leader was suddenly picked up by large moving plant disabling the leader. In seconds the battle was over Shinji Kenshin and Suzuka absorbed the sudden silence of the large alleyway.

"Is it over?" asked Shinji.

"Yeah it's over...for now at least little brother." said voice approaching the trio from the shadows. He had red eyes and short wavy black hair with red streaks in them his skin was lightly tan. He wore a long black sleeveless trench coat. He had on a simple white T-shirt with strange design on it (Think Shadow's Logo from the Shadow the hedgehog game) with black pants with a spiked knee pad on the left kneecap. With strange red and shoes on his feet. Before he could ask Shinji found himself wrapped up in huge hug

"BIG BROTHER!" a cute little girl with blonde hair and green eyes wearing a white sundress shouted very excitedly as wrapped herself tighter around Shinji.

"Huh?" Shinji gasped at the girl appearing from nowhere.

"I missed you brother!"

"Big Brother?"

"What else would she call you dear little brother." said a woman appearing from the downed men. She had flawless white skin long rich black hair that fell down to her waist which was tied in a ponytail. And had big doll-like brown eyes. Shinji was in awe of her beauty. She wore a traditional miko priestess attire indicating she was priestess with a bow and arrows strapped to her back.

"You're not hurt are you little brother?" she asked with warmth and concern in her voice.

"I..uh." stammered Shinji.

"Come on you can tell us little brother." another voice said as she appeared next to Kenshin and Suzuka. She had long black hair but not as long as the other girl brown eyes as her attire consisted of a white and green school uniform and her skin was more tan then her look alike. She giggled at his expression at seeing them both standing together. These two looked so alike almost like fraternal twins.

"I think he's either too awe struck by how pretty we both are or how we look so much alike Kikyo." said the girl.

"I agree with you Kagome." replied Kikyo as Kagome hugged Shinji from behind which she found easy since she was a bit taller then him.

"Aren't you gonna hug our brother too Shadow." asked the little blonde haired girl. While he crossed his arms and snorted.

"I'm not that affectionate Kusano." said Shadow as she made a pout and kept hugging Shinji.

'Shadow, Kikyo Kagome and Kusano these people are my brother and sisters.' thought Shinji as Kusano kept hugging him. While Kikyo approached Kenshin and Suzuka.

"Are you alright Aunt Suzuka Uncle Kenshin?" asked Kikyo looking them over for any injury.

"We're fine Kikyo you three cut it close though." said Suzuka.

"At least you're all safe." said Kagome.

"We are now thanks to you three especially you little Kusano." said Kenshin smiling at the little girl.

"You're welcome uncle Ken." replied the girl releasing Shinji and hugging Kenshin. Shinji however couldn't help but notice Kenshin's mood and expression. In the heat of battle he's deadly serious then the next he's calm and gentle.

'These people are and sisters? And what's with Kenshin's sudden mood and expression change? It's like he's two different people.' thought Shinji.

"Are you okay Shinji?" asked Shadow walking up to him.

"Yes, I'm okay Shadow." replied Shinji as Shadow looking at Kenshin's direction and his expression became neutral.

"You're wondering about uncle Kenshin aren't you?" asked Shadow getting a nod from him.

"One minute he's this is deadly invincible samurai the next minute he's as soft as a pillow cloud it's strange ." said Shadow.

"Has he always been like that?"

"He has but don't ask why. He'll only open up to Suzuka but that's a story for another time." said Shadow

"Okay, so I've got three sisters and a brother"? asked, trying reason it out.

"Yes, but try not to get me and Kikyo mixed up. We may look alike but we're two different people with two different personalities." said Kagome.

"Kikyo is older and more level headed then Kagome. She's younger and too impulsive at times." said Shadow crossing his arms.

"Hey! At least I'm not a moody show off like you Shadow!" countered Kagome.

The group just laughed at the brother and sister began to bicker.

End Chapter


End Notes: How do you like that? Kikyo and Kagome from Inuyasha and Kusano from Sekirei as Shinji's sisters and a human Shadow The Hedgehog as his brother. I picked Kikyo Kusano and Kagome as his sisters cause they're good characters and their names start with K. And for Shadow I just did it cause he's one of my favorite Sonic characters also the E series robots are from Sonic Think Gamma from Sonic Adventure. More of Kusano's power will manifest themselves in the next chapter as will Kikyo Kagome and Shadow's powers. I like to thank everyone who's either reviewed, favored and followed this story. This may possibly shape up to be one of my most popular stories yet. And big ups to Midnight lost for beta reading.

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