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Gaining A New Bane.

By the Untalented JOxER

Chapter 1

Dr. Jordan Naumec closed his closet door and started to take off his shoes when he heard a
noise coming from the kitchen. He stopped and listened to see if the noise repeated it self.
When it did not, he shrugged it off and proceeded towards his bed. He picked up his digital
alarm clock off his nightstand and began to set the alarm to go off at 5:00 am.

"9 hours of sleep.. so good..." Naumec whispered as he set the clock back down on the
nightstand. He was about to move the stack of paper work about his new patient when there
was some sound coming from outside his room. His bedroom door was closed to the hallway
of his two-story home. He stopped again and listened and this time he heard footsteps outside
his room.

"Who is there?! I have a gun!" Naumec yelled as he went towards his dresser and pulled out
his revolver that was hidden behind his socks. He then reached towards the phone that rested
on top of his dresser and began to dial 911. As he put the Toshiba cord less phone to his ear,
ready to explain the whole situation to the 911 operator, he was surprised to find the line dead.
He doubled clicked on the 'Flash' button and tried again. There was no dial tone. 'Damn it'
Naumec said to himself as he went towards to his briefcase that was laying near his bed.

"You better leave this house before I call the cops!" He said as he opened his briefcase and
reached for his cell phone. He was surprised again as he did not find his phone where he
usually kept it. He quickly re traced his steps from the time he used his phone last. He
remembered that he came home talking on the phone as he entered the kitchen and poured
himself a glass of red wine. He then hung up and... of course!. He set the phone on the
counter along with his keys. He mentally kicked himself for being so disorganized. He was
brought back to reality when he heard footsteps again outside the hall. He had to take action.
He knew there was no way he could climb out his bed room window since there was a two
story drop to the ground and his car was right underneath his window. Not a good fall. There
was only one way out of his room. Going outside to the hall and down the stairs. He would
then rush towards the kitchen and grab his phone or his keys.. or just forget about the whole
plan and run out of the room and outside. He kicked himself again to have chosen to live in the
middle of nowhere. Miles away from civilization. He took a deep breath and took the safety
off the gun. He made sure there were enough bullets in the gun and pulled back at the hammer.

"You better leave now if you do not want any bullet holes in your damn stupid body!" Naumec
said as he went towards the door. He placed his ear on the door to see if he could hear the
person that was inside his house. He did not get a chance to hear if there were any more
footsteps. All he heard was a loud bang and then nothing. Naumec fell to the ground, as his
gun still was held tight in his dead hands. The intruder kicked open the door and observed the
fresh bullet holes that were on the bedroom door. The intruder quickly moved to clean up his
mess. He pulled out a couple of black bags he had in his pocket and wrapped the dead
doctor's body.

The intruder has been spying on the doctor for weeks now and he had only a couple of days to
prepare an effective plan. He dragged the doctor's body down the stairs and out to the
doctor's BMW that was parked outside. The intruder had notice that he left the keys of the
doctor's car on the kitchen and happened to come in handy just about now. He opened the
trunk to the blue car and took out the spare tire that rested in the middle of the trunk. With such
ease, he picked up the doctor and placed him inside the trunk. He took a moment to admire
who was the doctor. Dr. Naumec was a highly respect man in the medical field and he was just
transferred to Gotham to work with the ill. He was a single man and in his late 30's but had
built a reputation of a retired physician.

"Oh well, I am you now... thanks for this life doc." The intruder said as he closed the trunk and
went back to the dead doctors house. He went up towards his bedroom and picked up all the
files he was there for. Once he had what he came for, he exited the house and locked it. No
one would come check on the doctor if the doctor would be checking in early in the morning.
The intruder laughed as he thought the name Jordan Naumec would fit him very well. The new
Jordan Naumec entered the blue BMW and turned it on. He laughed as a country station came
alive from the radio. "Poor taste dead man" He said as he switched the stations and found the
right one.

"I cant breath.. will someone save me.. suffocate... my mind is weaking.. I cant breath... get up
before it's too late!" He shouted as the song busted out of the speakers of the BMW. "Got to
love Korn..." He said as he headed towards the city.


