The rest of the week went smoothly, pre-test after pre-test being thrown at the students of Beacon - some complained, while others silently took to their studies, covering the grounds with students on blankets reading books and jotting down notes. Team RWBY and Team JNPR were silently working away in their respective dorms; Weiss, Ren, and Pyrrha had made up Mock-Final exams for everyone to look at along with some compiled notes that covered the general basics of each class. Each professor had three or four versions of their exams to discourage cheating, so even though they had allowed the students to keep their pretests, the students had no way of knowing which exam they might get, or if the teachers randomized the questions just to further throw off students.

While Weiss admitted she really couldn't stop her teammates from sneaking out an slacking off, most of them were determined to score well, so she didn't need to try. Blake would vanish and reappear with a thick binder of notes each day. Weiss assumed Blake just snuck out to the Library and did her work there, but her teammate was looking oddly more and more exhausted each time she returned. Yang would vanish and come back complaining of a number-based headache, but always seemed a bit roughed up, leading Weiss to assume her teammate was going out and fighting Grimm when she'd get too bored. Ruby had, thankfully, stayed indoors and actually kept to her precariously hung bed, copying notes left and right silently. Weiss had done the same, making her and Ruby spend far more time with each other than normal.

Team JNPR, in contrast to team RWBY, tended to alternate between staying in their room and going out on group study sessions. With Pyrrha leading the combat training and Ren in charge of the pen & paper tests, the team was almost studying sixteen hours a day. However, they also had the day before finals off. Ren and Pyrrha both agreed that trying to cram anymore the day before exams started was a bad idea, and instead opted to just relax that day. Jaune had spent most of it playing video games, and a bit on the practicing dummies. He'd often try to incorporate some of the slightly flashy moves into his fighting style to "look cooler" in combat. As much as that amused Pyrrha, she'd usually just smile and try to work whatever Jaune was currently attempting into their workout - though there had been several moves she outright told him would not work and a few terribly impractical one.

"Jaune, your shoulders are too low." Pyrrha set her hand against her blonde teammate's shoulder and pushed slightly, correcting his stance. "Do you have a minute?"

"Sure! Whatchya need, Pyrrha?" Jaune asked, smiling as she corrected him and relaxing turning to face his teammate.

"Mind if I get a massage?" Normally Jaune would give her a massage every two weeks,but with this week being so combat heavy and mentally fatiguing as well, a massage sounded pretty good right about now.

"Sure, juuust let me try and do this one more time." Jaune assumed his correct stance, feinting a wide stroke at the dummy's legs before ducking and jumping to its right. He leaned to the left, going down and rolling on his right shoulder and using it as a pivot point to turn as he rolled around to his opponents backside. As he started to finish his roll and get back to a standing position he made his attack. As he ascended, he brought his sword into an upward slash, running right up the middle of the dummy's back. As he looked at the cut dummy, he smiled to himself. "Back Slash, learned!" He said quietly, Pyrrha giggled and patted his shoulder.

"Well done Jaune, maybe if you keep it up, you'll be able to do the Helm Splitter next."

"Yeah, but I'd need to work on my jumpin-...wait, how do you know about that?!"Jaune asked, startled, as he'd never revealed where he was pulling these techniques from. Not to mention that that technique was further in the game than he currently was according to the guidebook.

"I have my methods." Pyrrha smirked, patting his shoulder.

"Ya know, between you and Ruby, I'm gonna get an inferiority complex." He joked, sighing as he realized his plan of learning the weird techniques to surprise Pyrrha with was a total flop.

"Oh comon. You're doing fine, and I know you'll prove it during the tests."She smiled warmly at her team leader. She'd gone to great length to give him the confidence to be a leader and not doubt himself; she knew he was capable of much more than he thought, and she was determined to help him bring out that potential. But for now, she was more eager to have Jaune give her a nice rub down.

"Meet at the usual place? I should probably shower first." Jaune sheathed his sword and returned his shield to its compact mode.

"Sure, you shower, then we'll meet back at our room and walk from there." Pyrrha nodded, figuring that since she hadn't been doing anything too stressful today, so she had no need to worry about showering ahead of time.

