Shinji's One Wish


Shinji makes a wish for a family upon a shooting star which gains him a better family made up of various people from other universes

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Note: I have permission from the great gunman to use elements from his story Shinji's Birthday Wish


Chapter two Upgraded

Sisters and Brother

Shinji stared at the pair with some confusion, a man and woman come from out of thin air, save him from a kidnapping, then say they're his aunt and uncle.

"You're my aunt and uncle? Seriously?" Shinji asked skeptically

"I understand your skepticism Shinji, but we gain nothing by deceiving you. Your safety is our only priority." Suzuka said

"But how is this possible?"

"Believe me, all will be revealed in due time. For now we have to head to the rendezvous point." Kenshin informed

"You're right Kenshin, so lets go." Suzuka said taking the lead

More curious then concerned Shinji complied and followed the pair

' Did that shooting star actually grant my wish?' Shinji thought following Kenshin


The trio continued to duck in between alleyways of the very dark alleyways. While they traveled, Shinji couldn't help but feel somewhat fearful of the pair he was following. They way they had killed those men with such ease and without remorse, He wondered if this could be a set up. But quickly dismissed the thought.

Suddenly a bright light shined upon the trio, as three large armored SUVs pulled up trapping them. Then a least a dozen men each, wearing all black, with bullet proof vests, armed with assault rifles stepped out and surrounded them.

Kenshin and Suzuka readied themselves pushing Shinji behind them. The apparent leader stepped forward, decked out in a thicker darker body armor, black cargo pants, black armored gauntlets on his forearms, with guns strapped around his waist. And he was wearing a red and black mask covering his whole face.

"Identify yourselves!" Kenshin demanded, while the leader just chuckled.

"We are Death Claw, and we're here for the kid right behind you." said the leader

"You're not taking our nephew." Suzuka said pulling out her wooden sword.

The leader and his squad just snickered.

"We can do this the easy way; or we can do this the hard way. Please choose the hard way."

In response to that Kenshin unsheathed his own sword, positioning himself between his wife and Shinji. The leader of the group popped out two foot long blades from underneath his gauntlets.

"Suzuka" Kenshin whispered giving her a knowing look

"Yes darling, Shinji take cover." Suzuka silently ordered

The boy looked like he wanted to say something, but after glancing at the ten armed men and then back at his supposed aunt and uncle, he complied at cover behind the corner of the building.

"This, is gonna be fun." The leader charging straight at Kenshin. The two clashed blades causing sparks to fly. Meanwhile Suzuka found herself surrounded by the rest of the armed men. The woman merely laughed and said

"Who wants to go first?" Suzuka asked raising her sword.

Two men stepped forward and took aim. They began to unload multiple rounds on Suzuka. Suzuka herself instead of dodging them, she used her wooden sword and deflected everything single bullet with ease, much to the shock the men around her. Then proceeded to cut down the opposing men before they knew what hit them.

"How did she do that?" one man gasped

"Quit gawking! And grab the kid!" another snapped

Before the men could react, Suzuka suddenly appeared before three of them and cut them down with a horizontal slash. Suzuka leap over five more and cut them down before they fired, then stabbed a sixth man. All the while Kenshin was holding his own against the leader. The red haired swordsmen managed to break one of his blades clean off.

'Relatives or not, I'm glad they're on my side' Shinji thought seeing the couple fight

It wasn't long before Suzuka went through more then a half the armed men who couldn't get a shot in, because she was so deadly and swift. Kenshin on the other had enough

"I've wasted enough time playing with you." Kenshin spat, using his sword to break off the man's other blade, then he kicked him in stomach causing him to stagger to his knees.

"You haven't won yet." the leader sneered tapping a device on his waist

"What have you done?" Kenshin asked pointing his sword at the leader's throat,

"I've called in reinforcements, they said you were one tough SOB But I doubt even you, Battousai the man slayer can handle what's coming." The leader cackled

Kenshin said nothing, but ran his sword right through him, killing the leader instantly. Suzuka having finished killing the rest of Death Claw went back to Kenshin's side, while Shinji came out of hiding assessing the situation

"Hmph, some elite mercenary squad they were." Suzuka scoffed

"We need to get going, The apparent leader called for reinforcements." Kenshin informed

"Shouldn't we call in reinforcements of our own?"

"Don't worry, if we take too long they will come and find us."

"Who's 'they'? "Shinji asked

"You'll know soon enough my nephew, come on, lets get going." Kenshin said with his wife and nephew following


(Twenty minutes later)

The trio continued to travel and duck in between alleyways of the unusually deserted city. It was all quiet, as Kenshin, Suzuka and Shinji kept running but stopped mid way when they heard the sounds of helicopters in the air, Several armed black ops style men dropped from above,

"Oh good, more goons." commented Suzuka taking out her sword.

"Shinji stay behind me, I sense something else is coming."Kenshin said

As if on cue a large Grey heavily armored robot landed in front of the trio. It had electrified claws on both arms, a skull styled masked with red glowing eyes, and pincers on its back.

