A/N: So um…This final chapter turned out to be like 6000+ words so I'm splitting it into two so that it's not overwhelming. It's already written so you'll get the next one tomorrow. This part centers on Dom and Letty's wedding, and the next one will center around the reception. Google Givenchy Rooney Mara 2013 to get a feel for what Letty's wedding dress looks like. I hope you enjoy!

Three Years Later

"Baby what are you wearing?" Dom murmured into his cellphone as he lay in an empty bed.

"Dom we're not gonna have phone sex." Letty muttered tiredly.

"I ain't even trying to do that." He responded sucking his teeth.

"Yes, you are. You wanted this stupid wedding so you ain't getting any until this is over."

"You're taking this too far. We're already married." He argued resembling one of their children.

"You said you wanted to keep it traditional, so I'm keeping it traditional."

"Fuck tradition, let me come over."


"It's my room too."


"I bought the house."

"So did I." Letty countered sassily. "You're still in the house so I don't understand why you're acting like I kicked you out."

"Really? You didn't kick me out, yet I'm in the guest room? Does that make sense?"

"It's your own fault. You can't keep your hands to yourself."

"But I'm already hard!" Dominic complained.

"Then jack off", Letty suggested.

"Why don't you come over and help me?"

"No, that's not lady like. I'm wearing white tomorrow. I must act the part." Letty told him condescendingly.

"Fuck that shit." Dom told her dismissively, causing her to snicker.

"Dom! My virgin ears!" She exclaimed feigning innocence. He dismissed her attempt at divergence.

"Baby come on, please! Come outside."

"No", Letty refused.

"I'll go over there." Dom propositioned.

"Are you not comprehending what I'm telling you?"

"Are you wearing underwear?"

"That's none of your business."

"You're my wife. It'll always be my business."

"I don't know what you're talking about. I don't have a ring on my finger."

"Don't play that. You know you're getting a new ring."

"Dom I'm gonna hang up now."

"Well then I'm going over."

"The door is locked."

"I have the key."

"No you don't. I stole it from you two days ago."

"You know what's funny?" Dom asked with a slight laugh.


"I got like three copies of every key in this house. I bet you didn't think about that, did you?"

"Dom!" Letty gasped into the phone.

"What Let? You scared you can't say no to me?"

"Trust me baby. I can say no."

"No you can't. Why are we in separate rooms then?"

"Because you don't understand the meaning of the word no."

"I'm coming over." Dom said hanging up. He walked through their large home and arrived outside his bedroom door about three minutes later.

"I put the dresser in front of the door! You won't be able to get in." Letty called out from her bed when she heard the doorknob shake. Dom unlocked the door, but soon realized Letty had not been joking.

"I can't believe this." Dom muttered before he gave the door one large shove.

"Dom!" Letty exclaimed. "You cannot be this horny."

"Think again"

"Why are you so loud? Do you want to wake them up?" Letty asked him in an annoyed tone.

"I won't, but you might." Dom smirked closing the door behind him.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"We both know which soundtrack bumps in this room when I get inside that pussy." Dom said in her ear before kissing her neck.

"Don't be disgusting. We ain't doing shit."

"Oh really?" Dom asked forcing Letty to face him. He kissed her sloppily, and she helplessly gave in.

"Mmm", Letty moaned. "Dom stop. Just wait until tomorrow."

"It's the night before my wedding. I want lap dances and skimpy lingerie." He told her with a playful spank.

"You'll get that tomorrow."

"This whole no sex before marriage thing is bullshit." Letty laughed and pushed him away. Nonetheless, he pulled her in with his dark eyes, and their lips met once again.

"We're just gonna make out. That's all I'm giving you." Letty said in between breaths while Dom's hands tantalized her thighs. He dove for her neck and began to rub his hard-on against her sex.

"Do you feel how much I want you baby?"

"You almost broke down our door to get at this. I think I get it." She said sarcastically trying to hide her arousal.

"I just need ten minutes." He begged kissing her over and over again.

"Baby it'll be worth the wait." Letty insisted.

"I can't wait anymore!"

"It's only been three weeks."

"Three weeks of torture." Dom contested, but he soon realized his bride to be was not budging. He would have to give up on his quest, and wait until after their nuptials. "I know we're supposed to make love tomorrow night, but that's definitely not happening."

"You're such a romantic Toretto. You never cease to amaze me." Letty responded with a smirk.

"I'm gonna fuck you so hard tomorrow. I ain't even playing. Get ready." Dom sighed.

"Ditto", she said with a laugh. "Now get out. We can't see each other until the ceremony tomorrow. You need to be out of this house by seven."

"Whatever", Dom disregarded before leaving for the guest room. Letty maintained an amused smile as she watched her husband sulk. It had taken them two years to properly plan a wedding everyone could agree on. She was purposefully depriving Dom of his sexual desires because of all the headache his demands had caused her.

