Irradiated Sorceress

written by: thelonewander117

challenge/prompt given by: Noitaerc

Note before we start: Yes, a third fic, with the weirdest of ideas every, but I liked it, so roll with it. This won't replace my other two, and will see some updates here and there until I get through the first arc of Hunters in A Wizard's Land. Now, on with the show, er, story

Chapter One: Nothing really ever stays dead

Dark Samus POV, First person

The Aurora unit the useless Pirates had gathered failed, and I felt it break down, and with it my connection to Phaaze. The pure overload of power was too much for my form, and as the damnable Huntress laided on the ground, I was screaming in pain, wondering if i was even a person, or just lies and stolen memories, and then, there was an explosion, as my 'body' dispersed in millions of particles.

I didn't expect to 'open' my eyes, if i ever had any, again, and seeing what was around me was even more shocking. The tech was so behind what the Federation had. By some stroke of luck, fate, or whatever, I had been reborn as a human child, sometime in the past. I could still feel the power of Phazon, so that was available to me, but I also felt something else.

As to what it was, I have no clue, just that it could be powerful one day. Looking around, I saw five people. One holding me was my 'mother', though one could argue that blasted Hunter was my mother. Back on track, my mother had deep green eyes, and vibrant red hair. The man to my right was wearing glasses, had raven black hair, and a grin a mile wide. Father, I thought to myself, though the Prime could be given that title as well.

To my left was a man that screamed 'lady-killer' and 'I am the mortal rendering of whatever trickster god you can think of'. Another looked a little rough, and gave off the presence of a wolf at the birth of the next Alpha to lead a pack. The last one in the room had a ratty look to him, like he was just waiting to turn and run, a traitor waiting to happen.

Then I realized how hungry I was and started wailing. Food came shortly, and not long after I fell asleep. between being destroyed, questioning one's existence, and then being reborn in a different time period, its a tiring day. I did hear my name however.

"Her name will be Samantha Potter. Samantha Rose Potter." Ha. Even in new life She still mocks me. No worries, I quite like the name anyway.

Time Skip: Halloween, 1981

My first birthday had passed recently. A lot had happened. It seem some evil guy was trying to take over the world. I have a feeling that he wouldn't have stood much chance against me at full strength, or even her at half.

It didn't matter though. It seems that other energy I felt when I was 'born' was magic, and that blood status mattered here in Britain. This He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named guy was leading it, and was after us for some reason. So we went into hiding, just me, Mother, and Father. Of course, it seems nothing can ever go right.

We were under a charm that made us untraceable, unless our location was told. That meant the one holding our location gave us up, and with it, a chance for me to have parents. Having the mind of a being ages old in the body of a one year old human, I can remember things well. I remember hearing my Father tell Mother to run up to the nursery, to get ourselves out of the area. I could hear the sound of my Father dying at the end of a curse that killed a person or creature in one hit.

My Mother's pleas to spare me as The Dark Lord came in to the room, the spell that ended her life, and the cold laugh he made. Then he picked me up, and I looked in him in the eye. I felt something brush against my mind, and so I brought up memories of my final battle.

He recoiled and dropped me to the ground, looking at me weirdly, before casting the same curse that ended my parents. But for some reason, it backfired. It bounced back and hit him, leaving nothing but ashes.

I cried. I will admit it. Me, Dark Samus, a being who almost brought a galaxy to its knees, crying over the loss of its parents from her rebirth. I cried for hours, and I believe my first words were 'Mama' and 'Why'.

The next memory after that is waking up somewhere else, flying in what looked like a motorcycle. It landed, and while I understood the words exchanged, I can't remember what they were. Just that it seemed like the lady there had been watching the people I was going to stay with, and that they were not good people.

The old man, the one who suggested going into hiding, said it was for my own good, to keep me safe. With no way to resist, I was placed on the doorstep of a house, and left with a note and blanket in the basket I was in. Life would not be good, not at all. The only thing I got out of all that? a scar, in the shape of that damned Hunter's symbol. An 'S' with a more lightning bolt shape to is. Even now she beats me. Maybe I deserve it.

Time Skip: July 31st, 1986

I am six now, and it seems my abilities are slowly coming back to me. I can make Phazon in a liquid form that can be crystallized, but not any amounts that could do anything. The Dursleys, the family I was left with, it seems are blood relatives by my mother. Her sister Petunia it seems did not have magic, and grew up a bitter women. Her walrus of a husband Vernon was abusive to both me and Petunia. Me just for being alive it seemed and being a freak, and to Petunia if she tried to help me in anyway shape or form.

It seems they deem old enough to start 'pulling my weight around here' which was code for 'you are our slave and you will do as commanded or face my wrath'. It was hard work, and they seemed to try and starve me, and not for lack of food. Both Vernon and Dudley, my baby whale of a cousin, ate enough to feed me and Petunia twice. I cook for them,I clean, I do the garden work, and they give me the closet under the stairs. The spiders don't bug me, and the bed works well enough.

School was ok. I was smart enough to be top of the class, only to get beat up for trying, as Dudley it seems was dumber than a rock. So, I dimmed my grades down, and flew under the radar.

Then the 'Sammy Hunts' started, where Dudley and his gang would chase me down. My smaller and lighter frame helped me to evade them time after time. My magic also seemed to respond to the threats aimed at me, and I teleported once or twice in losing the hunting gang.

It took me a little bit, but I was able to get it down well, able to bend a corner and be on top of the building in a second. I was also wonder, just who am I? Am I a being of pure darkness, just waiting to take over the world?

No, i decided as I waited for the hunting gang to leave. I have no drive to take over or corrupt the world. Maybe kill the guy who murdered my parents. I have this just odd feeling that the bastard never really died.

I also wondered, am I a being of light, one to save the world and end its problems? No, by nature of Phazon, i just make new ones to replace the old one. I was not a person of light. Maybe somewhere in the twilight of it all? Maybe. For now, I just need to focus on surviving until my powers come in full. Then maybe I can make corrupted thralls out of all three Dursleys.