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Chapter 10 — Footloose

January 2014

God, I have a great life.

On our first full day in Mexico, I'm sitting on a private beach belonging to our Cancun resort, wearing my new straw hat and sipping a pina colada while watching my extremely hot boyfriend navigate the turquoise-blue Caribbean Sea on a paddle board.

Feeling like I'm starting to fry, I reluctantly turn my attention away from Edward and apply another layer of SPF 50 sunscreen. I really wish he was here to get my back.

I turn back to my boyfriend when I've finished and am amazed by how well he's doing after just one 10-minute lesson. Oh, he tried to convince me to come out on the water with him, but I've always been somewhat clumsy and uncoordinated and am afraid of drowning.

Although, the thought of Edward giving me mouth-to-mouth…

This trip was supposed to be my Christmas present, but it's also turned into a bit of a celebration. From the time we left Chicago on the Friday after Christmas, until the holidays were officially over, I was on pins and needles waiting to call back the publishers who were interested in my book — which I did, first thing on January 2.

When I explained that I didn't have an agent, they said that I didn't really need one, but suggested I consult a lawyer to review any paperwork. My parents' next-door neighbor is a lawyer and was able to put me in touch with someone.

Of course, they don't want to publish my book "as is" — I've been assigned an editor to work on what they said should be relatively minor updates. For once, I'm glad that I majored in English at UNF. The wheels are most definitely turning, and I could be a real, published author by the summer.

It's almost as awesome as being able to call the fucking hot man walking across the sand toward me my boyfriend.

The next day, Edward and I decide to lounge by the pool instead of the beach. I swear I was still finding sand in every little nook and cranny of my body this morning, even though I spent most of my time on a beach towel. I brought a book to read today, but people-watching is more fun. As is drinking strawberry daiquiris.

"Gracias," I smile at the waitress as she brings me a second ice-cold drink. After she's walked away, I turn to Edward, who's reclining on the lounger next to me, looking like a movie star thanks to his hotter-than-hot shades. "What do you think of her? Our waitress?"

"She's cute," he shrugs. "She kinda looks like you, only with darker skin." Finally! I've asked his opinion on a half dozen women so far and she's the first one about whom he's had anything positive to say. Sometimes I swear I'm the only female he's attracted to. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing…

"I'm gonna go for a swim," Edward says, removing his sunglasses as he stands. I watch him closely as he saunters to the edge of the stunning infinity pool, still amazed at the fact that he's mine. I see practically every female clustered around the pool turn to watch him as he gracefully sits on the edge, then slides off into the water.

I feel the same flash of jealousy I felt yesterday when I wasn't the only one interested in his paddle boarding skills. My boyfriend is dazzling; there's no denying it. And once you tear your eyes away from his face and look below the neck, he's tall, lean and toned. I totally understand why they all stare.

Edward swims a few sort-of laps across the free-form pool, then climbs out. As he walks back to me, the sun shines off of the water droplets on his skin, making him appear to sparkle. Jesus, he's beautiful.

"Hey!" I yelp as Edward reaches my chair and proceeds to shake his wet hair all over me like a dog. He giggles as he sits down, brushing his hair back then reaching for his shades again.

"You should go in, Bella. The water's awesome."

"I like it here," I shrug, reaching for my bottle of sunscreen. I spread a fresh coat over my legs and arms, then do my stomach. I notice Edward's eyes watching me intently as I spread the lotion over my neck and cleavage.

"Did you want to do that part?" I ask with a wink. I giggle at the embarrassed look on his face, knowing that he got caught ogling me. At least I'm subtle about it. Leaning over, I hand Edward the bottle then turn so my back is facing him. "Could you get my back?"

"Sure," he replies. "Though I don't think you really need any on your back if you're just going to sit here all day."

"There are spaces between the slats on the chair," I disagree.

Edward squirts a large dollop in his hand then brings both hands to my shoulders, gradually working his way downward to the top of my bikini pants. God, I love the feel of his hands on me. When he's finished, he sets the bottle on the small table between our chairs and l get myself comfortable again.