That morning Dom took their boys to the racetrack facility where he met up with Vince and Reggie to prepare for the ceremony. Dom had rented out a few office suites for the wedding party. The ceremony would take place at the center of the track, while the wedding reception would take place inside a large hall inside the building.

They were all getting dressed when Alexus curiously asked, "Uncle Vince why aren't you married? Uncle Meech is married, and Papi's getting married again, so why aren't you?"

"Don't ever ask me that in front of Vanessa's mother." Vince warned.

"Ok, but aren't you going to answer the question?"

"Because I'm not ready to be married."

"Papi how do you know you're ready to be married?"

"Lex you know you're ready to get married when you feel like you can't live without that person in your life."

"But what if you think you can't, but you really can?"

"Trust me kid. When you know, you know. It'll make sense in a few years."

"I'm surprised he hasn't had a girlfriend yet." Vince said straightening his tie. Alexus' face turned crimson, causing Dom to smile at his son's embarrassment.

"I have a girlfriend." Jensen gloated while tying his shoes. "She the prettiest girl in my grade."

"Yeah she's a cutie alright." Dom confirmed. "She comes over for playdates and everything."

"That shouldn't count. He's like eight. Mami doesn't even know she's his girlfriend." Alexus argued.

"Eight-and-a-half!" Jensen corrected.

"All they do is play together. At my school having a girlfriend is serious." Jensen had gained his confidence back in the last few years. His resilience resembled that of his parents. Though Dom would fear his son would always carry the horrors he lived through, he rarely showed it. Jensen would have bad days or nightmares. Nonetheless for the most part, he had been able to readjust to normality.

"You're a good looking kid. I'm sure they're plenty of girls who like you." Reggie told Alexus.

"It's not that. It's like you can't just get with anyone. My friend liked this girl, but she liked me, and then he was mad at me, and I didn't even do anything!" Alexus blurted out causing all the grown men in the room to laugh. "It's not funny. I didn't even like her. Girls are ruining my life. The girl I like doesn't even go to my school, which sucks 'cause she's way cooler than the girls that do."

"Who is she?" Dom pried.

"Nobody", Alexus dismissed.

"Nobody?" Reggie asked.

"I bet Letty knows." Vince smirked.

"No one knows, and I'm gonna keep it that way."

"Alright little man. We can respect that. But if you wanna learn about getting a girl, we're the guys to come to. Just ask your brother." Dom advised with a smile.

"I'm gonna go to the bathroom now." Alexus said awkwardly before quickly leaving his father's presence.

"God can you believe it? My boy going through some love woes", Dom said shaking his head. "I never thought this day would come."

"I know who he likes, but I'm not gonna tell you." Jensen chimed.

"I'll give you ten bucks." Vince told him, handing him a bill.

"Cici", Jensen answered shoving the ten dollars in his pocket.

"What!" Reggie exclaimed.

"That makes sense." Dom said with an agreeing nod.

"Oh hell no", Reggie refused.

"He's getting to that age; the big 1 3." Vince added.

"Not with my daughter, he's not."

"Meech relax. It's all-innocent."

"Yeah, worry about it in two years." Vince agreed.

"His voice already changed."

"I know. He's becoming a man. Don't remind Letty. It freaks her out." Dom beamed.

"You did good." Vince said patting his best friend on the back. "Where the hell is O'Conner?"

"He's gonna meet us at the track. He's getting the rings."

"Shouldn't the best man do that?"

"My best man is thirteen so the duties have been accommodated for."

"I still think I should have been best man. I've known you way longer than your son has."

"Get over it Vince. You're a groomsman. We should get going before Mia starts hounding me." Dom said snapping his fingers at Jensen.

"Papi can I see Mami first?"

"No you'll see her after. Let's go."

"Why hurry? The girls are probably not even close to ready, you know how women are." Vince said to Dom. "I say this because Mercedes is there, so I know this wedding is gonna start late."

One floor above the men's dressing area, the women of the wedding party were helping Letty dress for her big day. "Has Dom seen you in this?" Simone asked as they adjusted the final touches of Letty's Givenchy couture gown.

"Nope", Letty answered with a proud grin. "Trust me girl. He's tried, but I've been throwing him off by leaving random bride magazines around the house and circling the wrong wedding dresses. I left this at Mami's as soon as it got fitted."

"It looks perfect on you Let." Mia praised as she handed her son Jack his juice cup. The dress was sexy, yet elegant. It left just enough to the imagination without being too traditional; something she knew Dom would appreciate.

"Keep your kid away from me. I don't need any accidents." She warned. As much as Letty loved her nephew, juice stains and her white dress did not mix.

"It's just water. Brian's gonna be here any minute to get him." Letty gave her a small nod and looked into the mirror to inspect her make-up that, which had taken over an hour to apply. "Why do I feel like I just went through plastic surgery?"