As with Ruby, Jaune had Pyrrha in her swimsuit when he'd give her a massage. He didn't feel quite confident enough to ask her to be just towel clad with him. Though Pyrrha's swimsuit, while also very red, was a two piece. The athletic swimsuit could be mistaken for a slightly more covering sports bra and short shorts. It also had gold lining in small patterns along it, giving it a much fancier look to it, Pyrrha's symbol emblazoned on the lower sides of the bottom. While Jaune refused to verbally acknowledge it, he really liked seeing Pyrrha in her swimsuit, the exposed midriff showing off what he could only describe as enviable abs. While Jaune was no slacker in the health department, and he was pretty low on body fat and decently muscled for someone who'd never had formal combat training, His only real comparison was against Ren.

Ren was ridiculously slim and chiseled, but didn't pack quite the punch Jaune did without using his aura.. Pyrrha, meanwhile, looked like a goddess, every muscle was toned and cut like a fine sculpture piece in Jaune's eyes. As much a he was perpetually surprised by Team RWBY's deceivingly small frames to ridiculous muscle strength ratio - Yang strongly came to mind, in particular - he was nevertheless more intimidated by Pyrrha's overall "strong" appearance.

He'd often imagined himself with a body like the heroes in his comic books. Posing and showing off his big bulging biceps and impenetrable, washboard abs. After months of Pyrrha training and considerable strength boosts from said training, however, he realized that unless he put in a ton of hours weight lifting and completely reorganizing his diet, that dream wasn't likely to come true. Nor was it all that necessary to being a hunter with said physique. He'd tried going weight lifting with Yang once, only to discover that she way stronger than he'd imagined. She was terrifyingly more powerful than him in fact, easily lifting bench-press bars with hundreds of pounds of weight on them with one hand. While Jaune struggled to lift similar weight with both hands.

Jaune suspected he'd have similar blows to his none-too-sturdy ego if he tried lifting with Pyrrha, or especially Nora, so he opted out of even asking them, sticking to lifting with Ren (who lifted around the same weight Jaune did). True, Nora and Pyrrha were still lifting at the same time as them, but Ren and Jaune could spot each other fairly easily. If either of them tried to go overboard, Pyrrha and Nora were able to "save" them from being crushed, though Ren would put some extra aura into his arms and could usually save himself. Jaune desperately wanted to know how to do that, but he knew his less than spectacular control of his own aura probably wouldn't allow for a focused strength boost in any controlled fashion. Or any fashion that'd stop him from tiring himself out, actually. He'd asked Yang if she did a similar thing once and she shook her head no as she lifted more weight than he thought reasonable for someone with her lack of musculature.

While Beacon didn't have a massage parlor or anything similar, they did have massage bed for rehabilitation therapy. As huntsmen and huntresses, students and staff were likely to manage to hurt themselves in ways that would require physical therapy. The extent of which could range from a few weeks to mend a busted leg to a few months to regain dexterity in one's fingers if an arm was badly injured. Jaune, not being the best at healing himself, had managed to twist his ankles a few times, and was sent to said rehabilitation rooms and received a massage. The staff there were trained to use Aura to heal patients whose own aura was either depleted or just very slow to heal a more extensive wound. While Jaune had been denied training in such an art (the staff said he would have to wait until later years when he had much better control of his aura and a firm grasp on his semblance to get entry to the class), he was allowed to use the room to massage his teammates as long as nobody was using the room for PT. Fortunately, with midterms arriving, most students had buried themselves so far into their books that they weren't doing much of any physical activities, let alone ones strenuous enough to warrant therapy.

After his shower, Jaune headed down to the infirmary ward's lower level where therapies and general fitness tests took place. The room nigh perpetually smelled of lemons due to its constant sterilization and cleaning. There were a few scales, simple weighted bars, a machine for measuring Aura capacity, and in a large back room, the massage tables. He stopped and said hello to the staff member on duty, Professor Pipt.

"In to give your teammates a massage as usual Jaune?" The slightly eccentric professor asked, smiling up at Jaune from his desk.

"Well, it is midterms, and we've been training a lot, so yeah." Jaune replied awkwardly. He never really knew how to deal with the professor's oddly invasive personality. While he was a ridiculously good doctor and specialized in human physiology, biochemistry, and a bit of psychology, Professor Pipt always acted incredibly nosy and curious about the students' lives unless Glynda Goodwitch was there, in which case he barely spoke and kept to himself. While nobody at the school quite knew what happened between the two, Professor Pipt would always cower in her presence. Most guessed he'd done or said something that had earned him a liberal introduction to the proper use of her riding crop.

