Life is Like That Chapter 4: The Coffee Shop

Terry got to the coffee shop on time, for once in his life he thought a little bitterly. MJ and Peter where both already there, Jill wasn't. Terry walked over to them and sat down in an armchair. A waitress came over and asked him what he wanted. Terry ordered a hot chocolate, he was feeling a bit depressed and for some reason the hot chocolate made him feel better.

They sat in a sort of uncomfortable silence for a little while, Peter and MJ sitting together on the couch and Terry by himself. It made him miss Dana a bit, even though it had been over between them for two years now. But then Jill walked in and all thoughts of Dana left Terry's mind.

"Hey, sorry I'm late. My clock got unplugged and I didn't realize what time it was until my dad came in and asked me if I was still meeting you guys tonight."

"That's ok Jill. No problem. We didn't even notice you weren't here." Peter joked.

"Ha, so very ha Peter. Everyone knows I'm the life of the party, well.MJ and I are the life of the party." "Right and I'm Spiderman." Peter quipped back.

"Really? I always wanted to meet the man behind the mask, and the really tight outfit. It shows his muscles off very nicely." "Ok that's enough you two." MJ said.

"Fine, fine. We'll settle down" Jill said as she plopped down in the chair across from Terry.

"Good, you need to learn to play like nice little kiddies and not argue so much." Terry spoke up.

Jill just stuck her tongue out at him and Peter laughed. "Jill and I have never been able to learn how to play like nice little kiddies. We're both to stubborn." "That's ok, I never could either," Terry replied.

"Well then, let's get studying." MJ said. "I've got a major test tomorrow and I need to ace it."

And with that the group got down to studying. Suddenly they heard a loud crash and the sound of a building alarm go off. Everyone in the coffee house stood up to see what it was. Someone had driven a pickup truck into the front of the jewelry store across the street. As the stunned people watched two masked men got out of the truck and ran into the store through the hole the truck had made. A couple minutes later the police showed up, just as the men where getting ready to get into the truck.

The men saw the cops and ran past the truck, toward the coffee shop. 'Oh shit' thought Terry. 'I can see a hostage situation developing.'

The two men ran into the coffee housed and grabbed the nearest person, who just happened to be Jill.

"Shit," masked man #1 said, "they got those tinted widows and not blinds." "So line the hostages up a couple feet in front of the bar and we'll stand behind the bar," mm #2 said. "Use them as a sort of screen."

Mm #1 had Jill by the arm; he pulled her closer to him and held a gun to her head. "Right, if you all will just cooperate then nobody'll get hurt. I want you all to line up right there in front of the bar or I'll shoot this one in the head."

Everyone followed orders.

Terry decided he had to do something to get Jill away from mm #1, or as Terry preferred to think of them, Idiot #1. He noticed that only #1 had a gun, #2 was unarmed.

Just then the phone behind the counter rang. #2 picked it up.

"Yeah" he said. He listened for a minute then he spoke again. "You can call me #2. I'm not stupid enough to give you my name." He listened some more. "We won't let any hostages go until we get our first demand. Our demands are: number one, we want to be able to leave this building and get our truck; number two, we want to be able to drive to the airport with no hassles; number three, we want a plane waiting for us at the airport to take us where ever we want to go. That's it." He listened a bit more. "No, look I already told you our demands. And those demands don't include food. We didn't ask for any food. Now, we want all you nice cop chappies to get away from our truck and let us go. If we see any cops on the street, or anywhere else we will begin killing hostages." And with that #2 hung up.

'These guys are total idiots. Those are stupid demands.they obviously have never taken hostages before and they don't watch enough hostage movies, or maybe they watch too many.' Terry thought. 'What can I do to help get these people out safely.?'

#2 and #1 where conferring between themselves, with Jill still in the clutches of #1. Terry got an idea.

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