Chapter 1: God's Always In My Life

A/N: Hello, lovelies! The moment you have all been waiting for is here! Here is Chapter 1 of my sequel to A Witch's Curse. This has actually been written for a week, but due to internet problems and other extenuating circumstances I haven't been able to post it yet, but finally, here it is. The votes are in, and smut won by one little vote. So, here you are. But because I know some of you really don't like the smut, I'm going to bold it so that you can skip it if you want. Thank you to everyone who voted. (I've listed everyone at the bottom) and thank you all for continuing to hold on to this story. Without further ado, Chapter 1!

Dean's phone rang loudly, waking him up suddenly. He rolled over and grabbed phone just as it stopped ringing. When the hunter looked at the caller ID he saw 'Toll Free Caller'. It was 6:30 in the morning. Dean groaned and tossed the phone back onto the table and rolled back over, curling into the warm body of his boyfriend. Cas stirred and nuzzled into Dean's chest.

"Who was it?" he asked sleepily. Dean wrapped his arms around Cas and kissed him on the forehead.

"No one important. Go back to sleep." he said. Cas made a noise of agreement and snuggled closer into Dean, causing the hunter to smile. The past few weeks had been some of the best of his life. He and Cas had finally admitted what they had been hiding from each other for the better part of the time they had known each other, and it had all been because Cas was almost killed by a witch, and Dean had finally told the angel how he felt. Castiel had, of course, felt the same way, and the rest was history. So far, Dean had absolutely no complaints about the situation.

As for the witch, well, she was powerless and last he had heard, hiding alone in the woods of Wisconsin. Her coven had dispersed after He, Sam, Gabriel, and Castiel had bound her powers, turning the witch into a human, with the help of one Andrew Wilson, a former member of her coven that had long nursed a seed of hate for the witch.

Dean personally thought they should have killed her, but the rest of them had talked him out of it. Disgracing her and turning her human had been enough, and there was no way she could ever get her powers back, anyway, so what was the point?

That had been their argument, at least. Dean had agreed finally, but leaving the witch alive had left him uneasy. Dean felt Castiel move against him and he looked down into the blue eyes of his angel.

"Can't sleep?" he whispered and Castiel shook his head. Ever since Cas had been turned into a human baby by Casmiria, the angel had kept certain aspects of being human. He didn't really need to sleep, but if he wanted to, he could. The angel seemed to enjoy sleeping, especially when it meant that he could curl up with Dean for the night.

Castiel stretched up a little so he could kiss Dean. Dean responded enthusiastically, parting his lips and allowing Cas' tongue to slip past his teeth and tease Dean's. The angel sighed and slid his hands up Dean's shirt. The hunter grinned and pulled away slightly, which just caused the angel to move his lips down and begin to kiss Dean's neck. The hunter sighed and held Cas' tighter against him.

"What are you doing?" Dean said with a smile in his voice. Castiel pulled away and looked up at Dean, tilting his head in the way that Dean loved.

"I'm attempting to engage in intercourse with you, Dean." The angel said, looking confused at why the hunter had asked. Dean laughed and rolled over on top of his boyfriend.

"Well, if that's all." he said, and leaned down to kiss his angel.

***Smut Ahead***

Castiel responded by tangling his hands in Dean's hair and opening his mouth. Dean couldn't help but smile as the angel rolled further into Dean. He sighed and brought his hips up to meet Dean's. Luckily, neither of them had worn anything to bed the night before (why would they? Their sex life was very healthy) so when Cas rolled his hips up against Dean's their half hardened cocks brushed. Dean sighed and ran his hands down Cas side to grip his. He started to jerk him off slowly, watching the angel slowly come apart beneath his hands.

"Dean." Castiel whimpered, pushing his hips into Dean's hand. Dean feels his own cock stiffen at the sight of Castiel with his blue eyes half-lidded in lust, his luscious lips shaped in a 'O' from the moans pouring out of his mouth. Every time Dean has seen Castiel like this, he falls in love with the angel all over again. Dean can't help but lean down to kiss Castiel again, swallowing one of the angel's moans.

"Dean." Castiel whimpered again "Please. I need you. Now." At night, Dean had found out Cas wanted to take his time. But morning sex was always rough and quick and passionate. Dean nodded and moved to grab his bottle of lube and a condom from his bag. He spread the lube across his fingers and rubbed it to warm it up before spreading it around Cas' entrance. He felt Castiel take a deep breath as he pushed one finger in slowly. Cas groaned and pushed against the finger.

"Yes, Dean. Please." Castiel said, throwing his head back as Dean started to move his finger in and out. He added another after a few moments, causing Cas to cry out and dig his fingernails into Dean's back.

"Deeeaaannn." he moaned in a high-pitched whine, as Dean hooked his fingers and found Castiel's prostate. He pressed against it, and Cas arched his back.

"Dean, now. Please." Castiel said, whimpering again. Dean scissored his fingers, trying to hurry up the slow process of prepping his boyfriend. Castiel groans and pushes himself down on the fingers.

