Chapter 2

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It had been a day since Ren Hagane and her gang moved into the Thugnificent mansion. Already the group had began to notice the difference between suburbs and city life. It was early in the morning when the doorbell to the Metal House went off. Tomas Dubois, Jasmine's father, had decided to pay the new neighbors a late welcome. For the first 5 minutes there was no answer, but that wasn't going to shy Tom and his annoyingly neighborly attitude away. Oh no, he just kept ringing the door bell—which was still rigged to play a song by Thugnificent—and wait until someone answered.

Inside the loud rap music from the doorbell was starting to wear on the inhabitants nerves. Becky stomped through the hallways. Annoyed she kicked an empty box that had been left out and let out a loud curse as she did so.

"I'm gonna wallop the Blaggard that's ringin' that bloody door bell!" she hissed, "Ey! Othello! Weren't you s'posed to rewire that damn bell!"

When Othello didn't answer Becky opened the door and put on her sweet face, "Hello, can I help you?"

"Hi, I'm your neighbor Tom Dubois, my little girl Jasmine came over with Robert Freeman and his grandkids yesterday. Seems he had a head start in welcoming you to the neighborhood." Tom said kindly, Becky leaned on the doorframe and cocked an eyebrow. "See I'm a lawyer so I work all day so I didn't get to…"

"That's nice." Becky said, politely cutting Tom off from his rambling. Tom cleared his throat as he remembered the reason for visiting.

"Right, sorry. I just came to welcome you to the neighborhood, and invite you and your family to dinner some time." He said, Becky pursed her lips.

"Oh, sorry neighbor, we're still unpacking, probably will be until later tonight." She said, "We have a lot of things to unpack."

"Oh another time then?" Tom asked. Becky nodded then before Tom got to say another word she shut the door on him. She turned and leaned on the door.

"Who was that?" Creepie asked coming out from the living room followed by the rest of the household. Becky let out a sigh of agitation.

"I'll nevuh get used to these neighbuhly types." She explained, "Oi, Othello, I thought ya rewired that bloody doorbell?"

"Oh yeah. Knew I forgot something." Othello said with a grin, "Who'd that realtor say used to live here again?"

"Some rapper, said his career went down the drain and he had to sell, lucky for us." Kenny explained.

"Oh yeah real lucky, have you seen this place?" Creepie shouted, "He's got gold plated statues of naked women, can you say tacky much."

"I dunno Creep, I think the statues are neat. Real works of art." Othello said with a big grin on his face. Creepie narrowed her eyes at the brown haired man, who didn't seem willing to take back his comment, despite the her distaste. Meanwhile next to Othello, Kenny, kept quiet, his face turning a slight shade of red. Becky laughed and rolled her eyes.

"If I wanted to see a naked woman, I'd jus' stand in front the mirrah ev'ry mornin'." She said in a sultry tone as she placed her hands behind her head and stuck out her chest which was causing the british flag printed on her tight black shirt to expand. She then gave a seductive wink to the two men. Creepie crossed her arms and sighed.

"Well, it's not really our decision anyway. It's our girl's." She said

"Speaking of which, has anyone seen Hagane-sama this morning?" Kenny asked speaking up. The group paused, and looked around the room.

"Knowin' 'er she's off lookin round the neighbuhood." Becky said.


Sure enough as Becky had proclaimed Ren was out front, silently looking over the small neighborhood of which she had moved into. It was a typical neighborhood in Ren's eyes as she scanned the area, seeing a kid on a skateboard, several adults watering their lawns to make them look nice a green to keep up with the other. She could hear loud rap music blaring out from a passerby car, she curled her lip back in a sneer. Ren never could stand the sound of rap music. It lacked in substance to her.

"Ren!" A voice shouted toward her from across the street. Ren looked over her sunglasses she was wearing to keep the morning sun out of her eyes, and saw the familiar face of Jasmine who she'd met the day before. She was smiling and filled with energy as she ran across the street—looking both ways before doing so—and ran over to her.

"Huey and me were going to hang out today, wanna come?" She asked sweetly. Ren shrugged, and dug into the pocket of her ripped black jeans and retrieved a lollipop. Jasmine beamed as she grabbed Ren's hand and drug her off towards her house. There they met up with Huey who was sitting on the curb waiting for them.

"Sup." Was all he said. Ren silently held up her two fingers signifying the peace symbol in response.

"So Ren since you're new to the neighborhood why don't you choose what we do?" Jasmine asked sweetly. Ren was silent as she took out her lollipop and fiddled with it between her thumb and forefinger. Jasmine stood as an air of awkwardness settled between the two. "Oookay…."

"She doesn't know what there is to do in Woodcrest." Huey stated as he stood up from his spot on the sidewalk. Jazmine looked to Ren who nodded.

"Oh! Well there's lots of things to do!" She said happily.

"Not really." Huey mumbled.

"I could ask my dad and we could go to the mall, or the video arcade." Jazmine continued, ignoring Huey's negativity, "Hey do you like Usher? I have his newest album!"

Ren made a face, then shook her head indicating she didn't share in frizzy haired girl's musical interest. Jazmine pouted a bit, clearly she had been hoping she and the new girl had something in common as far as music.

"Oh, then what do you like?" she asked. Ren paused for a moment then stuck the candy stick back into her mouth as she unzipped her leather jacket revealing a white make-shift band T-shirt with the name 'Sex pistols' spray painted on it.

"I've never heard of uh…that." Jazmine said, trying not to call the group by name since in her household she'd get into trouble for saying the first word.