"Very well, just keep to yourselves and don't take too long. It's almost dinner time and I don't want to be cooped up in here waiting for you two to leave. Margolotte said she had a very nice stew cooking that I just have to try." He smiled to himself, thinking about his wife's cooking.

"It won't be much longer than we usually take, I promise." Jaune smiled and made his way to the massage rooms, setting his jars of oil on a counter and a few of his spare towels as well, in case of a spill. A few minutes passed before Pyrrha appeared, smiling at her team leader as she closed the door behind herself.

"I'm sorry I took so long! I was going through my special dust rounds and lost track of time." She apologized, knowing that Jaune would hardly care that she was a bit late. The Dust Rounds in questions were gifted to her by Weiss. Though Weiss had called them a "show of good will between fellow teams". Pyrrha had a suspicion they were more of a show of good will to her, as Nora and Jaune had not received any such gifts. To be fair, nobody but Ren quite knew what Nora's Grenades were or how they got used as she never carried clips, but they didn't require much, if any, dust. Jaune, though fascinated by dust, didn't need it for anything he did in combat. Ren had only gotten a full clip of each different dust type; Pyrrha, meanwhile, had received several boxes of the various dust types that would make her an elemental nightmare to a small army should she have to use them all in one day.

"No big deal, I'd just finished setting up anyway!" Jaune said, smiling as Pyrrha slid out of the large, baggy shirt and pants she'd worn, revealing her crimson and gold swimsuit. "And! I got that special scented oil you requested!" Jaune smirked, pulling a new bottle out and handing it to Pyrrha, who smile widened further.

"Jaune, you didn't need to." She read the label, giddy as could be.

"Oooh comon. You're practically the only person I massage anyway! It's the least I can do, really." He brushed off her rebuff effortlessly. Up until this last week, she genuinely was the only person he'd been massaging. Before, he'd learned how to give massages through trial and error with his sisters, but since he'd moved to Beacon, and away from his sisters, he didn't really have anyone to massage. Though when he'd heard Pyrrha complaining about shoulder pains, he was more than happy to jump in and offer his assistance. After all the things she'd done for him, a massage every once and a while was by far the least he could do for her.

"Mm, well you've been quite busy giving massages to other people lately haven't you?" She teased, smirking as he blushed a bit and looked at his feet.

"Well…it's not like I exactly went out of my way to give them massages," Jaune mumbled. "And you were the one who told Yang about my massages anyway, so you basically set me up to give them." He said in his defense.

"I know, I know. Still, I'm very happy you went out of your way to get this for me." She gave him a warm smile and quick hug before handing him the massage oil again.

"I-it was nothing, really!" Jaune said a bit flustered by the hug from his somewhat scantily-clad teammate. "A-anyway! We should get started, no time like the present to use a present!" He said what could only be kindly called a botched metaphor.

"Alright." Pyrrha nodded, laying belly up on the massage table, relaxing herself by taking deep breaths. A soft *pop* sounds was momentarily heard as Jaune opened up the new scented massage oil bottle, the faint smell of peppermint wafting to Pyrrha's nostrils after a few moments as Jaune started to give his hands a light covering of the oil.

As Jaune started the massage, he cupped Pyrrha's head in his hands, lifted it up slightly, and made gentle circular motions with his hands, his slightly peppermint scented fingers weaving into her magma colored hair and applying pressure the the skin beneath. After increasing the pressure of his motions a bit and giving her whole scalp a once over, he gently set her head against the pillow again.

He started to gently rub her forehead, his hands passing over each other occasionally a she lifted them when he reached her he finished rubbing her forehead, he smiled and slid his hands down her face, neck, and shoulders. As she wasn't in an ideal position for a shoulder rub, he decided he'd save that for after he had her flip over.

He continued the stroking motion, rubbing his hands along her sides and down to her hips before returning back with the same movement. He repeated this a few times before bringing his hand back up and rubbing around her collar bones a bit, moving his fingers down slowly to her pectoral muscles. He always got nervous at this part, as he ran the risk of touching her breasts. While he'd like to touch her chest, he also liked breathing a lot more, and feared Pyrrha's wrath even more than Weiss'. He worked his way along her pecs and down her torso, he made small circles along her obliques on her side, the defined muscles giving him an excellent guide to run his hands along each individual clump of muscle. he also ran his hands along her toned abs, his fingers gliding up and down the protruding muscles lightly so he would not make Pyrrha laugh.

