Shinji's One Wish


Shinji makes a wish for a family upon a shooting star which gains him a better family made up of various people from other universes

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Note: I have permission from gunman to use elements from his story Shinji's Birthday Wish


Chapter 3

The Cousins

Kusano went right back to Shinji's side as the group prepared to make their departure when Shadow and Kagome ceased their bickering. Suddenly a strange mist started to fill the area. Shadow, Kenshin, Suzuka, Kikyo and Kagome all steadied themselves right away while Kusano held on to Shinji tightly.

"Be, on guard everyone. I sense a dark presence nearing us ".said Kikyo readying her bow and arrow as the mist got thicker.

"What on earth could be causing this"? asked Kagome readying her bow and arrow. Then the ground beneath them began to shake.

"I wouldn't say what Kagome or rather who is doing this " said Kikyo as a something started to come up from the ground. A dirt brown humanoid creature rose up from the ground. It look mostly decayed, rotting flesh making low -pitched moaning sounds(A/N Redeads from Zelda OOT). Soon after several more began rising up and slowly approached the group.

"Eeeuuww! those things look gross" Kagome Shrieked backing away

"What are those things "? asked Suzuka as her and Kenshin assumed a defensive stance.

"They are called Redeads. Undead zombie creatures created from dark magic " said Kikyo took aim and fired at the Redeads approaching her taking them down. While Kusano used her powers to manipulate the nearby planet life. Making them grow giant sized and wrap around her and Shinji to protect herself and him from the Redeads attempting to reach them.

"These things don't look so tough."said Shadow as he struck one redead in the chest. But to his surprise the Redead absorbed his punch and began draining his strength slowly weakening him, Kikyo fired an arrow directly at the redead's head causing it release her brother.

"Stay on guard, these things suck the life out of anything they latch on to brother." said Kikyo batting a redead near her with her spiritual powered bow.

"Good to know, Chaos Spear!" yelled Shadow hurling a yellow energy spear at a group of Redeads destroying them.

"Kikyo, Kagome you two get to high ground. Find out the cause of the this!" ordered Kenshin as slashed through several Redeads.

"Yes uncle. "said Kikyo as a she and Kagome climbed up the nearby ladder on to the top of the building. Meanwhile Kusano made more plants grow giant-sized as the Redeads kept coming after her and Shinji. Suzuka was holding her own against the attacking Zombies, every time she killed one two more would take it's place. Shadow and Kenshin were barely holding out. Shinji still with Kusano looked on helplessly as the people calling themselves his family fighting to protect him and he couldn't do anything about it. More Redeads started to sap the life out of the massive tree barks protecting Shinji and Kusano only for Kagome and Kikyo to pick them off from their high position.

"Kikyo, where are these things coming from." asked Kagome as she fired another arrow.

"Not what but who, this is the work of Tsubaki the dark priestess." replied Kikyo as fired off another arrow.

"Tsubaki but I thought she was dead!" gasped Kagome.

"Apparently not she's no doubt the source of these Redeads. If we don't stop her these things will keep coming."

"Right, She's got to be somewhere near here so she can control the Redeads. Try and pin point the strongest source of evil energy Kagome. That's where she'll be." said Kikyo while Kagome nodded and began to concentrate her senses to one specific location. In order to find where Tsubaki might be. Sure enough Kagome felt an aura of dark energy nearby building a few blocks away from where their family was fighting.

"Kikyo, the aura is coming from that building over there!" said Kagome pointing to the abandoned building on far left with a dark purple aura surrounding it.

"That's where she is, we must-" Kikyo was about to say until a small, purple vortex appeared behind the sisters. And sure enough a woman with a long white hair wearing a dark version of the traditional miko priestess outfit, holding a black orb in her hands and snake wrapped around her body and massive scar over her right eye. She had an evil smile on her face as the two sisters faced her.

"Kikyo, Kagome, it has been sometime." said Tsubaki the vortex hole vanishing behind her.

"I've should have known you would cheat death again Tsubaki." said Kikyo scowling.

"I don't cheat death I master it Kikyo. But my longevity came at a price." said Tsubaki

"Let me guess you sold your soul. Again after getting it back, I shouldn't be surprised." surmised Kikyo.

"What do you want from Shinji?" asked Kagome readying her bow.

"The power locked inside of him. With it I will at last have eternal youth." stated Tsubaki with a purple aura surrounding her.

"That won't happen we will end you here and now." said Kikyo powering up her spiritual energy with Kagome with her. Tsubaki's purple aura flared up as the orb in her hands glowed.

"You, two think you can stop me?!" shouted Tsubaki as large skulls with purple flames and wings appeared in hordes all around her. (Bubbles from LOZ OOT)

"Careful Kagome these things make not look like a threat but one hit from those things will temporarily negate your powers." said Kikyo readying her bow and arrow.

"Got it take we'll take them out before they hit us." replied Kagome shooting an arrow and at the cursed skull taking it down.

"Tsubaki will also target our family members too. We'll have to keep her attention on us."

