Life Is Like That Chapter Two: Peter

'So, this is Terry McGinnis, heir to Bruce Wayne's fortune, a young man Osborn is very much interested in, and the guy I saved last night. Oh boy'. Peter thought to himself. 'And I get to tutor him in history'.

"Hi, as Professor Marnk said I'm Terry McGinnis." He said, holding out his hand. Peter reached out and shook it, "Peter Parker." A million thoughts are racing through his head, like 'how do I get out of this', 'I can't get out of this, somehow Professor Marnk talked me into it, great; this is going to cause some problems'.

"So, when is it good for us to get together," Terry asked. " you have a study period or a break between any classes?" Peter asked. "Yeah, I have about an hour and a half between calculus and Advanced Biology. That's about 12 to 1:30. Is that ok?"

"I have a break in my schedule from 12:30 to 1:30 so I'll meet you in the main library at 12:30 on..What days are good for you?"

"Say.Tuesdays and Thursdays?" "Great, that works perfectly. And if we need to I'm free most Sundays. We could meet in this coffee shop bye my house, on Fort and Cass."

"A little place called Beani House?" "Yeah, how'd you know the name?" "I saw you there last night. With a redhead and a brunette, bye the way, is the brunette seeing anyone?"

Peter was momentarily stunned, 'I didn't even see him there last night.even though I had just possibly saved his life and his wallet'."No, she isn't seeing anybody that I'm aware of. MJ, my girlfriend, Mary Jane is her name actually, keeps trying to hook her up with someone. I usually meet them there for a study session once a week."

"Could I come next time you guys meet there?" Again Peter was stunned.he thought for a minute.MJ definitely wouldn't mind, she wants to hook Jill up with someone, but Jill just might mind. "I'll have to talk to MJ and Jill. But I don't think it will be a problem." And with that the bell rang and class began.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A/N, ok, not exactly the most spectacular chapter but I got stuck; it should be longer next chapter. Couldn't remember what street Peter lives on and I didn't feel like looking it up. Also, if anyone knows the name of that Lizard guy Peter is chummy with, the guy who works at the school, a professor, let me know please, also like what kind of class he would teach, cause I want Terry to have him for a class. Anyway, please Review and let me know what you think. I noticed that I was writing this one from a first person POV and Terry from a third person POV so I fixed this one. And I also fixed the Paragraph spacing a bit, I hope it's easier for people to read. And one more thing, thoughts will be indicated bye '' from now on.