"Don't worry darling." Suzuka assured her husband

"I'm not worried." Kenshin replied

"This will be no problem,"

"Did I say I was worried?"

Suzuka rushed to strike first, but the large robot swatted her away hard like she was a fly, sending her flying into her husband.

"This might be a problem." Suzuka groaned struggling to get up.

Meanwhile while this went on one of the armed men managed to grab Shinji

"I've got the kid! Kill them both!" Yelled the man as the other men covered him

"Shinji!" cried Kenshin while the robot attacked from behind.

In an effort to get to her nephew, Suzuka cut down the mercs who covered the man who had Shinji, but the robot while fighting with the red haired swordsmen, fired a small missile from it's shoulder. Suzuka saw this and avoided the missile causing to impact the side of a building. Then another heavily armored robot dropped in front of her. It wasted no time in trying to smash the woman into ground. Shinji struggled against the man, but to no avail.

"Unit 237 reporting, I have the target, en route to extraction – Argh!"

The man was cut off when he was hit from behind releasing Shinji by a red streak Shinji looked around to see what it was that saved him. He looked back to see his aunt and uncle struggling, suddenly an arrow whizzed out of the air and hit the robot in the head point blank, then it exploded bringing it down. Then another arrow came from the air hitting the other robot's head exploding on impact.

"What?!" Shinji gasped, then the ground started shaking.

A massive vine came from underneath the boy, suddenly picking him up off the ground and lifting him away from the danger. Meanwhile Suzuka and Kenshin were dispatching the remaining men, more robots dropped from the sky in front of the duo.

WHOOSH! Crash!

The robot went down before it knew what hit it with holes in their torsos. The couple breathed a sigh of relief that the area has been cleared. The giant vine that held up Shinji gently lowered him back down to ground.

"Big Brother!" a tiny voice excitedly exclaimed

A little girl no older then ten, with blonde hair, with green eyes wearing a white sundress rammed right into Shinji

"We've found you." she said

"Big brother? Who are you? And who's we?" Shinji questioned

"You'll have to forgive Kusano little brother, she's just very excited to see you." spoke a soft voice

Shinji looked up to see two beautiful nearly identical women approaching him, One had flawless white skin long rich black hair that fell down to her waist which was tied in a ponytail. And had big doll-like brown eyes. She wore traditional priestess attire with a bow and arrows strapped to her back. The other girl was younger version of the priestess. She had long black hair, brown eyes, she wore a white and green short skirted school uniform and she also had a bow and arrow strapped to her back.

"You're not hurt are you little brother?" asked the priestess with concern in her voice walking up to him

"N-no I-I'm not." the boy stammered too captivated by her beauty, he even forgot the little girl was still hugging him.

"You're timing couldn't be better, thank you Kikyo, and Kagome" said Suzuka

"Kikyo and Kagome?"

"I am Kikyo, your elder sister." the priestess introduced

"I'm Kagome, your big sister, and the little one wrapped around you is our little sister -"

"I'm Kusano!"

Before anything else could be said more pincer robots suddenly dropped in and began to advance on their targets. The two female archers readied themselves as did Ken shin and Suzuka. The robots advance on them until...


The robots were down in a heap, with both their heads ripped off.

"What just happened?" Shinji asked looking at the headless robots

"I happened." A voice said appearing from the alleyway

There stood a boy a bit older and taller than Shinji. He had pale skin crimson red eyes, short wavy jet black hair with red streaks, he wore mostly a black outfit with red and white shoes, and he had a spiked logo necklace around his neck and black opened fingered gloves.

"You just love to make an entrance, don't you Shadow?" said Suzuka sheathing her weapon

"That's what I do. Do you expect any less?" he replied then looked at Shinji

"You alright little brother?"

"Brother?" Shinji repeated

"I'm Shadow, your, good looking, ass kicking big brother." Shadow introduced

"Shadow! Watch your language!" Kikyo scolded

Kenshin just shook his head and turned to Kusano and put on a sweet smile and asked politely

"Ku, if you would please be so kind as to move those machines out of our path, that would be most appreciated." Kenshin said kindly

Kusano nodded, her green eyes suddenly glowed. Then plants sprung up from the ground turning into vines. She willed them to pick up the two down robots and moved them to the side.

"Thank you Ku" Kenshin said

"You're welcome uncle Ken" she replied

"Uncle Kenshin was all business one minute, the next-" Shinji started

"I know, there are two sides to him." Suzuka said "You'll know the full story about it someday."

End Chapter


End notes: This is an upgraded version of chapter two. I've read through the original a few times and spotted the flaws and I apologise. The bad guys Death Claw are of my own creation I hope I've fleshed them out more . A for all those who might be a bit confused to Shadow's human form, just Google Shadow's human form and you'll see an image of him reading a book that's where I got it. Anyway since you can't review on the same chapter tell me how it looks through PM. I'm going to upgrade four and five to flesh out the characters more, suggestions ideas are welcomed. Be cool