About fifteen minutes later, I notice a tall, tanned man with curly black hair, wearing a tiny red bathing suit, walking along the edge of the pool next to an equally attractive bikini-clad female. They make quite the show of spreading beach towels on a couple of lounge chairs about 20 feet away from us. As he finally turns around, I notice that his chest is so bare and shiny, he must wax it.

"Just your type, eh, Edward?" I ask, subtly nodding in their direction.

"Other than the fact that he's straight, yeah."

"He looks barely post-pubescent," I grumble. Even my high school boyfriend had a few hairs on his chest.

"From the outline you can see under that Speedo, he's mostly definitely past puberty."

I whip my head around, staring at Edward. "You were ogling his dick?" I whisper-yell.

"Like you weren't," he protests. "The guy's wearing a bright red Speedo; he wants us to look."

I shake my head. "How come you don't wear a Speedo? Isn't it sort of a gay thing to want to… show off your package?"

He laughs out loud. "Maybe I don't want to show off," he replies with a wink. "Or intimidate other guys."

"Oh my God," I moan, reaching over to slap his arm as he giggles, trying to get away from me.

Just then, our waitress comes by to see if we need new drinks, so we try to act like adults long enough to order them. As she steps over to the next couple, Edward picks up the bottle of sunscreen and I gawk unashamedly as he spreads it over his delectable body.

"Want me to get your back?" I offer.

"Sure," he nods. I try not to drool as I brush my hands over his broad shoulders. His skin feels so warm under my hands.

Settling in again, I notice a very sexy, tanned blond man climbing out of the pool. Clearly most of the people here have been in Mexico for several days already to be this tan. Or else they all visited spray tan places before their vacations.

"How about him?" I ask.

"Eh," Edward shrugs. "Too much hair on his chest."

"Really? I think he's sexy."

"I don't have that much hair on my chest," he replies with a slight pout.

"Relax, Edward. You're perfect." He scowls at me, but it's the truth.

Our waitress drops off fresh drinks and I take a sip of the frozen concoction — mudslide this time. It's like a law or something that you have to drink things like this in Tropical locations.

"Jesus, Bella," Edward moans. "I swear to God you do that on purpose."


"The way you hollow your cheeks as you suck on the straw. It's the exact same expression you get when you suck my cock."

I burst out laughing, reaching over to slap his arm.

"Stop abusing me!" he whines.

"Stop thinking with your lower head," I retort.

"Newsflash: all guys do that." He rolls his eyes and I slap him again. Then I stand up, kicking his legs apart so that I can sit between them. I take my hat off and lean back into his hard chest, smelling the coconut-scented sunscreen. Edward wraps his arms around me, kissing the side of my neck, and I close my eyes in contentment.

When I open my eyes again, I notice a dark-haired man across the pool tear his eyes away from us. For the next few minutes, I repeatedly notice him glancing our way. Something about him makes me think he's looking at my boyfriend, not at me.

"Hey, Edward?"

"Mmmm," he mumbles, skimming his hands up and down my arms.

"How's your gaydar?"

"What?" he chuckles.

"Do you see that guy across the pool, wearing the Hawaiian shirt?"

"Yeah." More kisses on the side of my neck.

"Do you think he's gay?" I ask, tilting my head to give him better access.


I turn around, looking into his eyes. "You're pretty sure, huh? Didn't even hesitate."

"Well, he winked at me earlier," he shrugs.

My mouth falls open. "He winked at you? Even though you're obviously with me? What a jackass!"

Edward reaches out, tucking a loose hair behind my ear. "And how many guys have you been eyeing today?"

"But I haven't winked at them!"

"You're cute when you're jealous," he chuckles. Shoving his chest, I turn back around.

Fifteen minutes later, my three drinks have gotten to me and I need the restroom badly. "I'll be right back." I kiss my boyfriend possessively before leaving him alone with all of these sharks.

As I wash my hands, I stare in the mirror above the sink. It looks like my face is getting a bit pink. My own fault for taking off my hat, I guess. I remind myself to put a little sunscreen on my face when I get back to Edward.

