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Gaining a Bane.

By: The Untalented JOXER

Chapter 3.

3 weeks later...

Tim was sitting in class trying to remember how to plot points on a graph using the equation he was given. He rubbed the eraser part of the pencil on his forehead as he stared at the problem.

'Sure thing, I can face mastermind villains but this number... I am weak against math' Tim thought as he kept staring at the numbers in front of him. He yawned as he started to write something down.

He had been training all this week to show Bruce that he is back into shape and ready to hit the streets again on patrols with him. But Bruce would not listen to him. He was ready. He had made a fast recovery and... He felt someone take the paper he was doodling on away.

"Hm, Interesting. I did not know X equals 2 happy face star." Mrs. Jenkins took the paper and placed it in the stacks she was carrying.

"I wasn't done with it! I just started!" Tim protested as he sank low in his chair.

"It is called a time quiz for a reason Tim. But since you did miss some school I will let you retake it after school." Mrs Jenkins offered as she walked down to the other kids for their tests.

"After school! But I got to go home and trrr... try out the new video games." Tim quickly recovered his slip.

"I guess that is the reason you didn't pay much attention to the homework I assigned you. I might need to talk to your guardian..." Mrs Jenkins crossed her arms as she set the papers down at her teacher desk. The bell rang that it was time to go to other classes as the kids around him started to get up and collect their backpacks.

"... I will see ya after school Mrs Jenkins." Tim mumbled as he grabbed his items and headed down to English class.

"Way to talk her down Timmy boy." A class mate told Tim as he passed by with his backpack.

"Oh can it!" Tim yelled as he chased after the classmate.

- - - -

Dr. Jordan Naumec was in his office as he flexed his muscles over and over. The Venom was starting to work. He could fell it in his body. It was starting to take over. Dr. Naumec grabbed his medical folders and made his last rounds of the day. He took a casual walk down to the room he had been assigned to. The one he planned. He opened the door to find his mentor still in the bed known as his prison.

"So this is the last time I see you" The man in the bed spoke. Known only as Bane the man tried to move to see the impostor doctor.

"Yes. I have everything I needed and wanted. I have injected myself with a small dosage and I feel stronger. I am doing things I would never have done. I bended a wrench this morning. But the feeling is slowly disappearing."

"Yes. You crave for more. It is an addiction." Bane replied to the doctor. "The addiction grows like a plaque in the mid century. Soon it will over power you and you will be reduced to what I have become now. More of the venom in my body will only bring my death sooner."

"Yes it is. But I will just use it to get what I need. Then I will stop."

"Wise famous last words" Bane replied. "I.. was more stronger than yourself. And yet, I lay here not even strong enough to control my breathing. But do not come back to me saying I did not warn you."

"I will return. With Batman's headas a gift to you."

"Do what I have said before. Hurt the bat without hurting the bat himself." Bane smiled as he could just imagine himself striking the Batman down.

The doctor just smiled as he left the room of his master. He flexed his arm a bit as he left the room and headed towards the elevator. His muscle felt like it was going to explode any minute now. Even though the venom was starting to wear out, he could still feel the little that was left running through him. Soon he would be strong enough, maybe even stronger than the original Bane, to take on the Batman. He will have his sweet revenge.

- - - - -

Tim Drake left the school grounds about 4:00 PM. The test was harder than what he expected and he did his best. He received a D. He thought if he could change the D into a B and Bruce would never notice but... there was a letter for him to sign that he needs to study more if he wanted to be in Jenkins class.

"Great. There goes the weekend I wanted to spend with Max." Tim said as he promised his friend to hang out with the guys and do stupid stuff like all teenagers do at this time of their life. "Gosh how could I missed so many problems." He thought but he really knew the answer.

He had been in the training room in the bat cave improving his skills and trying his best to bounce back to his feet. Bruce had forbidden Tim to return to his Robin duties without any explanations. He had hardly seen Bruce at all to even try to discuss this but Tim figured that Bruce was testing him. To see if Tim would take the time to get back into shape. Too bad that all the time he took to do it cost him his grades. Tim was about to cross the street when a car braked hard in front of him.

Tim jumped back and was about to yell at the driver when he noticed it was Alfred.