"Dean! Please, I'm ready." Dean bit his lip. Shit, Castiel was so fucking hot. How was Dean going to refuse his boyfriend with him begging so prettily?

"Please, Dean. Please." Dean decided enough was enough, so he withdrew his fingers and slid the condom over his dick. Lube was next, and he quickly spread some on himself before lining up with Cas' entrance.

"Dean, come on." Castiel moaned, trying to push down on Dean. Dean grabbed Castiel's hips to steady the angel before pushing himself slowly inside.

"Ohhhh, Cas." Dean moaned, as he was encased in Castiel's tight, wet heat. Dean bit his lip as he bottomed out, his balls against Cas' ass. He stayed still for a moment to let Cas get used to him, especially since there had been so little prep time. (Which was Castiel's own fault-he knew Dean could never refuse the angel in anything.)

"Move, Dean. Please." he begged, rolling his hips just slightly. Dean groaned and pulled back, moving in and out at a slow pace.

"More, Dean, faster. Please." Dean has to swallow before pulling almost all the way out and slamming back in. He changed his angle slightly and found Cas' prostate, causing a cry to break out from the angel.

"Dean, oh, Dean." Castiel moans, arching up and pulling Dean's mouth down to his so he can kiss him sloppily. Dean returns the kiss, moving his hand to the space between them so he can grip Cas' cock. He started to jerk the angel off in time with his thrusts, still brushing Cas' prostate and making the angel moan unabashedly, tossing his head from side to side.

"Deeeeaaaannn!" he moaned out again, and Dean felt Cas' come paint his hand and stomach. The clenching of Cas' heat around him is too much, and Dean followed right behind, moaning Cas' name as he feels the condom. He collapses on top of the angel, still breathing heavily.

"Never gonna get tired of waking up like this." he said, and felt Cas nod in agreement.

"Me either."

***End of Smut***

Sometime later, as Dean was getting dressed and Cas was brushing his teeth, there was a knock on their door. The two exchanged a glance and Dean got up, going to the door and opening it to see a man dressed in a suit standing there.

"Good morning, my name is Chris Anderson, and I came here today to ask you if you have accepted our lord and savior Jesus Christ." the man said, holding out a pamphlet. He smiled at Dean and the hunter had to fight the urge to laugh. It was kind of funny, considering he had just had sex with an angel of the lord that just happened to be a man. (Well, his vessel was a man, but really, did it matter?) And he was pretty sure that broke at least two of the biggest rules in Christianity.

"Dean? Who is it?" Castiel called from the bathroom. Dean smiled at the surprised look on the man's face.

"Come and see, babe." Dean yelled back. Castiel walked out of the bathroom wearing nothing but pajama bottoms and walked to the front door. His chest was covered in little marks that Dean had left. When the angel neared them Dean stood back and let Cas step in front of him before he gently put one hand on the angel's hip and pulled him close. "This is Chris. He came to see if we had God in our lives." Castiel looked back at Dean and then to the man. He seemed a little confused both by Dean's actions and by the affronted look of the man in front of him.

"I have always had God in my life." Castiel stated, looking at the man. Dean couldn't help but grin at the look on the man's face. He knew it was wrong of him to exploit the angel's lack of understanding, but he just couldn't pass up this opportunity. It was too funny. The guy -Chris- set his jaw.

"You are living in sin. How can God be in your life?" he hissed, and Castiel furrowed his brow.

"I don't understand. How am I living in sin?" The angel asked.

"You are sleeping with a man. God is against homosexuality."

"That is incorrect." Castiel argued. "God is indifferent to sexual orientation." The guy scoffed.

"Is that something you tell yourself so you can sleep at night?" he asked sarcastically.

"I don't require sleep, and I don't understand what my sleeping patterns have to do with homosexuality." Castiel replied. Dean had moved to stand slightly off to the side, watching this with a smile on his face. He could tell his boyfriend was getting upset, though, so he figured he should step in. Soon. The guy was looking at Castiel like he was crazy.

"You're nuts, man." he said dismissively. Castiel gave the man his signature confused head-tilt.

"I am not a nut." The guy looked from Dean, who grinned at him, to Castiel who was still giving him a confused look. Dean stepped up and pulled Cas to him.

"Come on, Cas, let's go back inside." Dean winked at the man and he turned away, shaking his head and mumbling. Dean led his angel back inside and shut the door before he burst into laughter.

"Dean, I do not understand what is so funny!" Castiel said loudly, sounding upset. Dean stopped laughing and pulled Cas into his arms.

"It's just…that guy didn't know what hit him. You were great, babe." Dean nuzzled into the angel's neck.

"I do not understand what I did, Dean." Dean just chuckled.

"You didn't do anything, Cas. You were just being you." The angel still looked confused.

"Does that mean you find me being myself funny, Dean?" Cas looked so worried Dean couldn't help but to kiss him.

"Sometimes. But I love it." Dean pressed another kiss to Cas' lips. God, he didn't think he'd ever get tired of having the liberty to do that. Cas huffed a little but kissed him back.

"If you say so." Cas said, kissing the hunter again. Dean responded for a moment but then pulled back.

"Come on. Sammy's got a case."

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