I slowly exited the room and walked to my car, blinking tears away. What a stupid way to die, I thought as I drove away. Of course, I didn't mean any disrespect by that. But, seriously, choking on food? I don't think about death often, but Bella, my best friend, deserved much better than this. Now that I think about it, she should have married Edward, her boyfriend, and lived a long, happy life with him and have died peacefully in her sleep after she got old.

Edward, I remembered. He must be really messed up about and Bella had only dated for about a year, but it was obvious to anyone that they truly loved each other. Edward had always been the quiet one at our lunch table, where he, Bella, and I sat with Mike, Angela, and Ben. It was clear that he only sat there because of Bella. I remembered how he used to sit before Bella arrived at the school, always alone at the table in the corner. And now, Bella had died right before his eyes, as she was at his house when she choked. I had heard from Angela that he, Dr. Cullen, and Mrs. Cullen had moved somewhere to be closer to the other children. Bella had told me that Edward had three other adopted siblings, whom I had never met because they were in college.

I met them for the first time yesterday, she had said one rainy Monday morning. They're all so nice. There's Emmett, who's like the big brother I never had. Then there's Rosalie, who's the most beautiful person I have ever met. I don't think she liked me too much though...and there's Jasper. I didn't talk to him much, but he's very...influential.

I sighed recalling the memory. I was at home now, and I went straight to my room. Bella wasn't the first loved one that was dead. My mother and my younger sister, Cynthia, had died last year in a car crash, and I was still struggling to cope. My father had immersed himself in his job after they died, so I didn't see him much, either. Bella was always the one I would go to when I needed advice or comfort. And now she's gone forever. I got into bed, and silently cried myself to sleep.

The next two weeks were dull. I stayed at home all the time except when I went to school, and then I went through it in a zombie-like state, not caring about the world around me. I still ate lunch with Mike, Angela, and Ben, but we sat in silence, grieving for Bella and missing Edward.

It was Saturday before I knew it. I wasn't even sure of the date, beyond caring. I wouldn't have even known it was Saturday if I knew I didn't have school. I was at home alone, and the doorbell rang. I went and opened it, not even checking to see who it was.

"Hey, Alice," greeted Charlie, his eyes red from crying, and his clothes rumpled. I was sure I looked similar. Usually, I wouldn't dare wear anything but a cute outfit complete with makeup and accessories, but this was the exception.

"Hi, Charlie," I said. He was struggling under the weight of a huge cardboard box. "Do you want to come in and put that down for a minute?"

"Actually," he said, "I'm just dropping this off. It's just some of Bella's books and other things. She would want you to have them."

"Um, okay," I responded. Bella's books were extremely precious to her. I wasn't sure if I deserved it.

Better than letting anyone else have them, I thought. Charlie put down the box and left. I somehow managed to drag the box upstairs to my room, as there was no way I could lift it with my small build.

The box stayed in the corner of my room for days. I was almost afraid to touch it. The box was like a constant reminder of Bella's death. Finally, after a week, I got the courage to lift up the cardboard flap. I peered inside, and laughed. In it were all of Bella's favorites. I picked up her worn copy of Wuthering Heights and lovingly stroked the cover before placing it on my desk. I went through all the familiar titles, because they had been on Bella's bookshelf for years. At the bottom was was a brown leather-bound book that was unfamiliar. I looked on the front and spine for a title, but there wasn't any. I opened it, and Bella's clumsy handwriting greeted me. I realized that it was a diary.

One name on the first page immediately jumped out at me- Jacob Black. It wasn't a name I'd heard before. I started reading. There was no "Dear Diary" or anything.

Today, I went to First Beach with some friends and met an old family friend there- Jacob Black. He's the son of Billy Black, an old friend of Charlie's. There were some other boys with him, too. Lauren sneered and asked me where the Cullens were, like she was trying to provoke me. One boy, the biggest, more like a man, said that the Cullens didn't come there. Of course, I was curious. The way he had said it made it sound like the Cullens weren't allowed there. I tried to flirt with Jacob to trick it out of him, and it seemed to have worked. We took a walk along the beach and he told me stories- Quileute legends. I wasn't really paying attention to most, waiting for when he would mention the Cullens. Finally, he told me of the "cold ones"- pale, beautiful creatures that hunted humans for their blood- also known as vampires. He went on to explain how one coven claimed that they survived off the blood of animals, and meant no harm to humans. Then, he said that the Quileutes had a treaty with this coven, laying down land limits and a few rules. They agreed, and they lived peacefully with the Quileutes. I was confused about how this had anything to do with Edward, but then Jacob said that the Cullens were the coven he was talking about. I wasn't quite sure if it was true. Edward? A vampire? But the details had matched what I had observed about him. I went home and fell asleep, thinking about these things.

I had the strangest dream. I don't remember much, but I do remember that I was trying to find the sun. Suddenly, Jacob appeared in front of me. He was pulling me away from the sun, telling me to run. I refused, and Jacob yelped and turned into a reddish-brown wolf right in front of me. Then, Edward walked into the area where we were. He seemed to be almost...glowing. He looked just like he did in real life, except now he had fangs. He beckoned me, but before I had the chance to respond, Jacob lunged for his throat. I woke up screaming. I had been scared, not for the wolf, but for Edward.

I couldn't go back to sleep, thinking about Jacob's story. I turned to a source for all information- the internet. Most of it was just stuff from movies or books, but I found something on a site called Vampires A-Z. It gave descriptions of hundreds of types of vampires. I thought about what I knew about Edward so far. He was abnormally strong and fast, as I had observed when he had saved me from Tyler's car, and his eyes changed color. That was pretty much it.

I scrolled through the types of vampires. There were many, but none of them matched my description perfectly. I came across one entry that stood out from the others-

Stregoni Benefici- An Italian vampire, said to be on the side of goodness, and a mortal enemy of all evil vampires.

Well, Edward didn't seem to be bad. He hadn't tried to hurt me, at least.

I realized this was stupid. Was I seriously searching up vampires? I decided to take a walk in the woods.

The entry ended abruptly there. I closed the diary. Edward, a vampire? Impossible. I was sure this was just a story or something Bella had written for fun.

But...was it? The way Bella's words flowed, made it seem so real. Bella was a horrible liar, and she didn't have it in her to write such a realistic fiction story.

But, of course, Edward wasn't a vampire. That was silly. I should've read more, but I needed to absorb what I had read.

I decided to do what Bella did, use the Internet. I opened the laptop on my white desk and sat down in the purple chair.

I opened up a search engine and studied the diary. First, I needed to find if this Jacob Black was real. Bella had never mentioned him to me, nor had she talked about Billy Black.

I typed in 'Jacob Black Washington.' As expected, a whole page of results came up. I found a link leading to a Facebook profile. I clicked on it and studied the profile picture. There was a very tall boy smiling happily in front of a little red house. I scrolled through his posts. Most were of him and his friends. I stopped at one. There was a picture of him and Bella, making funny faces at the camera. I recognized the place as Bella's kitchen. According to the date, it was taken last year. So this was proof that there was, indeed, a Jacob Black, and he did know Bella.

I opened a new tab and searched up 'Vampires A-Z.' The top link was for a website called that. I clicked on it and explored the site a bit. It seemed to be the same one Bella described.

Was that enough proof for me? I wasn't sure. What I guessed was that Jacob had told Bella a legend about the cold ones, but hadn't mentioned the Cullens at all. Bella, interested by his story, went to find out more about vampires. She had come across this site and came up with the idea of making Edward a vampire in her story.