"It's a British Punk Rock group." Huey pointed out. Ren nodded confirming this.

"Well I've never heard of them, hey we should go to the music store in the mall, you can show them to me!" Jazmine said enthusiastically. Ren shrugged as Tom, Jazmine's father came up the drive way.

"Hey, Jazmine I see you and Huey are getting to know the new neighbor girl." He said with a chipper smile on his face. Ren pushed her sunglasses up her face, she was beginning to think the cheeriness ran in the family.

"Hey daddy, this is Ren. We were hoping you could take us to the mall." Jazmine asked sweetly.

"Sure thing sweetie, but I'm going to need permission from Ren's mom and dad first." Tom said then looked to Ren who's brows were cocked. Once again her silence made the air awkward, and once again Huey decided to translate Ren's silence.

"The people she lives with don't really care what she does so long as they don't get a phone call to pick her up from a police station." He said, Tom pursed his lips, but then smiled again and placed his hands on his hips.

"Okidokie then." He said, he decided to let it go from there. Though it would most likely come up later in the day, of that Ren was sure. However, either way the group was able to go to the mall. Huey decided to tag along for the simple fact that he was sure Ren's silence would only continue to cause awkwardness between them all. For that Ren expressed her silent thanks.

"So Ren, what do your parents do for a living?" Tom asked as he drove the group into town. Ren didn't make any motion to indicate she heard his question. It was an action—or lack thereof—that Huey gave notice to, especially since she also didn't make any silent comment on the subject either.

"I think that's a personal issue Mr. Dubois." Huey said speaking for her. Ren nodded.

"Oookay." Tom said awkwardly.

"I feel I should also point out that while Ren lives with them, she's not related to anyone in the house they moved into." He then said.

"Wait, how do you know that?" Jazmine asked. Huey shrugged.

"She told me yesterday." He explained. Jazmine pouted and looked to Ren as the three of them sat in the back seat.

"Oh…" Jazmine trailed off. She felt out of the loop, it had only been a day since Ren moved into the house down the street and already she had made friends with Huey. However, she chose to stay positive about it. She decided to do her best to get Ren to open up to her.

After a twenty minute drive into town the group finally made it to the mall. Tom had dropped the trio off at the entrance; he had gotten a last minute call to go into the office in the car. He allowed the trio to stay and asked Huey to call his granddad to come watch them. Something Huey had no intention of doing.

"So Ren have you actually listened to Usher?" Jazmine asked upon entering the music store, Huey went off to do something else while the two girls looked at CD's. Ren shook her head, "Then how can you say you don't like him if you never heard him?"

Ren shook her head and pulled out a CD from the stack and handed it to the young girl. It had the words Bad4Good written on the cover. Jazmine scowled down at the CD unsure what to think about it. Ren reached for the headset and placed them on Jazmine's head, she then scanned the CD into the music sampler. Jazmine went wide eyed when the music started to play.

"This music sounds kind of angry." She said taking the headset off, Ren shrugged as she shook her head. She then replaced the headphones on Jazmine's head and skipped down to a song labeled 'Devil in the Angel,' Jazmine gave an uneasy look to Ren as she gave a reassuring look to her. "Oh, That's actually kind of cool."

Ren placed her hands on her hip and nodded, happy to have gotten the response she had received.

"So hey, would you be willing to listen to Usher?" Jazmine asked holding an Usher CD. Ren scowled and shook her head as she held up the rock symbol.

"So, what else do you like?" she asked. Ren paused for a moment then held up her finger signifying she'd be back. She then left Jazmine returning a moment later with a pen and paper, "What're you doing?"

After a moment of scribbling Ren held up the paper.

"What's this?" Jasmine asked, Ren pointed to the paper, "Oh. You can't talk can you?"

Ren nodded her head.

"Is that why you wouldn't talk to us yesterday?" Jasmine then asked Ren nodded a second time, then scribbled on the note pad again. This time explaining her condition, and why she didn't speak to them when they'd met yesterday. She also explained that while she couldn't verbally speak there were a few people who could understand her without the need of speaking, and that she could still communicate through gestures and writing out words on paper or a cellphone. Jasmine nodded.

"That's a real bummer." She said, "So you can't speak like at all?"

Ren shook her head then scribbled something else, explaining that she could speak with the medicine she took, however the medicine was expensive so she didn't want to waste it with idle chatter.

"Oh, ok." Jasmine then said, "I get it now."

"Are you guys done yet?" Huey asked, finally appearing from wherever he had gone. The two girls nodded as they both grabbed their CD's. One Usher and one Metalica, and they proceeded to the checkout.

"Huey, did you find any music?" Jasmine asked. Huey scowled and shook his head.

"They never have the Elton John music I like. I hate this place." He explained. Ren cocked an eyebrow. "Yeah I like Elton John, what's the problem?"

Ren held up her hands in defense, signifying no judgment, quickly dissolving any argument. As the trio left the music store—CD's Purchased—Huey spoke.

"Oh yeah, I called Grandad. He said he was too busy helping you guys unpack to come pick us up." He explained. Jasmine pouted, while Ren crossed her arms over her chest and shifted her weight onto her left foot. She scowled, clearly annoyed, and wondering why he was at her house? It was clear that Ren didn't like Huey's granddad, not that Huey could blame her, her first encounter with him he was flirting shamelessly with her pianist.

"I could call my mom." Jasmine offered as she looked at Huey and Ren who both seemed a bit fumed, "I'll go call my mom. She'll pick us up."

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