Journey Through...

by: Genesis

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailormoon, Toei Animation or anything. I'm
just borrowing the characters for entertainment and fulfillment of
fantasies. The following is totally fictitious -- places and the
other persons -- and the story doesn't appear in any of the episodes
in Sailormoon.



Her trail was already unknown to her. The pain and sadness continued
to caress her soul. 'Run away while I still can... I'm tired of this
life, no joy had come to me eversince. Happy are those animals that
roamed around in freedom whereas I, human as myself is cursed by this
wealth and bondage, the bondage that pushed me to the eternal
damnation of my life. ' Her weeping uncovered the path of bushes
that she intruded to the woods. Her cries cursed her well-being.
The words that were said by her father were totally rooted in her ear.

"The time has come, Michelle. If your memory refreshes you more than
I thought, you have been informed about the marriage you will have
this year. Tonight, you will be fetched by Lord Frederick and you,
my daughter will wed him and must make the man happy."

"But father, I cannot! I cannot make ready myself and I won't ever be.
My heart is as free as a bird and no man can every claim it against
my will."

"Do you disobey your father? Remember, my daughter, Lord Frederick
himself is the most wealthiest man in Bruglier. You will be his and
our family will rise even more in stature."

Michelle tried to convince her father even more. "Wealth or no
wealth, you're asking me to wed a man far off my age and no vision,
not once I had laid an eye to such stranger. We have wealth, we have
nobility, what more could you ever want? " Michelle whispered to
herself, "Mentioning not an age of 30's, 'Tis like my father I'm
going to marry."

"Such useless conversation we're speaking. The end's still the same.
Michelle of Pontiuance will marry Lord Frederick whether it is her
will or not."

The talk ended with the father leaving the room and Michelle running
desperately outside the mansion. Her disappearance may drowned the
mansion in chaos but it is her last resort. She ran away into the
woods weeping into the dark corners of the forest.

She had ran about half a mile and rested sitting in the base of a
huge tree. Her sobs marked her hopelessness and despair. It then
lingered in her thoughts the memory of her mother. She should had
been safe in her mother's arms, and her desire be most protected but
the illness forgives no one. And... passed away.

Suddenly, a group of men came. They were ragged carrying different
kinds of weaponry at hand. As they approached the weeping lady, her
sobs stopped replaced by bits of fear.

"Well well.. what do we have here?" The man at the center of the
group spoke. "A lonely woman in a very creepy woods."

The other man grinned, "Got us again a good catch, ei Damien? This
will be perfect for dinner."

She stood up and demanded to the men to leave her at once.

The men laughed. Instead, the man named Damien quickly let go of the
stuffs he was carrying and took hold the face of the woman. "What
beauty!" With his rough palm, he embraced her face and traced the
contours of her body.

She looked at him in disgust. The tone of her voice marked the anger
of nobility. "Please sir, I'm asking you kindly to leave me alone and
I shall go my way never to bother you."

"Wonderful!" Another man in the group commented. "We caught ourselves a toughie... Never tasted one in years."

Damien forcibly pinned her shoulders on the tree trunk. Michelle
began to struggle for freedom but the force was too great for a woman
to overcome.

"Good... a tough virgin is my taste." He began to lower his head and
began to smell the hair, slowly moving down the neck. "*sigh* What a
sweet scent this is." The group of men watching them began to laugh
hard. "Leave some for us too, Damien! You'll drain yourself if
you'll just have her for yourself."

Michelle wasn't able to hold back, terrified, and angered, she kicked
the man's groin pulling herself back. "This is unforgivable. You
disgust me. What kind of men are you? This is no act of a person.
Leave now or I shall have..."

".... her husband to punish you!"

All the heads turned at the direction of the deep and angered voice.
Amidst the darkened woods, a tall blonde man appeared drawing his
steel sword from his sheath at his side as he walked towards the
scene. His posture marked nobility as he was dressed in grandeur of
a courtier. Wide-eyed, Michelle gazed at this noble hero, a stranger
who without even a hint interrupted her words with such conceit.
Nevertheless, her heart lightened upon her savior -- a savior that
urged her sight to remain on this very beautiful figure in front of
her eyes. Such conceit is forgiven and been repaid.

"Then... who might you be?"

"Are you deaf or is my elegance just blind you of what I've said."
The blonde man moved in front of the lady holding her back and
protecting her life with his mighty presence. "I am her husband and
you, sir have just mocked my wife. Your deed is unforgiven. I shall
beat you and your defeat will be my glory."

"Nonsense!" The man shouted in disbelief. "You are not his husband."

"... And so you were not touching a virgin either."

Shocked at such statement, Michelle could say no words but to
continue to hear such exchange of statements silently yet fear cannot
leave her spine.

"But if you riffraffs cannot trust a word of a man, I shall prove to
you the seal of our bond. After, if your presence won't leave these
grounds, I shall cut you all in halves." The savior then approached
his 'so-called-wife' and without hesitation took her in his arm. He
leaned over pressing his lips unto hers. A light brush... but the
sensation was different for both.

Michelle couldn't believe at what he just did. It was her first, her
first kiss -- most prized and treasured yet stolen in just a second
by a man completely unknown to her. Her emotions became perplexed as
she wondered whether to grieve or to sing joy for having to kiss a
noble and handsome hero.

The savior looked back at the savage men again and grinned. "Your
belief then is wrong, can you see not?"

Astound and angered, the savages got their weapons and attacked the
man. "Married or not, prepare to meet your doom! How dare you mock

"No... how dare you mock us!!"

With just a split of a second, he raised his sword beating one by one
of the five men without a sweat being shed. The fight was not
fierced enough for such brave savior. He made all five men
unconcious on the ground and possibly won't ever wake again 'till

Michelle gently approached her champion's back to give her the
gratitude and the scold he deserved about the kiss of disrespect but
the stranger suddenly turned around and faced her with a serious
look. "The gods give you luck for now, but next time, it won't be
the same. The next time you'll run away, you'll lose yourself and
your prized treasure and I won't be there to help you any longer."

Shock at such words, Michelle could only speak haltingly, "H.hhow..
did you.kknoow that I'm running away?"

"Only maiden fouls flocked in the woods, and not ladies..." The man
drew back his sword, returning it to his sheath. "Look milady, I'm
here on business and this is the first time I've visited this place.
If I'm just welcome with a damsel crying in despair for her life,
then I won't find this land of yours soothing to my needs. I need
rest and this is not what I'm looking for. Go now, go back to where
you were. Your parents might worry the heavens for you." He shook her
head gently wiping off the most tiny sweatdrop he accumulated during
the fight. He turned his back and walked away from the lady. His hair
shone modestly with the flaring rays of the sun from the trees'

The sight was beautiful and left the woman admired such posture. But
she had to communicate at this man firmly or be left misunderstood.
"No sir... that is not true at all. I'm not running away, I'm just
finding a way to ease myself off of my problems that burdened me a

"Problems?" He looked back in a glance at the fair lady again.
"Well, milady, 'tis your problem so leave me out of it. Now, I'll
take my leave and I suggest you take yours too or..." Looking at the
men lying down in the ground, "...or wait for these men to wake and
have you for breakfast then." He grinned, "If you really desire that,
then let me and not them to have you. I'll be happy to accompany you
in bed." He slowly made a tiny grin and winked at the lady then took
his leave disappearing through the darkness of the woods.

Michelle had blushed from his words. He was speaking in rudeness but
it was not of insult to her. She kept the memory of the man's
nobility in her mind as she retraced her steps and ran back
home...... 'But wait! What was that brave man's name?'

To be continued