VividTenkai Operation

Chapter 1: Welcome to Oshima

~Unknown Space~

A black and red block robot with a trident was standing in a phase color space looking at a purple sphere of energy.

"Vilius, I sense a powerful force on Earth…" the Sphere said

"So what of it, I'll crush them." Vilius said

"Don't get overconfident, I'll send you to attack the Engine and capture it." Said the Sphere

The energy sphere disappears.

(So what, once I conquer the Engine, I'll use it's limitless power to rule all) Vilius thought

Vilius leaves.

~Ocean near Oshima/Boat~

(Three days…) Guren thought

A 13 year old boy named Guren Nash was looking into the sky. He is wearing a red t-shirt with a 3 point yellow star on it, and underneath is a white long sleeve shirt with his watch. He also wears blue jeans with beige suspenders hanging on the sides and red shoes. He snaps out of it when his friends called out.

"Hey Guren, you got to try the food here, it's great!" Toxsa said as he is eating a chicken

Toxsa is 12 years old and loves games and hates to run. He is wearing a black headband with a yellow lightning bolt on it. He also, wears a sleeveless green shirt with a grey cracked skull on it. Furthermore he wears dark green tights and white boots.

"Yeah, but don't eat too much or you won't be playing." Chooki said

Chooki Mason is 13 years old, very good at sports and always talk sports. He is wearing a blue t-shirt with a yellow sleeveless jacket over it. He also wears dark grey sweatpants and white sneakers.

"Hold it, Toxsa bring the hot sauce for this burger." Ceylan said as he looks for a sauce

Ceylan is also 13 years old and he is a joker. He wears a white hooded sweatshirt with a blue jacket over it and blue pants. He also wears brown boots and has green goggles on his head.

"Look guys, I can see the island!" Guren pointed out

The others grouped up to see the island of Oshima.

"Wow, of all the games with good graphics I've played. I've never seen anything like this." Toxsa said

"Awesome…" Ceylan said

"Get your game faces on guys, we're about to reach the field." Chooki said

~Oshima- Dock, later~

The four boys walked off the ship, Guren stretched his arms around.

"So anyone hungry, cause I am." Guren said

"Nope, ate all day dude." Ceylan said

"I don't think I can eat another bite…" Toxsa said

"Better idea, how about we go sightseeing?" Chooki asked

"I'm up for that." Toxsa said

"All right then, let's go everyone!" Guren said

The 4 boys head off to explore the island.

~Oshima, Residents Area- later~

Guren and his friends took a break by sitting on a bench that was under a tree and overlooks the ocean and you are able to see Blue Island far out.

"Man check out the view you guys!" Toxsa yelled out

"Not bad huh, Guren?" Chooki asked

"I guess…" Guren said as he scratches his head

"Hey, who's that over there?" Ceylan asked

Guren looks over and see a very special sight.

End of Chp 1