Kikyo, shot down a row of cursed skulls with one arrow as she narrowly an oncoming skull trying to hit her. Kagome was also having some difficulty as shot one down two more took it's place. She spent more time dodging the skulls then firing at them.

"Evade, all you want my minions will eventually hit you." chuckled Tsubaki holding the dark orb in her hands as it glowed.

'I hope the others are fairing better than we are.' thought Kagome


(Meanwhile down below with the other family members)

Kenshin, Suzuka, and Shadow all had their hands full with the attacking Redeads. While little Kusano manipulated her giant plants to fend off the Redeads by using branches to whack them away protecting her brother. Little she know as large as she making the plants larger she was inadvertently making a large gap on the side that neither her or Shinji where noticing.

"Man, there's no end to these things." groaned Shadow as he performed a blade kick on a Redead. Kenshin and Suzuka on the other hand were fighting back to back hacking and slashing away at the Redeads approaching them.

"This is never gonna end unless the source of these things are destroyed." said Suzuka slashing three Redeads.

"I know dear but we have to hold out until help arrives, and the girls destroy the source." replied Kenshin as he slashed away at several Redeads.

While this was going on Shinji was grabbed from behind and pulled backwards, out of everyone's line of sight for nearly five seconds. Kusano was the first to notice.

"Shinji!" shouted Kusano causing everyone to look her way.

Everyone looked to see that at least two dozen attractive woman had appeared virtually out of nowhere. There were three groups dressed in virtually the same outfits. The outfits were pink and red short dresses with no sleeves, white stockings and same colored shoes. The girls themselves had different colored hair and hair-styles. The one holding Shinji was wearing a pink and black swimsuit leotard had dark skin had long black hair and had a two clawed gauntlet aimed at Shinji's throat. The first group were dressed revealing pink and black dresses brandishing guns and bladed weapons. The last group where dressed in blue dresses but where unarmed but assumed fighting stances.

"Who are they?" asked Kenshin

"We are the Sirens squad, thank you for keeping Shinji safe for us." said the one holding Shinji. She seemed to be the apparent leader of the group.

"What do you want with my brother?!" shouted Kusano causing the leader to chuckle

"Well, we just want to have fun with him. But don't worry he'll be well taken care of I assure you." she said.

"What's that mean aunt Suzuka?" Kusano asked innocently. Only Shadow, Kenshin, and Suzuka knew what she meant.

"You're too young to know that Ku" replied Kenshin slashing a Redead

"Chief, we have our prize so we should get going." said one of the Sirens with the leader nodding her head in agreement.

"You're not going anywhere." said a voice from out of no where as smoke filled the area and some of the Sirens was suddenly knocked down.

"Who did that?" said the leader holding on to Shinji as a few more Siren girls went down. She held on tighter to Shinji, so he wouldn't escape.

"Where are you!?" she shouted in ten seconds she got her answer.

"Here." said the voice before Shinji was suddenly pulled away then the leader was knocked out. Shinji surveyed the unconscious bodies around him and wondered what happened. Shadow lowered his head, as if sensing something was coming the others couldn't. He shouted. "WATCH OUT!"

Shadow, Kenshin and Suzuka after she pulled Kusano away leapt out of the way as the wall that the backs of them exploded open as a gigantic white and blue armored tank tore through the concrete like wet paper. Steel and stone went spraying everywhere. The tank began firing on the Redeads obliterating, them instantly destroying the groups the that once surrounded the family. Once they were gone the tank ceased firing. The top door opened a figure climbed out. He looked about sixteen to twenty years old was kind of tall with brown hair that was styled down covering one of his green eyes. His outfit consisted of a long sleeved blue shirt and blue jeans, with brown shoes. Shinji was still surrounded by the unconscious Sirens.

"What just happened?" asked Shinji then he felt a firm body press up against him from behind. Then felt two arms wrap around him.

"I happened that's what." said a voice Shinji gasped, as the unexpected, unseen and contact. Suddenly, two arms flickered and materialized, showing physical proof that someone was holding him. Shinji looked back and saw the face of beautiful shapely athletic woman with blonde hair and a flawless face wearing a short pink and black dress with matching boots. But the striking thing about her was her eyes the seemed to look like lenses.

"Who are you?" Shinji asked as the woman

"I'm Vanessa Ibert your cousin." answered the woman

"My cousin?!" gasped Shinji as the one who drove the tank lept effortlessly on top the area where the family and Shinji were. Shinji pegged him for an acrobat.

"I'm Trowa Barton your cousin also Shinji." said Trowa in monotone voice.

"You're my cousin too?"

"What kept you?" asked Shadow

"You can thank Reiko, for taking too long on the Landmaster Shielding." said Vanessa still holding Shinji as he looked at the tank that was down below.

"Never the less we're glad you're here. But how are Kikyo and Kagome fairing?" asked Kenshin looking up at the building.


(Back with Kikyo and Kagome)

Kikyo and Kagome were barely holding against Tsubaki's flying demon skulls. As they ran short on arrows they both resorted to powering up their bows to fend them off.

"Ha, Ha you can't keep this up forever you foolish girls." cackled Tsubaki watching the sisters struggle as the orb continued to glow in her hands.