Joe Stumbaugh watched the small jewelry store from across the street. It was 1 o clock in the
morning and it was a perfect time to rob the small store. He had no worry about the Batman.
He had robbed small time jewelers; smart enough to know that there was not a lot of security
on small ones. It has been 4 stores so far, this will be number five. Joe made sure there was no
one on the street and walked across the street. Joe looked inside and saw that there was only a
red laser running on the entrance door. He grinned as he went towards one of the windows and
took out his glasscutter. He also took out two suction cups and placed it on the window. He
began to cut a shape big enough for him to fit through. As the last piece of the oblong shape
was cut, he quickly grabbed on the two suction cups and pulled out the window. He set it
down gently and stepped in. "It is Christmas time already.." Joe said as he went to the jewelry
stands and prepared his duffle bag for the load of jewelry. But first, he had to set the 'backup'
first. He pulled out the device and placed it behind a counter.


Batman was behind the wheel of his Batmobile, waiting for a small red light to start blinking. He
had approached local jewelry stores managers about installing a small sensor device that was
going to be free at charge. Of course the managers agreed since most of them could not afford
high-level security. The sensor was directly connected to any bat computer. There had been
four break ins and no there was no fifth in Batman's mind. He stopped on the red light and
waited for the green so he could turn right so he can do another circle around Gotham City for
the 10th time. As he waited, he looked to his passenger. He raised an eyebrow under his mask
as he saw Robin was asleep. He was curled into a small ball on the seat, softly snoring away
the night. He grinned at his young ward as something from his computer caught his eye. There
was a red light was flashing. Batman quickly turned on his computer and saw there was a
break-in in Kim Jewelry. He was not far from the small alley store; he had passed it just 45
minutes ago.

"Wake up Robin." Batman said in a stern voice, as he was ready to make a full high-speed U
turn. The teen only mumbled to give him 5 more minutes and to this Batman smiled. He
deployed a line and it hooked on a near by telephone pole. He stepped on the accelerator and
turned quickly to the left. He had set the anchor so incase he would spin out he would not flip.
As he quickly made a left turn going 70 mphs, Robin came fully to wake as he felt the force of
the turn push himself towards the door of the Batmoblie. Robin reached for the handle of the
door as he felt the whole force of the left turn to which now turned to a U turn. Batman cut the
line and headed down to the other side of the street at full speed.

"You could have warned me! I think I left my stomach back there!" Robin said as he began to
breath normally again.

"I did.. Now it is time to work" Batman said as he smiled a bit.

"Why are you smiling?!" Robin said.

"I am not." Batman said as he dropped the small grin and began to drive towards the jewelry

"It seems your idea worked." Robin said as he read the computer screen.


"Do you think it is the same guy?"


"Think he is alone?" Robin said as he thought about it. It seemed like amateur work but still had
to be ready for anything.


"Think he is armed?"

"Yup" Batman said as he kept driving.

"You are no fun..." Robin said as he sank down on in seat.

"Yup" Batman grinned as he parked the Batmoblie and opened the hatch. "Lets go."

"Yup" Robin said as he was first to move.

Joe was about to finish up with loading his duffle bag with gold chains and rings when he heard
something. He heard someone coming. He quickly pulled out his handgun and aimed it at the
entrance. He was about to pull the trigger when he saw what had made the noise. A small
black cat knocked down some sort of can and walked passed the building. "Damn cat" Joe
said as he let his guard down for just a split second. It was enough for Batman to make his
move. Batman threw his bat a rang at Joe and hit his hand. Joe was taken by surprise as he felt
the metal hit his hand and he dropped the gun. He turned to see a pair of eyes staring at him
from the darkness of the store.

"Think you could have fooled us didn't you? Do you know who you are messing with?" Robin
shared his sense of humor.

"Actually I was counting on it..." Joe said as he saw that the dynamic duel was behind the
counter where the back up was. Robin though made a move forward, jumping the counter and
landing on it.

"Well the only metal you will be seeing will be the steel from the bars on your cell!" Robin
replied. Batman kept his eyes on both of them.

Joe smiled; Robin was just in the right place. This would distract the Batman. "Sure kid.. I
hope you like your hospital bed." Joe said as bent his hand backwards and hit a small button to
a controller that was taped to his wrist. Before the two crusaders could understand his
statement, there was a small explosion. Joe was knocked back towards the entrance as
Batman was thrown back to the wall from the force of the explosion. It was a small home made
bomb but still had a powerful kick. Robin, how ever, was thrown up and flew across the room
and landed hard on a jewelry counter. Robin landed so hard that the impact of Robin's body
hitting the counter was enough to break the glass counter. Robin screamed as he flee but then
was silent as he landed on the counter. Joe quickly reacted and grabbed his duffle bag and
headed out the store as he saw Batman getting up..

