Journey Through...

by: Genesis

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailormoon, Toei Animation or anything. I'm
just borrowing the characters for entertainment and fulfillment of
fantasies. The following is totally fictitious -- places and the
other persons -- and the story doesn't appear in any of the episodes
in Sailormoon.



Her arms were covered in pain and she continued to struggled on with
the guards to free herself. Alexandr was trying hard and to try hard
did pay. Freeing her right arm, she reached for the soldier that
once held it with his might. With one knuckle, she knocked him down.
The three remaining continued to held her down. With the prison
cell just meters away, the soldiers could all but retain patient and
persistence to such strong prisoner. Alexandr caught one of the
guards' heads. Twisting herself, she untangled all arms that were on
to her. With her hand still on his head, she bumped it with the
other's and taking the last one standing, she used her knee to kick
the man's groin. At last, she had freed herself.

She took hold of one of the swords of the soldiers as she was already
determined to pose a fight to her very own brother. She ran back
into the mansion as fast as she could but air slowed her down. She
was not fast enough. Now in pant, she reached the foot of the grand
staircase. She hurried up running, draining herself, exhausting her
own heart with fear and dying resistance.

Alas! She had reached the room! She had heard the scream of
Michelle. Knocking wildly, she called up to the insides of it.
"Michelle! By heavens, are you there?"

She could only hear a faint cry as a response. "Alexandr... help me!"

The door was locked and knocking it down herself would just injure
her even more with the pain, the sprain she had of struggling with
the guards, she wasn't sure if she could accomplish such huge task.

A louder cry was heard!

Damn it! Determined to break the door apart, she used herself to
break it. She was dumb! Indeed she was foolish breaking the grand
door with her own tiny body. But love is also foolish. Bumping
herself against the door, pushing it with all her might, blood
stained her shirt with red. It was probably the bone in her left arm
that was tormented by every force used to break the door. Probably
dislocated and fractured by her very own persistence, by her own fear
of god-what-might-happen to Michelle. Stopping at nothing, blood
dripping like rain on the floor, alas! The door opened slightly.
And with just one more blow, forgetting pain and everything, the door
swung wide open.

There, she saw Michelle in bed nailed like an animal. Her dress all
tattered with Frederick straddling her with no care.

"Alexandr..." Her faint voice allured pity. "... Help me.."

Alex shouted in rage. Her blood rose above to her head, her face all
red with wrath, she was ready to fight despite of how much blood she
had lost from the wound on her left arm from breaking such stupid
door. Her right arm was also bleeding, it was the unhealed wound she
gotten from the bandits back in the woods. The sudden activities she
had done awakened such sleeping wound in her arm.

Michelle looked up to the woman bathe in blood but still in rage
determined to fight her rapist.

"Fight me!" Her voice though soft was covered in hate. She drew her
blade from its sheath as she aimed it slowly to Frederick posing a
one-to-one challenge.

Angered, Frederick got off from the bed and reached for her sword
racked in the corner of his room. "Tsk... tsk... tsk... the things
you do to get your... ummm... woman?" He laughed at the comment he

Michelle pulled herself together as she jumped off from the bed
taking Alexandr's side.

The duelists started to stare at each other, each posing threats with
their naked eyes, holding their swords firmly. The moment became
dead and gloomy as brother and sister fought for his and her own
right, not because of wealth nor because of power, but because of
right, love, because of passion. Standing there, they remained still
with nothing else in mind but hate and revenge. Both has them in
their own way. Hate of envy, revenge of zeal.

And then... one began to move. Frederick raised his sword and began
to charge. But Alexandr had dodged it successfully. He swung his
sword over and over and over and over to Alexandr pleading to get
just one single wound from his sister's body. Blood--- yes, blood---
that could only atone to the discomfort of his life. But Alexandr
was good in fighting, she encountered it always. Yet, Frederick's
persistent spirit won't give her a chance to counter his attacks.
How she dodged every strike was like perfect art, but somehow, she
couldn't retain her stamina not with the wounds in both of her arms,
and with every dodge, she spilled like a handful of blood on the
floor. She grew weak and even weaker by the moment. At last, her
brother's blade reached her turso. She cried in agony.

Pulling back, Frederick rested his sword as he looked at the wound he
just did. He smiled of his accomplishment. But his rest was only
for a moment, he attacked again. She raised her sword blocking his
brother blade to touch her shoulder. The force was great and she
couldn't hold unto it any longer. With one blow, she swiped away the
sword as she moved back. She was growing weaker by the second. Her
vision so blur as if she was going to faint.

Frederick was overjoyed of the moment. Finally, he smelled victory.
Victory with just steps away, he was ready to kill. He moved toward
his sister who was already limping on the ground, cannot pull herself
back. She had drained her energy already.

Frederick gave off a wild laugh as he reached inches away of the
weakened warrior. There, ready for one final strike, with all his
force, he brought down his sword to finally kill the torment of his

Blood spattered across the room. Frederick opened his eyes whom he
had closed to better feel the victory with all his soul.

But... but... the sight... he became still, unable to move. The
blade, his blade was rooted deeply unto the back of a woman who
possessed the once glittering aquamarine hair, a woman in a tattered
dress, the woman who covered the sister of his and used her very own
body as a shield.

Alexandr caught sight of the figure on top of her. Michelle! She
cried in horror. Why? Why? Why? Even more in raged, Alexandr
his blade with all his might, standing up, and finally ending the
fight for all eternity as she pierced the man standing motionless and
vulnerable right infront of her eyes. She forcefully buried her
sword to the heart of her very own brother as she gave out a cry of
despair and fury. She let the weapon go as it was rooted deeply
unto her brother's chest. Her brother dropped down, laid motionless
on the ground, all dead with no soul left.

She quickly went back to the sides of Michelle. She gathered the
lying woman unto her arms as she tried every possible thing to wake
her up, to see her eyes, to see her face smiling back at her. But...
there was nothing. There was nothing at all. If only she could have
said at least her last words to her, if only she could at least feel
again her warmth, but she was dead. She was cold without a single
beat of her heart.

Alexandr let go of the dead body as she positioned it as if Michelle
was fast asleep. She moved back. She sat on the ground leaning her
back against the wall pondering on the thoughts, the thoughts that
were senseless now.

"Michelle... why are you always drowned in your own world? Why can't
you let me be a part of you?"

She lowered her head down covering her face with the rough strands of
her hair. For the last time she smiled not because of joy but a last
gift for her lover in the other world, "It was fun being with you, it
was truly fun as we journey through."

~The End~

Author's notes:

Well that's it, guys! I hope you enjoy reading every word of it as
well as enjoy every inch of event that happened in the story.
To all those people who shared a part of their time with me reading
this story, I am truly grateful. Thank you very much! ^_^x