Author's Note: Based on episode #6. It's about the flashbacks Natsumi has and its from her point of view. Please review!

Where Are My Wings?

By: Lauren

The grass flickered as we ran

Blurred colors of green and olive

I called out for you

I called out for you to wait

We laughed as I followed

As I called out your name

The blue sky was smiling down upon us

But I never noticed how much you had left my view

Years later

I wander through the field

Calling your name

Then I hear a voice

I hear you say "Sister"

You stand before me

Grown up tall and strong

With an orange and gold melted sunset behind you

But your eyes hold a strange sorrow

It's something I can't understand

Before me they grow from your back

Two unfurling snowy white wings

Feathers dance to the ground

While they're being carried through the air

The wind rustles leafs

As you begin to flap upward

I run towards your figure,

Crying out for you once again

"Where are my wings?"

I just don't understand

You lift off the ground

I run, I run

"I can't fly without wings!"


But you are gone

And I am left here

Upon the earth

With a tear stained face

The feathers cascade downward

Softly stroking my skin

Blended against the yellow-orange sky

They taunt me with what I have lost and what I can't have

Where were my wings?

I couldn't fly

I couldn't follow you

Where are my wings?

Then I met her

That happy-go-lucky girl

And she told she would fly

That she would become an angel

I told her that angel's didn't exist

That humans couldn't fly

And that people couldn't be angels

But she said she'd fly

She said she'd become an angel

Just like me

But I am not an angel

I cannot fly, like she might one day

Brother, where are my wings?