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A/N - I've always loved period fiction, because really, why do I want to read about here and now, when I can have an adventure? I'm a sucker for the classical era, because I was a Latin nerd in high school, and because those people were kinda nuts. I've always loved Vamp fics, because hotness, angst, and drama. And I haven't always loved Forks, but there it is, because Twilight. It can't be now, because boring, but it can't be too long ago, because nobody home but Quileutes and wildlife. So, late 1800s it is!

So here you have it:

A Historical Twilight Vamp Fic Set (briefly) Ancient Rome, (largely) 19th Century Forks, Washington Territory, and Also Various Places and Times in Between.

But mostly, this is a story about Edward, because in any time or place, we love him.


Chapter 1 - Lamia

Volterra, Rome

56 C.E.

The vampire leaps lightly from rooftop to rooftop, easily picking a path through the moonless night. She is not always so cautious about avoiding detection, but tonight she is in Volaterrae, the Volturi's seat of power. She has no desire to spark her rulers' displeasure, and there is no surer way to do so than to expose oneself to the humans who live here.

She pauses within sight of her goal, taking the moment to enjoy the tingling of anticipation coursing through her body. At long last, she is here to find Eduardus and take him away with her! For six years she has passed through Volaterrae each spring, delightedly taking note of Eduardus' increasing height and broadening shoulders. She has even been startled to discover a feeling of affection for the young man, as well as a heated jealousy toward any female who grows close to him. None of her other consorts have ever inspired these unpleasant emotions, which only serve to increase her lustful appetite. She has even cut short her hunting in order to reach Eduardus more quickly, so eager is she to claim her prize.

This rash decision will prove disastrous. The wind shifts, and the heady smell of freshly spilled human blood assaults her, awakening her bloodlust with shocking force. By the time she streaks through the villa's open window she is in a frenzy, rational thought completely smothered by base instinct.

Inside, where Eduardus normally sleeps, a woman has just given birth and is lying on a blood-soaked pallet. Mindlessly flinging an elderly woman across the room, the vampire leaps upon the new mother and sinks her teeth deep. She gorges herself on hot, thick blood, not even bothering with the squalling infant at the hapless woman's breast.

The vampire has nearly drained her victim when another cry rings out and she is attacked from behind. Instinct demands that she defend her kill. She whirls and snaps the neck of the wretch who dares disturb her, but her eyes widen in horror as she recognizes the object of her desire crumpling to the ground. No! Not her Eduardus! She falls to her knees beside him, and his pain-filled eyes meet hers for an instant before they roll back into unconsciousness.

An older woman rushes into the room and begins to scream, falling to her knees at Eduardus' side. In the next instant, a vampire male in Volturi garb enters through the window, quickly taking in the scene with a look of distaste.

"Get out!" he hisses angrily. "Go tell Caius I will need assistance in cleaning up your mess."

The vampire female is shocked out of her grief by a rare thrill of terror, for the Volturi deal harshly with any who expose their kind with mindless carnage. Sparing one last glance for her dying love, she shoots away into the darkness, praying she will find Caius and his brothers in a benevolent temper.

She is indeed fortunate that night; the Volturi allow her head to remain attached. However, they banish her from the continent for the rest of her days, with the admonition that any future infraction will result in her summary execution. But exile is a small price to pay, when the alternative is death.

She is escorted through the stone corridors of the Volturi castle and has almost reached the imposing outer doors when a heavenly scent invades her consciousness — a scent she had thought never to experience again. She spins and drops to the ground, evading the grasp of her guards. Dashing around a corner, she catches a glimpse of the vampire from Eduardus' villa carrying a body wrapped in linens. His heart beats still! Eduardus!

She is grabbed roughly from behind and hauled back before she can see more, but it is enough. They mean to change him! Already it has begun! Her despair transforms into hope, and she struggles no more as she is led outside the walls of the city and far to the southwest, finally reaching a cliff overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. Her escorts shove her toward the precipice, but she needs no encouragement. Giving her Volturi guard a brilliant smile, she leaps high into the night air, diving cleanly into the dark waters below.

A/N - Lamia = vampire

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