As I round the pool deck, I look toward my sexy man only to find that my view is obscured by a Hawaiian shirt. I can't believe it! I leave for just a few minutes and he's trying to move in on my territory? What fucking nerve!

As I get closer, the jackass nods at Edward then walks away. He even walks like an asshole.

As I sit on my own lounge chair and pick up my hat, I'm pretty sure steam is coming out of my ears. "I can't believe the nerve of that guy," I complain though gritted teeth. "He came over here to hit on you?"

"He wasn't hitting on me, Bella."

"Like hell," I grumble.

"He wasn't hitting on me," he stresses. "He was hitting on both of us."

"What?" I screech.

"He's bi," Edward replies with a shrug. "He said, and I quote, 'I'm dying to fuck the two of you.'"

My eyebrows shoot all the way up my forehead. "You're saying he wanted a threesome with us?"

"Yep," he nods.

"What… what did you tell him?" I hold my breath, waiting for his answer.

He shrugs. "I told him thanks, but no thanks. I don't share."

Well, that's a relief, but… he didn't say he didn't want to do it. "But would you want…?"

Edward crooks his finger, until I move to sit on the side of his lounger. "Baby, I don't want anyone but you," he says softly. "I thought you knew that."

"I… I did, but…" He places his finger under my chin, gently forcing me to look him in the eye.

"I'm very happy with you and your girl parts, Bella. I don't need anything or anyone else." I give him a small smile and he brushes his lips across mine once, twice, three times. "I love you."

After spending the afternoon at the pool, Edward and I shower then have dinner in one of the resort's six restaurants before heading out to one of their five bars.

The bass line is thumping and the intoxicated crowd is having a blast. This place is as much fun as a gay bar, and I've got the hottest guy in the place.

The moment the thought comes to me, my mind flashes back to earlier and the bisexual guy who was interested in a threesome. Edward said he'd wanted to fuck us both, and I wonder… Edward told me when we first got together that he was a top, but I know he likes to try new things in bed. Has he ever…? I mean, I'm still designating my ass as exit only, but if he's been on the receiving end, so to speak, maybe… maybe I could trust him with some of the things he wants to try with me.

Edward and I drink and dance until my feet are killing me and I'm just this side of drunk. He's such a great dancer that I always lose myself in watching him and lose track of time.

"Are you ready to get out of here?" he whispers, pulling me close.

"Ready for bed already, old man?"

"Not to sleep," he growls.

I let him lead me outside into the warm, humid air. Holding hands, we walk along the stone pathway back to our room.

"Edward?" I begin tentatively.


"What that guy wanted at the pool this afternoon—"

"Bella," he interrupts, "I told you. I'm not interested in him. Or anyone else."

"No, I know, I just… you said he wanted to fuck us both, and I just wondered… have you ever… done that?"

He stops, turning to look at me. "You mean did I ever bottom?" I nod. "Once," he shrugs. "A long time ago."

A long time ago? That means… "With Riley?" I ask quietly.

"Yeah," he sighs. I look at him questioningly, not sure what exactly I want to ask, until he goes on. "Some guys prefer to top, some bottom, and some are happy either way — versatile. Riley was one of those, a switch-hitter, if you will.

"By the time we'd been dating for over a year, he was kind of missing being on top, so he talked me into trying it."

"And you didn't like it?" I deduce. "I mean, if you only did it once…"

He shrugs. "Riley knew what he was doing, so it wasn't painful or anything that I'm sure you're imagining," he chuckles. "I got off. But… no, I didn't like it. I don't like to be vulnerable. I just… prefer to be in control."

"Really," I deadpan. "I'd never guess that you're a control freak." I immediately picture the way his CD and DVD collections are meticulously organized alphabetically by year of release. And don't get me started on his pantry…

"I know, I know… I may have a teensy tendency to be a little OCD and want to control things in most facets of my life," he laughs.

"But you enjoy it when I'm on top when we have sex," I point out.