He re-oiled his hands, getting more on than last time as he moved to Pyrrha's arms. He went up and down each arm a bit, taking slow, light strokes to coat her limbs in the mint scented liquid. After he covered her arm, he went back up to her shoulders, giving the three sectioned muscles each a thorough rub, his hands easily grabbing and pressing on the muscles there. He shifted his attention down to her triceps, rubbing and pushing on the muscles, letting his fingers slide between the slight upside-down V shape the muscles made where they connected to her upper arm and rub there gently. He continued down her arm, his pushing and pulling motions moving the muscles slightly as he went down to her wrist. He made sure to give her biceps attention, focusing on the large cluster of muscle there for a few moments before moving down to her forearms and making small circular motions until he got to her wrist.

He passed his fingers lightly over her wrists and moved to her hands, holding them in his own for a moment, rubbing the oil all over her palm before intertwining their fingers. He then slid his fingers up and down along her's, getting every nook of her hand covered in the minty solution.

Pyrrha had to admit that it was a bit hard to resist the urge to hold his hand when she felt their fingers lace together, but she resisted nonetheless. She was worried if she was too forward with how she felt, that it could ruin her friendship with Jaune, the only person who'd really treated her like a normal human being and not some goddess to be praised.

Jaune continued his work, gently massaging the knuckles of each finger and up the joints, getting a small *pop* out of each finger before moving to the next. Each time he moved down a joint he increased the pressure of his massage, rubbing his thumb and forefingers back and forth along Pyrrha's skin. After he finished with her fingers, he moved down to her thumb, popping the joint as well, but also giving it a smooth rubdown with his thumbs and making small circles along the large muscle that connected her thumb to the rest of her hand. He repeated the process again on her other arm, silently working as Pyrrha began to feel herself relaxing more and more, though she was again tempted to squeeze his hand when their fingers connected once more.

Jaune also found himself not wanting to let go of Pyrrha's hand when their fingers interlocked. While he silently acknowledged his less-than-completely-platonic feelings for his teammate, he knew she deserved better than him. She was an all-star athlete, smart, funny, good-looking, ridiculously good at combat, and famous. Meanwhile, he was a guy who'd snuck his way into Beacon by sheer chance and probably would have died on his first day had she not saved his life. After all, normal people couldn't land after being thrown off of cliffs and into the sky before free-falling hundreds of feet into a densely wooded forest.

Of all the things he'd learned at Beacon, which was quite a lot, the mod important thing was that nobody in their right mind should disrespect an Huntsmen or Huntress. Why Cardin thought he could get away with bullying people who were being taught how to kill monsters was anyone's guess. Had Jaune not basically banned Nora from hurting Cardin, he was relatively sure Cardin would have been spending a lot of time in the infirmary under the strict scrutiny of Dr. Pipt, who would have been incessantly asking what Cardin could have possibly done to earn himself multiple trips with shattered kneecaps and broken bones.

Then again, from Cardin's more recent actions, he was seriously wondering if the bullying hunter-to-be was just a bit impaired in the common sense department. Velvet was an upperclassmen, and while Jaune didn't know who her teammates were, he was pretty sure anyone who'd gotten through a year at Beacon was more than a match for Cardin, let alone 4 upperclassmen.

His thoughts were interrupted as he looked down at Pyrrha, who coughed and was blushing as he'd paused in his massage with his fingers between her own and he had been staring at them for a while.

"Are you ok Jaune?" She asked calmly as he quickly resumed his massage.

"Yeah! I...just got lost in my own thoughts, that's all." He said quickly, finishing her hand and going back to the counter to reapply the oil to his hands.

"Is there something on your mind?" She asked with a warm, curious tone. After Jaune's little ego trip and consequent fall, he'd started opening up to her quite a bit, telling her about his family life, a few of his fears, and some hobbies as well. She had returned the favor, Jaune listening to her tales of adventure and her numerous tough competitions run in Mistral with what she was pretty sure could only be called starry-eyed admiration.

"Naaaahh, just letting my mind wander. You know how it is," He said dismissively, clapping his hands together and accidentally spraying a bit of the peppermint oil onto his hair, making him sigh as he turned around. "Trying to think of anything but the tests we have next week." The last thing he needed right now was Pyrrha getting stressed out because he was thinking of Cardin's well-being of all things. While he didn't think she'd bother the bully, she could "accidentally" say something around Nora or Yang. He could boss around Nora a bit with the help of Ren, but while Nora seemed to obey the whole "Jaune is the team leader so listen to him" mentality, he had a feeling if she truly wanted to do something, he'd be unable to stop her. Yang, meanwhile, was well beyond his control, and he'd have to seriously bribe Ruby to even hope to get some control over her sister with Ruby's aid. Even then, he was pretty sure if Yang knew someone was trying to control her, she'd purposefully ignore them.