"Good evening Master Tim." Alfred greeted him as Bruce Wayne sat in the back seat. Bruce leaned over and opened the door for Tim.

"Get in." Bruce asked as Tim obeyed and stepped into the car. He set his book bag down on the seat as he sat in front of Bruce. "You had Alfred waiting outside the school for an hour before he got worried about you. May you explain yourself?" Bruce asked with a slight disappointing tone in his voice.

Tim could just smack his head just about now. He forgot to tell Alfred he was staying over. "I had to take a retest... I... I forgot to tell him. Alfred yo I am sorry." Tim looked back at Alfred who just nodded his head.

"It was alright Master Tim. If it wasn't for your teacher calling about the retest I would of never have known. At least Master Wayne was about to leave the office so my trip to the city was not a waste." Alfred responded as he kept his eyes on the road. Tim slowly turned around to see Bruce.

"So.. you know then right?" Tim asked as he tried not to make eye contact with Bruce.

"I know you failed the retest." Bruce replied as he looked at Tim. "You have told me you studied for this test this whole week. I even rewarded you with time off from your studies and this is how you repay me? You lied this whole time."

"I didn't lie. I did study. I just..." Tim looked down as he played with his feet.

"You what?"

"I just trained a lot this week. I promise to do better next time. Mrs. Jenkins says I can take another retest tomorrow! She even said this is not my typical work and... " Tim trailed off as thhey started to enter Wayne Manor.

"I forbidded the training room for you. I will not discuss this any further."

"You can't just shut me out like that! It can work with the big heads at your company but not with me. You need to give me a reason why. Being Robin is a part of me you can't take away like that." Tim defended his side.

"I do not need a reason and I will not discuss this any longer. You do not like it, tough. Learn to live with it. This is the way it will be." Bruce said as the car came to a stop. Bruce grabbed his coat and exited the car. Tim was left still sitting inside the car trying to understand why Bruce was being this way.

"Do not misunderstand his intentions Young Tim. He means well. He can not risk your life again." Alfred tried to sooth the boy. Tim eyes were filled to the rim with tears but he wouldn't let the dam break.

"I would understand that more than what he said now. I know the truth Alfred, you don't need to sugar coat it for me. He wants nothing from me. Fine. I want nothing from him either." Tim exited the car before Alfred could start talking to him some more. Tim raced into the house and up the stairs to his room. He slammed the door hard and fell onto the bed. He tried not to get his emotions into a ball. He banged his fists into the bed over and over.

"He will not take this away from me. I worked my butt off for this. I will not lose it now." Tim yelled into his pillow as he sat up after his tantrum. "I will make him see he needs Robin. He can't do this alone. He needs to see that this is part of me. Like it or not. He can't keep on eye on me every second now can he?" Tim smiled as he knew what he was going to do.

- - - - - - -

4 weeks Later.

Batgirl stood on a statue over looking the city she lived in. She wishes that it was safe enough for her presence not being needed. But this was reality. Gotham was not a place where crime slept. She heard a crack behind her as she sighed.

"Are you going to keep hiding?" Batgirl spoke as she did not even turn around to see who was behind her. She already knew.

"Nothing escapes you does it?"

"You have been following me for days now. I could smell you from a mile away." She joked with Robin.

"I do not smell! I showered a few days ago." Robin replied back.

"Well you better kept out of sight before someone finds out your with me." Batgirl replied, finally looking over to see Robin. "But I think it would be best. You look terrible."

"I have been doing my best on keeping my grades up and being here. I want to prove myself that I am still worthy of this." Robin replied as he pointed to his R logo on his chest. "Besides, who was the one that helped you yesterday with the bad guys at the park?" Robin crossed his arms and grinned. "That was.. me"

"Oh please. You took out one guy and now your the king of the world."

"Yup. I can see that really." Robin stood up tall and looked over the building.

"So much drama with you kid. You think he is really that stupid that he doesn't know your gone." Batgirl questioned.

"I don't think he knows I am even around anymore. Things changed so fast I don't know what is going on. Ever tried to talk to the guy?"

"Yea. Talk about Mission Impossible." Batgirl replied as she leaned over where Robin was standing.