"Not the same thing at all." He shakes his head. "I could easily flip our positions whenever I want, because you're so much smaller than I am. Even when you're on top, I'm ultimately the one in control, since I could take it back anytime I want. I'm not vulnerable."

I narrow my eyes at him. "Pretty hypocritical of you then to pressure me into something you didn't even like, despite you having the necessary equipment to actually get something out of it — unlike me."

Edward is quiet, and between the pathway lights and the moonlight, I see the horrorstruck expression on his face. "What?" I ask, confused.

He reaches up, tearing at his hair with both hands. "I… I pressure you?" he whispers. "God, Bella, I… I never meant to pressure you. I… fuck!"

He walks a few feet away, tears at his hair again, then comes back toward me. "Baby, I am so, so sorry. I never… I thought we could share… I won't ask you again," he vows, shaking his head. "I'm ok whether we do or don't. I swear to you. You can always veto anything I want to try with you if you're not comfortable. I'll still love you, no matter what."

Reaching for Edward, I place my hands on his cheeks. "I'm sorry, for the bad choice of words. I never felt like you were trying to bully me into something I didn't want. You just… didn't give up after I said no the first time. But I'm not mad at you. I was even thinking of letting you… experiment a bit, with your tongue and finger — your smallest finger — at least." I don't miss the way his eyes light up.

"You're not mad?" I shake my head. "You know I'd never hurt you."

"I know." I smile at him, taking his hand again as we walk back to our room.

I dig the keycard out of my purse and open the door, stepping inside. Edward takes my purse and sets it on the desk, then he's all over me — kissing me while his hands roam everywhere they can reach. I twine my arms around his neck to pull his mouth down closer, but instead he picks me up and I wrap my legs around his waist.

Walking us over to the bed, he carefully sets me down, then pulls my sundress up and over my head. I gasp in pain.

"You got a little too much sun," he says quietly, trailing his fingers just over the top of my breasts. I look down and sure enough, I didn't quite rub the sunscreen all the way over to under my arms. Dammit. "Does it hurt?"

I shake my head. "Only when my dress rubbed against it. Just feels a little warm."

"Your nose is pink, too." He leans down and kisses the tip of my nose, smiling at me.

"Let's see if there's anywhere else," he suggests, reaching behind me to unhook my bra — as if the sun could get through my bikini top. "Lie down." He pulls my panties down slowly, then motions for me to turn over and I hurriedly flip onto my stomach.

"Oops," he says, brushing his fingers along my lower back. "Looks like I goofed and didn't quite get to the top of your bikini bottoms." And then he sucks in a breath. "The backs of your knees are really pink." He touches them and I yelp in pain. How on earth did I not notice that when I was dancing?

"Don't move," he orders, getting off the bed. He's back a minute later with a bottle of aloe lotion from my suitcase. "Hmmmm…" And then he disappears again, into the bathroom.

When he comes back, he's holding two large bath towels. He spreads one out next to me on the bed, then motions for me to lie on it while he spreads the other next to it. "This will cool your skin," he says, picking up the bottle.

Starting at my ankles, he spreads the aloe all over my legs, rubbing it in gently. I close my eyes, relax and enjoy his talented hands. I hiss a little when he reaches the worst of the sunburn on the back of my knees, though.

"I don't think my ass got any sun," I chuckle when he continues his journey up my body. Soon enough, he's gently rubbing the lotion into the part that did get some sun.

"Turn over," he directs when he's finally reached my shoulders.

I carefully flip over and I can't help noticing the obvious tent in Edward's khaki shorts. "Wouldn't you be more comfortable out of those?" I suggest, reaching for the button. I start tugging his shorts down and spot the tip of his cock peeking over the top of his boxer briefs. I sit up, licking my lips, and he groans.

"Do you know you lick your lips every time you see my dick?"

I shrug, feeling my face flame as I begin pushing up his white polo shirt. I run my fingers lightly down his chest, noticing his breathing pick up. Suddenly, he pulls away. "This is supposed to be about you," he scolds me.

