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Life is Like That. Chapter One: Terry

Terry was a sophomore in college.amazing. He wasn't Batman anymore.Bruce had died. He had left Terry quite a bit of money, the mansion...and almost everything in it, including the Batsuit and everything else in the Batcave. But he had left Terry a note.it said that Terry should give up being Batman for a while.try to have a normal life. But it also said it was up to Terry. Terry had decided that he would put Batman to rest for a while. He played Batman for the rest of his time in high school and his freshman year of college, but when he started his sophomore year at Empire State University Batman would disappear for a while. And so Batman had vanished. Crime in Gotham increased a bit.but that wouldn't last long. The police where working extra hard and a new unit specifically designed to go against the big bad guys was formed. So life in Gotham continued pretty much as normal. And Terry went to New York.

Somewhere in New York...

Terry was having a bad day.first he failed a History exam.not cool, and now this punk was trying to mug him. Fun. Terry was just about to relieve some of his anger by kicking punk ass when a voice said, "Now that's not nice little Jimmy. It's not polite to hold people up." The punk looked around and so did Terry. They both saw him at the same time. He was hanging upside down from the street light above them.

The punk nearly wet his pants. "S-ssss-ssspiderman!!" "That's right.your friendly neighborhood Spiderman. Now put the knife down Jimmy and be a good boy. We don't want you hurting yourself." Spiderman shot his webbing and snatched the knife out of the punk's hand. "Now Jimmy you know I have to report you to the police. You did a bad thing." Spiderman then webbed "Jimmy" up and attached the end to the lamp post. "Now wait right here and be a good boy Jimmy." Spiderman then turned to Terry who was almost laughing to himself. "Are you alright young man?" Spiderman asked.

"Yeah, sure, just peachy. It's been a wonderful day. I failed a History exam, get balled out by my professor and then this idiot decides he wants to mug me. I'm wonderful!" Terry yelled. "That's good. But you seem just a little stressed.perhaps you should stop and get some hot chocolate or something, always works for me." And with that Spiderman was gone, leaving Terry with "Jimmy".

Terry got out his cell phone and called the cops after some deliberation on whether he should just leave the guy there or not. He waited for the cops, realizing that he had to give a statement if this guy was going to be sent to jail. The cops arrived in about 10 minutes.already there was a small crowd of people who saw the guy webbed to the street lamp and wanted to know what was going on. Terry was very thankful that there where no news crews, seeing as the fortune Bruce left him was a noteworthy thing. Not to mention that Terry owned about 52% of Wayne Enterprises. Because wonderful old Bruce Wayne had left most of his stock to Terry, with 5% going to Barbara, Dick, and Tim.all of Batman's sidekicks. Terry had also inherited Ace but the dog died a year ago. Terry was thinking all this as the cops asked him questions about what had happened. Terry gave them the straight facts.almost exactly as they would've been written down by the detective taking notes.all the extra unnecessary stuff left out. At the end the detective realized he had forgotten to ask for the name of the witness.but Terry was gone.

Terry walked off down the street.looking straight ahead. He walked past a coffee house and the smell drew him in. It was a nice place.it looked like it was family owned, not a big chain like Starbucks. It was pretty crowded too. Terry walked up to the counter and looked at the menu. He wasn't a really big coffee drinker so he decided to follow Spiderman's advice, he ordered a hot chocolate, and since he was hungry he also decided to get a muffin, blueberry. He sat down in a little corner booth where he could watch the door and most of the shop.

He was savoring his hot chocolate when she walked in.a brunette with a redhead following slightly behind her. The redhead was of less interest to him although she was cute, but he liked brunettes better. He smiled at her when she looked his way, she smiled back. Terry thought that was a good thing. She had noticed him. The two girls took a table not far from his and he could hear part of their conversation.

"What time is Peter supposed to get here?" the brunette asked. "He was supposed to be here already. Something must have come up at the Bugle." The redhead said. "It's a bit annoying... So Jill.do you have anyone new in your life?"

Terry didn't hear her reply because just then the door opened and a young man who was a little bit shorter than Terry with brown hair and brown eyes walked in. He headed straight towards the two girls. The redhead stood up with a big smile on her face and gave him a hug and kissed him on his cheek. "Hey Tiger, what kept you?" She asked.

"Got some more pictures of Spiderman. He rescued some guy from a mugger down the street a bit." Peter said.

Terry missed the rest of the conversation because he was trying to figure where this guy was hiding himself on the street.when the mugger struck there was no one around. Maybe he came along when Spiderman was chatting with "Jimmy". And Terry dismissed it from his mind. He stood up and headed over to the counter to pay for his drink. Then he left and went back to his apartment to get some sleep.

The next day..

The alarm buzzing woke Terry from a nightmare where everyone found out he was Batman and the bad guys had all ganged together to get him. They had kidnapped his family and where using them as bait. Terry was glad the alarm clock woke him up because at the point in his dream he was just at a Joker had just put a gun to Matt's head. Terry got up and headed to the bathroom to shower and shave. When he was done he grabbed his books and headed downstairs for the walk to jolly old Empire State U.

Terry headed in to his History class a bit early; the professor had asked him to come in for a meeting about his grades.which were slipping as shown by the failed History exam. His professor was standing at his desk talking to another student. They both looked up as Terry walked in.

"You wanted to see me Professor Marnk?" "Yes Terry.I am very concerned about your grades. So I have asked Peter here to help. If you are willing, Peter is willing to tutor you." "Sure." "Good. I'll let you two get acquainted." Terry and Peter headed to the back of the class room.