Batman took about 2 seconds to recover from the blow and it was just enough time to see
Robin land on the counter. Batman's eyes went wide as he saw Robin lay motionless on the
broken counter. He saw Joe run out of the store but his first concern was with Robin. He
quickly moved around the small fire the explosion caused and went to Robin's side. He gently
picked up the young boy and saw some tiny pieces of glass managed to cut the outfit Robin
wore and embedded in his skin. It was not fatal but it was enough to enrage the Bat.

Batman quickly rushed out of the store as the sprinklers started to come on. He put Robin on
his shoulders in a fireman lift and shot his grappler and aimed it to a high building. As he
reached the top, he set Robin on the roof and started to see if Robin would respond. He lightly
slapped Robin's face to wake up. Robin moaned a bit as he rolled his head to one side but
nothing more than that.

"I will return Robin.. hang in there." Batman said as he slowly set Robin on the roof and in rage,
went after the man who caused the worse damage to Batman's heart. As he swung from
building to building, he knew the man would not get far with that amount of weight of the gold he
was carrying. Batman would also not give up on finding this mad man. He spotted a man
carrying a black duffle bag walking calming down a homeless street. He grinned; the hunter has
found his prey.

Joe calmly walked down the street where all the homeless stayed. He kept looking behind him,
seeing if the Batman would be catching up to him but did not see anyone. He was scott free.
There were two children that came at his path and started to play cowboy and Indian. The
brown haired boy was the Indian and the black haired boy was the cowboy. The cowboy
pointed his hand at Joe, pretending it was a gun.

"Boom.. You are dead" The cowboy said as he moved his thumb to indicate it was the trigger.
Joe laughed as he walked pass the two children.

"Hey its Batman!" The Indian said as he pointed to the sky. Joe stopped and turned to see
where was the Batman but did not see anyone. He began to look up when Batman came from
above and grab Joe's leg and pulled him up.

"Wow..." The two children said as they watched the man that was upside down swinging from
building to building. Joe yelled at the Bat to be let go, never letting go of the duffle bag. He
tried to hit Batman with the bag but failed as Batman grabbed it and threw it to passing roof.
He kept holding Joe by one leg as he swung from building to building. Once again, Joe asked
to be released and Batman looked down and grinned. Batman let him go. Joe fell from an 18-
story building towards some cars stopped on a red light. Joe screams and almost peed in his
pants as the cars came closer and closer. Joe saw he was heading towards a blue car's hood
and screamed for the Batman to save him. Joe closed his eyes, as he knew he was only inches
from hitting the hood when nothing happened. Joe opened his eyes and saw the driver of the
blue car staring at him in confusion. Joe looked up, seeing Batman holding him from his waist of
his jeans. At this, all the fear had caught up to Joe and this time, he did wet his pants. Batman
saw some officers coming out of the police headquarters building where he was facing. Batman
wanted very much to beat the crap out of the man that hurt Robin but he knew that was not
right. He had to obey the law and follow by it. He let the man down hard on the car and
started back up.

The officers knew that the man that Batman had capture had to be a criminal but they were
confused on what they would charge him on. They placed him under arrest and as they were
reading his rights, Batman came back and dumped a duffle bag near the officers. The bag
opened and saw that there was tons of jewelry in it. The officers grinned, as they knew that
Batman had caught the jewelry robber. They all began to laugh as they all notice that the robber
had wet his pants.

The man of the blue car stepped out and looked up. He saw batman swing from building to
building. "Soon Batman.. Soon.." He said as an officer approached him.

"I hope Batman did not dent your car too much sir." The officer said as he motioned to the
small dent on the man's hood. The man turned to see his car and laughed.

"I guess it will be my first memory of Gotham city.." The man said as he started to go back into
his car.

"Welcome then." The officer said with a smile. "Welcome to Gotham Mister..." The officer
waited for the man to give out his name.

"Dr. Jordan Naumec.... Good night." The man said as he closed the door and smiled at the
officer. AS the officer went back to his team with the criminal, the man dropped the smile and
left the scene.


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