"I'm sure you'll do fine Jaune, we've all been studying hard, so it's pretty unlikely that any of us could fail." She encouraged him. She twitched when she suddenly felt his wet hands running up and down her legs, starting at her thighs and work their way down her legs like they were gliding across her skin.

"I know, I know. It's just pre-test jitters." He chuckled as she twitched when he began oiling up her other leg, the whole room faintly stained with the smell of peppermint at this point. "We'll take the tests and I'll be fine!"

"Alright, Jaune." Pyrrha smiled at him reassuringly as he started to work her legs, starting at the thighs and working his way down with long stroking motions, his hands digging slightly against the defined muscles there. He lifted her leg up so her lower thigh was easier to touch before carefully wrapped his hands around her leg. He squeezed it the whole way down her thighs a few times, occasionally moving his hands in a slight spiral, letting his fingers go all over her skin and pull the muscles. He went back up her leg, making similar long, pulling motion in the opposite direction. His fingers gently passed over her knee before he repeated the pulling motion on her calf. Pyrrha's muscles were larger and denser than Ruby's, so he had to put a bit more effort into his strokes down her limb. He went back up her leg, then made one long stroke down the entire climb before he got to her foot.

His fingers glided around her ankles before rubbing the sole of her foot, his thumbs making small circles up and down the top of her foot before she got to her toes. He made sure to pull on each toe just a bit, enough to make each one pop before he started to rub the pads. He heard an occasional stifled giggle coming from Pyrrha, but ignored it, choosing to focus on her feet. She was surprisingly calloused, especially around her heels and soles. Jaune expected this was from her doing large amounts of running to keep in shape. His hands had started to grow callouses around his palms, and his feet were doing the same as hers from his increased workout. He'd found it odd that Ruby didn't have any such callouses, but then again, she did have her aura on a lot longer than he did, and she had very padded boots that probably reduced the pressure she put on her feet to the point her aura just healed whatever she had done so she never needed callouses. He repeated the entire process on Pyrrha's other leg and toes before he paused the massage.

"Can you flip over, Pyrrha?" Jaune more said than asked. Despite knowing Pyrrha would cooperate if he just told her to flip over, he still found himself unable to really boss people around when they weren't in a combat scenario. It just went against his more laid back personality to be giving orders to people when they weren't in a life or death situation. It didn't help that all of his teammates scared the crap out of him. Nora was strong, fast, and her weapons terrified him to no end; Ren was fast, incredibly athletic, and his Aura attacks that caused spontaneous explosions were intimidating beyond belief; Pyrrha was basically a war goddess and more than capable of picking him apart in combat before actually dealing a lethal blow. He'd often imagined how deadly he might have been with actual huntsmen training under his belt before wondering if that would even matter against the kind of people he'd been against. He didn't doubt he'd be way more proficient at killing Grimm, but fighting off people was a whole different ballgame.

After Pyrrha flipped over, resting her head sideways against the pillow, Jaune started to rub around her sole and heel, giving the highly stressed areas some much needed relief. While Jaune had no idea why anyone would wear heels while fighting, or at all other than for special events, Pyrrha's use of her odd metallic, heeled boots didn't seem to hamper her ability to fight at all, so he'd learned to just accept it and not question the person who was regularly teaching him how to be a competent fighter. Pyrrha sighed as Jaune spent a bit of extra time on her heels, making him smile before he did the same to the other foot, then moving up to the back of her legs, repeating the same sweeping motions before letting his hands trace up her hips and then around to her back.

Before he continued, he put a fresh bit of oil onto his hands and started rubbing around her back quickly. Unlike with Yang, Pyrrha had given him permission to slide his hands under her top and rub the oils there, as well as put his hand there for massaging purposes. Her shoulders and upper back were usually exposed most of the time when she was in combat, so she figured she had nothing to feel awkward about when his hand slid under the swimsuit top as long as he stayed on her back and shoulders. Jaune did so carefully before moving his hands under the shoulder straps of the suit and beginning the shoulder rub. His hands kneading the trapezius muscles all along her neck and down to her shoulders.

