Life Is Like That Chapter 3:

Terry was supposed to meet Peter for his first tutoring session and he was late.Terry hated being late. He rushed into the library as fast as he could move. Peter was sitting patiently, with his book open in front of him.

"You're late." He said. "Yeah, I'm sorry. I had to stay after in calculus to copy some notes down." "Ok, well, let's get started."

They studied for 45 minutes before Peter had to go. Before he left he invited Terry to come to the coffee shop the following night. Terry agreed, of course. He would meet them all there at about 7:30 on Wednesday.

Terry had about a half hour left before Bio so he decided to get some lunch. He headed over to a little deli a block or so from the library. He ordered a club sandwich and sat down in a corner booth were he could watch to door, a habit left over from being Batman. The deli filled up fast with college students and others on a lunch break. Terry had about 20 minutes left when in walked Jill. She ordered and the looked around for a seat, there where none left. Terry had an idea.

"Hey!" he called to her. She looked over and he waved to her, motioning to the seat across from him. She walked over to him.

"Hi." She said. "Hi, you need a seat?" "Yeah, thanks." She smiled at him. "I'm Terry McGinnis." "Jill Stacy. Nice to meet you." "Do you know Peter Parker? He mentioned you when we where talking earlier. I'm going to be joining your weekly study session at the coffee shop."

"Really? Cool. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Have you lived in New York for very long?" "No, only a couple months. I used to live in Gotham. I think I like New York better. It seems cleaner and not as much crime. But then I almost got mugged a couple days ago."

"What!! Really? What happened?" "Spiderman saved me. That guy is pretty weird. He kept cracking jokes." "Yeah? You ever meet Batman?" "Nope, but I saw him save a couple people from Jokers."

"Cool." Jill looked down at her watch. "Crap! I got to go to class! I'm going to be late. See you tomorrow!" "K, bye!" And with that Jill headed off and Terry got ready for Bio with Doc Connors.

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