"Yea... hey.. look over there..." Robin pointed towards the car junk yard. There was cars being thrown around the lot. Robin gave Batgirl a strange look. What was doing that?

"Lets check it out." Robin said as he released his grappler and swung down to the junk yard. Batgirl followed while trying to understand how these cars were moving. They came to rest behind a stack of cars as they heard some more cars being tossed. Robin looked at Batgirl.

"No way this is something a machine is doing. It is very silent and... " Robin took a sneak peek behind the stack and his eyes went wide. "MOVE!" Robin yelled as he pushed Batgirl to one side as he jumped to the other side. A car came towards the stack they were behind and landed hard on the pile. The stack started to move back and forth but didn't fall. Another car came flying to the stack as Batgirl shot her grappler and went to high ground on another stack of cars. Robin stood where he was and got a good view of who was doing this.

The man lifted another car up in the air with his own two hands! He wore a black tight suit and a mask. Almost frighting the sight was when he threw the car to the stack of cars. Batgirl was trying to jump around and avoid the stacks that were being hit.

"You precious girl. Must you run?" The man asked as he threw the car towards her. Robin tried to stop him as he threw his batorang at him but it did nothing. That would of at least done some kind of damage but nothing. Robin decided to join Batgirl to come up with a plan.

"Did you see the size of him?... There is no way someone can lift those cars up like that! Nothing effects him!" Robin shouted to Batgirl as they moved to another stack.

"Well whatever it is, the cars keep flying towards us. We need to take him out at least. There is a stack behind him. Care for a risky move?" Batgirl smiled as she loved her job. Robin nodded as he listened to her plan and grinned. It could actually work. Robin shot his grappler and seemed like he was leaving. Batgirl stepped into the open.

"Such a big strong man. Lifting those cars. Must be some diet you are on." Batgirl shouted as she jumped to a safer place as a car came flying towards her.

"Big enough to squish Bat's like you. Tell me where the little birdy went. His little toy tickles." The man said as he lifted a car and listened for Batgirl's voice to see where she was at.

"Squish me? Silly boys... " Batgirl said as she took notice to where Robin had went. Robin gave her the thumb up as he was well hidden. Batgirl came to the open and shot her grappler into the air in front of the massive man.

"Theres the little one" The man said as he threw a car towards Batgirl as she started to take to the sky. Robin came out of behind the stack that was behind the man and hooked another cable to the flying car. As the car flew and hit the ground, it pulled on a cable that was attached to the top car of the stack behind the man. The car wobbled and the stack started to fall on the man. The man shielded himself the best he could but the cars got the best of him and landed on him. Robin landed hard on the ground as he was going way too fast and tumbled. He came to a stop as his body tumbled right into a car. Robin laid there as Batgirl came towards him.

"Nice move hero." Batgirl said as she helped Robin up. Robin rubbed his head from where it made contact with the car.

"We got the bad guy and I got a headache... It is all part of a job right?" Robin replied as he looked at the pile of cars that now rest were the man was standing. "I still don't understand how he was moving those cars... "

"Batman should know about this. And your head. You could be really hurt. You hit really hard when you came down." Batgirl said with concern for the young kid.

"No. he would kill me and this headache is small compare to his lecture then him murdering me. I will be alright. More than what I can say about our friend there." Robin smiled as he looked at the pile. But his smile soon faded away as he saw the pile of cars started to move. "No way.. no way this is happening." Robin said as he saw the pile move some more. "Maybe I hit my head harder than what I thought."

"No.. I see it to. Come, we have to tell Batman..." Batgirl shot her grappler and waited for Robin to shoot his own. Robin still rubbed his head. The world around him was spinning very fast. Batgirl turned to see the massive man crawl out of the pile of cars that had landed on him. He seemed to breath heavily as he started to hit something on his wrist. Batgirl grabbed Robin over her shoulder and shot to the sky when she saw something that.. was impossible... The man's body started to grow in size. His muscles started to get bigger as something he did on his wrists... made him grow.

The man yelled at Batgirl and Robin's shadows in the sky as theyleft the area. He lifted two cars at once and bashed them together.

"Go back to your secret lair. Run from me. Be afraid. For I am... BANE!..."