He took a moment to rub the back most shoulder muscle, working it like he had the front and middle ones before she'd flipped over. After that, he began kneading and pulling on her traps again, very slowly working his way down until he got to her shoulders and started firmly pressing on the muscle there, rotating his fingers in circles all the way down her back. He shifted himself to her other side, using the pushing and pulling technique to slowly work his way down her back, following his initial path from neck to just above her tailbone. With that, he was finished, and gave her a nice pat on the back before she turned back over to smile at him.

"Thank you for the massage, Jaune." Pyrrha gave him her trademark warm smile.

"Hey, anytime, Pyrrha." He replied happily, opening the door a crack to vent the minty air out before sitting down, facing Pyrrha. Jaune smiled as he sat in the room and chatted idly with her, waiting for her to actually want to get up. He wasn't in any particular hurry to go anywhere, and given how busy everyone had been this week, it was nice to just sit and talk to someone, rather than have to stare intently into a notebook or textbook for the millionth time and debate if he was spelling the work Grimm with two m's correctly because he'd written it so much he didn't know how to spell it anymore.

"Mm, minty fresh!"

Team JNPR's two fearless leaders turned to the door to see Yang Xiao Long sticking her head in the door, wearing a large yellow, sleeveless-shirt with the words "I flexed and the sleeves fell off" on it, along with golden short-shorts, grinning at them.

"Yang… how did you find us?" Jaune asked, now seriously worrying the girl had somehow planted a tracking device on him, or worse, inside him. There was no reasonable way she could have known they were there.

"I asked Ren." She answered, grinning. "He said you guys were usually in here when Pyrrha was getting a massage."

"How did he know I was getting a massage?" Pyrrha asked, sitting up, enjoying the warmth and slight energetic tingling sensation the peppermint oil left on her skin. They hadn't told anyone what they were doing, and Ren hadn't been in the room when either she or Jaune were in there as far as she knew.

"He said he knew because Jaune's towels were missing, both of your armors were on their stands, and Jaune's massage stuff wasn't on his dresser," Yang replied, rattling off the things Ren had told her when she'd asked the very same question.

"…wow, he's good." Jaune muttered, middy surprised by his teammate's deductive reasoning.

"So, what did you need us for?" Pyrrha asked as Yang walked into the room, stretching.

"Just needed ole' magic hands over there." Yang pointed to Jaune, walking over to him and patting him on the shoulder.

"Lemme guess, you want another massage?" Jaune sighed, knowing the answer before it was given.

"Yep! If it's not too much to ask." She added, grinning at Jaune. Pyrrh sand Jaune exchanged a "We should have seen this coming" look before they both laughed.