Smirking, I lie back down, letting my hair fan out beneath me. Edward picks up the bottle of aloe again and squeezes some onto my calves as he kneels between my legs. This time I keep my eyes open, watching the intent look on his face as he massages the lotion into my skin. And, well, my eyes might dart down to his hard-on occasionally.

When he reaches the tops of my thighs, he continues on up my body, spreading his hands over my hips without ever really coming close to where I really need them. He presses lightly on my stomach as he rubs in the lotion, then suddenly he gets up, moving to sit by my head. I look up at him questioningly, but he just smiles, squeezing more aloe onto his hands.

"Oh, that's nice," I groan, closing my eyes in pleasure as he massages my shoulders. His large hands completely cover my breasts as he kneads them gently. I moan as he plays with my nipples, pulling them and twisting them gently.

He leans forward then, trailing his right hand down my torso while his left remains in place on my breast. "Spread your legs," he directs quietly. I don't hesitate for a second, more than ready for this to continue.

He teases me at first, spreading his fingers to brush up and down my outer lips. Finally he moves his middle finger to brush over my clit and begins drawing small circles around it. "Want more?" he asks.

At my nod, he moves his finger down and gently pushes it inside me, quickly following it with a second one. I cry out when he begins moving them in and out rapidly. His thumb puts pressure on my clit and I'm clamping down on his fingers in no time. Edward slows his movements then, letting me ride out my orgasm before pulling his hand away and wiping it on one of the towels beneath me.

He moves back between my legs, then motions for me to flip over onto my stomach. I feel a little like jelly from the amazing massage, but I manage. "Get up on your knees a little." I feel his hands caressing my ass and take a deep breath. "I won't hurt you," he reminds me. "Ok?"

"Ok," I nod. And then I feel his cock, hard as steel, brushing along the crack in my ass. "It's just the side, not the tip," he says when I tense a little. I will myself to relax as he moves his cock to stroke through my wetness, then back again to my ass crack. "Is that ok?" he asks quietly.

"Yeah." And it is. It feels good, what he's doing; not so scary. Then his cock is back on my pussy again, rubbing deliciously against me.

"Do you want me inside you?"

"Mmmm…" I'm almost delirious with want. I feel the round head of his cock at my entrance and then he inches his way inside until his hips are flush against mine. I brace myself for him to start moving, but instead he pulls out, lightly slapping my ass before flopping down beside me.

"Changed my mind; I want you on top so I can see your face," he says, tugging at my hand. I climb over him, then slowly lower myself until we're once again joined. He pulls me down until he can kiss me, sliding his tongue into my mouth. I kiss him back greedily as I begin moving above him. Edward's hands caress my back then move to my ass. When I feel his finger lightly circling my back door, I'm too lost in the feel of the rest of him to care.

"Good girl," he smiles, moving his hands to my hips to help me sit up. I circle my hips faster and faster as he thrusts up to meet me. "You look so amazing right now."

"Fuck, Edward… I'm gonna…" My orgasm ripples through me and I can't speak. I collapse onto his chest and he flips me over, lifting my leg over his hip as he begins pounding into me. "Oh God…"

He groans loudly as he comes, dropping his head to my shoulder. Slowly I bring my hands up to stroke his sweaty back until finally he pulls out, rolling to his back.

"I don't want to move," I groan, reluctantly getting up to go clean up in the bathroom. When I come back I feel the breeze from the open door to our balcony. Edward must've gotten up to do that; the sound of the waterfall in the garden outside is perfect to fall asleep to.

I pull a nightie out of my suitcase and shrug it over my head then climb into bed beside Edward. Throwing an arm over me, he tugs me back into his body. "You put clothes on," he whines.

"Yeah," I yawn. "I'm tired. I don't want you waking me up at 4am when your dick can't control itself around a naked woman."

He chuckles, kissing my shoulder. "You were ok with the way I touched you?"

"Yeah," I tell him honestly.

"I'll take it slow," he promises. "And I know what your hard limits are. I'll never ask you to change them."

"I trust you." And I find that I really do.

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