"She's right, Kikyo we're just wearing ourselves down." said Kagome batting away another demon skull before another came flying toward her

"I know, Kagome that orb that Tsubaki's holding we need to destroy it." replied Kikyo batting away a skull. Kikyo hit a few more Skulls coming towards her.

"Kagome, I have an idea go right." said Kikyo as she began to go toward Tsubaki's left avoiding another skull. Kagome complied and did just that. But before they could do anything Tsubaki shot out a wave of dark energy disabling them both.

"Your efforts are pitiful. It's time that I finish both of you off!" exclaimed Tsubaki levitated in the air. She powered up her orb in an apparent final attack intent on killing the girls. Suddenly, a ball of energy struck the dark priestess sending her back into the ground.

"What, was that?" asked Kagome seeing their enemy down on the ground. She got her answer when a figure landed in front of them. She was a shapely young woman with huge breasts, wearing a strange dark blue dress with the skirt was fairly short, almost daringly so. She wore long orange socks with dark blue and white boots. Her skin was light tan, her hair sea green hair was exceedingly long and tied into a ponytail with purple headband with wings on both sides and her eyes were a gentle purple.

"Yo, you guys were taking too long getting Shinji home. So they sent me to find out what was keeping you." said Hydra to Kikyo and Kagome

"You, can thank that old witch right there for keeping us occupied." spat Kagome pointing at Tsubaki.

"That orb in her hands Hydra, destroy it and destroy her." Kikyo said as she got up and Hydra nodded.

"Got it." said Hydra as she charged up an energy shot. Tsubaki's orb glowed as more demon skulls surrounded her.

"Think you can defeat me?! foolish girl!" shouted Tsubaki as she powered up her dark energy as her horde went after Hydra. She quickly went on the offensive and blasted the Skulls, coming at her.

"Is that the best you got lady?" taunted Hydra as she blasted more Skulls. The dark priestess conjured up demon heads to be better effective against her. While Tsubaki's attention was on Hydra, Kikyo and Kagome proceeded with their original plan of destroying Tsubaki's orb and hopefully killing, her in the process. Each girl got on one side of their enemy and prepared to fire their last arrows for a final shot against her. Seeing this Hydra caught on, and fired an energy blast in front of her knocking the dark priestess off balance. Before Tsubaki got back to a vertical base Kagome fired her last arrow at the orb shattering it to pieces.

"No, My orb!" cried Tsubaki as her remaining skulls, redeads and demon heads all vanished. She would find that the was the least of her problems. Kikyo took aim at Tsubaki intent on ending her for good.

"Try and come back from this." whispered Kikyo as she fired her last sacred arrow piercing through Tsubaki's chest. Tsubaki cried out, in tense pain as energy from the arrow surged all around her.

"AHHHHHH!" cried Tsubaki as he body began to disintegrated into dust. Leaving only her dark priestess attire before the wind blew it away. Hydra landed next to sisters looking them over for injuries.

"You think, this time she'll stay dead?"asked Kagome

"Let's hope so, Thank you Hydra." said Kikyo to Hydra but the woman just waved it off.

"Don't mention it cousin, now we should head down and see the others especially Shinji." said Hydra flying down. Kagome went back down first, while Kikyo followed but not before sparing a glance at the spot Tsubaki's attire used to be.


(Back down below)

Hydra, Kikyo, and Kagome made it back down to find their family safe and sound. Vanessa was still hugging Shinji, pretty much unwilling to let go of him, while Kusano was hugging the boy from around the waist.

"It's good to see you're both safe and sound." said Kenshin with him and Suzuka walking over to the trio.

"It's thanks to Hydra, we are." replied Kagome while Hydra just shrugged.

"Yeah, well I was in the neighborhood, but enough about that where's my cousin?" asked Hydra while Kenshin pointed to where Shinji and Vanessa where.

"Hey Hey, I want to hug him too. Trowa tell your mother to let go!" said Hydra

"Mother? you're Trowa's mother?" asked Shinji looking up at Vanessa while she nodded.

"Adopted, mother actually it's a long story; hey-" cried Vanessa as Hydra pulled Shinji towards her mashing his face into her breast.

"You keep that up and the poor boy won't breathe " commented Suzuka, while everyone minus Hydra and Shadow laughed.

End chapter


End Notes: First off IF Anyone notices anything that seemed put in place last minute I am responsible for that not my beta. The reason being is that some ideas just come to me last minute right after I get done with the chapter. I don't know why it just happens and I can't stop it. Now with that said How do you like that? Vanessa Ibert from 009-1 (I wouldn't be surprised if anyone never heard it) Hydra from UFO Ultra Maiden Valkyrie and the pilot of Heavyarms Trowa Barton from Gundam Wing. And yes I used the Redeads and bubbles from the legend of Zelda Ocarina Of Time and the Landmaster tank from Star Fox. I'm aware of Vanessa's capabilities I'll be juicing her up a bit to be almost on par with Motoko from GITS. Next up the Father so please stay tuned and Read and Review.