"Alright, just go lay down on one of the other tables and I'll be right with ya." Juane said as he washed his hands and closed the Peppermint scented oil, opening the rose scented one instead and cracking his knuckles.

~~~Author's notes~~~

For those who don't recognize the techniques Jaune and Pyrrha were speaking of, they're secret attacks from the game the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Back slash is an interesting technique he probably could use on more humanoid opponent, if not, it'd just help as half the attack is dodging. You jump to one side, then tuck and roll to get behind a foe, as you get up, you bring your sword up and attack their backside. In game, you used this to sneakily injure armored foes or knock off their armor. In reality, presuming you pull it off, you could cut all along your opponent's spinal column and seriously injure them.

Helm Splitter involves shield bashing an opponent to stun them, then jumping over their head and striking with your sword. Most of the RWBY cast can probably make that jump easily, but not Jaune. So he'd have to practice quite a bit to actually do the attack unaided. While Grimm aren't susceptible to this as most Grimm have that bonelike armor on their faces in the form of masks, a human opponent could suffer a stunning blow since their Aura would protect them from their head being split in two. Or if there were a less armored Grimm (King Taijutsu's comes to mind), you could cut them in half.

No, I don't have a thing for women with some decent muscles, what ever gave you that idea? *Hides Tumblr pictures of RWBY girls with abs and muscles*.

For those curious where I got the massage instructions, I mostly looked them up on Wikihow, and Howcast. Both come up one the first page of a Google search. Here's hoping I conveyed them correctly.

As much as the shipper in me would like to think Pyrrha would be ok with being only towel-clad around Jaune, I still think that she'd prefer to be partially clothed, and Jaune would probably prefer that too just to save himself some embarrassment.

While Aura does seem to be a fix all bandaid, I'm willing to bet that not everything can be fixed that quickly. If you bust a few bones the wrong way to the point they are on your exterior, you probably aren't gonna be able to just sleep it off. So therapy and training may be needed. If you don't think regaining dexterity in your hands is hard, feel free to try and write with your off hand (ambidextrous people need not apply). I've been trying for years, and it's still an uphill climb.

For those curious about Professor Pipt, he's based off of the character Dr. Pipt (The Crooked Magician) for the continuation of the Wizard of Oz Series book "The Patchwork Girl of Oz" (Seriously, there are a TON of books in that canon). A munchkin who made a lot of magic items and liquids, but was doing so illegally. He accidentally petrified his wife, Margolotte, into a marble statue. Glinda the Goodwitch heard about this and restored his wife, but took away his magical abilities, and crooked limbs, making him an ordinary munchkin. So I figured him being terrified of Glynda was justified, as well as him being immensely curious about everything. Especially those who managed to hurt themselves to the point their Aura could not repair the damage, as that means they have managed to extraordinarily strain themselves and would need more conventional therapy and medicine that he now must practice lest he invoke the wrath of Glynda.

For this unfamiliar with what Jaune felt when he'd written award too many times. I think it's called Lexical Fatigue. It's when you've written a word for phrase so much it looks like you've spelled it wrong. I have no idea why it happens, but it does. And with a word like "Grimm", where to normal way to spell it is "grim", I'm sure this phenomenon plagues Beacon students frequently.

I'm baffled by Pyrrha's boots. She's freaking star athlete, she should know that heels are counter-productive to running/physical activity. Two things she does very often. I'm pretty sure it's just a stylistic choice, but it still annoys the crap out of me as much as Weiss' wedge boots do.

Not much to say other than that. Writing this little slice of Beacon life story has been quite enjoyable and I hope ya'll enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it.

Welp, thats this fic done, now to move to my next story and finish that Toriko fic! *flies away*

Below here is just me stating my likes and dislikes of the original Massages fic. So if you don't want to read what is essentially a chunk of text of me complaining/complimenting the original, feel free to ignore it.


- Harem scenario: Just… no. We've established Yang and Ruby like Jaune in the "you're an adorkable friend" kind away. Blake barely talks to him, and Weiss wishes he'd just shut up.

- Swearing: Ok, look. Ruby isn't an M rated series. The characters don't need to swear, and adding "fuck" into your story doesn't make it better by default. If anything, it feels so out of character for them it's off putting. Especially Ruby. Hell, Red like Roses II (Ruby's character song) has her say "effin" instead of fucking. Yang's song, (at least the rap lyrics) not so much on the subtlety.

- Nosebleeds to signify arousal: Look, I'm not one to knock anime ( I write FANFICTION for it), but RWBY pretty clearly establishes blushing is a thing. You don't need nosebleeds. It's not helpful, and it may just be me, but it's a bit childish. It also doesn't translate well to the written medium because writing out "they got a nosebleed" or it's kin is silly, you can say "this aroused them" or "this turned them on" or the millions of other innuendoes for arousal. Nosebleeds are a cheeky way to get around saying "and this character WOULD have a boner if we could show you that." Except we're using WORDS now, so you COULD DO SOMETHING SIMILAR TO THAT AND NOT GET IN TROUBLE.