"Because I have the best make-up artist in the industry", Mercedes' answered adjusting Letty's soft bun. "You look gorgeous. He's going to be very happy."

"He better be happy. I didn't even want this stupid wedding."

"But he we are", Mia pointed out with a joyful smile. "I never thought I'd see the day."

"Well I had to wait fifteen years to make sure he was worth the fuss." Letty said sarcastically. She couldn't deny the present day brought her great pride. Letty was celebrating her tenth wedding anniversary with the sole man she had ever been with; someone she loved more than words could say. She only prayed tears would not be shed when she met Dom in front everyone who was most important to them.

"Mami!" Mazda called running into the room, who was then followed by Vanessa. "Mami! I look like a princess!" Her daughter said twirling in her white dress.

"That's because you are a princess."

"Mazda! Ven aca!" (Mazda come here!) Ana called. "Estas dos muchachas me tienen loca!" (These two little girls are driving me crazy.)

"Ay Mami relax." Letty said.

"Relax no! Tu abuela me tiene jarta. Yo no puedo con esta familia. Tu tienes que ocuparte de ella." (I have had it with your grandmother! I can't with this family. You deal with her.) Ana huffed. Letty had had her extended family fly in for the event so that all her loved ones could be part of her special day. However her grandmother, Magdalena, took great offense when she realized that Letty had not included her in the ceremony. Most people had not realized the extent of the matriarchal fierceness passed down from generation to generation in Letty's family until they had met Magdalena, who surpassed both Ana's and Letty's demands ten times over.

"Que dijiste?" (What did you say?) Magdalena asked defensively walking into the dressing room.

"Nada", (Nothing) Ana said cowering in front of her mother.

"Niña que diparate es esto? Tu no sabes que sin mi tu no existieras?" (Little girl what is this foolishness. Don't you know that if it weren't for me you wouldn't exist?)

"Ahi Mamá basta. Estamos aquí disfrutando de un momento lindo." (Grandma that's enough. We're here enjoying a beautiful moment.) Letty dismissed rolling her eyes and fixing her hair. "We'll figure it out. This is a happy day. Lets keep it that way."

"Mami", Mazda called pulling at the hem of Letty's dress.

"What is it baby?"

"If I'm a princess, why don't I have my own castle?" Letty smiled at her daughter.

"Because only queens have their own castle"

"Do you have your own castle?" The young girl inquired.

"Yes, because I'm a queen."

"Oh", the three-year-old said. It was bizarre to be in the room with the two women that had raised her, while with a daughter of her very own. Letty was so different compared to Ana and Magdalena. She was much softer when dealing with her kids, but in no way weaker. Letty had found her own strength as both a mother and a woman that was unique to her.

"Guys we have to go. It's getting late." Mia urged. "Dom's already out on the track."

"He can wait." Simone insisted.

"Vanessa!" Mercedes called. "Go get you're bouquet."

"Yes Mommy", the little girl said running out of the room. During the ceremony, Vince's daughter would be the miniature bride, while Emilio, would be the miniature groom. Jensen would be the couple's ring bearer, and Mazda would be their flower girl. Letty had assigned Magdalena to assist Mazda down the aisle to get her grandmother off her back.

The wedding party proceeded down to the racetrack where the guest had been waiting for them. All the groomsmen including Alexus, Vince, Brian, and Reggie were already at the alter. Her bridesmaids walked down in their long black dresses followed by the children. Letty waited by the pit where no one could see her. Tony made his way to her as they had rehearsed. She had not spoken to her father in years, and therefore decided Tony would be the one to give her away.

"You look ravishing." He commented as he took her arm in his. "My son is a lucky man."

"I'm a lucky girl." She told him with a smile. "You did good Tony."

"I appreciate that."

"I want to thank you for doing this. It really means a lot to me."

"I've seen you grow into an amazing person. It's my honor to do this. I couldn't have dreamed all this up for either of you."

"It wouldn't have happened without you. Thanks for being my dad too." She said placing a kiss on her father-in-law's cheek. Tony cleared his throat. Her words had moved him to his core, but he did everything in his power to not show it. The moment had arrived for Letty to walk down the aisle. Everyone turned to watch her as she and Tony walked towards a very delighted Dom. She was absolutely glowing in her Givenchy gown. She could here gasps as she passed their guests who were made up of family, friends, and teammates.

"Diablo Mami!" (Damn Ma!) One of her cousins yelled out. Letty momentarily lost her composure and giggled.

"He just had to." Letty told Tony quietly shaking her head.

"At least we know this wont be a boring wedding." Tony smiled. When they finally reached the groom, Tony placed Letty's hand in Dom's. "You know what to do." He told his son.

"You got it." Dom smirked setting his eyes on his radiant bride. "You look incredible."

