Note: This is just a little piece, written in the second person. No betas were harmed in the making of this story.

Disclaimer: Not mine, never were, never will be. No money made, no insult intended, no harm done.

Day's Dream

You sit in class, trying not to feel bored by the pace of it all. You realise that, by definition, this subject must proceed at the pace of the slowest not the fastest but it is hard to believe that the slowest must go this slowly. And then you hear the four words you dread hearing,

"But I don't understand!"

You know that those four words have just consigned you to hearing the torturous explanation once more. You close your eyes and only just avoid audibly groaning. As the words wash over you yet again, you find your mind drifting. It is unusual for you to be so distracted in class, but this one is particularly trying.

Your mind wanders back to the previous evening. The monster attack. It was a terrible, terrifying experience…and yet you weren't actually scared. You should have been scared, getting caught like that by those clay-brains like that, but you knew you were safe because no sooner had the clay-brains caught you than she arrived. Your vision in pink.

You're reasonably sure you know who she is behind that pink helmet but you can't…won't say anything to her to be absolutely sure. In large measure because you know that she will deny it even if you do ask. You smile wryly - assuming she permits you to come within five yards of her to ask. As you both are normally, she doesn't see you for the image you broadcast. But last night…

Last night perhaps she saw something different.

Or perhaps your boredom is letting your imagination get the better of you.

"Skull - are you OK?"

You blink and realise that the object of your thoughts is standing right in front of your desk. You wonder for a second if you're now asleep and dreaming.

"You know the bell rang five minutes ago - school's over for the day?" she persists.

You blink again. You'd got so lost in your thoughts that you hadn't heard the bell much less realised it was the end of the day. You open your mouth to reply…

"Hey, numbskull!"

You look round and see your partner in crime approaching. You look back to realise that she has gone now and whatever she might have wanted has gone with her. You sigh and drag up your defences. You give that annoying, nasal laugh you've perfected and answer, "Bulkie - I was just gonna…"

He grabs you by the ear. "Quiet numbskull - we've gotta get to the park. We're gonna find out who the Power Rangers are!"

You sigh quietly and allow him to drag you out of the classroom, knowing that your day's dream is over. At least for now.