- "Ecstasy coma": Pretty sure this is the borderline PG-17 verison for "orgasms" buuut it still feels…stupid. The idea a massage could induce orgasm? Not as bad, unlikely, but not as bad. Ehh. Might just be me again.

- Cardin: Ok, look, Cardin's a jackass, we KNOW this. But there is a difference between "jackass" and "rapist". Jackasses will MAYBE grope a girl. if they think they could get away with it. Odds are Beacon wouldn't tolerate that, or they'd let a student get beaten to death or abandoned by others because YOU CAME TO THE SCHOOL FOR MONSTER KILLERS. WHY ARE YOU HARASSING ANYONE?! And they are entirely expected to die if they prove insufficient. Dump bad students into Grimm territory, watch them die. Shrug it off and send flowers to their next of kin. even if he was just idly saying it, it's pretty well known Weiss, Pyrrha, and Yang are goddamned BEASTS in combat and that trying to pick a fight with them is pretty close to suicidal.

- Velvet jumping to the "going to mate" assumption: This is a stretch. I mean, a SERIOUS stretch. No one, NO ONE, assumes sex must be the initial reciprocation for any favor. Does it make a slightly comedic situation? Yes, but does it really pay off? No. (I should probably jam this into the Harem Scenario complaint, but you get the idea.)

- Ruby's bullet injury: Ok, I'm not sure where this is going, but I'm preeeeetty sure Aura stops that kinda stuff from happening. Now JAUNE might get hurt as he has so little aura training. Ruby, Yang, Blake, and especially Weiss on the other hand. are all VERY well trained. They can deflect bullets and take those blows with only feeling the knockback. Remember, Ruby got a direct hit from an EXPLOSIVE CHARGE from Roman's cane/boom stick. If you can take an explosive round that can annihilate concrete, and steel cables, you can take a bullet and probably ignore it entirely.

- Aura "overhealing": Given Aura is a part of your soul, I'm pretty sure it's continuous use would just burn you out (make you tired) not cause physical damage, other than that you sustain over having a lack of it to heal yourself. Again, pretty much just my headcanon clashing with the author's.


+ The concept: Jaune gives massages, hilarity ensues… I dunno, just seems fun. Also, Yang would totally say that, but only as a joke. and I'm pretty sure Jaune would know that.

+ Weiss Foot massage: Weiss' somewhat dominating personality fits the bill for someone who would go "you don't get to massage my back, you get my feet. that's how far beneath me you are in my mind." And I liked the idea of her doing so to Jaune (in this context). And not with those exact words.

+ Jaune's "burnout": His Aura flaring into flames fits the whole Jaune of Arc thing. I like it!

+ Aura healing: It's kinda shown in canon (Jaune's cheek healing) so Jaune using it to heal his hands is actually pretty cool. Kudos.

+ Ruby being adorable: I do like this one. if we're going for everyone making a unique-esque noise for their massage, Ruby making cute noises fits the bill.

+ Ren calls the girls out: Remember my Love Hina comparison? Yeah, the whole fic felt like I was rereading Love Hina after a point (that's not the good part because I dislike Love Hina. though I supposed kudos are in order for managing to recreate the mood so well.), though with much less punching and more "you are our bitch and don't you dare complain". Ren calling the girls out on their behavior was nice. Mostly because had any of them reacted poorly, they would have had to deal with Nora. Who, lest we all forget, jumps to PHYSICAL VIOLENCE as a first resort.

I do know the author of Massages intends to redo parts of the story, including removing some of the dark parts. Kudos to them.

Mind you I'm aware my criticisms would probably have been ignored or shrugged off had I left them as a review. (mostly because they are more opinion/style based criticisms, and not "That makes no sense, why would you do that at all?" criticisms). AND the fanfic I'm criticizing is backed by the guy who made the original picture, who I have not consulted at all on this matter and didn't bother telling him I MADE this fic until after it's completion. I'm pretty sure they didn't know about it's existence until I messaged them. Which didn't happen until after Chapter 7 was written and being spellchecked by my beta reader. So it was done without their knowledge or influence.

I've gone through their gallery and they seem very happy to ship Jaune with everyone with female genitalia in the RWBY verse for the sake of lulz. So my distaste for that kind of harem would probably make them dislike what I'd done. I think of Jaune's "relationships" more like this.

Ruby: Best friends. Though my beta reader ships them, and this is my secondary ship for Jaune.

Weiss: hahahaha NO. Weiss may give him some respect for backing off AND trying to set her up with the guy she likes, but she's not gonna give him a date.

Blake: Erm…they don't interact so yeah…no. You could argue that since Jaune's not very discriminatory towards Faunus, he's at least an option for her…maybe?

Yang: I don't think Yang wants to date him as it appears she finds him pitiable, if not "aww, look it the little guy struggle" in an adorable way. Still might go on a date with him for funsies, but I don't imagine it going anywhere serious.

Nora: Haha no, Nora is Ren-sexual.


Ren: I might be convinced of it if Ren really talked all that much…or showed interest in much of anything…at all. (Seriously, he's the "Blake" of team JNPR).

Malachite Sisters: If I knew anything about them other than "Proto-Ruby and Proto-Yang" characters who do kicks and punches I might actually have an opinion on them.

Glynda: Erm… no. We barely know anything about her other than she's stupidly loyal to Ozpin.

Sun: Given Sun's blatant interest in Blake, not likely. Kickass bromance though.

Neptune: Erm… maybe a bromance? Neptune seems just a smitten with Weiss as Weiss is with him.

Emerald: …have they even met properly?…nope? Then nope.

Mercury: See above.


Cinder: See above.