"You don't look half bad yourself." Letty said slightly adjusting the tie that accompanied his pristine black suit. She leaned in to whisper, "If you cry, I'll slap you."

"Shouldn't I tell you that?" Dom whispered back. One of the major reasons why Letty was so resistant to having a wedding in the first place was because she did not enjoy the idea of having her emotions displayed for the world to see.

"Nah, I'm not ruining this make-up. I look too good."

"I just hope you listen to your own advice."

"Shut-up", she mouthed coyly.

"Don't worry I have the handkerchief right here if you need it." It took everything she had not to flip him off in front of their kids. She was determined not to shed a single tear. The priest coughed hardily, distracting them from their private conversation.

"Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to join together this man and this woman in holy matrimony." He went on to speak about the symbolism of their love and the meaning of their commitment, but before Letty or Dom knew it, it was time to profess their love for one another. "The bride and groom have deiced to write their own vows which they will share at this moment." Letty pulled out the small napkin that she had used to jot down her vows from the top of her dress. Jensen stood beside them holding their rings.

"A napkin though?"

"Do you wanna here this or not?"

"By all means", Dom told her cheekily.

"Dominic Toretto, what can I say? From the moment you almost killed me, I knew my life would change."

"Why do you have to go and bring that up?" Dom interrupted with a laugh.

"Excuse me. I have the floor." She asserted causing the audience to snicker. "I still have the scar incase anyone cares enough to check it out." Letty said waiving her wrist for all to see. "Though you almost killed me that night, you spent so much of your time trying to save me. You always try to save those you care about, and I love that about you. When I told you I was pregnant at seventeen, my life should have fallen apart. I had nothing and believed I was nothing, but you convinced me that we could do it. From that day on, we made it work. Whatever it took, that's what we did. I couldn't ask for a better partner. You've always supported me, and made me feel loved in a way I never even fathomed. You held my hand through three very painful births and told me I looked beautiful even after I cussed you out. You're love is the reason we stand here today as successful dreamers and proud parents. Granted, I did not have much faith in us at the beginning, especially when things got hard, but you always did. You always believed in us. You always believed in me." Letty paused in an attempt to stop her eyes from watering. "God damn it." She sighed.

"Keep going. I like it." Dom smiled wiping her tear away.

"Thank you for being so wonderful these past few years, even though sometimes I still kick you in my sleep, eat the last bit of cereal, and complain about pretty much everything. I vow to love you as you have loved me, and convince the kids not to put you in the nursing home when you're old and frail. I vow to protect you in every sense of the word, and hold your hand as you have held mine for the rest of our lives because you are deserving of that love." Letty finished with a sniffle and handed her vows to her grandmother. She took Dom's ring and placed on his finger.

"Dominic you may now share your vows with your bride." The priest instructed.

"Leticia Ortiz, yes, I used your first name. Leticia Ortiz. The moment I met you I knew I was in trouble, not because you were screaming at me, but because I liked it. You have been at the center of my world for as long as I can remember. You have been my guiding compass and my Achilles heel. Your resilience and standards have turned me into a true man. Everyone here knows that before you, I was no more than a misguided boy. You opened my eyes to what life could and should be. You made me face realities I did not want to face. You pushed me to make decisions I didn't want to make, and you encouraged me to be my very best self. I can not name a woman who is as strong, compassionate, intelligent, and most of all as sexy as you."

"No you didn't!" Letty laughed.

"Shh, I'm speaking."

"Go on." She waved as she composed herself.

"With the exception of Mazda, there is no one on this planet who can measure up to your beauty and conviction. The family we've built has meant everything to me, and in front of everyone we hold dear, especially our children, I want to honor the woman I have the privilege of waking up to in the morning. Everyday with you has been a wonderful adventure, and I cannot wait for the many more to come." Dom ended with a tearful smile, but Letty quickly grabbed his handkerchief to wipe her own tears. Dom took Letty's rings from their son and slipped them on her finger. Letty quickly noticed that her black diamond had been replaced by a much larger and much rarer Benitoite gem. Letty gasped at the sight of the gleaming purple jewel. She fell in love with her ring all over again. The priest smiled at the couple before continuing on with the ceremony.

"Ahem, Leticia do you take this man as your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do." She said instantly causing Dom to grin. "...Again"

"Dominic do you take this woman as your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do"

"By the power vested in me by the state of California, I now pronounce husband and wife…again. You may kiss your bride." The priest announced.

"Beso! Beso! Beso!" (Kiss!Kiss!Kiss) Letty's family chanted.

"I cannot stand them!" She complained rolling her eyes. Dom laughed before softly grabbing Letty's neck and brought her into a soft embrace, which was then followed by catcalls and cheers.

"Aha! You cried. It's on camera." Dom teased when their lips parted.

"Shut up! So did you."

"It was worth it."