Inspired by inukagome15's The Last Archangel. Enjoy! I do not own Supernatural or the Avengers

I dunno, I just think Gabriel and Tony are a really good fit.

It was really supposed to be a normal day. As normal as it got for the Avengers, at least. Today was a universal day off for about half of SHIELD, which Fury regretted and swore to fix in the future but for now there were agents de-suited and scattered around the world, enjoying a day that did not involve massive alien invasions or super-soldiers or snarky billionaires or archers who found it fun to hide in ceiling ducts or anything of the sort. The Avengers themselves could be quite frustrating.

The other four Avengers [Thor was away back in Asgard] thought it would be funny to surprise Tony, and so they all met up in Stark tower and took the elevator up to the penthouse.

What they didn't expect the doors to open on was Tony having a shouting match with a man who didn't look like he was related to any sort of business.

"You lost it?" No one had known that Tony could sound quite so furious.

"I didn't lose it-"

"Oh so I just imagined you saying you didn't know where it was!"

"I borrowed quite a lot and hid it in multiple places, do you expect me to remember exactly where I put everything?" The stranger snapped, his British accent growing thicker in anger. "Oh that's right, you expect everyone to be perfect like you!"

"I think you've confused me for Michael-and yeah, I thought maybe you'd remember where you hid something that important!"

"It's not like I thought you'd need it back!"

"Oh so I wasn't there to look over your shoulder so you just thought 'oh, it's okay, he won't miss it!' how does that even work Balthazar!"

"I said that I'd look for it!"

"That's not helpful, because I need it now!"

"It won't take long!"

"And how long is 'not long', a year? Like the last time you said 'not long'?"

"Oh, you do not even get to go anywhere near using that against me!" 'Balthazar' turned to watch Tony pace and caught sight of his shocked teammates in the elevator. "Er, G- Tony?"

"What?" Tony snapped, whirling around to be confronted with the same sight.


"What the hell is going on here?" demanded Natasha, who had finally found her voice.

"Is there someone here who's not going to report it straight to Fury?" Tony's temper hadn't diminished, though he was visibly trying to be more civil with them.

"Hey!" objected Clint. "Screw SHILED, I think we've got a right to know why you're having a shouting match with this guy."

Tony stared at them-did he look almost desperate? -Before throwing his hands up. "Okay, fine. I was shouting at him because he'd lost something of mine."

"I just said-" the other man objected.

"Shut up, Balthazar!" Tony snapped. "You fucking lost it and you cannot deny it and do you mind not interrupting while I am having a conversation? Don't you dare leave," he warned, for no apparent reason. He spun back to his teammates. "Look, I guess I'll understand if you don't want me around anymore-hell, you can leave if you like since SHIELD didn't really want me around in the first place-"

"Tony," Steve said, hiding his worry, "No one's kicking you out. What's going on?"

The grey-haired man had been eyeing them oddly, almost disdainfully, ever since the rest of the team had arrived. He rolled his eyes at Tony, who raked his hands through his hair, his anger dissolving into nervousness.

"Well, um, I was having an argument when you guys showed up,"

"What did he lose?" Clint interrupted.


"You were arguing about something your friend had lost," Natasha pointed out.

"Yes. Well. It was something kind of important. Nothing for you to worry about, though, we'll have it solved soon enough-" he shot a glare at the other man "hopefully."

"I think it is our business," said Bruce sternly, but before he could go any further the other man interrupted him.

"You're not really going to lead these mud monkeys on even longer, are you?"

While the Avenger's minds wondered what he meant by mud monkey, Tony whirled on him.

"Don't call them that."

"Don't call them what they are? You've drifted quite aways off the beaten track, haven't you, Gabriel?"

"Gab-" Steve didn't finish the sentence before the argument was in full swing again.

"Oh, and the beaten path is such a good place to be!"

"It worked, you helped keep it in order!"

"Yes, for a fraction of the time anyone actually used it!"

"Oh yes, that's right, you left!"

"If you're trying to make me ashamed then bring it, Balthazar, because I could kick your ass seven ways to Sunday and still have time to rest!"

"Fighting on Sunday, what would Father say?"

"Father can kiss my ass, if he cared he would've shown up!"

"And you think he'd condone this, hanging about with humans and playing games?"

This day was starting to go places that no one had expected it too.

"Okay, everybody SHUT UP!" Bruce yelled, managing to shout over Tony and his 'friend'. They both snapped their heads to look at him- it seemed even 'Balthazar' knew about the Hulk.

"We are going to sit down," said Bruce evenly, ignoring the cautious looks from the rest of the team, "And you are going to explain exactly what is going on here."

"Hm. How about, fuck that," said Balthazar, and vanished from the spot so suddenly that the phrase 'here one minute, gone the next' had a brand new meaning. The flutter of wings that accompanied his disappearance echoed in the thick silence that now occupied the tower.

Tony felt the eyes of his teammates on him. "I can explain," he said, hoping he wasn't about to be locked up as one of SHILED's new experiments.